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kopach 169 posts  |  Last Activity: Sep 12, 2014 9:17 AM Member since: Sep 27, 1999
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  • What morons keep paying for a phone that is just newer items. How about waiting or not at all. Apple keeps sucking in the stupid younger people. They want it now fools. Just like their life style #$%$.Got to have it now no matter weather affordable or not. This is exactly why this country will go down the tubes. With this mentality.ONly so much can be added or updated. Always paying a premium.

  • ITs a 100 dollar stock if that. All old movie #$%$ unless pay a premium. Sorry will get a movie when I want it only for $1.00 period. For us that want a movie here or there its is a bargain. Get movies you really only want. Wake up america get some brains.

  • FRee fall by thousands of points to learn a lesson of market manipulation. Smart money is already out here.

  • Same old games always played. Just massive intervention that will crash all these fools being sucked into once again a huge massive pyramid scheme. Federal Reserve must pay for these stupid games of manipulation of rates. Virtually giving free money to Banks/financials to inflate everything in site with their greed. Then they screw the little to retired people who want safety. Same financials that screwed us into bankruptcy the last time. I say wake up America sell everything before its too late. The fools must pay up and get caught holding the bag again. Greedy fools deserve it.

  • yep its time to get back to reality.Oil prices will crash and free fall here. Time to put an end to all this massive greed and massive manipulation of markets. When oil crashes it takes whole system down as it should. The whole system is over priced because of greedy manipulation only.

  • Yep they have been manipulated by the massive Federal Reserve free money virtually to Wall Street /Banks. Then they have compounded it all with stock buy backs to get even bigger returns. Then on top of tat that increases earnings because of less stock they get massive bonuses and higher salaries. No lose for greedy CEOs . Then all average investor gets nothing in money market etc. This all happens world wide because of same massive pyramid scheme by other governments/central banks etc. This is why this whole system need to collapse or be abolished. All these agencies also. They should ll be convicted of manipulation of markets/fraud etc.

  • Whole system is corrupt from Wall Street to Federal Reserve. Playing this massive pyramid scheme with free money virtually from Federal Reserve. The rest of us get nothing. Try any decent money market return. All they do is try to force everyone into a broken stock market pyramid scheme. Hows that for a free market system. They get to borrow virtually any amount at that rate. Rest of us get nothing virtually. All this so they as usual with their greed cant manipulate markets up . On top of that they extend it with buying back their own companies stock to make it even more massive pyramid scheme.Then to really screw everyone they even get massive bonuses on top of that from their companies because of earnings being up because of buy backs makes less shares so more earnings magnified. Then long term and short terms extra bonuses because of this manipulation crap. GEE how can they lose with free money virtually. Then all the citizens get screwed because we get nothing but at best a 1% money market return is safe investment. Tell me now that manipulation is not happening? Then same thing happening over seas with their governments /agencies playing same game with financial counter parts. i say wake up America and sell everything in sight and take all these manipulative fools down.

  • No brainer time of year to take whole system down and out. Most ridiculous run just on free money Federal Reserve manipulation games. Wake up America screwed by your own government agency from markets and any decent money market return. Then they reward wall Street with virtually free money to manipulate markets up with their massive greed.Now where is the logic aof a free market system. Most corrupt government ever here.

  • Bernanke screwed the whole country with a corrupt system. wake up people he gave away money virtually to Wall Street to bring markets back. Why didnt he just buy all the stocks period. Banks were suppose to lend money with it not speculate. This is why the whole broken. He should be charged with fraud. Everyone out there should of gotten same sweet deal borrow at .25%. This is why this whole system will crash and burn. When the media tells the real truth of all this corruption. I see massive revolts over all of this. Wall Street got a free ride to get rich manipulate markets to make everything look great. Then the FEd conspired with other countries/banks/ central banks/ governments to keep rates low. Now tell me this isnt manipulation of rates and corruption. Need to abolish FEd and Special prosecutor to come in and take the whole FEd down. Its a joke Bernanke saved the system. He gave away taxpayers money. He should be charged as well as all FEd board with corruption. They have put us in massive debt. We are paying far more in interest than the .25% they lent out in trillions to banks. Wake up America

  • So stupid whole system just day trading nothing games.Who has the most money to throw at the markets to gamble. Fed is done period. They have screwed up the whole system bad enough for this massive crash. I say crash and burn get it over with.

  • It has been so manipulated over last several years just by FEderal Reserve games. It is time for these markets to crash and burn. Fundamentals not stupid day trading every day games.We are so over priced /over valued/ At least a 20% free fall here. Its all one big joke. All countries playing same stupid game with rates/ free money to financials /banks etc/ All to manipulate recovery on paper in markets. How about wealth of the citizens not the wealthy only. This is why we need a total collapse of whole system. Bring baclk sanity and fundamentals not just daily day trading etc games.

  • Prices far out weigh demand here. Buyers will never buy at these ridiculous prices/ One example new GM car 75,000dollars a hybrid big deal never recover from cost alone for gasoline savings. Whole system is a joke. Auto sales will plunge. Cant afford payments even with 6 to 7 year plan. Whole system a joke like stock market. Never seen America is so bad of shape. Its all games and manipulation by WAll Street banks/ Federal Reserve

  • It has been so manipulated Whole system needs to crash and burn. Start over with reality not manipulation games over for Wall Street to manipulate a recovery with greed only.

  • kopach kopach Sep 5, 2014 9:56 AM Flag

    No surprise their in this story He does nothing. I forgot he does play golf. The worst president ever. HE sucked in all the stupid fools who voted for him. He lied about everything just to get elected.Will go down as worst president ever. Then media never reports how bad he is because I think they will be called racist or something. Whole system in U.S. is a complete joke. The whole congress needs to be replaced period from the top on down. Fed needs to be abolished. They have bankrupted us once again. Lending money virtually free to WAll Street/banks.So they can buy anything /everything for another market crash. They have no bounds for greed.

  • They just pulled an extreme lower rate. It will trigger a sell-off because their markets are so over priced as well.Whole system world wide is a joke. One country or market trying to out do the other. Who can be the stupidest I guess.

  • Thats how ridiculously over priced we are here..Fools buying anything everything at any price. At least a 20% minimum sell-off here easy. FEd is done might as well roll over.Same old games now Euro fools trying to out do the FEd will lower rates for lower Euro . Anyone in any market at these highs are fools. Any new buying is stupidity. I see a total collapse once everyone realizes they have been sucked into this massive pyramid scheme by governments and their agencies etc.

  • These markets are at least 2000 to 3000 point over priced. FEd just playing games with numbers/rates etc. They will once again take whole system down. Why? Because they screwed the average citizen and gave Wall Street/Banks all the virtually free money to manipulate markets to a recovery. Any fool will take free money besides if they crash the market like they will they get bailed out once again. Wake up America you are in one massive pyramid scheme world wide. All foreign markets/banks governments all playing same dangerous game. Stupidity never ends. They always push to free fall of entire systems. Its coming you will see. If you think not same with college/ cars etc. Look at massive debts there. Probably 6 to 7 years to finance a car at todays over priced ones. Then you have massive student debt that probably will never be paid. All a free ride at the expense tax payers etc the working class. Thanks but no thanks.

  • Cant believe so many of them. Iam sure its all the younger ones who live by the moment/day with nothing else in their lives. Amazing mentality want it now period. This is one of the many reasons this country goes down. Also fools like Obama making it easy to finance massive debt for college. They have no idea if it will ever get them anywhere when they charge 10s to 100s of thousand in student debt. But must have it now. Try going to community college or work and school at same time. On line also. The government makes it too easy to amass massive debt that will probably never be paid. All sound familiar about housing crisis. Now we will have another stock market crisis when we free fall any day here. The euro fools lower their rates again. THese countries will all go under like the u.s. permitting massive buying of markets with borrowed money. Why do you think markets are so over valued and over bought. Wake up people. Banks/financials have been playing the game buy at any price its not their money. Its borrowed money and other customers who will take massive losses. All of them world wide trying to keep this massive pyramid scheme going.These central banks/ FEd /governments will take the whole system down into another total collapse. We are so over priced on products already. They are starting to fall now. Cars prices will crash because cant afford prices. Have to have a 6 to 7 year payment plan. How stupid. You will see car prices plunge here as well as used. They all will free fall. Why? Consumers have had it with the system. The government is broken allowing these massive schemes by Federal Reserve etc. Same as last time they went down big time 2000 era and last housing crash. They never learn.

  • Enough of buying everything/anything just to take markets up. Whole system is broke. Mostly all day trading scheme for quick buck. Just like casino. Its time to get back to reality easy money time is over. These Wall Street fools must pay up big time for manipulation games. Its all just the virtually free money from FEd for them to gamble with once again. The FEd afe fools . Playing dangerous games with the average citizen. They didnt learn last time 2000 era with low rates game. They think they know everything. They should all be fired for manipulating a system and giving virtually free money to Wall Street. Where was are free money at .25% rate. This is why the whole system and world wide needs to collapse. Bring in a system that works not a daily day trading casino game. Yep quick buck games.

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