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kopach 140 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 15, 2014 10:35 AM Member since: Sep 27, 1999
  • Enough is enough getting screwed by Federal Reserve period. They have screwed the whole country. Take a good look they make the dollar fall for export purposes. We lost 30% purchasing power. Then low rate rate for savers getting screwed. All of this trying to make them go into stock market etc. To try to bring markets back. They could get very little return anywhere else. Wall Street borrows from them at.25% rate to throw at markets to make a killing with their never ending greed. You wonder why markets are up thats why. Media never tells the public about these games being played with people lives. Retirees /savers dont wont risk at that point. This is why this whole country and markets will come crashing down. Once the people realize why they have been screwed by Federal Reserve. Federal Reserve has played a very dangerous game with people lives. They need to be abolished by giving money away to Wall Street. All investors or the public should of got same deal. All of this to make it look like a recovery on paper in stock market. Different huh the truth.

  • When these markets free fALL on reality blame your Federal Reserve for their 0% policies. Greed by wall Street is all that holds it up for now. Once individuals start pulling like now look out below. I see thousands of point in a month easy here Thats how over valued over priced we are. Federal Reserve screwed everyone back in 2000 era. Now here we go again. Manipulating rates and markets for 0 to 4% interest long term for debt. wake up people they will fail and crash this whole system once again. All of this trying to reduce Federal Deficit on short term basis. They have screwed the savers with virtually no return. Take a good look here. i see virtually no one in drug stores day or night now. Smaller numbers in grocery stores/ Fast food other food places. unemployment still sky high. This economy is failing. markets are up only because of free money from FED to Wall Street to prop it up. Its over once all the people realize this. Blame the media other than FOX for not informing the public. Must be Obama/Democrat lovers i guess. Reality with the truth would be nice. We just go further and further into debt everyday because of massive debt. Look around and if the public has anything they live day to day. Just get by the day and forget about the next. What mentality of the young mostly. Would e nice realy for a change if media would report everything honestly.

  • So over valued over priced just all day trading games. Welcome to the new american Casino. Thats all it is a piece of #$%$. betting people lives investments. Would never touch it here period. This whole market world wide will collapse. All funded by borrowed money from central banks/ Federal Reserve etc. Once it starts with one massive day 500 to 1000 points I say massive sell-off continue. World wide domino effect on reality. Its all worthless like all the printed money. You thought last sell-off was bad just wait.

  • So over priced housing will once again collapse. Prices rose far too high on nothing. So over priced in many areas of country. Its all smoke and mirrors like stock market. Whole system will collapse because of massive manipulation. Truth is rates too high and inflation will take the whole world down here. Why? Because of games by all countries governments/agencies federal reserve central banks etc. Pyramid schemes always collapse to reality.

  • Markets period due for one massive sell-off. Its all been one massive world wide pyramid scheme. LOok out below. Fortunes will be lost. I see Federal Reserve being dissolved.New a new agency unbiased.

  • These markets have been so manipuated by Federal Reserve they will pay up big time here. It time for the american people to take control and put us back to reality. Take Wall Street down and out. Get out of stock markets period. With their interest rate games they have screwed the people. They didnt learn the last time 2000 and 2008 era. They dont count food and energy as inflation its all a big joke and scam. Time to send a message to them and Wall Street. All been manipulated to have a paper recovery. Yet most average americans are worse off.POor are poorer and all get help or bailed causing more debt. One big massive joke of pryamid scheme. All this to have a paper recovery for stock market.

  • So over extended just on FEderal Reserve games of manipulation. They will pay when these markets free fall. rates are up at least 1 % on 30 Year.I see one massive free fall once reality hits the markets.Fed must pay for their manipulation games of rates. All of this trying to finance their massive stupidity of lending money at nothing virtually and screwing little savers. They must pay for their games of manipulating markets to restore and take them higher just to fool everyone that everything is great here. Reality is we got screwed with massive inflation. Working people are paying for these games as are the poor. But the poor get more bailout because of it. Then puts us even further into debt as a country. The rich got richer with the billiond=s of free money. So the answer is crash and burn back to reality. Fed has put us further into massive debt with these games.

  • Same old games by Wall Street suck them all in and collapse them with massive sell-off. Anyone in the markets at hese highs isnt too bright. LOts of luck.

  • Same with all techs here. Fundamentals say so over priced no need for many of these companys. Possibly just a few for upgrade only. Same old stuff too far too fast no value in market place.

  • Yep let us buy a company thats has never been profitable. It will never be profitable. It keeps trying to under cut other companys prices to have no competition. Wake up. LIke Federal Reserve trying to force everyone into stock market recovery. So they manipulated rates to get no decent returns in other assets. Wake up people it will end ugly. Everytime they play these games it back fires.

  • They need to stop period any more monetary assistance. It has inflated the market by thousands of points. Worse yet it is taking down the whole country with massive food price inflation and gasoline. THe gasoline prices are so manipulated by markets. Gasoline prices are going to take whole country down here. Then they have nerve Congress trying to raise federal taxes on gasoline again. Enough is enough we are getting screwed with massive price increases by manipulation of Wall Street and mostly by FEderal Reserve screwing the working class by at least 33% price increases because of devaluation of dollar. Wake up people the dollar buying anything anymore try traveling over seas. POorer class keeps rising. Middle class decreasing and rich getting richer. Ty Federal Reserve games. It need to be abolished period.

  • We are so over priced over valued. Just usual FEd games. Saying no inflation. ITs all a lie and joke. We all know we have massive inflation every time we buy something. Massive debt will take the whole country down playing these games. ANy one in these markets at these prices has massive downside . little if any upside.vI see massive free fall in oil prices here. DEmand isnt there. They are just playing games internatonaly as usual trying to justify higher prices here. Its all speculation not reality.We as investors and citizens need to put an end to this #$%$. If everyone sells it sends a message to the public. Enough is enough of lying games with peoples lives.

  • Markets so over priced jst on FEd fixing monopoly low rates. Wake up not a free market system. Think about we are bankrupt. Thats the real reason they are manipulating low rates. We are zillions into the red as a country. Will never get out. They are just trying to play games at these short term paper to finance our massive debt. Wake up people no one is buying short tern paper period. They will have to pay more. Same old games trying to fool the public.Same with all other world countries. same game put off and extend default as long as possible. Thats what will happen. Rates will spike up big time. Enough of manipulation games. The FEd are a bunch of sillys. All old enough to be retired. Just sitting there for a cushy job and title. THis agency should be abolished it is not needed.

  • That would be a great thing. Bring these fools back to reality. Dont care what FED does these markets are doomed. Too far too fast on just buying not fundamentals.

  • Wake up people getting screwed by parts makers. Look at their stock prices. No competition buy each other out. Same with whole market place screw the consumer. Being screwed could get most parts from china for pennies not massive dollars. Go figure. This whole system will collapse. JUnk yards have added to this stupidity trying to get premiums. Just old game massive greed in the good old U.S.A. screw the consumer the working class.

  • We are so extremely over priced. i see daily shorts coming in and free falling markets. So over priced over valued here. Only fools buy at over valued prices period. The FEd will collapse as always the whole market. ith extreme policies. They never learn like last time with free money. Wall Street greed always takes down markets into oblvion. Housing market will free fall once again. So over priced once again.Less hpuse by builders playing games but higher prices.

  • Compare them to other sites for lodging. They are no way near best price. Wake up people.

  • Yep long over due here. Too far too fast far too long.Need massive 25% correction to reality.

  • All chairmans manipulate boards. Wake up people this market and country will go down because of their policys.Massive inflation here. Cant buy anything without massive price increases but they dont count. Wake up America whole system will collapse. Wall Street playing games with Fed trying to hold it up. I see whole country going down because massive bailouts of poor. Middle class cant buy much. Wealthy are great they buy anything. You when manipulate markets they arent free any more. Same as last massive crash here we go again.

  • Anyone going anywhere to buy anything knows the real truth. All games and lies by Federal Reserve.

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