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kopach 151 posts  |  Last Activity: Mar 3, 2015 9:44 AM Member since: Sep 27, 1999
  • Wake up America this whole system needs to crash and burn. So corrupt. Got all these companies getting free money from FEd Banks etc at virtually nothing here to speculate with. So they do buy their own stock to manipulate price up, Then they get massive bonuses for their stock up for short and long term etc. All free money from Fed to gamble with no risk. Investors always have risk. If markets up down these companies get bailed out in crash etc. Wake up people whole system is corrupt period. FEd Then treasury and FEd hold securities etc or bought them at nothing then they make money from them. All this inside corruption and you wonder why they play games with rates. To get their money back and manipulate markets up more to make everything look good. They are so corrupt with these manipulation games of not raising rates until they get out of their positions etc. There is no way anyone else could get away with this massive manipulation game.I say sell everything in sight and make them pay up. Hopefully all other countries will pay up for playing same games following FEds games.

  • The massive joke from FEd continues. Trying to hold up the massive pyramid scheme with their games with rates. Any other agency would of been abolished playing these massive manipulation games. Think about it fools they had a stake in markets with bail outs of many stock companies. THis is the whole problem skin in the game. This is why they need to be abolished period. Same with lending agencies. This is why this whole system needs to be crushed to nothing. Never seen so much manipulation of markets period. Anyone else would of been convicted for this by now.This is why this whole system will collapse on reality. Then you have foreign markets following the FEds stupid games throwing money at markets etc. Anyone in these markets at these prices is a complete fool. They have had skin in the game this is why this should never been permitted with them running our system. Take a good look all insiders have been selling their stock. Look at any Monday paper probably 95% have been sellers with these ridiculous highs here Downside far outweighs any upside period here.

  • This whole system will collapse because of Federal Reserve games with b.S. talk rates/ They cant control anything period. Its just Wall Street greed that will take down whole system. One big joke here. FEd are fools. They just realize the greed or dont care I will laugh when this whole system crashes any day here. Oil will crash it is so over priced with massive inventory.

  • We have been so manipulated with Federal Reserve games/Wall Street free money games. This whole system needs to crash and burn back to reality. Extremely over priced with the free money thrown at anything.FEd needs to be abolished for these manipulation of markets games.They will crash the whole system.LEt free markets work not manipulated ones. How about truly fundamentals.

  • Same old stupid games they say what markets want to hear. Wake up before you get stuck with this massive manipulated pyramid scheme once again.Same old games anything to bring markets back after sell-offs etc. Investors can b e sucked into anything.Real truth is oil will crash as will these markets on reality . As always FEd tries to buy time to keep it going.

  • Screw with rates for little investors out of interest bearing returns. Make Wall Street rich again after they screwed us the last time with virtually bankruptcy. It will happen again here. These markets are so over priced just on buying free money games. No fundamentals just greed. FEd needs to be abolished here and now. Oil prices will keep falling because of massive inventory. They will once again try to manipulate this also. Quit screwing with commodities/markets little savers lives. Wake up people.Whole system is broken period.

  • They are complete fools messing with markets/rates etc. They never learn like 2000 era crash. Cant wait until these markets crash and take them down. So over priced on games not fundamentals here. Its all Wall Street greed with their fee FED money manipulation game. Wake up fools.

  • Federal Reserve are fools playing games with rates/markets etc. They think they can control everything. They have no clue period. All they have done is make Wall Street rich with free money with their greed at work. This in turn will take whole system down. Its so over priced over valued everything here. Oil will keep free falling and take whole system down as it should. Enough manipulation games let free markets work instead. Need at least 4000 point correction.

  • FEd never learns from manipulation games. They will take down whole system here and world wide.We are extremely over priced here. This why we have had thousands of points sell-off recently. Markets are telling investors to get out now. OIl will free crash anyday here. The system is broke. Massive pyramid schemes end ugly. Fed plays games always trying to bring markets back just buying time. I say crash and burn get it over with. Bring reality back to the world with sanity.

  • Same old stupidity buying on FEd vague language. The 9 fools and 3 dissenters. Never seen markets so stupid buying at any price. All because of low interest rate game. How about losing it all when all markets here and over seas crash on reality. We are extremely over priced by thousands of points period.Thats what the markets have been saying with these recent thousands of points here and there. FEd is plaing games grying to keep this massive scheme going. They are not too bright. They think world markets will follow to keep it going. OIl prices will keep plunging and take this massive pyramid scheme down for good.

  • They use vague language never concrete. They are the group of 9 fools 3 dissenters are smart ones. Never seen markets so over priced on nothing but stupidity. Fed will take this whole system down with their manipulation games. They always just try ti buy time. Rest of world markets try to follow like more fools.Usual same massive pyramid scheme being played everytime markets sell off a thousand or two points. Wake up fools.

  • Look for whole stock market to follow. We are so over priced here. THis entire system here and over seas is broken. Same old massive pyramid scheme trying to keep floating. Based on all games by FEd trying to buy time. Time is up crash and burn to reality. Oil will free fall period. Supply and demand period.

  • Wake up people all just more FEderal Reserve games. TRying to hold up and take markets back to ridiculous over priced levels. Fools buy into their stupidity. World marketswill plunge of world oil prices plunging. They are playing games trying to hold up oil prices. Reality oil prices will plunge. All these games so other countries/markets will get sucked into same pyramid scheme. All markets are f broken period. Its all been one massive scheme by FEd and other countries to manipulate markets. Wake up people before you plunge with whole system. They keep playing games to hold up this falling knife.

  • Amzn and Goog will hit new 52 week lows here. Whole system is broke. All FEd games with language without NY CONCRETE words. Wake up people market crash world wide is coming. Fed is just playing games They were 3 dissenters at meeting on board. They are the smart ones. They know these markets will crash at these levels. They see oil collapsing here taking down all stock markets world wide.FEd always plays games to keep our markets up and all others world wide. Cant believe after all these years investors buy into it.

  • These markets are going down. Its just more of the same . Fed trying to buy time with language to get fool buyers sucked in. This whole system here and world wide is going down period. Its all one big joke pyramid scheme. OIl will collapse period when reality hits. Always same game FEd tricks to get fools to buy so all other markets will do same. Same old massive pyramid scheme on the verge of total collapse any day here. Real investors are out here. They are too smart t for FEd games. World is broke period. Its all fake printed money by everyone.

  • They always leave vague language in there so fools will keep buying. Wake up people whole system here and world wide is going down for the count. We have gone up far too high on just games. One massive pyramid scheme that will collapse. Yesterday was a joke going up on FEd language. They play games the FEd say what markets want to hear so markets dont sell off. Wake up fools. They are manipulators you are the bait.

  • Fed is still playing games trying to hole it up. They are fools. Have been for years. Playing this dangerous pyramid scheme here. Other countries have played same game trying to manipulate a paper stock market recovery. Whole world is going down when this reality hits. Just think about one market goes up others follow etc. Games games games. So stupid . We are so over priced over valued we will crash at least 3 to 4000 points.All markets will go down. Oil will keep crashing. Too much available and Fracking. Never seen so much stupidity in the markets. Maybe tech crash 2000 era.We need a massive crash to b ring these fools back to reality.Wall Street greed never ending.

  • THis to make others think good news so their markets go up. Just trying to keep this same pyramid scheme going. Wake up fools all these markets will crash. OIl will plunge period. Reality is here. FEd is done period. They just play games they are desperate. They are the group of 12 fools. Sorry group of 9 3 dissenters . They are the smart ones the 3. They are honest not manipulators. Never ending games with whole world markets scheme. They keep trying to pump up all markets world wide. Reality is they will all crash. There is no real growth jobs etc. World is broken.

  • Fire these people they lie.All games on massive pyramid scheme suck them in them spit them out.

  • So over priced as always. Just hoping for FEd games. Party is over fools. Wake up people rates are going up period.

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