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kopach 259 posts  |  Last Activity: Dec 24, 2014 9:58 AM Member since: Sep 27, 1999
  • Whole country system/everything is broken period. Who would buy anything here. So over priced in everything. Food prices will kill the economy. Another manipulated item all greed period.Thank your FEd for massive inflation food prices.

  • So over priced on manipulation not fundamentals. Look for oil to free fall to below $2.00 a gallon easy

  • Never seen so many fools buy anything g at any price. Cant wait until any day now this massive pyramid scheme. collapses OIl price free fall will be massive catalyst.

  • Oh yes roll over Wall Street especially GS who has manipulated oil prices up for years. I say burn baby burn. Beside we are so over priced in everything here period.

  • All markets so over priced here. Just one massive pyramid scheme chasing a fantasy. Never seen so many fools buying at any price. Party is over/Fed is done they have already damaged the whole system with their silly games. Now everything is so over priced. You will see massive drops when oil keeps tanking. I see 2.00 or below at pump in a few months easy.

  • If not sooner. Whole market place has been manipulated. Now it is time to crash all these markets and make Wall Street /FEd pay.

  • Wake up people pyramid scheme will crash and burn here. Cant support these ridiculous moves up. Fed games are over with their free money. World markets will crash because they all have played same silly games. Fools never learn until they lose it all. sO KEEP BUYING THEN THE FURTHER IT FREE FALLS.

  • Same with FEDeral Reserve games. TRy to manipulate you in like before then take you all down. So many games being played. But the average investor always loses when markets tank. Banks wall Street etc always gets bailed out remember. Wake up people same old games. Markets so over priced period. One massive pyramid scheme by all central banks/FEd/ governments etc. Always trying to manipulate recovery on hope only. Reality says different picture. Markets are doomed all manipulation not fundamentals.

  • This whole system is manipulated and broken. FRom top to bottom. President/congress/agencies leaders. Its all a joke these people in charge. Time to wake up put some real leaders in office. Corrupt system of manipulation. Federal Reserve has played games with the poor/middle class screwing them all. All of this to make Wall Street and the rich get richer. Its one big joke. I say sell everything and let all these people go out and really work for a living instead of playing day trading games etc. This is not a free market system when you get all other markets/countries/exchanges governments central banks playing games/manipulation of rates. Free money to banks etc they get rich. Poor people get poorer because it raises prices on all goods etc. Wake up people.Whole system needs to be changed period.

  • So over priced whole market place period. We have been so manipulated with rates/games/subsidies. Its all one big massive pyramid scheme joke.We crash into oblivion when reality hits like last time.Whole system from top to bottom is broken period.Rich get richer poor get poorer. Prices on and in everything are ridiculous.ITs a real joke. Blame your Federal Reserve when the whole system comes crashing down. When you play dangerous games you pay the price.Only fools are buying stocks at these levels period.A 20% sell-off is a sure thing at these prices.

  • Fed is done just like markets. wake up people these markets have at least 2000 to 3000 point drop here. Consumers wont pay all ridiculous prices here. They have gotten killed by manipulation games of wall street stocks and prices of goods. Enough is enough. I say crash and burn wall Street go on strike no buying for these extremely over priced goods/ cars/ food/ gasoline etc. Time to send a message the consumer rules. All these farmers etc get subsidies then they get ridiculous over priced goods when shortage. These shortages are ridiculous because they never raise more cattle etc. They milk the consumer. So ridiculous $4.00 a pond for 80% ground hamburger. Just one of massive examples. Gotten milked for so many years on gasoline. Need to pick stations/companies and boycott them as well. Then we got screwed on natural gas gone up already. Its all one big joke. Massive profits by Wall Street but they dont hire they keep the money to get more raises /bonuses short and long term. Whole system is broke period. Wake up America time to put and end to this #$%$. On top of that Federal Reserve gave them even more money virtually free to manipulate the system. The consumer keeps getting screwed because of all this massive greed . Just one massive pyramid scheme. FEd games are over they have bankrupt us already with these trillions of free money to Wall Street to manipulate the markets back up. This is why the FEd needs to be abolished. Put an end to these stupid pyramid schemes of greed.

  • Just greed as usual at work. Fundamentals in place for CEos etc. and companies to manipulate their stock with massive stock buy backs. buy more stock with free money from FEd to banks etc They then get massive bonuses short and long term. Then they came out with etfs etc to keep it going with massive day trading games. Its no longer a long term investment period. These markets have been so manipulated by Fed/governments countries central banks/ all to try to keep this massive pyramid scheme going. This whole system will collapse when everyone realizes they have been sucked into this scheme.Just day trading scheme games to try to keep it going or bring it back. Just want daily massive swings to make a buck or fortune. This is why this whole system needs to collapse.This is not investing period.

  • Just like every other time markets are manipulated with greed. No fundamentals to support an of this upside. Just one massive Federal Reserve pyramid scheme. Time to take those fools down.always coming out with comments when markets are selling off big. Wake up there is nothing they can do period here. They have shot their stupid pyramid scheme to the max.When markets cant function on their own supposedly a free market system is is time to bail out of everything period. This whole system is broken, corrupt etc.manipulated all just greed. Take a good look companies greed period they buy back their own stock just to make less stock there to take up price of it. To increase value with P.E. Etc then on top of that they get massive pay already then massive short and long term bonuses yearly on top of that. Pay their employees pennies compared to their pay. So I say sell everything and letv these greedy ceos take the hit and lose it all.

  • There will be a complete collapse any day here. We have been so manipulated by all these games by countries central banks/governments ,FEderal Reserve. etc . One massive pyramid scheme that will collapse all markets period. Games never end desperate governments. Wake up America I say get out now before the total collapse.So over priced all on manipulation games of free money. Take a good look banks get free money virtually then they buy stocks to gamble with no risk. Then they get massive bonuses when they buy their own stock/short and long term then they get higher stock price by buying massive shares of their own shares. Talk about one massive pyramid scheme, Thank your Federal Reserve starting all these games and everyone else followed to keep this massive pyramid scheme going. I say sell everything. everyone and make all these fools learn a lesson of manipulating markets. Then little investor gets no return in interest bearing money markets etc.

  • Will open up down 500 to 1000 points thats how over priced we are. Just playing same usual massive pyramid back and forth game. But now You will see a complete melt down world wide. Last ones in lose it all.

  • Look out below dangerous games being played. Talk about a massive pyramid scheme. Look out below. Japan will go under trust me . Its all one big joke. See what the FEd started with these stupid worthless paper money printing games. Now it will be worthless paper stocks so over priced.Never seen so much stupidity in the world.

  • Consumers will not pay ridiculous prices for products here. So over priced computers/tv/electronics etc. cars same deal Consumers rule period. Same with food/energy consumers have been screwed far too long by market place. Markets have been so manipulated with these stupid intervention games. You will see a whole system collapse. All will feed off each other down to total collapse. Thats how over priced we are here. Been screwed by just greed buying by companies of own stock buy backs to make less stock and that way prices go up and they get also higher incentives bonuses etc. All rigged one massive pyramid scheme.Consumers get totally screwed .Time to put an end to this now.

  • Once again playing games if this country goes up or continent then others all buy to keep massive pyramid scheme going. Its all one big joke. Because the whole world system collapses here.Such stupidity buying anything at ridiculous prices here.Easy money fed is done. There will be at least a 20 to30% free fall here and catch everyone. It will take whole system down like last time. When you buy at any price you pay.

  • Time for Fed to pay up for all these games being played/ Like they can stop it with stupid comments every time markets sell-off. They are idiots and need to pay for manipulation of markets games.Enough let a realy true market system work. What fools giving free money to banks/Wall street so they can manipulate a suppossedly free market system. So much for free market fools. I say crash and burn make the all pay for manipulation games. Would like to see a consortium formed by all little investors and take whole system down so they learn a lesson from just manipulation games. Play their same games.

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