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  • Thats how over priced over valued we are here. DJI will plunge extremely over valued. I think you will consumers cutting back big time. Massive inflation here. Prices far out weigh income here period.

  • A real slaughter coming everything.So over priced just like the market place. I see a massive pull back by consumers on everything here.Prices all time highs for almost everything in market place.

  • 50 upside shorting it big time. Never should of been over 30 dollars ever. Markets are insane . You will see a massive sell-off of everything when reality takes hold. Its been all Federal Reserve games with rates. Its all a joke. Wall Street doing their job throwing all virtually free money at the markets. They had nothing to loose they would get bailed out. Games never end.

  • Still 20% over priced PERIOD. Have come far too fast on nothing but Federal Reserve and foreign market manipulation rate games. All manipulated pryamid schemes end badly. All Greed not fundamentals.

  • Will be a massive slaugjter on the street Stocks will plunge.So over valued over bought just on chasing yield games.

  • WIll continue through a massive sell-off all markets. Thats how over priced we are every where.

  • Nasdaq has started it. Blame Wall Street Federal Reserve manipulating rates to have wall Street do their dirty work with virtually free to cheap money to throw at markets. What a pyramid scheme.

  • See massive sell-off of all markets here/over seas etc. The public has seen the massive pyramid scheme that has taken place over the last couple of years. All governments/world banks/Federal REserve etc all playing games with low rates to free.Now we have all these markets so over priced over valued. Thats what happens when you throw virtually free money at the markets. Those institutions will be bailed out so they dont care about risk of high prices. Then the little investor gets a 1% money market rate if he is lucky for safety reasons.All of this to make everything look great that we had a recovery. TRyin g to force investors into the markets.Insanity never ends with manipulation.Have many Federal Reserve people leaving/ resigning because they know how stupid this low rate policy is.

  • All Federal reserve people resigning etc. Think they are tired of these extremely low dangerous rate policy. It screws the little person and rewards Wall Street. They borrow at .25 and make a killing. How about us borrowing at .25. Its all one big massive pyramid scheme. Just to bring the markets back over the last several years. Now I see the whole system collapsing because we are so over priced here.

  • Have come far too fast on nothing but Federal Reserve easy money policy to big banks etc. So they could do their job and pump up the markets so everything looks great. A stock market recovery. BUt underneath it all they have screwed the little guy with low money markets rates etc. They didnt want the risk.Banks have no real risk they get bailed out if they screw up. Then you have so many l the Federal reserve members resigning here,\. Must be sick of the games.

  • Long time coming game is up for WAll Street. They must pau up for their massive manipulation games to keep buying at any price. Its easy thanks to the Federal Reserve making virtually free money to them at .25%.
    They take no risk if it goes bad again they all get bailed out. How about the little investors who gets screwed because he gets 1% money market so no risk. How about little investors same protection we all get rich. No wonder all Fed Governers are quitting. They see how stupid and dangerous this is here.

  • Look out below this was and is a long time coming. So over priced over valued the markets world wide. Thank your Federal Reserve who started all their #$%$ with low rates. Banks could borrow virtually free money all of them and throw it at the markets. Big deal if it fell so what they would get bailed out again because they wouldnt let the system fail. Its all one massive scheme and a real joke.Punish all savers with low to no rates and let financials/ brokers etc make a killing.

  • Looks like all FED governers are quitting. Wont be anyone left. They k ow how stupid current policy is. Keeping rates this low and no money market or savings higher is taking the whole system down here. Retirees will not take market risk with this ridicululous rate policy.

  • Look for a slaughter of all stocks/markets etc here. Come far too fast on nothin g but buying games. Fundamentals dont support any of this. Just chasing return yields by banks using cheap Federal Reserve money. Wake up people before you crash to oblivion.

  • So over due and we are so over valued here. The NasdaQ has started a massive correction and look out below because the big boys fall next. Pyramid scheme over.One massive game by world markets/governments/ World banks Federal reserve etc. To manipulate a paper recovery with price fixing rates. Anyone else would go to jail. So all bankers virtually bowwow at .25% and throw it all at markets no matter what the cost. That is why we crash here.

  • Massive inflation and goods so over priced here. Middle to poor are in real bad shape. Blame your Federal Reserve for this massive inflation games being played. They dont count food and energy and that accounts almost all by products of everything. Its all a bad joke.

  • So over priced here. At least a 20% sell-off. RaTES WILL skyrocket here. Oil will free fall. Consumers are retrenching because of massive inflation. All food and energy at sky high prices. No reason for it but just greed by companies. Consumers rule you will see these markets crash. They are tired of all games being played. Too many middle income and below struggling for no reason but greed.

  • Blame it on all the games being played with rates by all financial agencys/ Governments/Federal Reserve world Banks. When all these manipulated games take place to extremes like now. Look out below. I see a total collapse of these markerts.Massive debt worldwide will take down the whole system. Dont think there is any real money left. It all printed paper money that is not backed up by assets to cover it. Like U.S probly 14 trillion at least. WE are in the whole 18 trillion. But we keep on printing monthly 65 billion at least.Its all 1 big joke. Once people reaze these games they will all pull out of the markets. Its all worthless paper money.Cant back it up with assets to cover all the world markets. Probably 3 to 4 trillion in value.

  • We are so over bought /over priced period. Never seen markets so over priced just because of Federal Reserve games with rates. This will all end ugly as usual.Federal Reserve needs to be abolished . Dont need a federal reserve trying to manipulate rates/markets/etc. Just all games wth the rest of world banks governments etc to manipulate a recovery. So stupid because it will all collapse . So over priced because of games ghey think this will last forever. I think this will start collapsing any day now. 2000 points at least over priced.

  • They are just like the U.S all worthless currency They are broke just like the whole world. Its all been a massive world massive pyramid scheme. All to make everything look better throwing money at anything/everything. Games are over all people in the world are wise to this stupidity. World is broke.ll worthless currencies world wide.Trillions in debt world wide.

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