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  • All markets headed for one massive collapse. Europe will go under into one massive collapse every other market following. Massive debt world wide. Most countries should be downgraded to junk status here. U.S, alone 18 trillion and counting. No doubt we are junk status period. Thats the reality.

  • It is 50% over priced easy. Who would actually use and pay for their service/ No one period Who to RED box or anyone to get a movie for a buck or so. Most people dont have time for their library of old stuff period.

  • This massive pyramid scheme is over. Except for the massive sell-off down side. ITs all one big joke by FEderal Reseve manipulating rates to screw little savers trying to force them into stocks or bonds. Then having to buy their stupid bonds with little risk to hold up that. BUt Wall Street got free money virtually to throw at stock markets here and world wide. No risk at .25 borrowing rate and they would get bailed out again anyway. Whats wrong with this picture ? Greed and corruption thats what all to fool the public and screw the little investor for a paper recovery. Just to make everything look rosy and then screw little people with the massive inflation they created and dont count food/energy etc. THey the FEderal Reserve must be abolished for this massive corruption.

  • Its been so over priced for so long just like the whole stock market pyramid game. Remember all this is because banks /financials threw all the virtually free money at the market. Because FEderal REserve put it out there to manipulate a recovery. Banks couldnt lose buy everything/anything because they always get bailed out. They make zillions coulnt lose while others could lose everything. Whats wrong with this picture? All this to make a recovery of stock market on paper while screwing little investors who could lose money in stock market. This is why the Federal Reserve needs to go period. Massive pyramid game/schemes only.

  • Federal Reserve game is up and over. You will see rates sky rocket because of games they played manipulating them down. Giving Wall Street /banks a free ride to manipulate a stock market recovery on paper and forcing investors into stock because no returns in bonds etc. Gig is up they must pay with a massive 25 to 35% crash to reality. They have screwed the average person with inflation. They dont count all the things like food and energy etc.

  • So over priced homes for the square foot prices being bought. YEp less value for the money period. They once again trying to fool the public with home values coming back. But the real truth you are getting much less house for the money. Wake up people more games by government manipulated numbers etc. Same world wide its all been one massive world wide scheme to fool the public. Reality you are getting less of everything and the prices for the same you got is so much more. Wake up people food prices/energy/ entertainment etc cars/ Get less of everything but prices have skyrocketed. This is why the whole system we have in place will once again crash/ They dont count all those things in inflation content.

  • It will free fall with the markets and the last massive Nasdaq crash months ago. Investors just dont get it. It was one massive pyramid scheme by world banks and governments to manipulate markets up with virtually free money to banks and financial institutions. Party is over. Massive inflation world wide and rates will sky rocket here. Doesnt matter those fools do any more.Same banks etc that took us down last time buying everything and anything. 25 to 35% correction way over due.

  • It is so over priced period as always.

  • LOng over due on just buying anything and everything to take markets up. Just trying to fool the public that everything is great. In reality the public arent fools. They have to pay their bills and live.Its one big no inflation.

  • So over due bring reality back to market place. Not just throwing money at everything because it was free for banks etc.

  • Most of these big nasdaqs will hit new 52 week lows like last sell-off months ago. Long over due on just manipulation rate game that got so far over extended.

  • This massive pyramid scheme needs at least a 0 to 30% correction/ Its all fed games that are over now.

  • We are so massively over priced on all just Federal Reserve games of buying bonds for rate manipulation games. Party is over fools. These markets will give back several thousand points here. Long over due on this massive pyramid scheme. Prices out of control for consumers. Federal Reserve has inflated prices to extremes with their buy back games and massive free fall of dollar.They must pay for manipulation games.

  • Federal Reserve is so stupid playing dangerous game with rates. They have inflated the world markets hefre to the fringe of one massive collapse with their massive price inflation game. Dollar has free falling and worthless here for consumers. All one big massive pyramid scheme that will collapse.They fear stop with buying back bonds. BUt guess what its almost over period. These markets will totally collapse in next month or two. Party of games is over.

  • They keep on tapering . Its over . They should stop completely any more back up for stocks. They are so afraid of a collapser. I say stop all buying bonds back up here. Let these so over priced markets collapse and get it over with. All games trying to subsidize a broken down country. We are broke as a country period we will never be able to pay up. wake up america. I say collapse to eality its all been one massive pyramid scheme.

  • Look for QQQ and SMH sectors to get hammered here. They all are so over priced period.

  • I see at least a 2o to 30% pull back The country is bankrupt period. Spending printed money we dont have backed up. All worthless.18TRillion id debt that will never ever be repaid.Its all one big joke between Wall Street /Federal Reserve again.They never have to pay up they get bailed out. Why do you think these markets are so over priced. Wake up.

  • THe whole system has been one big massive pyramid scheme by world banks/ Federal reserve and governments. Taking printed money all of them to have a recovery lending money to banks etc at o to .25%. I guess any idiot would take that virtually free money and throw it at the markets. No consequences they get bailed out again I guess. Not this time the people rule. I think you will see drastic uprising this time around when world wide markets collapse again. Blame the Federal Reserve here for starting and manipulating this massive pyramid scheme to make a recovery on paper. Sort of in the markets. But 46 million are put on welfare because of these stupid manipulation games.1/6of population. The people have had it they will speak in November.

  • I see whole stock market crashing and burning here. Whole country is broke with Federal Reserve playing games with people lives. They have taken us to one massive welfare country. 46 million in poverty. 1/6 of population. We can never pay for this period. Massive debt we have 18 trillion we should be down graded to junk status. We should be declared bankrupt as a country period.

  • Its all been one massive pyramid scheme by all central banks/ governments/ Federal Reserve playing this game with virtually free money for Wall Street and banks world wide.YOu will see at least a 30% sell-off to crash.Party is over. THeir games have left us 16% /46 million in poverty on welfare system because of this stupid ponzi scheme world wide. All to make it look like a world wide recovery. Its all a joke. Like here we will never be out of debt period. We should be down graded by rating agencies . World banks/countries. One big massive cover up to take the whole world down. Nothing is affordable anymore.OIl sky high food etc.I see the whole system going down. The people will vote all these fools out of office starting this year. The people rule once again will take hold. America has had it with Obama period. He is a real joke. Traveling all across the country trying to buy votes with campaign money. Using the peoples money and wasting it when it could all be done from the white house.I see a change that will be drastic. ONce you screw the people like this you must pay the price. Yep whole system broke from top to bottom.

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