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  • Yep they all have been manipulated world wide with all these massive games by FEderal Reserve/central banks world wide/ governments etc/ Enough already let free markets work not massive manipulation games trying to bring back broken systems period. Wake up people all markets broken period.

  • Yep enough games only in a free market .Its time to correct all this massive manipulation by FEd/foreign governments/central banks etc. Let the free markets work not massive free money to banks etc to manipulate markets up with massive buying only. Its all games by desperate fools. America should be a leader not a manipulator of all markets with these games by Federal Reserve. I say time to make them pay and if everyone sells this whole system will come back to reality. They must pay for manipulation of markets with low rates just for savers period. Time to send them a message.

  • Yep time tio send a message to airlines. Prices are at least twice what they should be here. Fuel prices are at new lows and prices for traveling should be free falling period.Wake up America.Same with anything out there consumers rule period.

  • Look out below all housing related items will get slammed. Bernanke takes job for Pimco this should never be allowed former FEd officials. A real tragedy for stock market. All games they are so over paid already they never need the money. Its just another gravy train pay day for government top officials. Give te American people a break from this massive manipulation game of stock market by all FEd officials to line their pockets. They all obviously ARE in stock market so they vote accordingly. Like any job it should never be allowed to affect other things that are in national spotlight..Greenspan Iam sure did same game. Its time for America to fire all these FEd officials and not to have an unnecessary FEderal Reserve period. Its one big massive pyramid scheme they created with all other governments/central banks/ monetary funds etc to control world markets to stay afloat. Enough already let the free markets work if they are any ??????????/ This is why America is broken not truly a free market place. Just massive manipulation everywhere in system. Look at all ETFs etc all doing same thing trying to hold up all failed market systems world wide that are broken. All this massive trillions of dollars thrown at markets by these people trying to hold up world markets to make everything look great like a recovery.Just all desperate games by FEderal REserve they should all be fired for manipulating markets period with rates.

  • This whole stock market here and world wide like Japan/Europe are all being subsidized with virtually free money by FED/World Banks central banks trying to make everything look great on the surface.Underneath all of it is massive debt by all these central banks/FEd governments that will collapse whole system. They use stock market banks/Wall Street etc trying to get them to do dirty work keep buying at any price.I guess if they fail they all get bailed out once again. Never ending games trying to make everything look great in the world.It will be another massive sell-off like 2000 era when this takes hold. When investors get smart and unload here and now before total collapse world wide.

  • I cant believe Cramer goes on air everyday pumping stocks/stock market trying to keep this massive scheme going. He did same games back in 2000 era when whole system collapsed.

  • We are still so over priced only because they are playing games with release of more oil. All of this trying to hold up prices. Its one big joke . Whole system will collapse and below 2.00 a gallon easy coming. Whole system of stock market everything needs to collapse to reality. ITs maybe 25% of population can even have stock at best. You have just rich people trying to control lives of everyone and screwing low income/middle class with greed games. Federal Reserve is to blame for all of this #$%$ with their games of free money to Wall Street/banks to but stocks at no end to generate a recovery. Then they keep buying at any price because they get bailed out again. Wake up people need to put an end to all these games. Same games oversea with Japan/Europe playing same games with rates etc All this to make the world picture look great. I say it is just one massive pyramid scheme like all it will collapse. All of them have massive budget deficits.

  • Last on es in any of the will lose at least 30% . thats how over priced we are here. Blame the FEderal Reserve first with massive free games to Wall Street and banks.THen all other financials jumping on the wagon pumping anything/everything in the market . Then you have Europe /Japan playing same stupid game trying to get in on the bandwagon ride. All of this trying to make everything look great world wide with all markets going up. IT is one big joke period. I see at least a 33% sell-off once it starts. A massive free fall. All of this trying to hold down world governments institutions rates down so their massive deficit looks better or not get worse any faster. Need a real world leader in this country as new president and put an end to all these massive schemes.

  • Same old #$%$ because of subsidized rates by Federal Reserve and free money to Wall Street and banks to manipulate a paper recovery by all buying stocks chasing returns with just greed. Same with Japan counterparts and Europe also thinking they can play same stupid FEd game.All giving virtually free money to buy a fake recovery. The top rich are only ones buying into this stupid game. bottom 33% of U.S population on welfare /assistance etc. I dont call that a recovery or unemployment being better. All smoke and mirrors by top governments etc trying to give false confidence to the masses. I say one big joke here.

  • Just like whole world is over priced period because of stupid massive pyramid scheme by Federal Reserve and europe/Japan playing same game with low rates trying to get investors to chase stocks.One massive pyramid scheme like 2000 era when rates were way too low.They deserve to all be fired with playing dangerous games. Because they think Wall Street and banks will be bailed out once again. I think not I think you will see massive rioting etc coming when this total collapse of All Markets hits here.

  • Dangerous games are and have been played with low rates to make investors and savers chase stocks etc. We are massively over priced it is one big joke just like 2000 era total collapse of whole system. You can blame the Federal Reserve for all of this when whole system collapses world wide. Because Europe/Japan are playing same stupid games and everything in all markets are extremely over priced here.

  • AMZN has ever been profitable they try to put other out of business by selling below market items most of times. It is so over priced just like Nasdaq its all hype no fundamentals. Just all games by Federal Reserve having low rates to try to make investors buy stock market. This is why this whole system will collapse by at least 25% and all world markets same deal. They all have played same stupid game. Just like 2000 era total collapse. Wall Street is too greedy not to buy at any price trying to keep this stupid pyramid scheme going.they think they will get bailed out once again when whole system comes crashing down. P.E.s so over priced here.

  • All smoke and mirror games here big time. All markets world wide so over priced. You can blame the Federal Reserve for this #$%$ when whole system collapses. We are so massively over priced just on buying games to make everything look great. This is the biggest ponzi scheme ever by central banks flooding markets with free money.Wake up fools before this whole collapse takes everyone down to bankruptcy on reality.

  • Never seen so many fools thinking this stupid massive pyramid scheme can keep on going. Massive debt will never be repaid period. Its all smoke and mirrors by central banks thinking they all can play same stupid idiot game the federal reserve in u.s. started. I see a whole system collapse once all these fools realize they have been had.Valuations at extremes. All this didnt work last time when we had massive 2000 era sell-off on extremes. Just smoke and mirror games once again chasing a dream not reality..

  • Wake up fools everything is so over priced. The whole bottom will free fall into oblivion. The Federal Reserve are idiots playing/starting this idiot pyramid scheme. Valuations are at extremes. You will see a massive collapse once again in world markets. Anyone in here is a complete fool to idiot.The world has just massive debt that will never be repaid. Its all paper games. Will never be paid period.

  • YEah here and world wide. Wake up people its one massive pyramid scheme not a real recovery. They are bailing out everyone and everything in sight just to make everything look like a recovery. They the central banks/governments/ FEderal Reserve have all conspired to have this massive pyramid scheme. Anyone else would of bee prosecuted for breaking laws. This is not a free market system. All playing games with just trying to keep this massive scheme going. Wake up it collapses when no one buys anything out there. Only fools have bee n buying an y notes/bonds etc at below 1% thats just giving money away to fund this massive scheme. I say sell everything here and now and stick it to the Federal REserve and central banks /governments and they all go bankrupt as they should. Enough games with peoples lives. Banks making a killing because they get virtually free money to gamble with in stock market. on top of that they all get massive yearly salaries/short term bonuses long term bonuses and other perks/ If market crashes they get bailed out. Then they all try to keep scheme going by all buying their stock with company buy backs to make less of stock and prices go up and look like a bargain or reasonable price then. All games of greed. THank your FEderal Reserve for this manipulation of stock/ market rates etc Its one big joke that will end badly when the dumb investors realize they have been had.

  • Take a good look investors you got all these fools like FEd/central banks/ governments trying to put a back stop behind a total collapse of system. It needs to collapse because it is worthless with all fake printed money as back stop world wide. Wake up fools. Every FEd meeting they try to keep this scheme going of not raising rates. Its one big joke. Only reason markets are up because Wall Street got free money to throw at it and to keep throwing with endless money from FEd at ) 0%, Any idiot can do this when its not their money to lose. This is exactly why this whole system will collapse because it is all over priced here.Just look at beef prices.bacon/ and money other programs they get bailed out with insurance protection/subsidies/ then they have nerve to keep charging higher prices with getting all that.America is broke wake up.Whole system is broken. Rich get richer poor get poorer because of these stupid games of trying to make everything look great in economy.

  • I see this happening with markets world wide near highs massive downside hefe outweighs any upside. This has been the stupidest market system ever produced. All current ETFs were designed to manipulate markets. They have given way to massive swings in markets that will take down whole system. In one day you will see massive swings down like before with 500 or more drops easy here.That is how out of whack markets are with just greed not fundamentals. FEd has played dangerous game with rates being vague in their meeting etc.Any one in the stock market period is a fool.That is how over priced we are here.

  • They do this every meeting trying to keep markets up. Wake up America this whole system is going down period. With all others playing same stupid idiot games with borrowing/central banks etc. Everything in the stock market is over priced to extremes that is why this whole system will collapse. Look at all insiders in newspapers everyone one of them is selling . Duh at these highs they would be idiots to keep buying. Same stupid greed by Wall Street trying to keep it going and keep buying time. In the end this whole system will go down in flames like every other time at highs. Doesnt matter what FEd does here anymore it will crash.ONly fools think it can keep going. Housing is going down big time. Its extremely over priced here already once again/

  • The FEd will finish taken this whole system down. They just play games with language so fools can take it any way they wish. Wake up people they are stupid idiots playing these silly games with markets. Never seen so many stupid buyers playing back and forth game with FEd day etc.

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