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  • We are so over priced on stupidity buying only. Chasing a fantasy . The whole world is screwed up with massive fighting. Its all a joke growth . Its all been manipulated with virtually free money. Bad thing money isnt real it was all printed world wide nothing to back it up. All countries should be down grade to junk status period. All smoke and mirrors period.Talk about a massive pyramid scheme this is exactly what it was.All worthless paper money and stock. All companies bought their stock to make it go higher . Less of it for more demand and mostly higher bonuses and look like a bargain. So many games and Federal Reserve promoted this #$%$ to make it look great. Just like all the trillions they threw at the banks virtually free to invest and inflate all markets. Its all one big massive pyramid scheme joke.

  • Consumers will boycott everything here. They have had it with this country period. Getting screwed with massive price increases and less product at same time. Get real. Same from government etc. World wide this is happening. The whole world market system is going to collapse here.Prices out of control period just greed only not fundamentals.

  • So over priced here. They cant even sell products on shelves period here. Inventory massive build up. Old technology they will have to give them away.

  • Oh yes so over priced here.

  • We are that over priced over valued in everything world wide period.

  • These markets are so stupid. No more easing rates will sky rocket up. This whole system is broken. It has been so manipulated world wide with this massive pyramid scheme. Buy everything with virtually free money to the wall street and other foreign banks etc. Its all a big joke. We ARE NEAR 18 trillion in debt thats the real joke. We should be downgraded by all financial institutions as junk status the U.S. dollar/ Rates will sky rocket and prices will free fall in the market place. Enough of these manipulated games. World is broke. Its all printed money no value.

  • Way over due and DOW and S&P also We have been so over priced for years here. Just all games to bring markets back. Just so everything looks like a recovery. In reality we are worse off. More poor. les middle class and as many rich.Welfare probably highest ever here. Its all a joke fudging the numbers.One masive pyramid scheme. World wide sell here big time.

  • Look out below we are at least 20 to 305 OVER PRICED HERE. All government agencies/World banks/ Federal reserve games trying to hold up this massive pyramid scheme. They all go down with the markets. Biggest slaughter you can ever imagine.All pyramid schemes end ugly with manipulation.

  • So over priced over valued chasing easy money dream. Thank all your world leaders for this massive collapse under way. Desperate games cause massive sell-offs.

  • This whole system will come crashing down. So manipulated by banks only with all virtually free money from Federal Reserve. Its over now reality this funding stops this upside massive pyramid scheme. Federal Reserve will once again be accountable for another meltdown. When you give free money to invest how stupid to let greed run amuck.ONly fools are in the market period at these ridiculous prices. 30% sell-off easy on reality. Its all been one massive pyramid scheme to let Wall Street bring market back for confidence how stupid. All this so Federal Reserve can finance our massive debt they have let run amuck because of their stimulus of billions. Anyone in the market at these prices is a fool.Down side far out weighs any upside here and world wide. It will be a massive world wide sell-off as well. Same game being played in other countries how stupid.

  • All fools keep throwing money at WAll Street banks to keep this massive pyramid scheme going. All smart is out here. At these levels downside far out weighs any upside.Just like 2008 collapse all over again just all greed d fast buck attitude.

  • Same old IPO illy buy anything at any price. This is exactly where the ntire stock market system wil collapse on this massive pyramid scheme by all Street /Federal Reserve funding.

  • What sillys buying an unprofitable company.

  • When stocks come back and go up on bad GDP etc. You know markets are being manipulated. Wake up before the massive crash.

  • Enough already it is time to put an end to all these greed only games. Time to boycott everything in site. TRy individual companies first bandwagon for week or more. Then the next one and so on and so on.

  • Same old games back and forth. Time to crash markets 20 to 30% as they deserve. Earnings/GDP isnt there. Markets are up mostly by buy backs etc games by companies . Take a good look in market place very few people out there in drug stores grocery stores Department stores grocery even. Time to wake up to reality. Federal Reserve has screwed working people with low rates. JOB market poor/people quit looking/ OIl prices manipulate to out of sight prices. Time for reality and crash this whole broken system of greed not reality.

  • No fundamentals to support these last couple thousand points up here. One broken system because of second to second day trading #$%$. Then Federal Reserve is the main reason for big upside because of massive pyramid scheme giving away free money to Wall Street. Of course their greed throws it at markets for quick money greed scheme. Not lending on longer term as was intended. This is why this whole system will collapse and needs to bring back reality to markets.

  • APPle and markets have at least a 30% correction downside here. These markets are so stupid buying at any price. They will pay on reality.

  • Enough already quit screwing the american people here. Wall Street speculation greed only doing this in price increases. Then Federal Reserve is the biggest problem on top of that with at least 30% devaluation of dollar over the years. All these Games by FEd to bring markets back with free money to Wall Street . They did not t earn anything the last crash by greed. American people get screwed while Wall Street gets screwed once again. Federal Reserve needs to be abolished. All these games of cheap short term rates to keep funding massive debt and lending to Wall Street o n monthly basis. Enough already quit screwing the people. There is no recovery just Wall Street greed recovery.

  • Being crushed by oil because of greed by Wall Street only.Manipulate prices by speculation and world turmoil only. There is no shortage period but we pay the price period. Whole system top to bottom. is a joke. Just like subsidies to farmers etc Get higher prices and subsidies go figure then if fail they get insurance. How can the fil. Then these prices go up and last for years s not just that year there was a shortage or shortages. Prime example why this whole market place/ country etc is going down. I see rioting coming soon here in this country. i guess thats why the give massive billions to welfare people so they are not out rioting like other counties. Never seen this country so screwed as now ever. The media never reports the truth of how bad things really are.Dont like being gouged by companies for just greed purposes and government condones it .

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