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  • Its been just one massive pyramid scheme by world markets/governments/World banks/federal Reserve etc to make everything look great. Reality the world is broken. Massive debt everywhere that will never be repaid. It has been ignored because of world markets greed to push things higher.All massive pryamid schemes always crumble when the truth comes out. Blame all governments with their games of lower rates to try to chase investors into markets for higher return. But now you have massive risk chasing a dream.

  • ONly the top ceo etc get all the money bonuses huge over priced salarys etc. Investors get nothing but downside risk. All these companys just play games buy back stock to make earnings look great and to get massive bonuses and raises. All one big joke. FEd allows these games with low rates trying to force investors into stocks trying to pump up market to get more tax money from games. Then day trading on top of it to magnify massive daily trading income. All one big massive pryamid scheme it will collapse.

  • Never seen so many people get hooked on any new thing. Big deal. Just trying to pump the stock with any news. Already 50% over priced.

  • Go try to play Texas Holdem. Sometimes it might be fast but very rare. Dont know if it is the site or the players connections or what. Amazing like slow motion or playing in reverse that slow. Maybe rude players texting / ? What ever I would hope it is some players internet slow speeds or what ever. Check it out if you can stand slow motion game.

  • Nothing i the field period/ i see whole system collapses into total meltdown . All insurance drugs hospitals. everything into total collapse. Same with markets just one massive pyramid scheme. Thank your Federl Reserve for tese games with rates etc. Markets just like a casino everyday. Same world wide that is why you will see this whole system collapse. Too many instruments doing the same thi g on a second by second basis. Wait until reality sets in and the whole market system collapses. For now governments are loving these stupid games. They just want the fools to use cheap money to get them massive tax revenue. Wake up people.

  • Buy at any price. This is why the whole free market supposssedly system will collapse worldwide. Thank all your financial governments/ world banks/ federal reserve etc for throwing money at anything and everything. subsidizzing a recovery worldwide. How about a truly free market place.

  • Amazing never ending just day trading games no fundamentals. This whole system is a real joke. Never seen so many fools.They call this investing. So stupid.

  • So over priced all cars. Too many choices . I think you will see massive discounted cars here. I would never buy anything at these prices period. Fuel savings difference would never make up the difference period. Same with suppossed housing recovery. So over blown everything here. Just like Obama care it will collapse.Whole system government Wall Street one massive pyramid scheme to make every one think we had a recovery. Its all a joke. Look at real costs of goods. Unemployment sky high. Not counting people who quit looking.

  • ep you will see fed taking down stimulus big time. Why? Because fools keep on buying . They are scared they have inflated the markets to free fall here. Thats the real truth. Wall Street greed keeps buying at any price. I see these markets free falling at least 20 to 30% that over priced on nothing but Fed games.

  • Its all been one massive pyramid scheme that will crash everything like it should. Greed players must pay. Federal Reserve once again will be responsible for this crash with games being played with rates. Too far too fast these markets just on all hope not fundamentals. I say crash and burn pay u

  • Markets are insane. Buying anything at these highs. I see at least a 20% correction. So over priced period.Just all games by all world arets greed to buy all to make prices go up. One massive pyramid scheme that will crash as always. Federal Reserve are a bunch of fools playing games with rates manipulation. Food costs sky rocketed because of their games as well as everything else. They must pay with massive sell-off of markets.So over priced chasing yields/returns. All greed Wall Street. Fuel prices should be free falling period here. Demand and supply say so. No real demand massive over supply. Just Russia games etc.

  • Same old Wall Street games buy until it cant go no further. I see Obama care failing and taking down the whole system. Its been one massive joke these markets at these highs.

  • Yep its been over so buying trying to hold up the party. Reality these markets crash from this massive pryamid scheme by the FEd. Virtually next to free money to throw at markets to make everything look great. Its been one massive joke.But as we know Wall Street took the money threw it at the markets to get all their money back. They had nothing to lose. It was virtually all free money from the Fed to gamble with. Worse case they would get bailed out again or system would go down. See how stupid this whole system is???No risk for the wealthy. This is why no one in the world should be in these markets period. Its all a joke.They manipulate things so no return in bank so investors chase markets. Then CEOs get even more massive bonuses by buying back their stocks to pyramid their bonuses and salarys. Certainly not a free market system when workers get screwed and management gets the returns.

  • Yep same old stuff like markets/ food products. It is all one massive pyramid scheme to raise prices to make everything look better. Its all a big joke. Blame your Federal Reserve for these games with rates and massive dollar infusions of trillions trying to prop up a dead market. Just to make everything look great on the surface. Its all one big joke. ONly the rich take the risk of throwing money at problems. Instead of having real solutions. Whole market markets are one big joke. All of agencys governments etc throwing all worthless paper moneys at the markets.All of this to inflate everything and make it look like a recovery. While on the surface it may look good but under neath it is one massie broken system. Unemployment sky high and prices out of control. This is why I see the whole world system collapsing here. Just one massive pyramidd scheme.TRying to inflate recoverys period.

  • Just like everything in the market. K see massive sell-off on reality. Once everyone sees the massive sell-off starting look out below. Never seen so many fools keep buying at any price.Back to 2000 era once again when we free fall. Its been one massive pyramid scheme by world leaders/banks/ federal reserve/world banks/governments and companys to put a floor under this massive scheme throw money at the whole problem a nd hope it sticks. Just inflate everything. Its a real joke. It has screwed the middle to lower class of people world wide. Just for a paper recovery to make everything look great. Its all a joke,

  • Yep so over priced . I think you will see massive price drops in all car makers. Consumers will hold out for massive price drops here. We are so over priced by about 30% AT LEAST. It all games trying to manipulate prices keeping them close together and higher. Profit margins so high its ridiculous. Look at Honda in Te nessee paying 10.oo an hour labor. Profit margins are so over board. Wake up America prices drop for everything when consumers hold out. We are being screwed by all companys here period. Just look at consumer products/food etc. Enough is enough blame your Federal Reserve for these games also.

  • Wake up people .Markets have come way too far too fast. We are so over priced over valued world wide. Just fools trying to make a quick buck. Now with all the games with etfs over the years it has turned into one massive casino daily game. . Never seen so much stupidity in these markets. All tv stations financials promoting all this crap to make a buck. It never ends until this massive ponzi scheme collapses. You can thank our Federal reserve here and world banks etc and wall Street for taking all the low rate.25%RATE MONEY TO THROW AT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.All world countries playing same game. This is why this massive scheme will collapse on reality. Trying to create a false recovery. Give away money trying to make everything look good. Its all worthless paper money printed world wide.Will never be repaid. Just like silly consumers on massive credit card debt wll never be repaid. I guess they learned from government just charge it.

  • Markets are so over priced now. Fools just throwing money at anything.Because of Federal Reserve games of low rates subsidized. Then they loan Wall Street free to .25% money to throw at markets to bring everything back over the last several years. All games of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Consumers all the Peter. We get screwed. We pay it all . Enough of these games. Federal Reserve keeps putting us into bankruptcy by printing money by billions money. Its all worthless paper money that cant be backed up. This whole system is a joke. Then you have congress that cant agree on anything. This is why this country collapses. It is so manipulated by a few.Federal Reserve should ever be able to play games witha suppossedly free market.Then they play same games with other countries governments/central banks financials to try to take all markets up with lower rates world wide. Same deal borrowed or printed money world wide that will never be repaid.Games never end until the collapse comes of reality. Its all one big ponzi scheme world wide. Usually those people got to jail?

  • every day games to buy then short and buy etc. Just to move markets back and forth to generate money. Government promotes these silly games to get tax money. Whole system is a real joke.Government lowered rates so investors will -have to go else where for better return Like stock markets. It is one massive pyramid scheme that will collapse. So over bought and not on fundamentals of growth.Same old greed gthat takes down everything Then consumers get the screws. Need for this whole system to collapse and put an end to this just a massive pyramid scheme of throwing money at anything.

  • Come far too fast in short period of time. Its all just greed by Wall Street as always like last massive correction. Consumers are pulling back big time. I think you will see massive price drops in every category to lure consumers into buying again/ Take a good look out there and you will see far too many over priced items period. I see massive price drops in big scree tvs cars houses once again. Default rate will once again take off. New wave of defaults. Havent recovered from first

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