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  • So over priced I see several thousand downside easy here. Its all been manipulation games by Wall Street governments etc. They are desperate to get money. This whole system will collapse at these prices. Never seen stocks so ridiculously over priced. Thats what massive pyramid schemes do. Easy 20% downside in a blink. All numbers coming out will confirm the risks being in here. I say take the money and run.

  • Its all been just one massive desperate pyramid scheme to make everything look better on paper. Using tools as massive debt will collapse whole world system. They never learn thats greed for you.

  • This is why whole system will collapse/ i see this week free fall when stops their games period of bond buying. That should be this Wednesday. Enough is enough . Let the markets work not manipulation trying trying to hold up a bankrupt country like the U.S. Its all because of their stupid games with virtually free money.They never learn with extremes. UNemployment is in reality 33% people not working out of population. Its all one big massive pyramid scheme joke here.

  • No real demand its markets manipulating prices higher. All part of master conspiracy to have massive inflation. Games never end with financial industrys. Greed never ends. Supply demand says prices free fall. Massive inventory world wide period. Wall Street greed never ends. All markets on the verge of a complete collapse once every one sees the light. So over priced here and world wide on just flooding markets with virtually free money. It will all end in everyone fighting to get out first.All pyramid schemes end ugly.

  • Thats why these markets will crash and burn all hope/hype not great earnings, Then only biuyers are companys to prop their stock price up with stock buy backs. This also gives them all bigger bonuses between them and all Directors. WHat a massive pyramid scheme being directors of companys while being ceos etc of another. All this does is game the system to insure massive bonuses/salaries while employees make pennies.This is why whole system is corrupt not enough litte share holders to have enough voting power to change this corrupt system.

  • Just like all over priced stocks in the market.

  • I think we need to dissolve the federal Reserve. Dont need them. They have screwed up economy far too many time with manipulated rates going to extremes. They have never learned.

  • Same manipulation games for years. This whole system on the verge of one massive collapse. So over bought over valued chasing nothing but hype. 30% over r priced. All Greed period. AMzn not even or ever profitable how silly.Surviving on stockss money how silly. I see rreality taking it down big time.

  • Taking everything out of markets. Greed only taken over. It will be a massive sell-off when all these buyers realize they have been had. Federal Reserve will to be blamed for it with all free money out there. All pyramid schemes end ugly. Far too long this has gone on. WE are just one massive bail out of everything in the system. Now Obama wants to bail out all college students who were rtoo stupid and paid far too much for a degree. Here we go again tax payers on the hook another bail out scam.

  • Its all one big joke that will take the whole world financials system down. Once it starts mad scramble to get out.

  • Thats how over priced everything is here. Just like going to the super market. Wake up fools. Consumers dont have to eat products period. That why I se massive sell-off here. Consumers have had it.

  • A broken stock market period. Chips will crash period. No real demand here at all. Consumers arent buying those new computers period. Bottom line of computers far over priced and upper line the same. Bottom line will be given away at these prices. Low line is worthless. SAme with tvs etc. Whole market place and food markets will crash on too over priced period. Thank your Federal Reserve when this whole system comes crashing down. Prices arent reality here. Earnings will free fall on consumers boycotting.

  • Investors dont get it . This country is broke . U.S. should be downgraded to junk status. A money is worthless printed paper money. Massive 17 trillion and growing by millions a day just in interest. Take a real good look. Prices here are out of touch with reality as with Wall Street. Go to store or gas station that is why we are going to crash period. Federal has inflated prices to bankruptcy here.Take a real good look I bet you will see massive consortium taking hold here to lower prices. Will be rioting in the streets etc. Has gotten to the point where I see mass rebellion.Top 5% rich are fine. Everyone else is in bad shape.WHole country broken starting with congress /Senate/ president.It will happen count on it. Jobs arent there either. Already happening in many foreign countries.Basically the people have had it.Look at car market prices way too high. They were inflated by FED along with everything.Citizens being screwed by whole system. Car prices higher than ever before. But wages here for car maker workers are a lot lower now than all other years. We are being screwed by car companys greed. same with over seas etc. Just prime example of broken system to screw the average person all for greed. LOok at food market sky high prices for no reason but greed. No shortages just greed. Same with meat industry and consolidation is screwing us with mergers. no competition then. Housing will start to free fall in prices all over again.

  • These markets hre and world wide on the way to a massive collapse. So over priced over bought/ GReed only and silly policies world wide by desperate central banks/ All these games will cause a massive collapse world wide. Only the smart are wise to these games. This has caused more poverty world wide then wealth to middle class and below. Moore massive bail outs to the poor.etc.

  • Take a good look. Massive inflation world wide. food /energy arent counted that makes up most of everything. All a big joke. Central banks/governments .governments manipulating rates. Causing massive poverty to lower class and middle class. All desperate for only more tax money. They have and are bailing out more people in and into now poverty because of all their actions period.It will all end ugly in one big massive free fall because of these world wide manipulation games.Just one big massive pyramid scheme. WITH WALL Street greed and others doing dirty work.

  • All one big massive world wide scheme pyramid scheme central banks/governments. federal reserve etc.Will have a massive free fall when whole worthless system collapses again.

  • Wake up people the big massive set up because of all governments/ financials banks/central banks etc. All lies their is massive inflation every where . They dont count food and energy wake up. Energy counts toward every item. Its all games instead of letting free markets work. Same old greed has taken over. I see the biggest collapse ever coming real soon on reality. You have all businsses companies creating false shortages like beef/energy etc to i crease prices. Then that isnt counted because food/energy dont count as inflation. All one big massive pyramid scheme joke by governments. Then they screw the citizen because they have to bail out the poor with free hand outs because of massive inflation they created.When you manipulate a system you ask to be screwed.I can only hope common sense comes and these markets crash 20 to 30% as they should to reality.Its all just greed buying with free money and then get bailed out again if it collapses. Wake up America.

  • Far too expensive for new products. See older chips and computers free falling in prices here. Consumers cant and wont pay for newer ones when current computers work. Blame this on the Federal Reserve with massive price inflation policy. They will take this whole country down here.

  • Thats why I think a massive correction is coming here.Probably 20%. Its all been a joke. All price/rate fixing by Federal Reserve with virtually free money for Wall Street. made the rest of the country poor with this to cause massive infaltion/food/energy they dont count.Same as last collapse they will get bailed out Iam sure.

  • Its been one massive pyramid scheme by Federal Reserve/ banks/ Central banks governments/ world wide. All to make everything look better. See 15 to 20% correction easy here. Consumers have put their foot down.Tired of daily games with oil/ food/ products etc.Monopoly game make everything look good on paper.Far more poor than ever because of Federal Reserve games with inflating prices to make Wall Street rich for more tax money. So many smoke and mirror games. Media doesnt report any of these truths. Except for fox news.Rest of media is afraid.

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