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  • We are so over bought / over priced everything here and world wide. Its just all one big massive collusion pyramid scheme by all these countries/continents trying to manipulate markets up. Just to make everything look great and rosy . One big joke too many average normal people getting screwed by manipulated system of governments systems etc. Once reality hits ny day here I see the biggest slaughter yet coming. Its because of too many instruments to trade in markets/day trading etc many coasting nothing funds etfs to trade. Very dangerous to be in markets at all here.Its all back to just world wide greed and countries stupidity of free money to promote more greed to gtake markets up. When you have that you have a total collapse under way.

  • Got Asia trying to keep it going with massive buying at any price. They always get over bought then get slaughtered on the down side. Same old games one world wide pyramid scheme. Trying to generate a recovery on paper only. All countries here are desperate. Stupidity never ends trying to get there. I can only hope these markets free fll thousands of points to bring them all back to reality. Not throwing free printed money at markets. Investors little people deserve better than just games they deserve reality.

  • I say pay up time fools. Never seen so much stupidity buying at any price.

  • We are so over extended on nothing but games by WAll STreet. These markets are due for a 2 to 3000 point crash here to reality. Its all one big massive pyramid scheme by many countries trying to promote markets. Get real too far too fast already.One big joke here.Whole system is broken when you have these stupid day trading games etc. Free instruments that promote free trading. No accountability at all here. When whole system collapses blame the Federal Reserve for all these free money policies games. They stARTED THESE STUPID GAMES OF MANIPULATION NOW they must pay up.

  • Wake up people this whole system will collapse any day now. We are so over bought on stupidity buying binge at any price. So over valued. Its all free money policy but is is over. Then you have all other foreign governments/central banks/ Federal Reserve/ Wall Street etc all playing same stupid games TRying to promote a world wide massive pyramid scheme to keep this thing going. So stupid this whole system period needs to collapse. Why/ No value at all just trading to trade . FRee trading makes it even worse when no cost involved with certain instruments/ETFs etc. Certain funds companies instruments etc. Yes broken period all of this trying to get more tax money from sales trading etc by government etc.Stupidity never ends with Federal Reserve.

  • Same with whole stock markets world wide. I say crash and burn everything here. Its all been one massive pyramid game by all governments/central banks Federal Reserve/ free money virtually to Wall Street to gamble with. Consumers investors get screwed with low rates cds etc. all this to throw money at markets. Stupidest government FEderal Reserve manipulation game ever. Wake up America put a stop to this crtap. I say sel everything in sight and send a message to all these fools about manipulating markets. Then if system fails I guess they bail out Wall Street again. Need to abolish Federal Reserve period. All governments/counries gtrying to play sae stupid pyramid scheme game. Now it is so dangerous I see a complete total collapse of everything here. As it should because so over priced.

  • Cant you see this one big massive world wide pyramid scheme by governments/central banks/ Federal Reserve group 20 etc/ All manipulating rates to try to fool the world into a recovery. Whole system is bankrupt world wide. All printed money period/ Trillions everywhere in debt. U/S. probably the worse. All Financials firms got virtually free money to buy stocks for a recovery. But now they are still far too greedy. So I say crash and burn into your massive pyramid scheme.All one big joke of a financial nightmare .

  • OIl prices will plunge to 40 or below a barrel. Time for Wall Street /opec etc all to pay up for years of massive manipulation of prices. Its all one big joke on the consumers who got screwed big time. i say pay up oil companies etc. Learn to work for a living.

  • Time to bring back reality to p\oil prices. I say free fall to 40 a barrel teach them all a lesson about manipulating markets for years. W have been screwed for far too long. With all natural gas/Fracking etc look out below massive free fall in prices. Wont let Wall Street manipulate prices anymore. Time for them to pay up. Fuel saving cars will also put pressure on much lower prices period.Its all been one big joke by Federal Reserve trying to manipulate a recovery with massive games with rates free money to banks etc. Screwin g the middle class and poor and rewarding the rich. What a free markets system joke.

  • This whole system will collapse. Its has been allowed to go haywire here. Whole world stock markets have been manipulated with free money/cheap money policies here. So over done I see a massive world wide collapse here. We as a country are bankrupt in debt. Bridges falling down. Roads/traffic cant navigate freely. Middle class getting screwed. Poor is poorer/ rich are richer. Go figure .Too many instruments to manipulate markets here. ALl of massive etfs etc that do same thing control sectors / markets. All one big joke to make a quick buck. No fundamentals at all anymore. All day trading schemes etc. Whole system needs to collapse bring some sanity back to the world.THis is not investing it is gambling wake up people.

  • Whole system up on just free money thrown at markets by FED/Central banks/governments trying to manipulate paper recovery. In reality whole word is bankrupt. All in massive debt period. Infrastructure here is crumbling. TRillions to fix mainly bridges falling down here. Its all one big joke by FEd with their manipulation games with rates.All important things being ignored. All countries have taken same measures to manipulate markets world wide. Thats manipulation sorry. One big joke.I cant believe people buying into it.I say look out below when reality hits.We have the biggest welfare system ever here and now in U.S.Why work when you can get a free ride they say. Immigration also bankrupting us.

  • Just all games buying by governments/federal reserve/ central banks free money. It all comes crashing down at these extremes here. Pyramid schemes very dangerous. Maybe they will learn a lesson of manipulation greed. Whole system is corrupt here. I say crash and burn at least 3 to 4000 points here. That over priced.Oil is in a free fall. Shale takes over here. There will be a massive glut of oil etc/ natural gas. Prices for everything will free fall here. Car prices will plunge. Dont need gas saving cars. Bridges are crumbling all over whole country. Billions to trillions to fix the 70,000 or so. Massive debt of trillions thanks to the fed adding to it. Its all one big joke the stock market. They think this is the greatest thing. ITs just onne massive world wide pyramid scheme that will collapse as all them do.

  • Party with FEd is over . They manipulated these markets for years. All just free money no fundamentals. This is why we need a massive sell=off back to reality. All goods so over priced period. Consumers getting screwed by food prices world wide. Its all one big joke.

  • Never seen so many fools buying the tops.. I hope these markets wake up to reality. Consumers wont pay any of ridiculous prices for goods or services. They are tapped out. Just rich buying at least 3000 points over priced market here. Its all one big massive pyramid scheme joke.

  • Downside far outweighs any more possible upside. You will see one massive free fall taking down all markets when reality hits.

  • Time to take all these fools back to reality. You can blame the Fed the last govner for his comments when markets fell to 16000 area. They think they can keep inflating these markets forever. Fools i say. I just hope reality hits here. I think these markets need at least a massive sell-off 3000 to 4000 dji to wake up all these fools. Same with Nasdaq they need same jolt more so. A lot of it is stupid day trading games. But still we are so over priced we need this massive correction. FEd and all other manipulators need to learn a lesson. They must pay for these manipulation of markets game.

  • All these fool buyers keep on thinking this will continue buying. I say look out below crash and burn any day here. You will see a slaughter of massive magnitude. Time to take banks/Federal Reserve/ wall Street and central banks governments all to rock bottom. They must learn from these massive pyramid scheme being played here. I say pay up time. I hope we have at least a 3ooo to 4000 point slaughter right away. They must learn a lesson.Enough of manipulation games not fundamentals here.

  • Never seen so many fools buying at any price.I see at least a 2000 point free fall on reality. Too far too fast. All these foreign governments central banks etc trying to play same massive pyramid scheme with rates etc. When reality hits that we are so over priced here look out below. World is bankrupt fools all just playing games with markets. All fake printed money wake up people.

  • When this whole system collapses world wide blame all the central banks. Federal Reserve governments for massive intervention of supposedly free markets. Its all one big joke.All trying to hold up failed policies/broken governments markets etc. All are basically bankrupt using free printed money.Wake up America.

  • They all will crash the whole world system of markets with these massive pyramid schemes being played. They think they can play this scheme forever by printing fake money.FEderal Reserve will be accountable for all this when entire world markets crash and burn on reality.

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