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  • When they had all fed free money to invest what fools. Never seen a market so screwed up. Only one way to go here. A massive free fall based on all free money from Federal Reserve that is over. Its all one big joke. Just like all countries over seas playing same game. I say crash and burn to reality. Playing games with currencies also. Its just one big daily pyramid game casino. All this to get markets to recover on worthless paper money printed world wide.

  • All chairmans manipulate boards. Wake up people this market and country will go down because of their policys.Massive inflation here. Cant buy anything without massive price increases but they dont count. Wake up America whole system will collapse. Wall Street playing games with Fed trying to hold it up. I see whole country going down because massive bailouts of poor. Middle class cant buy much. Wealthy are great they buy anything. You when manipulate markets they arent free any more. Same as last massive crash here we go again.

  • I would never have them when I can get a movie for a dollar at any time at a kiosk . Dont need many and only newer ones. Who wants to watch old movies over and over again. I see Nflx crashing and burning with their model. The whole stock market is so over priced with Wall Street just playing daily dy trading games trying to hold up this massive pyramid scheme. All from virtually free money.25% from FEd to gamble with. Worse comes to worse they get bailed out once again.What a system rich get richer with free money . Poor get poorer with just enough free money to survive on maybe. All from inflated prices from Wall Street games.This is why once again this whole system collapses. We are 18 trillion in debt because of FEd. Playing games with rATES TRYING TO FORCE THE PUBLIC INTO stocks also. All smart investors arent in this massive pyramid scheme.I say crash and burn into oblivion and pay up for all their greed once again. Need reality and common sense once again not games.

  • How stupid these markets are.

  • That would be a great thing. Bring these fools back to reality. Dont care what FED does these markets are doomed. Too far too fast on just buying not fundamentals.

  • No buy out. So over priced like whole market here.

  • Its all been one massive pyramid scheme by all central banks/ governments/ Federal Reserve playing this game with virtually free money for Wall Street and banks world wide.YOu will see at least a 30% sell-off to crash.Party is over. THeir games have left us 16% /46 million in poverty on welfare system because of this stupid ponzi scheme world wide. All to make it look like a world wide recovery. Its all a joke. Like here we will never be out of debt period. We should be down graded by rating agencies . World banks/countries. One big massive cover up to take the whole world down. Nothing is affordable anymore.OIl sky high food etc.I see the whole system going down. The people will vote all these fools out of office starting this year. The people rule once again will take hold. America has had it with Obama period. He is a real joke. Traveling all across the country trying to buy votes with campaign money. Using the peoples money and wasting it when it could all be done from the white house.I see a change that will be drastic. ONce you screw the people like this you must pay the price. Yep whole system broke from top to bottom.

  • These markets here are so over priced over valued/ Same world wide. All these central banks/fed etc governments gave virtually free money to all these institutions/banks to inflate one massive pyramid scheme to make it look like a world recovery. Now are welfare population is 16% and we are paying massive billions/trillions yearly for this. Same old game by FEd trying to manipulate a recovery on paper with virtually free money. Wall Street throws money at everything in sight for years to make a recovery. While the poor get poorer because of massive inflation induced. Its all one big joke again. Screw the little saver with no return.All this to make it look like a recovery on paper. BUt not with 1/6 of population on welfare. Wall Street buys everything with no risk because they just get bailed out gain. They buy at ny price any level. Wake up fools before this massive pyramid scheme collapses on reality.

  • Downside is huge. i see a 15% correction minimum probably 20%.All just day trading games. Federal Reserve will crash these markets with their games of free money. So over priced over valued trying to get yield. It always ends ugly.World markets playing same game with governments/ central banks etc. One massive pyramid scheme.

  • Markets period due for one massive sell-off. Its all been one massive world wide pyramid scheme. LOok out below. Fortunes will be lost. I see Federal Reserve being dissolved.New a new agency unbiased.

  • Being crushed by oil because of greed by Wall Street only.Manipulate prices by speculation and world turmoil only. There is no shortage period but we pay the price period. Whole system top to bottom. is a joke. Just like subsidies to farmers etc Get higher prices and subsidies go figure then if fail they get insurance. How can the fil. Then these prices go up and last for years s not just that year there was a shortage or shortages. Prime example why this whole market place/ country etc is going down. I see rioting coming soon here in this country. i guess thats why the give massive billions to welfare people so they are not out rioting like other counties. Never seen this country so screwed as now ever. The media never reports the truth of how bad things really are.Dont like being gouged by companies for just greed purposes and government condones it .

  • All are so over priced period. Its all a joke. Have very few to try to limit competition like everything now these days.Whole system is a joke letting all mergers happen like rails/air lines/ parts stores/ and all others. One big joke. This is why the country will crash and burn. Will be one massive welfare country. Already 1/6 of our population on welfare. 46 million and growing. Thank your Federal Reserve for massive price inflation and dollar dropping. Just a pyramid scheme to get markets to recover world wide like the rest of countries playing same dangerous game. Now we all fall and crash together. Party is over with all free money to throw at all markets to make a recovery on paper for the few.

  • Yep let us buy a company thats has never been profitable. It will never be profitable. It keeps trying to under cut other companys prices to have no competition. Wake up. LIke Federal Reserve trying to force everyone into stock market recovery. So they manipulated rates to get no decent returns in other assets. Wake up people it will end ugly. Everytime they play these games it back fires.

  • So over priced housing will once again collapse. Prices rose far too high on nothing. So over priced in many areas of country. Its all smoke and mirrors like stock market. Whole system will collapse because of massive manipulation. Truth is rates too high and inflation will take the whole world down here. Why? Because of games by all countries governments/agencies federal reserve central banks etc. Pyramid schemes always collapse to reality.

  • Thank you common sense commentary. I see massive crash as should be here. I say crash and burn learn a lesson about manipulating stocks Federal Reserve fools. Making investors chase returns then get screwed instead of letting system work. These fools never learn it works for a while but greed always wins and takes whole system down. Once again it is coming fools.

  • So over priced homes for the square foot prices being bought. YEp less value for the money period. They once again trying to fool the public with home values coming back. But the real truth you are getting much less house for the money. Wake up people more games by government manipulated numbers etc. Same world wide its all been one massive world wide scheme to fool the public. Reality you are getting less of everything and the prices for the same you got is so much more. Wake up people food prices/energy/ entertainment etc cars/ Get less of everything but prices have skyrocketed. This is why the whole system we have in place will once again crash/ They dont count all those things in inflation content.

  • These markets are so insane here. Probably mostly short covering etc.But i see one massive sell-off coming real soon. Whole system is broken from top on down. President Obama out fund raising with all the problems we have in this country. Congress and top branch should all be working on everything to take care of all our problems. Then they let Federal Reserve run amuck with massive virtually free to try to fool americans that problems market is fixed and recovered. In reality its all just greed by Wall Street taking all the virtually free money from FEd to speculate and bankrupt us all once again. Why ?/Greed . The whole system will collapse because it is fundamentally broke. No one is doing their job period.All over paid and do nothing.I think you will see a massive free fall of markets because reAl investors have had it. Government is broken I see a whole new party coming in and taking control of a broken system that does nothing.Obama is biggest joke traveling around the country fund raising when the country is broken. Should be in his office fixing and talking to take us forward. Not backwards like he has done.Whole system has run amuck.

  • All because of Obama and Federal reserve games pyramid schemes.

  • Federal Reserve game is up and over. You will see rates sky rocket because of games they played manipulating them down. Giving Wall Street /banks a free ride to manipulate a stock market recovery on paper and forcing investors into stock because no returns in bonds etc. Gig is up they must pay with a massive 25 to 35% crash to reality. They have screwed the average person with inflation. They dont count all the things like food and energy etc.

  • Cant sell any of upper line computers with higher priced chips etc. Not needed and far too expensive here. It will crash to all new lows. Computers out there with no real need in upper chips speeds.

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