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kopach 190 posts  |  Last Activity: Sep 3, 2015 12:05 AM Member since: Sep 27, 1999
  • Come back to reality. Its all been just Federal Reserve/central banks game and governments playing games with low rates punishing savers trying to force all into stock markets. All this for a stupid paper recovery to make rich richer at expense of savers.Anyone else playing and manipulating rates like this would be in jail. Why isnt the Federal Reserve in jail for these manipulated rates and giving banks virtually free money to gamble with. If markets crash they all get bailed out again. This is why the Federa REServe needs to be abolished period.No need for them. All of this and getting other central banks governments to play same games for a paper recovery. They have punished all savers period here.

  • Yep time to take down this whole massive pyramid scheme by Federal Reserve playing games with rates and savers lives. Enough already . This massive pyramid scheme must pay up for these stupid rate games and manipulation of markets/rates by central banks/governments and Federal Reserve. ANyone or anything else would be in jail/prision for these actions.

  • The world is broke period. All borrowing money that is not there. All on paper games that were taken to extremes. All this to make the world markets etc and world like it was one big solid rovery. ITs all one big hoax. Its all borrowed money period.

  • Fools have been ignoring all the news. They think this stupid manipulated pyramid scheme started by Federal Reserve can last forever. I think not the whole world is going into bankruptcy. Everyone has rung up more debt worldwide than ever r that can possibly be repaid. Time to pay up or all go under. Puerto Rico is going under here and now. Just the beginning of all like previously Detroit etc. U.S. is far in debt it will never be repaid period. Just making token payments. Why do you think they screwed savers with virtually no return on binds etc. money markets etc. To also force investors into stock market for higher rates on returns so government gets more money. Over 16 trillion in debt. Not counting future liabilities for social security and government payments/ medicaid etc. The whole world is and has live beyond its means period. But the rich haven gotten rich. THey the government manipulated all this so banks/financials would buy into stock market etc because of higher returns. NOrisk for them borrowing at 0 to .25%.Besides they would all get bailed out once again if we went down big. This is why the whole system is corrupt period. Playing games with the poor and middle class.

  • Back and forth to highs or nea then sell-off 500 to 1000 points Same games of massive pyramid scheme until whole stock market system collapses. Its all so over priced here.

  • Whole world will go under.Same games being played world wide with massive debt. It will never be repaid. They all are just making token payments period. Its one big joke.All playing same massive pyramid scheme promising to pay many years later if ever. U.S. is the worse it will never be repaid. Gets worse daily because of Federal reserve games.

  • All will get sucked in big time. Federal Reserve are all fools they havent a clue. Just playing games with rates. They think this can last forever. They have over inflated whole system food/energy/ cost massive job losses. This whole system was manipulated with banks doing feds job buying everything anything at .25%. Any idiot could borrow at that rate and make money. Then they screw savers with maybe .25 intrst rate or 1.% money market rate. Enough already they should all be jailed for manipulation of markets with these games and giving away virtually free money to banks. Now tax payers are on the hook for this massive over 4 billion they gave away. you wonder why deficit gets worse. Time to do away with Federal Reserve they always cause havoc in the end.Just like when Greenspan screwed us all. I guess you cant blame banks they will keep buying because if markets collapse as they will they get bailed out once again.

  • Greece will go under. Europe to follow then the world.v People dont get it its one massive pyramid scheme only.

  • Everyone in the stock market here should be out.This whole system is corrupt. Take a good look . Banks etc got free to .25 % to gamble with buying anything and everything is sight. No risk because of markets went down or collapsed they get bailed out once again. Thats the only reason period thats markets have gone sky high here. They did the FEDs dirty work.Overseas markets played same stupid game after many years by FED.Got central babks/governments etc to play same stupid game with rates/banks/governments etc.All this to bring world markets back to look like a real recovery. In reality more poor than ever. They just made the rich richer.Made savers poorer with 1% saving rate if not in markets at best. Where was the citizens free ride with no risk. This is why all central banks/FEderal Reserve should be abolished here. Governments also reelected if doing same stupid games.Like Japan

  • Far too long this stupid massive pyramid scheme created by FEd. We are now in debt that will never be repaid period. They have screwed the country and whole world. They got other countries/central banks/governments to play same stupid pyramid scn=heme with rates. THey have inflated everything to point of no return here. All this to bring stocks back world wide to make it look like a recovery on paper/markets. In reality they have crewed the majority of people who want income from savings. Got Wall Street /Markets with their massive greed to do their job because they got .25 loan/borrowing rate with no risk. If markets failed or went down they lost little or would get bailed out once again. Where was cheap money and no risk reward for citizens. Wake up AMERICA to these stupid games.

  • Only up on all games FEd has played. THey will take our whole system down with this massive pyramid scheme of massive debt they have incurred.Screwed all savers while making Wall Street/financials rich to inflate all markets with this stupid pyramid scheme. anyone in stock markets period here is a fool.

  • They are the stupidest system we ever had. Trying to manipulate rates bring back stock markets. They have put the U.S. into bankruptcy with this stupid policy . Its just one massive pyramid scheme that will collapse here. Gone on for far too long. All stock markets /countries.\
    /central banks/ governments trying to playing same game with rates. WE are in debt so far that we will go bankrupt period. Federal Reserve was desperate and thinking they could play this stupid pyramid scheme forever with other countries etc. All at the expense of the individual who struggles at expense of the rich.Our debt will never be paid. It gets worse every year because of stupid Federal Reserve games.We should be rated as junk here.

  • Only model they have to give free shopping here and there. They will crash and burn they never really make much money . They just try to under box stores period. Anyone owning them isnt too bright.

  • LIke banks/financials etc all his to get the banks to do dirty work of the FED to buy anything and everything to bring markets back for a recovery. This broke all laws period. Banks virtually got .25% money to speculate with . Savrs got virtually nothing . Banks had no risk in buying because they would get bailed out once again. This is whhy this whole system needs to crash and burn. At these highs all investors should be dumping [ everything period. Send a clear message to the FEderal REserve and government they cant get away with massive pyramid schemes and manipulation of markets period.

  • Wake up people its all just games by all central banks/Federal reserve/ governments to keep this massive pyramid scheme going forever .

  • Wake up America this is the whole problem in America take out all competition. Then you can price items at any price. Wake up people. This is the problem of whole country here. LIke meat producers with cattle etc. They all keep prices up from smaller herd count from years ago and keep trying to over charge for beef for years. Only in America does this #$%$ happen. Same with oil and gas games being played here. They quit drilling when prices fall to get prices back up to ridiculous levels. They were still making plenty at the previous levels. Its all just greed in America and stock market system thanks to Federal REserve playing games with rates to make investors take risk etc. Enough already America wake up all manipulation at every corner.

  • So over priced like the whole stock market. I see a massive 20 to 30% sell-off here. Catch all these fools that have been buying at these hefty levels, FEd game is over . Enough games rates will rise because they have so over inflated stock market here and over seas. They all think they can play same stupid game buy at any price. Its all financials that have been playing this game its not their money. Its investors and FEds money at 1/4% rate that has taken stock markets up. All chasing return not paying attention to fundamentals here. I say crash and burn get it over with.

  • Yep all created by Federal Reserve starting and getting all other central banks /countries/governments to play same stupid pyramid scheme game. JUst investors all chasing return because of governments virtually paying any interest short term to medium. Then they gave away free money to banks at 0 to .25 rate. So they all threw money at anything and everything . It wasnt their money to lose. Same with other countries central banks/governments playing same massive pyramid scheme to bring markets back and take them higher for tax revenue etc. This is why this whole system here and world wide needs to collapse and bring all these fools to reality.Any company or companies y doing this would be charged for manipulation of markets etc. They all did the feds dirty work.

  • Wake up people massive debt world wide on just borrowed money. Will never be repaid. Federal reserve games started all this massive pyramid scheme got all central banks to play same massive pyramid scheme. Now its time too pay and have a massive sell-off of all stock markets world wide here. At least 20%. Time to pay up all these financial institutions having a free ride of free money to inflate all markets world wide.That was the plan by FEd etc. They think this #$%$ will last forever at any price.I see it as one big joke on the masses.

  • All countries owe or in debt more than they earn or generate in taxes/income Going on for far too long. Playing games with interest rates trying to fool the public/stock markets.The world financial system will collapse because its all games. U.S. will never be out of massive debt or repay. Even with the Federal Reserve games being played. TRying to fool everyone and forcing them into stock markets for better returns in income. Same with central banks playing same stupid pyramid scheme. Only lasts so long when markets went up over a reasonable price here. I see at least a 20 to 30% correction. Whole system is inflated world wide.

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