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    kored when is silver going up???

    by rightnowtake 17 hours ago

    You may have noticed the stock market is no longer rising but is correcting. The "Wealth Effect" is a term coined by the fed and created by the 4 trillion in stimulus to explain how people who see their stock portfolios rise spend a larger proportion of their take home pay as they feel their net worth is growing. In fact the top 5% of wealthy individuals account for a whopping 40% of retail sales. The rising market caused them to shun precious metals and put all of their money in the market at the same time.. Now we are seeing the wealth effect working in reverse that is the wealthy are going to cut back when they see their portfolios falling as we have seen in 2015. So now we see that factor coupled with rapidly falling demand from countries outside the US causes the Hugely overpriced dow stocks to fall leading eventually to a large drop in retail sales and employment WITHOUT FURTHER FED STIMULUS !
    So to answer your question the fed is deathly afraid to lose the wealth effect as they know it will cause a recession here so as the market continues to fall and when it hits 14,xxx the fed will I believe reverse course and come out with another stimulus package it won;t be called QE4 it will have some fancy name like reverse dollar repos or soe tax break for the common man heaven forbid or something like this
    when that happens and I think it happens this year you better have bought all the physical silver hecla mining and or PSLV you need or want because that is when you will see silver scream over 20 30 to 40 or more...
    Hecla will be in the high teens and PSLV will be in the 20's IMO...

  • Breaking News: !
    China official PMI drops to 49.7 in August from 50 in July: CNBC
    did you see this ?
    what does it mean to you ?

  • Now you see more bad data out of China and Visa is tanking due to the slowown there as it UNITED TECHNOLOGIES downgraded due to slowing ELEVATOR SALES TO CHINA !
    I told you AAPL would test 99 and I know believe it will be retested by the time the next quarters earnings are announced !
    DOn't get snookered by wall st pros because you are ignoring reality and cold hard facts !


    Acer lost $90 million in the first half of its current financial year. Bit-Tech reports that sales have fallen 33% in the past month and its share price stands at half of where it was in April. Despite these massive headwinds, Acer remains the fifth-largest PC OEM in the world — a stunning reminder that the bottom has fallen out of the PC business to such a degree that even the largest vendors aren’t making any money.

  • hmmmmmmmm
    Dallas Fed Manufacturing Index Dives On Oil Retreat
    The Dallas Federal Reserve's August manufacturing index fell to -15.8 from July's -4.6, defying forecasts for an increase to -2.5. The production index edged up to -0.8, nearly flat after several months of declines. Employment also was stable. But the new orders index and company outlook indexes deteriorated rapidly.

  • too bad apple is so closed & proprietary in the long run this always hurts a company as best of breed open platforms like android will dominate as they already have 82% of the smartphone market.
    This is similar to VHS vs betamax betamax was considered superior but only made by 1 company sony the rest of the manufacturers panasonic sny jvc etc eventually forced the standard and betamax was snuffed out

  • out there:
    1. Balance of Gold and Silver with Canadian Gold mine purchase
    2. Massive Increases in Reserves
    3. Increases in Production
    4. Major mines in North America only
    5. Low cost of production
    7. Cash reserves
    8. New Major silver shaft coming in 18 months on lucky Friday Mine
    9. Bashed and downgraded by Cramer
    10. huge number of short shares
    11. All of it's shares could be bought for less than 1 billion or less than 1/12 the market cap of trip advisor for example 1/3 the market cap of grubhub lol 1/3 the market cap of shake shack
    When everyone or even a small pct of the money out there decides to buy silver and gold this stock will explode and I think this will happen when the fed announces a new QE within 12 months.
    12. Buy low sell high overpriced stock market under priced miners...
    When everyone or even a small pct of the money out there decides to buy silver and gold this stock..
    13. They just purchased a massive Copper and Silver mine in the US bought for pennies on the dollar !
    June 15, 2015 "Hecla Mining Company (NYSE:HL) announced today that its acquisition of Revett Mining Company, Inc. (Revett) is now complete. The acquisition brings to Hecla the Rock Creek Project, considered to be one of the largest undeveloped silver and copper deposits in North America. Hecla intends to continue to advance its permitting."
    14. Huge amount of insider buying see yahoo headlines scroll down 2 pages
    15. largest silver producer in North America 3rd largest lead producer and 4th largest lead producer
    Right now stock price is 2.05 market cap only 750million !
    it was 11 in 2011 and it will see 20 when silver prices rise back to 40/oz

  • This is part 1 part 2 will follow tomorrow or you can read it on the hecla board (HL) if yo wish. I have continued to add to my positions as silver has dropped.
    "Incredibly cheap is silver at this time. Silver is money like Gold but it also has industrial used and is consumed where gold is not highly consumed in industrial processes. Silver has been known as money for thousands of years as it is referenced with gold in the bible. It is an amazing opportunity to acquire silver at this time because there is so little of it in comparison to paper currencies and the values (market caps) of stocks bonds real estate etc.
    There is only about 1.2 billion ounces of silver available at any cost according to recent data and what number is hard to conceptualize but if you were to multiply that number by the current price per ounce you could see that all of the silver available at this time could be purchased for about 18 billion dollars !
    Now just to give you an idea of how little that really is on a worldwide basis an article on yahoo from USA today just proclaimed that stock holders lost 158 Billion in market value over the past month or so that means if just 12% of that amount was used to buy silver there would be none available at any price !
    The market cap of any dow stock facebook amazon etc (if all shares were sold could buy all the silver in the world many times check out the market caps of aapl or dow stocks to see what I am talking about GE is 245 billion or 10 times the amount of money that could buy all the Silver... nike is 90 billion MMM is 88
    Billion etc.
    Another way to look at this is to compare the cost of 1 oz of silver to commonly purchased items. 3 lbs of Hamburger or 2 lbs of steak or 15 lemons or 1 trip to mcdonalds could buy 1 troy oz of pure silver. In fact people buying PANDORA CHARMS PAY OVER 25 DOLLARS FOR sterling silver charms that contain about 1/50 th of 1 oz of silver when they could get 50 times more silver buying a silver eagle !

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    Alert: **** Silver Factoid Part 1 and 2

    by kored35 Aug 27, 2015 11:51 AM

    **SILVER FACTOID Part 2**
    So my point is at this time FAITH in Central banks with their grand experiments and EXPONENTIAL creation of
    PAPER money will eventually cause enough of the public to begin to DISTRUST and LOSE FAITH in the currency unfortunately while the ONLY money with NO COUNTER PARTY risk is Gold and Silver. There is no better time to get it than NOW imo while is is still very inexpensive go to the Apmex or other sites and get something REAL that will protect your wealth from the destruction dilution and debasement of the dollar as silver and gold have proven time and again to protect the common man during times such as these. DO NOT buy the ETF's like SLV, GLD, IMO they will eventually be found out to be fraudulent and were created to TEMPER or siphon demand from the REAL physical gold and silver. I liken it to a health club that has 100 nautilus machines ie bars of Silver or Gold ) but sells 10,000 memberships to it.
    If all of the members showed up 1 day to claim their Nautilus (Silver/Gold) what do you think would happen ?
    That is why you see so many negative articles about gold and silver written by the bankers who print the money and give most of it to themselves; they don't want the public to buy something they don't get a cut of and it would slow down their ability to continue to destroy the purchasing power of the dollar with more printing and debt creation.
    In the next few years (or perhaps months) we are going to see the results of all of these grandiose experiments and it won't be pretty imo. If you think real carefully you may come to the decision that having some precious metals in your portfolio in physical form does make sense to protect your wealth from infinite money printing...

  • I told you Helca will eventually get a huge premium for having t;s main producing mines in North America
    I also was suspicious of the royalty company Silver wheaton figuring any country could cancel it;s contract with them when silver prices soared if they were locked in at low prices. This is another risk apparantly making hecla look like the place to go as silver and gold rise...
    Hold your shares relative strength today shows you money is coming into helca

    SILVER WHEATON CORP. SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP Announces Shareholder Class Action Filed Against Silver Wheaton Corp. -- SLW

    On July 6, 2015 , Silver Wheaton announced that it had received a letter from the Canada Revenue Agency which indicated that Silver Wheaton's tax in Canada should be increased for the 2005 to 2010 period by approximately CDN $715 million (US $567 million ). On this news, the Company's shares fell $2.08 per share, or 11.8%, to close on July 7, 2015 at $15.46 per share.

  • kored35 kored35 Aug 28, 2015 2:56 PM Flag

    New major shaft in about 16 months now !

  • ARO is te symbol take a look if you dare too !
    This is yet another retailer collapsing indicating a real slowdown of retail sales and credit card usage!

  • aropostale is the teen retailer this is not good for visa transactions !
    (ARO) look I dare you!

  • kored35 kored35 Aug 28, 2015 10:13 AM Flag

    it may not be that large as the % of wealthy people is much much much less than it is in the US

  • kored35 kored35 Aug 28, 2015 9:25 AM Flag

    it will get you more friends using facebook but you could do that with a laptop
    of course the friend you get are the kind that are always staring down into their miniscule phone screens never looking up and missing what is going on around them....

  • Two domestic smartphone makers in China have rocketed to the top of the country's sales charts, according to new industry analysis firm Canalys.
    New quarterly estimates from March 2015 through June 2015 show that Xiaomi has the top spot at 15.9 percent of the Chinese market share, with Huawei nipping at its heels at 15.7 percent.

    Apple, which had been number one for the past two quarters, has fallen to number three. Samsung and Vivo slide in at four and five, respectively. CNET notes that Canalys didn't offer Apple's current market share when announcing the new quarterly figures. A different analyst, Counterpoint Research, forecast market share numbers of 15.8 percent for Xiaomi, 15.4 percent for Huawei, and 12.2 percent for Apple.

  • kored35 kored35 Aug 28, 2015 9:11 AM Flag

    so a lot of you bashed me and yet this week UPS saw 52 week low...

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