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  • 25 30 35 /oz
    hecla is clearly in a perfect position to gain immensely from increases in gold and especially silver prices.
    The jobs report tomorrow if it is weak HL will explode.
    If they fake it to be strong then next month it will be weak for sure and first time claims and layoffs are surging and the fed does not really want to raise rates they do want to stop surging gold from making people realize their endless printing dilutes the value of the dollar.

  • cheap it has NOWHERE to go but up 17.90
    it will be 27.90 in no time and that is why Hecla is rising so rapidly
    it took Drawnfire by surprise !

  • U.S. Mint Ups Allocation of Silver Eagle Coins

    Monday June 20, 2016 11:06
    The U.S. Mint has increased its weekly allocation of American Eagle silver bullion coins. "The U.S. Mint has 2,204,500 ounces of American Eagle silver to allocate this week," says a memo from the Mint. Previously, the Mint had been allocating 1 million ounces weekly, an official says.

  • Are you learning anything ?

  • silver and gold are in the early innings of a massive central bank induced bull market...
    GLTU I mean that sincerely..

  • kored35 kored35 Apr 28, 2016 10:07 AM Flag

    repost for new shareholders and on feb 3 hecla as 1.98 folks !
    it can must and will hit 11 again as silver and gold continue to rise on weak data and fed dovishness and just the fact that silver is so damn cheap and underpriced !
    SS you were wrong to not change your position !

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    HECLA to take over DOLLY VARDEN MINE !

    by kored35 Jun 27, 2016 6:35 PM
    kored35 kored35 Jun 27, 2016 6:39 PM Flag

    Market Cap: 6.62M
    if my calcs are correct at .69 per share this is going to cost about 12 million peanuts and again increase
    heclas reserves of silver in NORTH AMERICA !
    GO HECLA !

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    Kored Pumps then Silver Dumps

    by lorde_chatterly Apr 6, 2016 8:47 AM
    kored35 kored35 Apr 6, 2016 9:47 AM Flag

    wrong again lady chatterly
    you are not astute enough to see the trend reversal even as hecla stock has goained 95% in 70 days...
    are you starting to see that the action in hecla has changed from going down 10 cents and then up 5 cents
    to going down 5 cents then up 10 cents ?
    You better stick to your lovers who can support you in your old age....

  • The iPhone 7 you want may not be here until 2017

    Commentary: With rumors percolating that Apple's fall 2016 iPhone release will look very much like the iPhone 6S, you may have to wait for that big iPhone redesign you were hoping for.
    by David Carnoy

    If the past is any indication, we're still about about four months away from Apple trotting out the next iPhone. But each passing week seems to bring a new rumor.

    The latest is that the iPhone 7 -- or whatever Apple chooses to call its 2016 model -- will have the same basic chassis as the iPhone 6/6S and feature more modest upgrades such as a dual-lens camera in the larger 7 Plus and other performance bumps. A new totally redesigned iPhone won't come till 2017 -- and that new 10th-anniversary-edition model will include an edge-to-edge display and do away with the physical home button. The headphone jack may also disappear.

    A lot of pundits, including our own John Falcone, are saying Apple's got a bit of a problem if this is all are saying Apple's got a bit of a problem if this year's upcoming new iPhone doesn't seem all that new. With sales of iPhones already tapering off, Apple could use something that's the new new thing, not just a better version of an old thing

  • occur when hecla breaks 52 week high
    You know now it will happen don't you ?
    little pullbacks then up up and away !
    deep down you know I am right don't you ?
    I was wrong about the short pct some article said it was 32% of float but that was incorrect
    but 11% thats a lot of shares that MUST be bought from and increasingly optomistic owners who DO NOT WANT TO SELL !

  • kored35 kored35 Apr 12, 2016 8:54 AM Flag

    will there be pullbacks ?
    Of course there will be but anyone who thinks a double in 90 days is bearish is insane imo !

  • Apple HEADWINDS:

    Smartphone sales are now NEGATIVE for the first time !
    - New iPhone is CHEAPER and they are Selling LESS of them impacting revenues and margins
    - Samsung has released a new phone that is rated #1 over any iphone !
    - China bans Itunes Ibooks
    - Iphone sales in China drop 26%
    - India Bans Used and refurbished Iphone Sales
    - No new iphone in sight
    - Longer upgrade cycles
    - Massive drops in revenues
    - Massive drop in Margins !
    - Ipad is not selling while Amazon tablet sales up 5000%

  • kored35 kored35 Apr 12, 2016 8:53 AM Flag

    Clearly Drawnfire you know I rode hecla down to way below it's intrinsic value. But I used the time to buy as many shares as I could averaging down. Averaging down is usually a disaster for most stocks as most go out of business but I knew hecla had something real and all the while was improving itself increasing production, reserves and diversifying into gold.
    Now the inevitable bottom has been reached and I lowered by break even cost to around 2.10 per share.
    I am no in the money with a lot of shares.
    In this world of so many big cap stocks with market caps of 50 billion 100 billion 200 billion and more I surely believe the largest silver producer in north america is worth at least a 5 billion market cap or about 12 per share MINIMUM..
    and Unlike Gartner who blows with the wind I have always maintained my bullish positions.
    I told you 4 by memorial day lets see if I am right again you have to admit my batting average is going up rapidly (better than the red sox for sure !)and even when hecla was 1.50 per share I told everyone what I was doing and why I was doing it..

  • Gold and Silver are produced by the sweat of men in FINITE amounts and stands as a 'Sentinel' to protect the wealth of sophisticated investors in times of currency debasements such as today. When faith in the currency and central banks eventually fails, there will be SO MUCH paper chasing the real thing that most will not be able to buy much of it.
    This is why gold has stood it's ground through the thousands of bashings by banksters and others who need you to trust the paper they produce out of thin air as long as they can....
    In the case of Silver, there is only about 1.2 billion oz available at any cost or roughly 15 billion worth (or the amount 1 HEDGE fund paid to buy KEURIG GREEN MOUNTAIN Coffee last month) contrast this with the market cap of Facebook or Amazon or any dow stock which have market caps of 200 billion meaning just 1 of these stocks if all shares were sold could buy TEN (10) times all of the silver available... when the tiniest percentage of the paper money being printed in near
    infinite amounts and contained in the stock and bond markets starts to buy physical silver it will quickly go up 5
    times today's price of 15.00 oz.
    another way to look at this is that you can buy 1 troy ounce of silver for the same price as 3 pounds of Hamburger, 14 lemons or 1 lb of good steak. This is called a huge bargain that has been created by central bank distortions and will enable astute investors to protect their wealth in the inevitable market correction..
    Continuing on silver I went into a restaurant a couple of weeks ago here in Mass and they wanted 15.00 for a martini (1 oz of silver) and 12.00 for a BEET salad (almost 1 Troy oz of silver) and 30.00 for a bottle of the cheap wine (2 troy oz of silver) I said to myself silver is damn cheap.

  • break even profit with far lower silver and gold prices than they are today, If you look at silver prices they are up significantly since last quarter even though ridiculously low compared to where they are going imo.
    This jobs report and more losses or revisions for previous months along with the latest first time claims report and challenger layoff report guarantees no rate hikes for the foreseeable future and an overpriced stock market and record low interest rates along with all the uncertainties of central banks grand experiments make gold and silver execellen places to park your money . Most of the public does not yet believe in gold and silver but they will be the fuel that powers godl and silver to new highs, Today the gold and silver prices are dialed down by the big banks to enable them to buy and cover miners that they have shorted and bet against. But clearly now is a perfect opprortunity to get in as by the end of today and next week I expect a huge move in gold silver and hecla as godl takes out the 1300 to 1307 resistance and silver breaks over 18.50.
    hecla is 4.16 now I will reference this post in a short while to prove to you I Know what I am talking about...

  • Is it any wonder Cramer and the Street are pumping apple to you the naive ?

    Apple's market share fell to 18% from 23% in the same period a year earlier, whereas Samsung Electronics Co. captured its highest-ever share of 33% from 29%

  • longs will learn the lessons of their lives with apple in 2016
    it tried to break 100 hit 99.99 I will referfence this post in the few months to prove to you once again I know what I am talking about !
    this new iPHONE 7 will be a FLOP as people are already moving rapidly to SAMSUNG with OLED display they will WAIT for iPHONE8 but that is so far away apple will be BLEEDING CASH and have massive inventory problems with iphone 7 IMO as it will have the last inferior display of the line and poor battery life as they could not fit a larger battery into it !

  • I made this call when hecla was 1.88 and closed at 1.98 so you can see I Know what I am talking about !
    I bought at 1.65 and lower when others were selling !
    Alert: for NEW Investors **18** Reasons that Hecla will be the BEST performer on the NYSE in 2016 !!!!!!!!
    1. Balance of Gold and Silver
    2. Massive Increases in Reserves
    3. Increases in Production
    4. Major mines in North America only
    5. Low cost of production
    6. Using contractors to make money from mine in Mexico this quarter !
    7. Cash reserves
    8. New Major shaft coming in 14 months
    9. Bashed and downgraded by Cramer
    10. Huge number of short shares
    11. All of it's shares could be bought for less than 1,600 million or less than 1/5 the market cap of "trip advisor" for example less than the market cap of grubhub
    When everyone or even a small pct of the money out there decides to buy silver and gold this stock will explode and I think this will happen when the fed announces a new QE within 12 months.
    12. Buy low sell high overpriced stock market under priced miners..
    13. Owner of possibly the largest undeveloped massive Copper and Silver mine in the US bought for pennies on the dollar 4 months ago !
    15. Hitting higher grade gold and silver in mines
    16. Cheap oil lowers costs !
    17. Gold and SIlver have BOTTOMED and a new bull market has started in 2016 with gold up 5% while stock markets are down 6% ! Silver is very very cheap today and has a long long way to go
    18. Hecla was 11 when silkver was in the 40's which I expect to see in the next 12 months..

  • May 25, 2016 MUSK ELON
    2,782,670 Indirect Sale at $213.22 per share. 593,320,897

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