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krasni 10 posts  |  Last Activity: Oct 2, 2015 7:24 PM Member since: Dec 2, 1998
  • when you watch stock market yesterday and microsoft windows 10, google and FB selling our privacy to govt--there is no question our form of govt is not democracy, not a Republic but Fascism. the markets are not free but absolutely manipulated. 200+ fall in morning, 200+ gain at end. Why? PPT stepped in to manipulate-- very disheartening--in a free market FAZ would have gained considerably yesterday but banksters got govt supporting them.

  • I'm in Asia now--Asia stock markets getting killed today, Europe too. Dow futures at 2pm here in Asia already down 67, expect another 7-10% gain for FAZ today. If it closes at $15/share--predict reverse split price between $50-70. Anyone who wants in FAZ better get in Wednesday while price in teens, starting Thusday price will be much higher and more cosly.

  • I thought raising rates would cause FAZ to go up but now I see unchanged rates helps as premarket FAZ $12.55 so far up from $11.86 prior to Fed meeting. Glad I didn't get my way.

  • I don't know what the FED will do. I think everything they've said to date about tying to unemployment rate is pure rhetoric and Bovine scatology. Frankly I do not think they can raise rates without crashing entire financial system which was the elite plan anyway--use Fed QE as a trigger. Regardless I think we saw a lot of weak FAZ holders leave yesterday and there are ample events occurring throughout world besides FED decision that will make this stock Soar. I'm holding for $12k/share.

  • premarket $13.34 but said only gain of .04 but yesterday close $12.52. Also I clicked on 6 month graph had Sept 1st high of $52. Maybe they jumped gun on reverse split but pricing seems screwey to me. Anyone else know why?

  • And did anyone notice FAZ and ETF's made yahoo news headlines today. For the next month this stock will only go up

  • Sept/Oct appear to be packed full of ominous events. Here's some predictions. Martin Armstrong famed economist predict market plunge first week October. Gerald Celente--crash this fall. Kondratief wave ends first week oct. Shemeitah Sept 13, fourth blood mood on Day of atonement Sept 23. Expect major shakings probably in FAZ favor. Cit analyst just predicted Dow below 14300 end of Sept.

  • On one side--bulls have gov't PPT, QE funding, circuit breakers, rule 48, Media saying buy buy buy, essentially entire weight, power and money of US govt and on our side common sense and wisdom that a govt manipulated market is no market at all but a house of cards absent any market fundamentals. Eventually common sense and wisdom will prevail and fAZ will soar but it has taken longer than I thought as govt keeps inventing new rules and tools to manipulate market. Can anyone name one reason why market should go up other than PPT is pouring money into it?

  • PPT team pumping up futures pre market--probably to pull in dumb money so big institutional money can exit. Yesterday it failed--Dow up 500 points premarket--came crashing down around 2pm. Word getting out--FAZ will rocket in this bear environment--look at volume numbers. Faz $15+ at end of week my prediction

  • As I sit here in Asia, noon time 8/24, the Shanghai composite is down 8.45%, Hang Sang 4.64%, Nikkei 4.35%. Should this hold till close and coupled with margin calls in USA, and without govt intervention I would expect a blood bath in USA markets this week. Dow should drop into 15,000 range, possibly lower, Faz SHOULD SOAR. anyone know when reverse split takes place? good luck to all

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