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  • 20 minutes into trading

    Interesting to watch the stock popped from 4.50 to 4.68.

  • The relation with Zillow may have finally arrived, and we all know what this could mean. As far as the monetization of it, I have no idea. I am hopeful some details will be revealed either through a PR or the next CC in August.

  • relating to how the Chinese are investing in overseas real estate markets? There have been a plethora of them of late. I would suspect we will see a PR from LEJU shortly on this, but I think the relationship with Zillow is possibly just now getting off the ground.


    The Chinese are on the move. In 2014, a record number of Chinese, 100 million, are expected to travel abroad, an army roughly as big as Mexico’s population. They will visit family and friends, and real estate agents as well as tourist sites such as the Great Pyramids, Buckingham Palace, the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building — the educated and well-heeled beneficiaries of the biggest economic rocket ride in history. They have money in their wallets, an appetite for the good life and ants in their pants.

    Still, you can’t blame them for feeling unsettled at home. Beijing’s aggressive anti-corruption sweep has netted thousands of big fish, and more confiscations are on the way. Pollution has created an asthma epidemic, food safety scares are commonplace, and China’s economic pace ebbs. There is still no true dissent or freedom of expression allowed. So the country’s wealthiest are on the move and want a better life for themselves or their children.

    Some 9.3 million Chinese have immigrated in recent years, and 64 percent of the country’s remaining rich households — a category that includes a few million people — want to leave or are in the process of doing so.

    The United States is their preferred destination, and American real estate is becoming their new T-bills, a safe-haven asset. Like bullion, it’s an asset class denominated in U.S. dollars, safe from confiscation and, when necessary, bought anonymously to hide wealth from governments or creditors or ex-partners. But unlike bullion, U.S. real estate can earn income, provide a roof and help obtain a visa.


  • ksn_44 ksn_44 Jul 16, 2014 11:52 PM Flag

    Nope, you were dead on it appears......China's urban population has boomed over the last three decades, with over half of all Chinese living in cities for the first time in 2012. Around 54 percent of the population lives in cities now, according to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences' blue book report, the official Xinhua said on Friday.

    China's leaders are pushing for a larger number of the country's near 1.4 billion population to live in cities, a drive to boost economic output and reignite growth that slowed to a 13-year low of 7.8 percent in 2012.

    But authorities also face the challenge of regulating one of the largest migrations in human history, with steep financial and political costs to facilitate the 25 million people a year who are expected to move to cities.

  • ksn_44 ksn_44 Jul 15, 2014 5:10 PM Flag

    blue, I have seen that number on the urbanisation rate. But only this week I was reading an article by a Chinese analyst who said the number is more like 35%. If I find it I will post it here.

  • ksn_44 ksn_44 Jul 15, 2014 5:09 PM Flag

    shangahi, every national of leverage and GDP is an average I would surmise. Heck, even in the US you have the Buffet's and Gates' of the world with their $40B portfolio's. Can you imagine how they skew any averages? I mean they are not worth $40M, this is Billion. And how many Billionaire's are in the US to skew our averages? So the point with China and averages is the same as any other nation, except they have a ton more people to average out. I recognize the US has a larger middle class by tens of millions but that QUADRUPLING of the per capita income figure in China is only going to keep exponentially increasing. This means more and more home buyers.

  • Although the leverage ratio of the mainland's enterprises is pretty high, its leverage ratio of households is quite low, still showing a safe situation. According to the Credit Suisse Research Institute, the mainland's per capita wealth rose from US$5,700 in 2000 to US$22,230 in 2013 but its per capita debt was only US$1,400, equivalent to just 6% of total assets. Overall, the mainland's leverage ratio remains moderate, with financial risks under control.

  • ksn_44 ksn_44 Jul 14, 2014 11:29 PM Flag

    By Manolo Serapio Jr
    SINGAPORE, July 14 (Reuters) - Shanghai steel rebar futures
    rose on Monday to their highest in nearly seven weeks on
    expectations of firmer demand as China boosts spending on
    infrastructure and low-cost housing to support its economy.
    It was the fifth day of gains for rebar futures, boding well
    for prices of raw material iron ore that have been gradually
    recovering from this year's slump fueled by abundant supply.
    China has completed construction of 2.8 million social
    housing units so far this year, while 5.3 million new starts of
    the 7 million planned have begun construction, achieving 58
    percent of its 720 billion yuan ($116 billion) annual investment
    target, Standard Bank analyst Melinda Moore said in a note.
    Beijing has also approved 44 of 64 new rail projects planned
    for this year and should approve the rest by end-August, Moore
    The most-traded rebar contract for January delivery on the
    Shanghai Futures Exchange touched a session high of
    3,152 yuan ($510) a tonne, its loftiest since May 28. It was up
    nearly 1 percent at 3,148 yuan by midday.
    China has been stepping up measures to stimulate its economy
    that grew by 7.4 percent in the first quarter, the slowest pace
    in six quarters.
    Chinese cities, such as Hohhot and Jinan, have also been
    removing restrictions on home purchases to allow people to buy
    more properties.
    These factors are driving steel prices higher, "but I don't
    think they can last", said a trader in Shanghai.
    "The property market is still on a downward trend. For the
    second- and third-tier cities, there's still an oversupply of
    properties and it remains a big problem."

  • Reply to

    The SFUN partnership with World Union and Hopefluent

    by ksn_44 Jul 10, 2014 12:08 PM
    ksn_44 ksn_44 Jul 14, 2014 2:33 PM Flag

    michael, i believe both of the acquired cos have O2O businesses, that is why they went after them I believe. but i believe they are several legs behind LEJU.

  • Undoubtedly the competitive landscape has been ramped, but this is also a confirmation of the EJ LEJU strategy in the O2O market. When I asked LEJU a while back if they could tie up with SFUN they explained a difference in how they look at their businesses, or how they go about them. Surely now LEJU sees they will have to do some merging/acquisitions to keep ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape.

  • ksn_44 ksn_44 Jul 10, 2014 9:39 AM Flag

    Only took 10 seconds to wipe out yesterday's gain at the open today. While this sector is out of favor, it is an understatement to say if you get a pop and you are a trader you gotta grab it.

  • ksn_44 ksn_44 Jul 9, 2014 10:18 PM Flag

    I am going to assume August 12, 14, 19 or 21. Usually is a Tuesday or Thursday to my recollection.

  • ksn_44 ksn_44 Jul 8, 2014 3:03 PM Flag

    jeff, we are now below the price when goldman issued its buy call yesterday. I think you are correct, but let's be happy they did not issue a sell.

  • ksn_44 ksn_44 Jul 7, 2014 6:28 PM Flag

    Non gaap last q was 7.7m or .06. If 22m is the new estimate (potentially low still) that puts us just a notch over .17 which is just above the midpoint.

    For the year it is .74 then the 2014 PE is 16 for a company growing what, somewhere from 50% last year to 25+% this year....

  • ksn_44 ksn_44 Jul 7, 2014 3:08 PM Flag

    I got in on some of those options, by the way, venetian. Of course, mostly after the fact but when I saw the volume I jumped on board. You are so very right, been an awfully painful BUT UNJUSTIFIED pounding. As I will say for about the 5th time, you can be right about the company, and wrong about the stock though. Even though there was little if any impact on their business as transactions dollars and volume slid, the market punished them anyway.

    Since Goldman's (jackie du) note about a month ago, she has upgraded some of her numbers. As it is, Goldman is the one the big money follows and she has the lowest TP on both stocks. Nonetheless, from my conversation with LEJU IR a month ago that 140% YOY E Commerce growth may be a bit light. Another month and we will see.

    Hear you too on the high 11's. For stability or a base I presume you mean? But I ain't stopping there. This ECommerce biz is way, way early. We have not even touched the Weixin/Weibo effect yet. Nor the Zillow effect either although I suspect this one may not materialize much until later this year early next year.

  • ksn_44 ksn_44 Jul 3, 2014 12:28 PM Flag

    CALL volume out to October large again. Farther sighted investors see something.

  • Granted, this could be a short term hubub about nothing.

    1. Volume today in LEJU and EJ is extraordinary.
    2. Volume of Call options purchased in October are EXTRA EXTRAordinary.

  • But where is the sense in all this. They downgrade a point based on an interruption in a part of their biz that represents 6% of it?? Huh? And they ignore what is liable to be a strong beat in the major part of their biz, E Commerce? Talk about NON sensical. These guys get paid for this??


    July 2, 2014, 9:00 A.M. ET
    Leju: Beijing Weighs On Listing Business; JP Morgan Lowers TP By Shuli Ren
    J.P. Morgan lowered its price target for Chinese online real estate services provider Leju (LEJU) from $15 to $14, expecting a sluggish secondary property market in Beijing to weigh on Leju’s listing business. Beijing constitutes more than 90% of Leju’s listings business and secondary home transactions there dropped a whopping 55% from a year ago for the first five months this year.

    The bank remains positive on Leju, however, because listing business at Leju is still very small, accounting for only 6% of Leju’s revenue last year. By comparison, SouFun (SFUN) received a quarter of its sales from property listings. Leju makes money mostly from e-commerce and online marketing services.

    J.P. Morgan believes Leju’s e-commerce and marketing services segments will continue to do well. Here are analysts Alex Yao and Yong Wang on why:

    (1) the low penetration rate of online property transactions; (2) expansion into lower-tier cities; and (3) solid property projects in the pipeline. We expect marketing services to grow steadily in 2014 because they are not directly related to transactions.

    J.P. Morgan’s price target implies 14 times 2015 earnings. Leju is trading at 10 times and closed at $11.05 yesterday.

  • RESIDENTS in Hohhot in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will no longer face curbs on the number of homes they can own as the city has revoked the restriction, becoming the first to do so in the country as sluggish sentiment continued to cloud the housing market.

    Buyers will not have to show proof of home ownership and non-local residents will also be allowed to buy homes, including pre-owned, in Hohhot, said a statement posted on Thursday on the website of the city’s real estate development and supervision administration office.

    “It was actually unnecessary for Hohhot to implement such home-purchase restrictions,” said Yang Hongxu, vice director at E-House China R&D Institute, a property service provider and research body. “More smaller cities are expected to follow its steps as they struggle against large inventory and slack sales.”

    At the current pace of new home sales, inventories in Hohhot would be exhausted in more than 10 years, according to data by real estate consultancy service providers, including Tospur and Centaline Property.

    Zhang Dawei, chief analyst at Centaline Property, expects “by the end of this year, it is possible that more than 30 cities around the country may follow the move by Hohhot in order to boost home sales.”

    He said the home-purchase curbs will remain in first-tier cities and those with a population of over 10 million.

  • Chinese regulators increased banks’ capacity to lend money and bolster the slowing economy by changing the way loan-to-deposit ratios are devised.

    Banks from today can include in the calculation negotiable certificates of deposit sold to companies or individuals, the China Banking Regulatory Commission said in a statement yesterday. They can also exclude loans advanced to small enterprises and the rural sector that are backed by bonds, the CBRC said. Bank lending is capped at no more than 75 percent of deposits to prevent an overextension of credit.

    The changes in calculation may allow lenders such as Bank of Communications Co., which was approaching its limit under the previous methodology, to lower its ratio and advance more loans. Premier Li Keqiang is seeking to cut funding costs and feed credit into the world’s second-largest economy, which is forecast to expand in 2014 at the weakest pace in 24 years.

    Easing the loan-to-deposit requirements “will help amplify lending, especially for banks that focus on small and medium-sized enterprises,” Richard Cao, a Shenzhen-based analyst at Guotai Junan Securities Co., said by phone. “This is an extension of the latest round of targeted easing.”

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