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    by richeydouglas Jan 31, 2013 9:01 PM
    kurlabr kurlabr Feb 1, 2013 8:08 AM Flag

    Even if this was not bc of likely private equity offer, there are so many shorts there is still much more room to move to the upside and fast!!!!!!!!!

  • MS is the one who was supporting Facebook at $38. They are holding a lot of stock and will take a bath on this one!

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    Impressive FSLR strength today!

    by crazyworld4u May 14, 2012 10:10 AM
    kurlabr kurlabr May 14, 2012 10:37 AM Flag

    FSLR is so cheap and GE can easily digest a $2 Billion dollar company. In 2104 when this stokc is earning a few dollars per share, it will help GE with their bootomline for a bargain at todays prices!

  • I read the fear on this board and it is ridiculous! The company is not performing very well which is a fact. Another fact is that there is plenty of liquidity adn time to right the ship. Even iwth a dividend cut, this stock is still an extreme value stock. Just close your eyes adn wait 6 months and you will be handsomely rewarded.

  • Private equity can afford to do this deal, and with all the cash on the books and positive annual eps and cash flows, tehy can even use it for more leverage to purchase other companies. they will buy it, put in their own management, and in a few years reissue it stripped down without the cash but a whole new future. This is just like Burger King, Toys R Us, and a ton of other deals. This stock will be bought out at atleast $10/share in next few months. So is it worth investing in with a current 8.5% dividend and 50 % takeover premium not included in this stock with a tangible book value over $6/ share. YES!!!!!!!!!!! Screaming buy! Escpecially on down price action today.

  • I have heard this potential deal twice over past two months from two different sources. Teh only part I am surprised by is why RSH hasnt skyrocketed yet. Obviously this makes me think it might not happen. Any info on the chances RIMM is looking ot make The Shack (RSH) its own retail store?

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    EVERYONE CALL THE SEC this is rigged

    by brocade_2003 Apr 17, 2012 11:24 AM
    kurlabr kurlabr Apr 17, 2012 11:56 AM Flag

    GS lowered price today to $24 after a monster move down! Tehy did teh same thing with JCP last year. Tehy lowered it sell with a $14 target I beleive and that day literally marked the low in the stock as it closed that day up on big volume and was up 10 percent that day. It went straight up to $40's over next 12 months. What a joke they are with their targets! FSLR is easily a $40 stock that has been beaten up. I agree the $300 per share price a few years ago was lofty, but with Obama leaning towards green energy and the adjustments FSLR made today, this is a great stock at a great price. They ahve such a strong balance sheet unlike a lot of their competitors and will be the strongest solar standing after these hard times in the sector reverse over next year or two. Whomever is short at this spot with a technical bottom set in and a bunch of shorts who can be squeezed, it is time to add toy our long positions.

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    by dav850 Mar 28, 2012 6:02 PM
    kurlabr kurlabr Mar 29, 2012 8:37 AM Flag

    And now up a little.

  • Everything BBY has been talking about in conference call today points to a RSH takeover. It is right inline with their new initiatives and will accomplish a lot of their goals fora small price. I own some RSH and will be loading up today. Smaller is better! I do still see why RIMM or VZ would buy RSH, but BBY is gona be a major point of interest. The fact BBY also proved their is strong earnings in this sector will go a long way! Looking forwarde to the first real upday in this RSH stock in a while.

  • Based on BBY new initiatives, it sounds like RSH will be on their radar. It is already a step ahead on the non big box prescense and very affordable. This now seems like a marraige waiting to happen. I am now buying RSH, not more BBY.

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    institutional ownership... short squeeze

    by casaba61 Mar 28, 2012 11:04 AM
    kurlabr kurlabr Mar 28, 2012 11:36 AM Flag

    I completely agree and think this is a ral bargain. I am surprised teh shorts were able to push it down all teh way to $33, but just due to a weak trading quarter and window dressing. Stock will see much higher over next few trading days. Target is $47 and will probably get some nice buy reccommendation sover next few days.

  • Does anybody on here know how serious the chances are that GE actually finally makes a concrete formal offer for FSLR? I ahve heard teh rumors before and waould love to know how good a chance there is this happens. FSLR is only $25 a sahre now and I would love to know if there is added incentive over here to buy even more. THanks.

  • AF ew people have asked who is the most likely buyer of this stock. I really think this will be a private equity play because it can be bouught for about $4 billion dollars. If they do not make the transaction, GE is definitely interested. Tehy have been intersted for a while now and have actually been smart about it because they would have paid $100 a few months ago and now will get it for 50% of that around $50 if and I repeat if the shareholders accept it. Once any offer goes public, the short squeeze to the upside will be huge and could take it past that $50. I personally think todays fair value is $70. Either way the FSLR company would boost the book value of GE as well as immediately be ACCRETIVE to earnings. This is a buy! buy! buy! FSLR has been one of the weakest stocks this quarter and this is why it has been weak lately as nobody has had to window dress this tock for their funds. Buying will start at soem point today through monday and it will be REAL and STRONG! I hope this helps some uncertain parties who just saw a weak stock and thought they were getting an easy trade.

  • FSLR is the strongest company in an overcapacitated field. The little players are all going to fail. FSLR has enough money to ssutain this soft period and prosper from their competitors demise. Their earnings will obviously be hit when companies are selling inventory for less than it costs to make. This will end within the next 12 months. Over this tough year, earning will start to increase and give FSLR easier comps. These guys can easily earn in excess of $7 per share in 2013. At a 10 P/E when this group starts trading normal after the weak hands are gone will make this a $70 stock without any takeover. I think tha at $2B it will be bought by private euity at $50 and then taken back to the public in an IPO in late 2013 or 2014. This is truly an amazing buying opportunity. I laugh at teh ignorant posts about bankruptcy. Look at their balance sheet. They are loaded and well positioned adn can handle this terrible envirenment. The fact they are still making money is truly an amazing feet for the past 12 months. These guys are a lot smarter than they are given credit for. Buy when the hands are weak and things look dim! That is the BUffet mentality and this is the exact reason why. I just hope FSLR doesnt sell for $50 soon because I can wait a few months for $70!

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    Best earnings report in ages!

    by kurlabr Mar 23, 2012 9:08 AM
    kurlabr kurlabr Mar 23, 2012 9:36 AM Flag

    I have no idea why this is down. Teh stock was weak yesterday ahead of earnings and when compard to YUM on the charts is extremely attractive. I guess just add and wait for rationale to return. What i do know is they had a great earnings report and conference call.

  • Whata great conference call! EPS to increase by almost $3.59 in next five years. Earnings of almost $7 would give this a growth valuation and chances of $100. I am adding to my position today. If anybody was uncertain look at teh numbers and conference call notes.

  • Just heard that DRI is being upgraded by a tier one firm! No idea why it is weakest in sector today. Perhapsit is based on valuation. Either way I am buying some and shorting YUM if I need a crutch!

  • There was a short by an institutional trader of about 200,000 shares on the open. Turns out they have covered all of it as YUM went straight up. I ahve been there and it stinks! I would expect YUM to trade normal with the rest of the market the rest of teh day which sadly means down. If you look at DRI, it has been weak all day. You could even put on the pair trade of DRI vs YUM for some safe trading today. I rarely follow this YUM stock but todays trade that I witnessed got my attention. Hope this helps if anybody is long the stock.

  • Jim Kramer said to sell this with China slow down this morning. That means he will be reiterating this at soem point on his show over teh next 7 days and there will be a sell off. After the sell off the stock will probably go higher :)

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    expect a death cat bounce to 27 tommorow

    by vinny_950 Mar 21, 2012 10:22 AM
    kurlabr kurlabr Mar 21, 2012 11:15 AM Flag

    Any positive buying in this stock and it will be over $30 fast. There are alot of shortts and a lot of value players who will have to buy this stock. It might not be the $300 dollar stock it was, but it will be a survivor in this competitive industry and easily eclipse $50 this year. Truth be told, once it really gets soem momentum buying and the shorts get scared it could see $100 later this year. MArk it down!!!!!!!!

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