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lakeshore555 29 posts  |  Last Activity: 7 hours ago Member since: Jul 21, 2014
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    UNI agreement terminated

    by lakeshore555 14 hours ago
    lakeshore555 lakeshore555 7 hours ago Flag

    yes, bottom line, the UNI deal was real and it happened. UNI is now manufacturing and selling DR70 in Asia.

    And RXPC gets nothing for it.

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    UNI agreement terminated

    by lakeshore555 14 hours ago
    lakeshore555 lakeshore555 10 hours ago Flag

    And if you want to split hairs.... UNI had that agreement with AMDL Diagnostics Inc (ADI), not Radient. MacLellan ran ADI as a separate entity and might still be running it. When Mac handed the keys to Radoent to the Aussies, he might not have handed over the keys to ADI and/or NuVax.

    So IF there was a 2014 UNI payment, probably not but let's say IF, that payment goes to MacLellan and ADI, not to Radient. ADI is a subsidiary of Radient because Mac split them apart back when they still owned Jade and the parent company was called AMDL.

    True, maybe Mac also handed over the keys to ADI and NuVax. But we don't know that. The Aussies hold positions at Radient but maybe not at ADI. $100,000 paid to ADI does NOT go to the Aussies at Radient -- it goes to whoever is running ADI.

    Same is true for CIT -- CIT is owned by NuVax, not Radient. In the slim-to-none chance that someone wanted to buy CIT, they would pay NuVax, not Radient, and Mac probably still gets THAT check too, the cunning fellow. This is how subsidiaries work. Radient truly has no assets other than some manufacturing equipment and maybe some office furniture and a few computers running Windows XP.

  • lakeshore555 lakeshore555 10 hours ago Flag

    living -- UNI knows that Radient is dead. We all know it.

    The agreement is a legal contract and it said the agreement terminates when the last patent expires. That happened on June 3rd, 2014. End of story. It's business. $100,000 is a lot of money.

  • lakeshore555 lakeshore555 10 hours ago Flag

    DR70 is off patent, so the agreement terminated and there was no 2014 payment from UNI. That is just business. UNI can't contact Radient anyway, and neither can the USPTO, and neither can any of the shareholders. Mail a check to Tustin and it gets returned because Radient left the Tustin address in August 2013 or earlier. I think the USPS only forwards mail for six months.

    Good point though, maybe the Aussies thought $100k was coming, although to think that would show astonishing ignorance since it's all documented in SEC filings that the UNI Agreement expired on June 3rd when the patent expired. And if the Aussies thought the USPTO was going to approve that RCE patent app, they are just plain stupid, sorry. That RCE patent app had zero chance.

    Aussies should change the contact info at the USPTO but maybe they just don't care. The Patent Application in Australia was abandoned because nobody paid that fee, so the Aussies don't care about a patent in Australia either. The best guess is therefore that the aussies want to make a play in China where Charter lives.

  • lakeshore555 lakeshore555 12 hours ago Flag

    wolfman's problem is: he has the reading comprehension skills of a child. He doesn't understand grade-school grammar and comma usage. The 8k lists three events that would cause the termination of the agreement. Those three events are separated by commas. Wolfman incorrectly thinks the contract writer listed only two events and misused a comma.

    He is misreading this:

    "The Agreement shall continue until the earlier of expiration of the last patent issued to us for the Tests, when UNI terminates the agreement by discontinuing the offering of the Tests, or....."

    as THIS:

    The Agreement shall continue until the earlier of expiration of the last patent issued to us for the Tests causing UNI to terminate the agreement by discontinuing the offering of the Tests, or....."

    And I have found that when someone of limited mental capacity like Wolfman doesn't understand a legal document, it is pointless to try and explain it to that person. So, I think you have to let wolfman and DC Man high-five each other over their new riches that stem from UNI continuing to pay $100,000 per year to poor insolvent RXPC.

  • lakeshore555 lakeshore555 13 hours ago Flag

    And let's not forget how Wolfie had Fortis as the "takeover" group while SRL was still selling DR70 at half price.

    Wolfie owns over a billion shares so I understand why he is still pumping, but DC Man said he only owned 50 million. He only lost $5000 in the final end game. I don't understand why DC doesn't just give it up. I guess it's more than money -- it's some kind of twisted pride thing for the DC Man.

  • lakeshore555 lakeshore555 13 hours ago Flag

    wolfie has been struggling since 2011.

    For that matter, Radient has been INSOLVENT since 2011. they revealed in the 2011 10k that they had no money and could not pay their bills, CIT was worthless, and Jade was worthless.

    UNI is going to try and profit from DR70 and I wish them good luck. Asian governments decided not to support DR70 and the global medical community decided not to support DR70. How many kits can they sell to ignorant Asian citizens before the house of cards collapses?

    I envision some Asian citizens buying DR70 from UNI, getting a positive result, going to a doctor, and having the doctor say "without any other symptoms, I can't do anything for you that wouldn't cost more than you have." And then I envision those doctors forcing their governments to publicly decry the use of DR70 as the United Kingdom governments did in 2000-2001. England, Ireland, and Scotland governments all issued Safety Notices and the hype ended.

    So I give UNI five years. I give Gartner five weeks. I think the FDA is going to shut him down fast. I think they regret letting the internet DNA tests drag on for so long.

  • wolfman, let me help you understand the legalese of the 8K you keep quoting:

    "The Agreement shall continue until the earlier of:
    * expiration of the last patent issued to us for the Tests,
    * when UNI terminates the agreement by discontinuing the offering of the Tests, or
    * if UNI does not achieve sales necessary to meet the contractual minimum royalty payments for two consecutive fiscal quarters. "

    The first one happened. Radient's last patent expired. UNI's agreement is ended. They never have to pay royalties to Radient again. They can manufacture and sell DR70 as they wish now. So can Gartner. So can anyone.

    IF there ever was any kind of takeover when you started the rumor in 2011, it failed sometime before June 2013, because IF there was a takeover underway they would not have given away Asia sales to UNI for only $100,000 per year. YES it is that simple. That's why you and DC insisted in 2013 OVER and OVER that the UNI Agreement was never consummated, remember? So by saying NOW that the UNI agreement was consummated, you are admitting that the takeover, if it ever existed, failed before June 2013.

    It's called irony.

  • Advice from DC Man about when to take a loss! Priceless.

    "Perhaps its time for you to take your tax losses on 10 year old losing strategies already."

    "The aussies own no stock- they were appointed to their posts. Real Power is never given away- its taken by strength."

    I am trying to figure out what DC thinks "power" means when it comes to Radient. Looks to me like the Aussies have all the power -- all 9 volts of it. Otherwise, the only person with "power" I have seen since the coffers ran dry and the salaries disappeared? Rosen.

    "We will know soon enough how the restructuring is proceeding."

    Funny how much this sounds like the six hundred other times DC has used the word "Soon." Eventually, out of pure luck, I guess he will be right and we will find out how the restructuring is "proceeding."

    "Just follow the majority shareholder group." Meaning, follow wolfman, because HE is the majority group with his billion shares and 20% holding. Follow him right into the swirling porcelain throne of power. In Australia it swirls in the opposite direction but it still swirls DOWN and OUT.

  • lakeshore555 by lakeshore555 14 hours ago Flag

    Bloomberg shows the wrong website URL, wrong address, and wrong phone number for RXPC. They show Ariura as Secretary and MacLellan as President. They say "Radient Pharmaceuticals Corp. researches, develops, manufactures, and markets in vitro diagnostic (IVD) and skin care products" even though Radient hasn't done anything with skin products since Jade mutinied in 2009. And Bloomberg shows Shares Outstanding as 1.3 billion and a market cap of $130,000.

    Bloomberg has a bad program link that was created in 2010 because of the PR about Radient taking over Provista, and that link has been causing Provista PR's to appear on Bloomberg's PR page for RXPC since 2010. Eventually someone catches the error and they get taken down but there are some 2014 new ones now.

    This is wolfman's last-ditch "evidence" of a takeover. And DC Man is tripping over his own feet as he rushes to mock anyone who points out that it's BS. Welcome Aboard, New Moderators.

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    DC in his own words Part 2

    by chalrockem Jul 26, 2014 11:01 AM
    lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 26, 2014 4:38 PM Flag

    living, I didn't like the way DC got snarky with your post on the hubcap after he patted himself on the back for bweing such a fair and unbiased Moderator. It took him, what, three days to show his true character?

    Your 7/25 quote is a good one. Somebody should call Reese and thank him for preparing Provista for the merger with RXPC. That would be a funny phone conversation.

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    DC in his own words Part 2

    by chalrockem Jul 26, 2014 11:01 AM
    lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 26, 2014 1:20 PM Flag

    And when DC realized the revocation WAS unavoidable, he started predicting news before revocation -- because OBVIOUSLY news was coming to DRIVE UP THE PPS! So he started gushing nonsense like THIS post on 6/30:

    "Yes, news will need to be released Before revocation takes effect- so the shareholders will not be confused as to what the future brings during "down trading" time. But more importantly, news needs to push up the PPS Before the 1:50 R/S, in order to maintain the PPS at an effectively high price (no sense 1:50 R/S at .0001). Assuming revocation occurs by July 15, then news has to be released ASAP in order to have time for the pps to rise and settle to a stable level Before revocation takes place."

  • on July 1, Jimbo reported that the patent lawyers successfully withdrew from the case after supplying bogus contact information to the USPTO.

    DC gushed: "Good news on the patent- fully expected, but good. And so the quest continues."

  • lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 26, 2014 12:17 PM Flag

    Ah yes the UNI-Pharma and SRL pump.

    SRL never had an agreement or contract with Radient. UNI had one, but that terminated when the patent expired.

    For months, DC and wolfie insisted that the UNI agreement was never consummated because it was bad for RXPC. But at some point, they realized that the $100,000 annual royalty fee was better than nothing so now they count UNI as one of RXPC's greatest assets -- just in time to be wrong about THAT too. Nice timing.

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    DC in his own words Part 2

    by chalrockem Jul 26, 2014 11:01 AM
    lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 26, 2014 11:24 AM Flag

    hahaha that's a classic example! He deleted all his messages here to cover up his gaffes but it's true, he posts at least one nonsensical BS statement every day on his precious hubcap where he is now a MODERATOR.

    Yes, the least moderate pumptards on the internet, dcspka and wolfman, are MODERATORS on the message board of a stock they're pumping. That's why I hate the hubcap.

  • lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 26, 2014 10:31 AM Flag

    Reading the Ihub board is better than reading a daily comic strip.

    The main protagonist, dcspka, says today "For a man who supposedly has no direct ties to RXPC, the Aussies, or Provista- Wiliam Gartner is amazingly accurate with his timeline and knowledge of events about to happen. Only an insider would be able to do this."

    Really? Let's look at the FACTS:

    At AZBio 2013, WG promised an August 2013 rollout date -- We all said "no way" but DC insisted "He'll start selling in June. He wouldn't say it if it weren't true. I'll believe THE MAN HIMSELF." Result: fail.

    Then WG posted a May 1st 2014 rollout date on his LinkedIn page. He missed that rollout date too.

    Then the DR70 patent expired on 6/3/2014. Still no GCDx activity -- the patent app was still pending at that point. Then the patent app was rejected on 6/16/2014, and shortly after, the GCDx website goes down and WG is spending time in his office.

    WG was late in filing his annual report for GCDx last year and he is late again this year.

    Conclusion: WG is not "amazingly" accurate with timelines. He has missed several dates on his GCDx timeline and there is some kind of delay now -- He could be selling DR70 on the internet right now, supposedly, and time is money.

    I see evidence that he was watching the fate of the DR70 patent application -- That means he figured out how to get to the USPTO PAIR site, nothing more.

    "Knowledge of events about to happen" is BS of course but we expect that from DC.

  • lakeshore555 by lakeshore555 Jul 25, 2014 5:46 PM Flag

    1. Why don't you update your underdawg blog?

    2. Why do you think there is a takeover when you own over a billion shares -- you own over 20% of the stock -- and you keep saying the lenders own 32% -- your Takeover group can therefore only own 48% maximum! So were you lying all those times you claimed to own a billion shares, or are you lying now?

    3. When GCDx goes live and starts selling DR70, how will you change your story? Are you planning already? Hope so. Because it looks like it's going to happen.

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    Living you are 100% wrong

    by chalrockem Jul 25, 2014 3:24 PM
    lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 25, 2014 5:03 PM Flag

    in TDA the ticker's not found.

    I hope the GCDx and Aussie websites go online soon so we can watch DC backpedal and fumble for a new spin. Maybe it's time to go back to Fortis as the white knight. Why not, it's no more absurd than saying Provista is taking over.

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    I thought you fools were moving elsewhere.

    by jimtash Jul 25, 2014 1:14 PM
    lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 25, 2014 4:59 PM Flag

    I think Jim just likes to talk about scat. I guess he's having trouble finding others who share his interest, so he's trolling on message boards.

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    I thought you fools were moving elsewhere.

    by jimtash Jul 25, 2014 1:14 PM
    lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Jul 25, 2014 1:32 PM Flag

    incidentally, Jim, what is your definition of "fool?"

    I think you have it backwards. I think the fools were the ones who pumped this stock and held shares even after the company said they were insolvent and shares would be revoked.

    Am I gloating? Maybe I am. I put up with your abuse for a year and wolfman's abuse for three years and dcspka's abuse for three years. I suffered you fools. I earned the right to gloat.

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