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laylow1991 83 posts  |  Last Activity: 8 hours ago Member since: Jan 15, 2002
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    Like I've said time and time before

    by laylow1991 Sep 15, 2014 5:12 PM
    laylow1991 laylow1991 8 hours ago Flag

    P.S. I'm not concerned with Thursdays earnings report. I'm interested in the report by the management in the conference call.
    That's where the beef is. For the last few quarters I've been impressed with their candor. We'll see, listen in!

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    Like I've said time and time before

    by laylow1991 Sep 15, 2014 5:12 PM
    laylow1991 laylow1991 8 hours ago Flag

    The key has always been the same. Stock picking. When the tide goes out on a down day, look for those stocks that are still floating. If they're all on dry land look for those stocks that fell the least.
    Also keep your powder dry. So you can pounce all over the stocks that you have been following, that you have done a great deal of research on and has fallon along with others for no reason.
    Don't ever listen to talking heads. Use your own.
    Knock on wood, I've been very successful following these guidelines.
    Now lets talk about RAD. It's the only, what you may call, the only speculative stock I own. Why? Because I believe in it's new management, new store upgrades and the selling of all the stores that have a great deal of,excuse the term, five finger discounts in local communities. No I don't fall in love with a stock including RAD. I've been in and out of it for years. Even when it was less than a dollar.
    Excuse me if I think you are also ACE. You both sound the same in battering RAD on a regular basis. If you aren't ACE I apologise.
    As far as the 5 year bull market goes, it's longer than five years.
    Like Mr. Omaha has said many times, "when the blood is running on the streets
    that is the time to buy good stocks that you believe in".
    During the financial crisis that is exactly what I did. I waited a while and left money on the table not pulling the trigger soon enough. But that is water under the dam.
    In the long run I made out very well!!
    I expect RAD will do well also. How long will it take? I have no idea. How high or low can it go? I have no idea.
    I hope I didn't bore you with my mouth.
    But I'm always looking out for the welfare of the little retail investors.

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    Like I've said time and time before

    by laylow1991 Sep 15, 2014 5:12 PM
    laylow1991 laylow1991 13 hours ago Flag

    Thats my point Casey. It can and it might do just that. But, if it does I will wait for another bottom to form over a short time, maybe a week or three, and I will jump all over it once again.
    And yes WS is what you say it is.
    If you ever played with Stop Lose sales you know what I mean.
    "Bingo" the stop loss is hit, your stop is sold and then "bingo" it goes right back up.
    Thats rigging!

  • laylow1991 by laylow1991 Sep 15, 2014 5:59 PM Flag

    displacing dictators has only caused more turmoil in the midd le eas t.
    Take a look at where these countries are after the dictators are removed. Some countries need them.
    Why you may ask?? To temper the killings between the different religious sects. Live in peace or die has been the dictators motto.
    So the outcome has always been death to those who upset the apple cart.
    When the dictator is removed all hell breaks out with 100 times the death toll between the religious groups.
    So what can we do as a nation?? I say, stay the heck out of their business.
    But ISIL needs to be destroyed. Who will do this before they come for us?
    We are between a rock and a hard place. We are damned if we do and damned if we don't.
    Without a complete cooperation from the middle east to take down ISIL we are in deep trouble.
    Todays news from the middle east is very discomforting.
    ISIL has declared a Crusade against the western world. Notice that the word Crusade is not being used by anyone. But it is just that.

  • you need to have a strong stomach trading RAD.
    The big boys trade it for a few cents up and down all the time. It's the way the market works.
    For a retail investor you either believe in the turnaround or you don't. Todays loss was to be expected as winning days are also expected.
    There is an old saying: "where it stops nobody knows". Keep that in mind.

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    by shopmodernart Sep 15, 2014 2:52 PM
    laylow1991 laylow1991 Sep 15, 2014 5:03 PM Flag

    It's another buying opportunity for the future

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    Dow Futures down 60

    by aea_l1 Sep 14, 2014 7:26 PM
    laylow1991 laylow1991 Sep 14, 2014 7:36 PM Flag

    I see it. But oil is down also. For the american worker it's a tax break.

  • is not out of reach and may surprize many people in the next 12 months or more. They have maga MOJO.

  • It has happened many times before for other high profile stocks that financial institutions needed to redeploy assets for upcoming new companies or those that are on the move upward.
    What does this have to do with APPLE?? It's the price movement. Apple has not gone down like others.
    The losses in GOOG over the past few weeks is only one example.
    Apple is hanging in there.
    Being a part of the redeployment shifts of capital in specific stock or industries is worth watching.
    Apple is still under owned by major financial groups. Could be interesting in the weeks and months ahead.

  • All critics on this board or any other board who attack anyone who disagrees with the potu s needs to understand thousands of posters are watching every posting. AKA used to be ac orn now who knows what, but still there.
    All paid by your financial institutions ATM giveaways to states and the fed er al re elect groups and more free hand outs to undeserving groups, you should be aware they are watch ing you. NO AUDIT for the billions turned over to you know who. Wheres it going??? Nobody knows. And if you want to know all the details they are not available until years after the el ections.
    Sorry for the spaces. It's needed unfortunately.
    God bless the hard working american people.

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    Walmart's neighborhood market coming to

    by t_baroi Sep 14, 2014 4:07 PM
    laylow1991 laylow1991 Sep 14, 2014 6:32 PM Flag

    First of all Walmart is not stupid. More stores mean one thing, competing against other Walmart stores at a very high level of cost. Walmart will not open small stores to compete with RAD, Walgreens and CVS. Besides there is a rebellion to open large stores in small communities and shutting out established mom and pop stores.
    Yes Walmart is a low cost retailer providing cheap Chinese goods. But american retail customers now feel strongly about shuttering these mom and pop establishments over saving 10-20% discounts at Walmart. I'm speaking about small purchases not big items. The small retailer cannot compete.

    Yes there are those that think Walmart or some other financial groups could make a play for RAD. Not CVS or Walgreens by the way, but others that feel RAD has a great future.
    As I have said for years, I think RAD as a standalone is more valuable to the stockholders. But, I emphasise long term 6-12 months or more. ACE/Casey is quick to tell you that RAD's debt is very high. And I agree with them that this debt needs to be reduced with free cash flow or it's curtains for RAD.

    If your a day trader good luck. It can be a hairy ride for retail investors. They need to have faith. If not save your money and go elsewhere. Because it can make you lose sleep with the gyrations of this type company
    investment waiting for nirvana.
    Me, I'm a believer and will hold through thick and thin and be ready to pounce on the stock or retreat with the tail between my legs.

    Imho. Best of luck.

  • If ace/casey is calling it quits after all these years of bad mouthing rad, where does this leave us.
    Rad only goes up, after a slight downturn during a day or two, when ace/casey come out on the board fighting for it's demise. Then the stock goes back up.
    Could these confessions by ace/casey now mean rad will have a problem going higher???

  • Since the banks fed eral ATM's have given as much as they can (maybe) they need more money to throw out to god knows who. No audit where it all goes to. Hmm, maybe to states to pay down debt for soc ial giveaways?
    Now it's yaghoo. Next insur ance companies. Next oil and gas companies. Car companies etc. etc. etc.
    All of the previous mentioned have already started to fill up their ATM's and will barf out a lot more soon.
    Excuse some of the misspelled words and spaces. It's for a reason. And it's SAD that we need to do this to keep things from being passed.

  • Turn around stories, who have come up from the abyss, need time to get themselves rolling.
    For those of you who predict high prices and those who predict doom need to take a step back and smell the roses.
    RAD's progress will take time. SET IT AND FORGET IT !!
    As for me I love the pullbacks as much as I love the higher prices. The last two days have continued to show high volumes and higher prices. That is a good sign.

  • laylow1991 laylow1991 Sep 10, 2014 7:37 PM Flag

    P.S. go back and see my post about my neighbors dog. So cool

  • laylow1991 laylow1991 Sep 10, 2014 7:35 PM Flag

    I hope not. BUT we will see. Good luck!!

  • laylow1991 laylow1991 Sep 10, 2014 7:33 PM Flag

    Not so if they can't get grubby hands on a stock that is being held by strong owners.
    All the insti. owners want is a stock they can buy and then short the #$%$ out of them by shaking the trees and letting all the little guys sell in fear. Maybe like yourself.
    And then they buy back again. Thats how wall street works.
    If you have been around long enough as I have, you know the pattern.
    As of now they have no control other than buying big blocks of shares and then selling them.
    That would be your 20% decline.
    UNLESS they have lots of confidence on the companies future. If that is the case, the stock will go higher.

  • laylow1991 laylow1991 Sep 10, 2014 7:20 PM Flag

    I'm talking about all the small camera producers. Not just gopro.
    The applications for such a product is a lot more than being discussed.
    And yes, you are correct. This stock as well #$%$000 others can go down 20% any one day.
    All it takes is very bad news. Just like all the banks and financial institutions in 2010
    And by the way, 20% is a small risk to take for these type companies vs the 50-60% or more the financials took. There is more upside to come for the little camera manufacturers.
    Also, It was a great buying opportunity in yr 2010.

  • Only two things. And considering the money you have spent for the designers and watch makers I know you can do it. If not it's just an also ran.
    1. Make it self winding or windable.
    2.Make it very, very water resistant or,OMG, water proof to at least 3 meters.
    If you can build this they will come including me for the great designs and functions you have shown.

  • GOPRO as well as other small camera distributors are a hot item. Which one will outpace the other is to be seen. I look at this as a great under the tree XMAS gift or whatever other religion you have for your paticular holidays. Why? For a number of reasons. Play back fun for everyone. You name it. And as a defensive measure for those who need a video for their defense against those who want to incriminate others for things they didn't do. Lets just say these stocks are the new go to winners.

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