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laylow1991 8 posts  |  Last Activity: Feb 4, 2016 5:12 PM Member since: Jan 15, 2002
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  • We all know were it will go to!! Another way of raping the tax payers. Notice I say taxpayers.

  • laylow1991 laylow1991 Jan 5, 2016 11:44 AM Flag

    If the maximum fine goes through as they are attempting to do, where does this money flow to?
    That was my message. Like the multi billions from banks and BP, by the way I don't disagree with these fines, but where is the accounting for these funds.
    I agree that this could cause serious damage to Volkswagen.

  • There may be another need to sue, sue, sue for more money to take care of our entitlements. This tactic has been going on for the past few years to get as much blood from the stones to pay off those who are in need??
    The billions it is taking to cover the cost's of opening our doors to illegal's is destroying our financial well being.
    Free food, free medical care and housing?
    What about our american citizens that have suffered over the past few years by tornados and floods?

    We still have people from Katrina still living for free and asking for more.

    I don't see people screaming and yelling to our country for these things who have lost everything.
    Yes they need help but the sqeeky wheel gets the grease. The ones that deserve it don't get much at all, they pick up their boots, clean up, rebuild and move on.

    Every time a budget is passed it includes all these hidden billions going to god knows where!

    It's time for american tax paying citizens to stand up and say I'm Not Taking It Anymore!!

  • He tells everyone to throw bricks, stones and bottles at police if they enter his district in search of crooks.
    He says they're coming after kids who steal bubble gum. Oh sure!! Anything to stir up more hatred towards police.

    I guess this looks a little like Paris. Where police cannot enter Muslim areas due to their laws.

    Well next week we will see new laws on gun control. And how they will continue to try and disarm the public and knowing full well the murderers and crooks will always have the ability to arm themselves and rob, kill and invade homes.

    Sorry, but I just needed to get this off my chest.

  • You can easily go back to ios 6.

  • But for me and other long term holders, who cares. Still strong for the future of RAD.
    But i do feel the buy out of $9 is way too low. A steal as far as I'm concerned.

  • laylow1991 laylow1991 Dec 1, 2015 3:06 PM Flag

    Ford has been pretty upfront describing their future changes and costs to the company. They told the world that 2015 would be a turning point for Ford due to their innovations and new product introductions.
    They also warned how these costs would be incurred through the end of 2015.
    Ford is expecting a good year ahead.
    The NTSB recalls on cars may be fading for all the manufacturers in the future. Hope so!
    I'm amazed that a rusted 10 year old car should be a manufacturers problem and forcing a recall due to, as we all know is lack of maintenance and attention by the owners.
    They themselves should be recalled.

    I'm a long time holder of Ford and GM.

  • I've been saying this for over a year. Why? Because of uncertain times in this market. Some investors may need to pull money out for emergencies.
    If you haven't been exposed to a massive down turn in a stock portfolio like I have you have no idea how painful it can be.
    Some stocks that have lost a large percentage of value recently may look like a good value today, but can also be down 50-75% or more as the weeks and months go buy.

    My message is for fiscal responsibility for those who think the past 10 years of stock appreciation can continue.
    It wont in many situations. It's not just RAD I'm referring to. It's for any stock that is traded that investors can get their hands on.

    The bottom line is this, and you have all heard this before, keep 6-12 months of emergency cash available. Either in your portfolio or a saving account.

    Be diversified. Don't ever keep 100% in your company stock. If you remember back 10 years, the most respected companies went either BK or lost most of their value. For those that did survive it may take decades before they return to what you have invested in them.

    Good luck and Good Night.

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