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lbcb321 361 posts  |  Last Activity: 4 hours ago Member since: Jun 4, 2010
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  • =I'm up 2.4 million on apple and recently traded 4 times for 50k profit.

    I read your contradictory posts on other boards. If you're going to lie, ditzy, you need to quit drinking. You can't remember what you post from one day to the next.

    After hours high - $116.46. After hours low - $109.11. Difference is 6.7%.

    "I predict a 6% spread from the after hours high to the after hours low."

    I didn't get my $120 to go short. Maybe tomorrow. We'll see if the institutions start selling out of the gate or if they wait a little bit.

  • One more issue that will affect AAPL in the next iphone cycle... they finally put out a decent phone by copying Samsung with the bigger screens. People kept wanting to upgrade hoping the next iteration would finally be something they would want to keep. There won't be as many people upgrading next time. They will hang on to what works for them.

    AAPL had a nice run just as they did three years ago. The institutions have started selling the last couple days. I'm still hoping for a nice pop to short them. I think there is a 4% to 5% gain to be made in after hours trading. The ignorant always jump in when they see the top-line numbers and then once the forward guidance comes out... it starts tanking from the highs. I predict a 6% spread from the after hours high to the after hours low.

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    IBC exact words

    by ditzil 13 hours ago

    Hey, ditzy... it is amazing that after all this time you still can't read. Don't you know the difference between the letter "l" and "i"?

    Sure you were a teacher. Oh yeah, you are a professional tax accountant, too, even though tax season has begun and you are spending all your time spouting off about your paper trade in AAPL.

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    OT: CAT and DE

    by lbcb321 16 hours ago

    =not sure of the logic in buying cat.

    It's called buy low, sell high. They are a quality company at a temporary low. 3.3% dividend and they know how to survive bad conditions and thrive in good ones. Once more... this isn't a short-term trade. This is a safe place to park longer-term cash at better than money-market rates.

    =show me any mining sector that is expanding

    You're too narrow in your understanding of what CAT is and does.

    =not sure those best plays out there

    Depends on your goals. Those with wealth need to park cash in uncertain economic times like these and PRESERVE their wealth. Doesn't hurt to have a nice 3.3% dividend for income, also. If you are younger and need a more aggressive play to grow your money... that is a different situation.

    Cummins (CMI) is another great one to buy and hold if you are looking to preserve what you already made. Dividend for income and they are growing at a very nice rate. They are in a more aggressive period and are doing well in China and are gaining footholds in their core businesses while continuing to diversify. Ford has a really sweet new truck with the 6.7 Liter Cummins diesel engine. Cummins is an awesome company that will reward in the long-term even though they could have some short-term trouble after some nice moves to the upside.

    CAT, DE and CMI will all remain strong through the years while AAPL is a good example of a stock that will blow hot and cold and is not diversified enough to reward you for years in a safe manner.

  • LOL! Where do you come up with this stuff, ditzy? Your statement I was "wrong" would require I am on the record somewhere giving an opinion on the number of phones AAPL would sell in China vs. the US. I have never commented on this one way or another, so explain how I could be "wrong" on it?

    The only comment I ever made about AAPL and China was saying the China Mobile deal news was already built into the stock and it would be a buy the rumor, sell the news event when it was formally announced. I was 100% correct on this as the price dropped $50 quickly after the formal announcement. As a matter of fact, after that big drop was when the share buyback program began in earnest and AAPL spent tens of billions of dollars buying back their stock to keep it from sliding further.

    =Has he said one right thing about apple.

    Wow, ditzy... my MANY prescient comments regarding AAPL are well-documented on this board.

    =That's why his guarantee is 400 points wrong.

    Still waiting for you to back up this "guarantee". My posting on AAPL has been specific and consistent. I have never made any GUARANTEE on anything regarding them.

    I document YOUR lies... how come you have NEVER been able to show my exact words and prove they are a lie?

  • Great time to look at the deep cyclicals for longer-term holds. Got some CAT under $80 and holding out for sub-$85 for DE. Can't go wrong with either one.

  • lbcb321 lbcb321 Jan 26, 2015 7:31 PM Flag

    =In other words any home mortgage is a subsidy and any car bought on time is a subsidy.

    Poor ditzy continues to show he can't grasp simple concepts. You need to QUALIFY for a mortgage or a car loan and you have collateral that backs the loan. The carriers that are attempting to hide the fact they are still giving subsidies will give ANYBODY the monthly payments which last the term of the contract and there is no collateral. The end result is a defacto subsidy. I told you that AAPL would need to reduce prices if people had to fork over the full price for their phones as there are many better-valued phones out there that would do everything the customer wanted for much less price.

    They got around the anti-competitive subsidy even though the end result is still the same. Customer bills could be half the price of what they currently are if there were a choice to buy an adequate phone and not have to subsidize iphones for other people.

    You still see one penny iphones from carriers, no money down "financing" gimmicks that are defacto subsidies and discounted iphones everywhere (including places like Groupon) and ditzy still thinks AAPL is competing on price. Even HE didn't buy his iphone outright even though he is a gazillionaire with 3 or 4 homes. LMAO! Have another drink, ditzy!

    "I paid over $700 for my iPhone as did most folks I know. The only thing Verizon did for me was spread out the cost over two years."

    LMFAO! And how long was the SUBSIDY? Two years. So tell us, ditzy... what changed? You can STILL get an iphone for a penny at Verizon when you sign up for a two-year plan. It is a subsidy no matter which "program" you use. You are so dense it is unbelievable.

  • lbcb321 lbcb321 Jan 26, 2015 5:26 PM Flag

    =how can it?

    Because of their product mix. It isn't that they are making higher margins on all their products... it is because a greater percentage of their revenue is coming from their highest gross margin product (iphones). That is how their gross margin will rise slightly. Another reason is how they are booking warranties. Their gross margin actually went down last quarter when taking into account warranty accruals, but they were able to show them higher with the number they presented overall.

    I know what you are saying, pippy, but it is the reported gross margin that should be slightly higher due to "other factors" and it doesn't mean they are making more money on iphones. ditzy doesn't understand such things. He still doesn't get that the stock is actually lower than a few years ago when taking into account the share buybacks. Get him drunk and he will tell you all the money he made on Calls that literally didn't even exist. I still laugh about that one. His proven lies were (are) so numerous. It is pathetic how he keeps coming back here like a beaten stepchild begging for my approval.

  • lbcb321 lbcb321 Jan 26, 2015 1:23 PM Flag

    =i doubt margins be up

    Gross margins will probably inch up very slightly again. That is because AAPL is becoming a one-trick pony with most of their profits coming from iphones. Their other products are lower-margin so as a greater percentage of profits comes from iphones... the higher their gross margins go. They have been disappointing on ipad and computer sales for many quarters now.

    ditzy still doesn't get that the only thing keeping them in there is the subsidies. I laughed when he said that even he had his phone subsidized. He doesn't call the "financing" a subsidy, but it is the same thing. He didn't have to fork over the full price which means it was subsidized and spread out over the term of his service contract. Anti-trust lawsuits were threatened so they started doing "finance" deals instead of calling them "subsidies". It amounts to the same thing.

    So, ditzy, guess what percentage of revenue will be from iphones? Doesn't it scare you how dependent they are on them? As I have ALWAYS stated even though you continue to lie about it... AAPL is a good company with good products. They are gaming the system masterfully to get away with anti-competitive practices which harm the consumer. The stock is still over-valued. It is 10% from where it traded years ago and he thinks the stock has done well. I have doubled my money a few times while he made 10% and he gloats. Amazing.

    Good luck to you, ditzy, on your paper trade. You were caught in so many lies about the number of shares and when you bought and sold that we know it is just paper-trading you do. I might even short them in the $120s if they pop. The institutions will begin unloading again on a pop and there should be another easy 5% to be made where you can place a substantial trade. Don't worry... I'll tell you in real time if the trade is there. Even though I can tell you in advance (again) it will be a very short-term trade, you will lie about it in the future and claim I am short months later.

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    The slow bleed-out

    by stlth_trdr Jan 20, 2015 9:48 AM
    lbcb321 lbcb321 Jan 23, 2015 10:11 PM Flag

    =You say you are waiting for an opportunity to short this stock when it hits $1.00 and yet you do everything in your power to make sure it never gets to $1.00

    No I'm not. I could have sent the SEC more documented proof of ABAT transgressions. They don't like it when dark companies con the public with "buyback" nonsense when it is illegal for them to do so. They would have loved the fact that ABAT plagiarized the PR of another company including stealing direct quotes and attributing them to Foo. If I wanted trading to end... there is a lot more I could do.

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    The slow bleed-out

    by stlth_trdr Jan 20, 2015 9:48 AM
    lbcb321 lbcb321 Jan 23, 2015 1:25 PM Flag

    =Motives will cloud facts

    Incredibly stupid. A fact is a fact regardless of the motives of who presented it. Another of the absolute fools who thinks... "I need to know if you are a long or a short before I will believe your documented facts".

    If you truly believe that motives change facts then you need to turn your money over to a professional while you still have some left. You simply do not have what it takes to be an individual investor.

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    The slow bleed-out

    by stlth_trdr Jan 20, 2015 9:48 AM
    lbcb321 lbcb321 Jan 23, 2015 1:20 PM Flag

    =a stock you hold no position in

    Another reason why you are a failed investor:

    You think you need to have a current position in order to follow a stock. Have you ever heard of doing DD before you buy a stock? I always laugh at the delusional here who are always defensive and attack those with no current position when they come here asking questions. I have made over $130K now in trading ABAT both long and short. I have identified trading opportunities and posted the trades practically in real-time. Be cause I monitor the situation closely, I am able to act and react immediately to take advantage of these trading opportunities instead of losing the opportunity by having to take the time to get up to speed.

    It really is amazing you feel there is some sort of badge of honor because you have held this over 4 years while preaching the other mantra of the failed investor... "I'm down too far to sell". You are the only one with the right to post here because you have followed this down for over 4 years? Just amazing!

    I may get another trading opportunity and I may not. It is an extremely poor trade now both long and short as they could be revoked at any moment. I would have still shorted them over a buck again, but Crescendo Communications looks like they sold their free shares and are gone. Once they got caught plagiarizing the PR of another company... they are lucky if they didn't get sued by ABAT.

    Oh, that's right. Ballsy thinks that stealing an exact quote from an executive with another company is just a coincidence of general industry terms being used by both people. LMAO!

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    The slow bleed-out

    by stlth_trdr Jan 20, 2015 9:48 AM
    lbcb321 lbcb321 Jan 23, 2015 11:41 AM Flag

    Poor, ballsy. I really should pay you something. It isn't fair for me to get free rent for living in your head.

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    The slow bleed-out

    by stlth_trdr Jan 20, 2015 9:48 AM
    lbcb321 lbcb321 Jan 23, 2015 8:12 AM Flag

    = I give every "lister" a chance to state why they are here on this board, before putting them on ignore

    First tell me how "motives" change facts. You're as bad as ballsy with his hundreds of "why are you here" posts. So tell us... what difference does it make why someone is here? Either they can provide supporting documentation for what they say or they cannot.

    So how is that ostrich method working for you? The reason you are a failed investor is you don't attempt to verify the contrarian viewpoint. You will only listen to people who "agree" with you.

    =will be waiting at least three bucks to start cashing in half my shares.

    Another confirmed lie:

    "If you sell half of your position, you will feel more relaxed. I've done it last year."

    You already sold half (or more) of your position. The long-time followers here know there is a small band of manipulators that have done many pump & dump campaigns based on lies and misrepresentations.

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    ABAT ~ Share Price Activity

    by twist.nrev Jan 22, 2015 11:07 AM
    lbcb321 lbcb321 Jan 22, 2015 12:35 PM Flag

    = If ABAT follows through everyone wins except the short sellers.

    Oh yeah... the mantra to con the really stupid. Another question for you, twisty. How can the remaining outstanding short balance of 18,600 shares be squeezed? The shorting was mostly done over $4 and you think 18,600 shares can get squeezed at sub-buck prices. Wow. Anybody that still listens to you must really be clueless.

    Psssst, twisty. How come ABAT doesn't release their SAIC and SAT filings if they really want to become transparent?

  • Reply to

    ABAT ~ Share Price Activity

    by twist.nrev Jan 22, 2015 11:07 AM
    lbcb321 lbcb321 Jan 22, 2015 12:29 PM Flag

    =The facility is shutting down equipment and installing manufacturing capability to produce advanced technology battery cells.

    No they're not. They don't even have a plan yet of what they are going to do. They HOPE to have a plan in place the first half of the year that they will implement the second half of the year.

    =What happens if ABAT completes the upgrade and their auditor Partiz & Company updates financials?

    Not happening, but irrelevant. They will STILL be revoked by the SEC per SEC guidance.

    =ABAT states financial updates are in process.

    No they didn't. Show me. They used the Safe Harbor triggering word "expect" and never said they ARE working on anything or WILL make filings. Sheesh... how many times will you fall for those Safe Harbor triggering words? When a company wants to do something... they DO it. When they have no intention... they use words like intend, expect, believe etc.

    So twisty... you still haven't answered it. If ABAT really wants to be transparent about financials, why don't they just release their SAIC and SAT reports?

    =The facility has an aggregate floor space of 50,000 square meters

    Big deal. It was paid for with $100M of stock offerings and they immediately were forced to take out debt on it as they self-disclosed as their cash ran out. Now it is closing down and they have no plan what to do with it in the future and you think all is well. Amazing.

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    Tick Tock, Tick Tock

    by sitting_like_ducks Jan 21, 2015 9:40 AM
    lbcb321 lbcb321 Jan 22, 2015 11:16 AM Flag

    =show proof the SEC gave notice ABAT would be deregistered

    Ahhh... but that isn't what you asked for, ballsy. Here is your exact quote:

    "I asked you to show me something from the SEC that would give anyone cause to believe ABAT was in danger of being deregistered"

    I DID show you SOMETHING from the SEC website that would "give anyone cause to believe ABAT was in danger of being deregistered". Of course the proper term is "revoked" and not "deregistered". They were deregistered from the NASDAQ and they will be revoked from the SEC. I showed you that the official SEC position is that:

    "It is necessary to deter Absolute and other issuers from disregarding their obligations to present accurate and timely information to the investing public until spurred by the institution of proceedings. Deterrence is meaningful only if a lengthy delinquency, in the absence of strongly compelling circumstances regarding the other Gateway factors, results in revocation."

    That statement would make anybody think that ABAT is on track to be revoked. Of course, except for the truly delusional and those in denial. Now you are changing from your original statement to:

    "show proof the SEC gave notice ABAT would be deregistered"

    That is much different from "show me something from the SEC that would give anyone cause to believe ABAT was in danger of being deregistered".

    =Lbcb says I never tell anyone to sell ABAT.

    Show me where I have told somebody to sell. I give people information and it is up to them to determine if this meets their investing criteria. There are some gamblers here who know the facts and are choosing to make a speculative bet. I continue to wish them the best of luck. There are others who actually feel this is an investment-grade stock. They are mentally ill and in denial. They still have every right to do what they wish with their own money and I have every right to call them out on it.

    Give it up, ballsy... you are a lying buffoon.

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    Are we all sitting like ducks

    by sitting_like_ducks Jan 19, 2015 9:17 AM
    lbcb321 lbcb321 Jan 22, 2015 9:18 AM Flag

    =When CBEH was deregistered by the SEC, Yahoo closed down the message board.

    No they didn't. It has always been up. The delusional never quit posting there.

    = trusting Fou and the SEC not to halt this.

    The CBEH scenario had an interesting twist. Usually the SEC suspends a stock like this first. With CBEH the SEC did not suspend them. There was a statement that they believed it would take a second action to revoke them if they began with a suspension. Instead of two actions that would have ultimately delayed the revocation, the SEC went straight with the revocation action. CBEH shareholders got lucky and were allowed to sell out for a dime instead of having the stock halted. Will ABAT shareholders be as lucky and be allowed to sell for a dime before it goes poof?

    CBEH is also different in that their CEO owns 49%+ of the stock and with the other BOD members controlled over 50%. Any shareholder votes are useless with that scenario.

    The relevant statement from the whole CBEH process was this from the SEC:

    "Even if China Integrated should get all of its delinquent filings submitted before this Court rules on summary disposition, the respondent's securities registration should still be revoked based on its violations of the Exchange Act. In Absolute Potential, Inc., the Commission revoked the registration of the delinquent issuer despite the fact that it became current during summary disposition briefing. It is necessary to deter Absolute and other issuers from disregarding their obligations to present accurate and timely information to the investing public until spurred by the institution of proceedings. Deterrence is meaningful only if a lengthy delinquency, in the absence of strongly compelling circumstances regarding the other Gateway factors, results in revocation."

    ABAT has been delinquent longer than CBEH. According to SEC guidelines they WILL be revoked regardless if they ever file again or not. Just a matter of time.

  • lbcb321 lbcb321 Jan 22, 2015 8:24 AM Flag

    =not concerned with the price drop but wont chase it up yet.

    You claimed to be buying in the .70s. Then you supposedly bought hundreds of thousands of shares in the low .50s. If it was such a great buy at .53 then why can't you get fills when it is in the .30s?

    You are full of it.

    = I am cursed with knowing for a fact that their assets are real

    Of course the assets are real. You just don't own them with shares in the abandoned US holding company. You don't even know if Foo controls the assets anymore. Sure looks like he lost Dongguan in a foreclosure action just like CBAK lost almost all their assets. Explain why a company announces they are shutting down their new factory for at least 6 months when they don't even have a plan in place what they are going to do with it.

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    Are we all sitting like ducks

    by sitting_like_ducks Jan 19, 2015 9:17 AM
    lbcb321 lbcb321 Jan 22, 2015 8:16 AM Flag

    =What do I have to loose at this point.

    100% of the remaining balance. What a BUFFOON!

    Show me any idiot that says, "I'm down too far to sell" and I will show you a failed investor. The only way to make money is to keep it where it has the best chance to appreciate at that moment in time. If you wouldn't buy ABAT today... you shouldn't own it today. If you were sitting in cash, would ABAT be the stock ypou would buy? Of course not. So why are you still holding it?


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