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  • It is proven time after time that small investors are far smarter than most money managers .

    Take today's action . A money manager(s) was fooled by a remarks by the CEO and bought the stock .

    Small investors did no such things and , in fact, we have stayed on the side line until the stock drops to around $5 before we come in and buy and that is only for a trade only .

    Of course, the money manager is Not using his personal money . He is using other people money and if he loses , well, tough luck

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    CEO Resorting To " Promise "

    by leehab22 6 hours ago

    His " Promise " is vague at best . He says mid or late 2016 , but it could be late 2015 or may be 2017 . His lie is all over the map . Company can Not be trusted . The stock may be a buy around $5 or $6 and sell around $9 . Just a trade and Not for hold

  • How pathetic is it that a CEO is resorting to " Promise " to fool investors and some investors actually are falling for it . Sad part is the " promise " is for next year , Really ? 2016

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    Money Managers Scared ?

    by leehab22 Sep 1, 2015 11:07 AM
    leehab22 leehab22 Sep 2, 2015 2:59 PM Flag

    If this stock drops below $10 you may see massive selling because it shows a reversal . So funds who have millions of shares try to prevent it buy buying some more .

    Jim Cramer has also talked about this on his show.

    This is a temporary solution but remember if it goes on a free fall it will make it very hard to unload millions of shares while the stock is dropping .

    My guess is short sellers will win and the stock will go in to free fall because there are no real buyers wanting this stock . Investors have talked about interested to buy in low single digit .

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    Money Managers Scared ?

    by leehab22 Sep 1, 2015 11:07 AM
    leehab22 leehab22 Sep 2, 2015 10:58 AM Flag

    Money managers do that all the time by defending their investment . It is like a country . The government will defend it .

    When a stock drops to a dangerous point, they buy shares to defend it because it could drop in to free fall .

  • Big money managers who have invested heavily in this stock are scared and you can see it today .

    They had to come in and buy aggressively to prevent the stock go below $10 which would have pushed the stock to under $5 and force liquidations .

    Still these funds will be facing liquidations and will be forced to sell at bigger losses

  • leehab22 leehab22 Sep 1, 2015 8:38 AM Flag

    For trading yes . But if you notice the range is dropping and not a sure thing .
    It was $12 to $14 now it is $8 to $10 and so with market dropping and China slowing one has to be very careful

  • The Idiot bought this stock around $18 and investors thought he was smart and bought the stock as high as $35 . Now they are all losers . You do Not invest in a company with shaky futures especially with natural gas trading around $2

  • When a fund add or take a position in a stock some Idiots cheers not knowing that a fund sold those shares .

    When a stock drops from $35 to $10 , it means more funds Sold but usually they are not reported .

    No wonder these idiots cheering crowd lose money because they buy on the top .

    Take Einhorn who bought shares around $17 and now is begging the company to buy back those shares and he is supposed to be smart , is he

  • Question is what was the initial price and my guess is around $22 or higher and since this purchase was made 45 days ago the fund must have paid some where around $15 which put the fund average today around $16 to $18

    Not a smart move . An analyst today on CNBC said single digit might be a good price .
    My guess is around $5 or $6

    This company is loaded with heavy debts and that is why it is trading where it is now .

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    Why The Stock Will Drop Below $5 Very Fast

    by leehab22 Aug 25, 2015 11:36 PM
    leehab22 leehab22 Aug 26, 2015 9:48 AM Flag

    I bought the stock around $18 and sold near $31 when acquisition had negative effects . I was waiting to get back in around $25 but the drop has been huge . I just expressed my opinion

  • There is no doubt short sellers are smelling dead fish and have piled up and will drop the stock below $5 .

    Under $5.00 the stock is not marginable and there will be massive margin calls .

    Also, many funds are prohibited from buying stocks under $5.00 thus massive margin calls + few buyers = disaster .

    With stock dropping below $5.00 , lenders will shy away from any deals unless it carries a hefty interest knocking the stock more . Again a sad story but oil dropping to these levels and now price target of $29 it was hard to foresee this kind of future

  • leehab22 by leehab22 Aug 25, 2015 5:47 PM Flag

    When a stock drops this fast and at unbelievable rate from $33 to $8 in a matter of several weeks , there is a serious problem that street sees and others do not . It looks like no one has any faith in the stock and even on the day market was up 525 points , this stock started to drop the second the market opened and volume is so huge that is beyond imagination . Even Enron did not drop this fast and took its time

    That suggests street think there is no hope . This huge drop makes financing extremely tough as no one trust the company would exist next day . Many attempts have been made to put a floor under the stock but all have filed so far and people who bought 2 days ago have rushed to sell .

    IBD says when a stock drops more than 20% just get out because there is a chance it will drop lots more .

    It looks like company has no choice but to file for Chapter 11 to take care of all debt and reorganize with a clean slate . I sold my shares around $30 with good profit and was looking to enter at lower price but it started to drop like rocket every day . sad story

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    by peabody_sucks Aug 25, 2015 2:13 PM
    leehab22 leehab22 Aug 25, 2015 2:38 PM Flag

    As the stock drops it makes it harder and harder for the management to function . Most likely investors are screaming at management also . Some one tried to stop the downward move yesterday but my guess is the same fund is dumping the stock today . This type of movements are prelude to some thing really wrong which may surface in weeks .

    Terrible price action

  • leehab22 leehab22 Aug 21, 2015 5:56 PM Flag

    I got out at 30 and was waiting for a good price but management has really screwed up .

    The new offering is terrible and unheard of at 6.75% . The company says it intends to do that which means they will do it but just don't have the balls to say so . the bond holder will short the hell . I am looking at $6

  • This management is expert as to how to fool investors while they dump shares .

    The management talked about Wave 2 and that they have entered the market but what the management forgot to tell every one is ho small is this market which will remain small for some time to come .

    Apparently some investors do Not know what is Wave 2 and how very expensive it is for companies to try to conform to it and that companies actually need 2 wires through the walls instead of the one they have now .

    It is like electric cars 20 years ago . Yes some companies made them but now it is slowly improving .

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    Idiots Cheering & Why ?

    by leehab22 Jul 31, 2015 2:30 PM
    leehab22 leehab22 Aug 1, 2015 12:40 PM Flag

    First, one day or week or month stocks activities does not determine where the stock is headed. Look at any company that has gone bankrupt and you see there were times some investors bought the stock . But where did you buy the stock around $14

    The reason I shorted is because of HP .

    When Ebay was tanking they hired Meg Whitman and she made it multi billion dollar company and bought Paypal dirt cheap . Couple of years ago HP was tanking and stock was in free fall from $34 . I shorted the stock at $27.50 and stock dropped to $10 and Jim Cramer said HP was hopeless . One day it was announced that HP had hired Meg Whitman and right away I covered at $11 because of her track record at Ebay . Stock started to move higher and now at $34 .

    Your CEO said " Every one is waiting for HP " They fear her because of her track record . Every one knows she will gain substantial market share.

    When Juniper was riding high Jim Cramer said many times to John Chambers to buy it but John said they will crush Juniper and they did .

    Google refused to buy Yelp although many analysts strongly suggested that . Google said they will dominate that market in a while and after 6 months Yelp is crushed and has dropped from near $90 to $23 .

    Aruba was and is lot stronger than this company Before HP bought it and wait and see what Meg Whitman will do . It will be scary

  • The stock has been declining ever since it went public . Management has been fooling investors ever since the offering by lowering guidance for the past two Q and then beating by a penny the lowered guidance .

    Yet the sales and the margins are lower than last year . Is that what we call improvement . That indicate Idiot investors in this stock . Lots of people warned people in Yelp but investors kept buying and now Google has crushed it and shares have dropped from $88 to $23

    Once Juniper claimed beating Cisco and investors believed it and pushed the stock to $70 and now crashed to $20 as Cisco killed them .

    This company said every one is waiting for HP and why is that . Because HP can make a strong entrance and kill these companies and gain rapid market share . Aruba already has 10% market share before HP so that means they can get it up to 40% with HP on their side

    This company said they do not know what competition has in Wave 2 . That is terrible as you always should know what your competition is up to . You and this company may very well be surprised as to what the competitors and HP may do .

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    Could Not Resist & Shorted @ $12.19

    by leehab22 Jul 30, 2015 11:12 AM
    leehab22 leehab22 Jul 30, 2015 12:17 PM Flag

    To me there will be only 2 players in this field : HP and Cisco

    Aruba already had 10% market share vs this company at 5% . Now HP owning Aruba the market share will increase fast because of HP massive market cap and research dept .
    As the company said inn the CC every one is waiting for HP entrance . Meg Whitman is decisive and look at what she is doing with HP .

  • Very seldom do I short a stock but we are in the market to make money and be stupid to ignore great opportunities .

    There is no doubt in my mind that when HP+Aruba make their entrance it will crush these companies .

    Look at Yelp that was enjoying great success until Google entered the market and now Yelp is finished .
    Also, Juniper tried to take market share from Cisco and Cisco fought back and again crushed Juniper .
    Now this company is partnering with Juniper, a Loser .

    Company said every one waiting for HP+Aruba to mark their entrance . Why ? Because every one is Afraid

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