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  • A while back Apple announced partnership with IBM to help Apple to be able to go after Enterprise accounts . Apple said they were trying to go after Enterprise since IOS 2 but were not able to do so and hopefully IBM can help and come up with software some time mid 2015 .

    First, if IBM could help any one they would help themselves . Look at IBM stock chart and you see it has been going backwards . So not much can be expected from IBM . Yet the street sold BBRY on that news .

    When MSFT announced that it will include a security/Anti virus with Windows 7 , the next day several analysts downgraded all security software companies such as Norton and etc and all fell sharply and as we know Intel later paid a 45% premium and bought MacAfee . Imagine how stupid the analysts looked later

    Apple admitted that for many years they had worked to gain a foot in the Enterprise and just could not do that .

    To me Apple should have put pride and IMO stupidity aside and bought BBRY . That way they had gained instant access to the Enterprise and did not have to waste time on tackling this task and finally degrade themselves by asking IBM to help them . When Chrysler wanted to get into road wrangler car they went ahead and bought Jeep and gained access to that market right away . Chrysler did not waste time and money on research and development of cars like jeep and finally go to GM for help .

    So IMO Apple was just plain Stupid caused by Pride

  • Every morning the second the market opens short sellers dump shares to take the stock down and get people to sell but it fails . 5 minutes before closing again they dump shares to bring the stock down so that it does not run away . Short sellers are constantly buying shares at the higher price and selling them at a lower price But why ?. Because there are not any real sellers at these prices and each 10 cents the stock moves higher it means a loss of $9 million for short sellers . Also there is a high borrowing fee for this stock . When you add all these losses together, you see why they are desperate to find shares to cover .

    This hedge fund is not using his own money shorting, he is using the money investors have given him to invest and make money .
    Wait until investors get their annual statement and they be laughing at this stupid hedge fund who shorted a stock and kept it while the stock moved higher and higher in a market that is going higher every day .
    Who in the right mind short anything in this strong market .

    Each day that goes by, we get closer to Germany approving the merger which will push the stock lot higher and company announcing a partner will have double effects

  • leehab22 by leehab22 Aug 15, 2014 4:21 PM Flag

    IMO , the buyout will not come until the merger has taken place . The reason is the German government said they needed one month to approve the merger . So the company and the buyer is not going to rock the boat .

    However, you can be assured that MSFT, Google, HP or even Dell are not going to sit idle and let Apple take a step in to Enterprise which is a very hot sector .

    My thinking is that lots of stuff is happening behind closed doors such as Partnership , buyout etc and will all come unleashed after the merger has taken place.

    So sit back and relax

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    by nickycruz396 Aug 14, 2014 5:13 PM
    leehab22 leehab22 Aug 14, 2014 7:37 PM Flag

    I saw the video of it and it is great and classy . Stainless Steel frame with high resolution screen and wide with fantastic keyboard. A delight to type or read emails etc . I hate these phones you have to move left or right just to read your email

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    Here Is Why Short Sellers Are Nrevous

    by leehab22 Aug 13, 2014 7:18 PM
    leehab22 leehab22 Aug 14, 2014 3:01 PM Flag

    " Never met a short that didn't think he knew more than everybody else "

    The problem is short sellers will never admit they are wrong . There was a time to short the stock but fundamentals have changed .

    Look at the volume . 3 mil shares one hour before the market close. There are no sellers . Who would sell something worth $15.00+ at $9 or $13

  • 1- The company just said that they are done with cost cutting and in fact they will be hiring . No company start hiring if the company is not financially sound.

    2- The company announced that they are in talks to partner with another company

    Short sellers know very well that the minute a partner is announced the stock will jump 2 points and will move higher from that point on .

    With volume so thin, it is hard to cover 100 million shares shorted . That is why short sellers are desperately trying to drop the stock to hopefully get some people to sell .

    Last Friday they wasted shares and drop the stock to $9.18 but buyers rushed in and so the attempt was failed. Now they are trying to keep it under $9.50 .

    What about the Volume the volume is Not what you see and is a lot less . Short sellers are constantly buying shares on open market and selling it to the bid to send buyers away . They take a loss on these transactions but in comparison to the 100 million shares shorted , it is not very much . But loss is a loss and will add up

    The stock will be $15 by the end of the year

  • leehab22 by leehab22 Jul 31, 2014 4:18 PM Flag

    Hedge Funds live by the money investors give them . Investors look for return on their investments and what happens when they see Negative return . They pull their money out which means they fire the hedge fund manager.

    Today being last day short sellers had no choice but to drop the stock at any cost so that they do not look bad to their investors . But what are the investors going to see ? They see an Idiot who shorted a stock at a very low price and kept it while the stock moved higher . I would pull my money out and the investors would do the same unless they are looking for Negative return

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    Volume Dried Up , Short Sellers Failed & Now What

    by leehab22 Jul 31, 2014 1:23 PM
    leehab22 leehab22 Jul 31, 2014 1:50 PM Flag

    That is exactly what I was saying . The shorts need real sellers who are absent .
    They need to buy as many shares as they can today . Tomorrow will be a different story .
    They know there is no stop loss @ #9.00 and they also know all weak hands have been shaken . In plain words there are NO SELLERS

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    Volume Dried Up , Short Sellers Failed & Now What

    by leehab22 Jul 31, 2014 1:23 PM
    leehab22 leehab22 Jul 31, 2014 1:36 PM Flag

    Look at the volume . We did not sell . Only you, the short sellers , sold . So you sold shares cheap to create panic but failed, and now you will have no choice but to pay higher price for shares .
    That my friend is pure " Stupidity "

  • Short sellers wasted millions and millions of share to get some people to sell but no one is selling except them .

    Dropping the stock is not a big deal but if people don't sell then it will come back and bit you hard .

    That is what is happening today .

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    bs drop

    by jerrycarr Jul 31, 2014 12:46 PM
    leehab22 leehab22 Jul 31, 2014 12:58 PM Flag

    Short sellers need shares to cover . Volume was drying and stock moving higher . So they dumped millions of shares to drop the stock to take stop losses out and possibly buy shares .

    But does not look like any one has put a stop loss at $9.00 .

    Again they come out losers . They sold shares at $9.00 and no they have to buy it lot higher .

    But what can you expect from Idiots who shorted the stock @5.00

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    Security Security Security

    by georgeblackberry Jul 30, 2014 11:04 AM
    leehab22 leehab22 Jul 30, 2014 11:56 AM Flag

    That is what short sellers are afraid of . That was the reason for the drop yesterday . Short sellers dropped the stock to shake weak hand and buy shares and this A.M. they tried to follow up on that but they have hit a speed bump .

    The security company we bought is a game changer and is valuable and will attract more buyers and price will increase .

    Short sellers will attempts today to drop the stock buy smart money is buying .

    Also notice there are no sellers . Only short sellers are dumping shares

  • Stock has a short interest of around 95 Mil Shares and short sellers have been trying to drop the stock to hopefully cover at a lower price . But why now ?

    Yesterday the company said that they will team up with a large company and are in talks with several companies . Short sellers know that the minute such deal is announced the stock will jump a lot higher and they will face a greater loss .

    Also today the company announced they bought a German company specializing in eavesdropping which is a hot topic right now especially among governments of all countries . That made short sellers nervous and had to take action to shake weak hands .

    Today short sellers were the ones dumping shares but they failed to create panic .

    The new acquisition adds a lot of value to the company

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    SecuSmart Acquisition is Huge....

    by im712 Jul 29, 2014 9:07 AM
    leehab22 leehab22 Jul 29, 2014 9:55 AM Flag

    This purchase will put BBRY in a totally different class and will provide huge market potentials

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    Short Sellers Actve

    by leehab22 Jul 28, 2014 3:31 PM
    leehab22 leehab22 Jul 28, 2014 4:08 PM Flag

    Simply because you are an idiot short seller that does not mean we are . Nobody list 140K shares @ 9.95 15 seconds before the market close . Only you guys do that to prevent the stock from rising and you think stock closing below $10 is negative and may promote others to sell.

    Look at the volume and how low it is . That means you wasted lots of shares and we did not sell .

    Again 100 Mil Shares shorting is very, very scary

  • For the past couple of trading days short sellers have been trying very hard to try the stock . Today was no exception by posting 150K shares on the Ask side try to push small retail holders to sell . But it seems they are the only one selling . 100 mil shares shorted is very scary

  • leehab22 leehab22 Jul 24, 2014 11:20 AM Flag

    Big players like Google , MSFT, HP, or may be Dell will Not let Apple to grab and run with the Enterprise.
    Whoever buys BBRY will get a big head start and will kill the Apple IBM deal if it ever materializes .
    The Apple/IBM deal raised the value of this company and that was the signal to buy as I said it at the time and I , also, increased my holding substantially. The stock is way too cheap for what it has

  • Or was it the short sellers trying to drop the stock

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    5 Mil Shares in 1/2 Hour

    by leehab22 Jul 24, 2014 10:07 AM
    leehab22 leehab22 Jul 24, 2014 10:32 AM Flag

    I am talking about real sellers . Short sellers constantly buy shares on the Ask side and sell it to the bid right away to kill the bid .

  • Stock dropped on low volume of 9 mil shares a day as short sellers tried to push it down . But no one was selling . Today we will have a great volume . Short sellers will no doubt will be selling all they can to keep the stock under $10.00 but that does not matter as they will pay a hefty fee to borrow shares .

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