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legionfullmetal7 12 posts  |  Last Activity: Apr 11, 2014 5:19 PM Member since: Oct 30, 2006
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  • NO way No how... no... in fact I voted no to almost everything. Get the value of this stock above 6 before you ask me for a Dam thing.

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    Soooooooooooooo many cowards in ARR.

    by imseeingthelight Apr 11, 2014 2:59 PM
    legionfullmetal7 legionfullmetal7 Apr 11, 2014 5:16 PM Flag

    Fantastic johnsonjoel1 ... that is the truth... Everyone is looking for either entry or exit points. I was brave like imseeingthelight. I bot in at 7 and averaged down to around 6 and then saw the stock price drop to 4 and now its at 4.16. I sold most of my shares and bot the preferred A at around 22 and now it is at 25.46 and paying me a dividend of .17 per month. All while they continue to cut the dividend on the common shares and they even sent me a proxy in the mail to issue more shares and I checked the box "NO" this company needs money and No way will I let them dilute share value further.

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    Can not get out of ARR-PA right now

    by legionfullmetal7 Apr 11, 2014 10:29 AM
    legionfullmetal7 legionfullmetal7 Apr 11, 2014 11:07 AM Flag

    I have made over 3 dollars a share in the Preferred since its issue and you say no one cares? On top of that I get .17 cents per month per share and no one cares? You would prefer to talk about a stock that has crawled from $4 to $4.18 that dividend has been cut recently and is secondary in income payment to the Preferred and no one cares?

  • legionfullmetal7 by legionfullmetal7 Apr 11, 2014 10:29 AM Flag

    Hi everyone, For the first time in a long time I have a good problem with ARR-PA... the Preferred. I got in around 22 and now it is at 25.40 that is almost 2 months of Dividends. I would like to sell and move money
    into the ARR-PB which is still below 25... for now. But, if I get out of ARR-PA and it is not in a retirement account I am looking at short term gains. Who would have thought the Preferred would jump like this while the stock is at a crawl. But with Preferred I am always looking for capital gains and dividends. I am not really interested in holding a Preferred above $25.00... my yield is still at 22 but, selling above 25 is the same as the company calling the stock at 25.00, I do not want to risk strong capital gains for a monthly dividend that will take me a year to get back ...compared to selling it now. Thoughts are welcome.

  • This company did narrow its losses in 2013 a good margin, but how can it continue to bleed money like this?

  • legionfullmetal7 legionfullmetal7 Mar 21, 2014 1:13 PM Flag

    Damn! these are some great answers ... thank you all. Wow I am impressed... thank you.

  • Why would the company buy back shares now, when they have so much outstanding debt in the Preferred?
    You can cut the dividends on the stock but can not on the Preferred. Rising interest Rates will only help the common stock and the Preferred will not be affected because they are paying around 8%. It just make no sense to throw money at the common shares.

  • legionfullmetal7 legionfullmetal7 Mar 6, 2014 11:36 AM Flag

    Now, this is a good question one I am happy to answer... When a Preferred reaches 25 on the open market the upside is in the payout not the value of the stock. This stock can be called for 25 anytime after 2017 so it makes it more like a bond than a stock. The best play is to treat it like a zero lot bond and buy below 25 and pocked the difference to call. But anyone who owns at 25 will receive about an 8% return anything you pay over 25 subtracts from your return but quite possibly still be more than the average savings account is paying. For instance if you buy this stock at 26 you will receive about 2.07 in dividends each year so you you would take 2.07-1= 1.07 gain each year on 25 which is less than the 2 but a lot more than bonds or cds are paying right now. If you are interested wait for a pull back and get in under 25.

  • legionfullmetal7 legionfullmetal7 Mar 4, 2014 8:05 PM Flag

    You are right my friend and I did average down to about 5.50 and took a big hit. But, I made it all back by investing in the Preferred of ARR... I got in at 22.75 and now it is at 24.92 plus a solid 17 cent dividend per share each month. I made it back and now in the green. I see no reason to leave the Preferred mainly because its dividend is less likely to be cut and it is callable in a few years. I left ARR at 4.12 which put me at a loss of around 1.38 per share... but I made it back and I plan to ride these preferred keep making money.

  • The Earnings were horrible no good news at all. Losing income yet, they are expected to pay dividends on Preferred shares. How does that work you are not making money, yet you have obligations to pay 8% on Preferred shares? It looks like 5 cents is too much to pay. Soon, common shareholders will be receiving no pay out.

  • legionfullmetal7 legionfullmetal7 Jan 24, 2014 3:26 PM Flag

    These ETF's are horrible and you will lose all your money with them. They do a reverse split to pump up the price... A reverse is when they combine 2 or more low priced shares to make 1 higher price share. So, these mangers combine the ETFs to make a new share. But, the problem is the new shares always sink back down and then they do it again until you have lost all your money. For example they may combine 3 of your shares worth $5 each to make 1 share of the same ETF now worth $15 the new shares will sink back down to 5 and now instead of having 3 shares worth $5 each you have 1 share worth $5. Then they do it again and again to stay in business. The SEC should look into these ETF's and their management.

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    Why is this stock hated so much ?

    by dannyharris315 Jan 21, 2014 7:14 AM
    legionfullmetal7 legionfullmetal7 Jan 22, 2014 12:20 PM Flag

    The reason is my Brother... This stock has caused a lot of pain. This stock issued new shares of Preferred at around 7% while cutting the dividend on common shares to pay for it. They raised capital at the expense of loyal share holders.

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