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  • lenape_08723 lenape_08723 5 hours ago Flag

    Aside: This the second Time I was corrected, about pronouncing the Anunnaki or is it t Annunaki genus, wrong
    I suggest you change the aki to chi if you want this human to pronounce your genus correctly
    Please note: Before posing any future inane corrections, may I remind you, this innkeeper did not ask either of you to state your real business here

  • lenape_08723 lenape_08723 6 hours ago Flag

    Re The Creator's Prophecies
    A pragmatist with an olive branch , or Walk softly but carry a big stick.....New allies make strange bed partners avoiding the stroke of midnight
    The globalist back hand....Incite and provoke .Powerful Enemies of the wrong kind
    The clock hits 12 sooner

    A general summation of the general election, Trump vs Madam Hillary and her New World Order affiliation and their globalist plans

    The Bush' and Clinton' , two peas in the same pod, at their Bush Clinton compound in the Dominican Republic

    Quite sure the only drilling that took place at the Bush-Clinton compound , excluding the construction of rad hardened facilities , was to secure a steady source of potable water

  • How is this news,or a surprise
    What is unknown , is whether or not the red and green, Ronin clan or clans, and or the dragons, not to be confused with the malevolent ancient "drac" genus, are closely monitoring matters ?
    If they are, would certainly give pause to any nefarious globalist ideas or plans

    Not as familiar, with the red and green and the dragons as my experiences with the Ronin
    Some will swear they walk through walls ]portals]
    Certainly masks their numbers
    I do respect them, their ancient ways and weapons of choice

  • lenape_08723 lenape_08723 May 4, 2016 6:18 PM Flag

    I saw it
    Can't say, I'm surprised
    You can move on now

  • lenape_08723 lenape_08723 May 4, 2016 2:37 PM Flag

    Re Coal Miners and Madam Hillary
    Crooked Hillary caught lying again, out of both sides of her mouth

    Will Hillary feel "the burn " ?

  • lenape_08723 lenape_08723 May 4, 2016 2:25 PM Flag

    Tony Blair: "Donald Trump is a global problem "
    Quite sure every globalist both domestic and foreign share the same sentiment as Blair

    The question, to whom is Blair specifically addressing his concern ?
    And, who specifically is Blair speaking for?

    Re Tony Blair's Free Trade reference
    Is that similar or akin to the globalist puppet Obama shaking down EU countries over their auto exports to the US, if they don't sign off on the TTIP agreement ?

    I could write book entitled, The Life and Times of The Virtual and Foreign Cockroach Here on Terra 1 :-}

  • lenape_08723 lenape_08723 May 4, 2016 10:49 AM Flag

    Trump vs the globalists Soros' and Bush' proxies being Kasich and Clinton
    The very same Soro' and related globalists funded Obama, 'another globalist' puppet

    To" Jean Claude Van Dam
    Re" Rothschild / Rockefeller
    Even the malevolent reprobates on this planet have a boss
    Unknown what their virtual status is with their boss ?

    Highly unlikely their boss, is going to tell this son and humble servant of The Host of Host his plans concerning the virtual status of his minions an or related malevolent interlopers
    Isis, per the Prophecies, a snack
    Unknown whether the aforementioned snack includes the Hiram Abiff sect

    These are exciting Times waiting on The Creator's Plan and Will for Terra 1

  • Trump will need money, big money, to defeat the globalist crime families , associates, affiliates and assigns
    Where and from whom Trump gets his campaign funding for the general election will make all the difference

    To paraphrase a Nathan Meyer Rothschild quote, I care not what puppet sits on the Throne of England, they need our money ....Battle of Waterloo ....Lord Wellington their commander and chief
    Today, the name Wellington, better known as one the private funds
    Or, the not as well known associate, affiliate and assign being,
    Prescott Bush's former employer, Brown Brother's, Harriman Bank "the quiet bank "

    Unknown the order of problems the next POTUS .will prioritize

    Certainly the central bank{s} and their strangle hold on the economy both domestically and foreign must be dealt with ..preferably sooner rather than later

    Problem: Globalists, their central Banks and usury
    $ 21 Trillion deficit
    Another $125 Trillion in unfounded liabilities
    $ Quadrillion in worthless derivatives [refer to banks}

    Economics 101 : The Fed has diluted the dollar with the creation of fiat paper to the point of near extinction

  • Leaked Papers: White House Resorts to Blackmail in TTIP Trade Negotiations
    © REUTERS/ Kai Pfaffenbach
    The Obama administration has threatened to block all European car exports if they do not accept America’s genetically-modified and hormone-enhanced produce.

    On Sunday, German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung claimed that 240 pages of text from the secret transatlantic trade deal (TTIP) obtained by Greenpeace show the US to be blackmailing the EU to force through the trade deal, despite European objections.
    F-35 aerial refuel
    © Flickr/ US Air Force
    Connectivity Issues With One F-35 Could Spell Problems for Entire Fleet

    Specifically, the United States threatened to block European car exports, in order to force the European Union to buy genetically engineered fruits and vegetables from the US – a move that opponents to the deal point out will compromise consumer health and negatively affect Europe’s agricultural industry.

    Greenpeace announced that it would release the smuggled text of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on Monday, undermining unusual efforts by the EU and US to keep the details secret.

    The authenticity of the documents has been confirmed by German DPA news agency sources. The documents demonstrate that the White House sought to pressure the EU to replace its precautionary consumer safety principle with the US approach of permitting food products to be sold until risks are proven.

    What are the Safety Concerns Associated With the Consumption of Genetically Modified Crops?

    The impact of genetically engineered foods, often associated with US agricultural multinationals including Monsanto, remain unknown in the long term, as these products are relatively recent. Often criticized, genetically-engineered produce allows for a greater yield and reduced product spoilage, as well as pest resistance, leading to lower prices at the store and some hope of alleviating w

  • lenape_08723 lenape_08723 May 2, 2016 2:11 PM Flag

    Re Justice Scalia's sudden and inexplicable death I forgot to add ...."Why? "

  • Concerning both his actual death and real burial location
    One thing for sure, for a man that required frequent dialysis treatments for failing kidneys he sure got around
    Apparently his spirit was still active even after his 1st death was reported
    Seal Team Six who purportedly ended Osama bin Laden's life in Pakistan, would subsequently meet their own fate in Afghanistan while on a mission aboard an Apache Helicopter vs the faster Cobra helos, from a ground to air missile ....There were no survivors
    Based on the story from the culture of corruption, Osama Bin Laden's body was transferred from this compound in Pakistan to a naval vessel, presumed to be somewhere in the Persian Gulf, and buried at sea without any independent verification if it was Obama Bin Laden

    I doubt two recent books, one concerning The Reagan Assassination and the latest concerning Seal Team Six will offer the reader the real story
    What we do know, Nancy Reagan hated the Bush Family ....Why?
    Seal Team Six were killed in Afghanistan aboard a slower Apache helicopter vs the faster and mobile moving attack copters by a ground to air missile ....Why?

    Had the same nagging questions concerning the 9-11 attack and the culture of corruptions cover story
    Or, the missile disguised as a 747 that purportedly hit the Pentagon building

    The High Council has been busy .....Likely Justice Scalia life was cut short as well

  • lenape_08723 lenape_08723 May 1, 2016 12:48 PM Flag

    Rumor: Trump may look to the military as his v.p.

  • The article was rather vague as to whether or not the bull dog federal prosecutor and his staff from the west district will be active in said investigations
    Might want to shopping for judge similar to the one who sat on The County of Santa Clara Superior Court regarding the Genus Inc. their ALD/CVD tools, related water shed patents and nefarious activities that transpired
    Rocket T Squirrel and Friends , there's no statutes of limitations on Treason and Sedition

    Who knows G. Ruffalo could have been MOOR right when he stated, start looking over your shoulder

    Aside Looking for a good window man to remove and plumb windows '-}

  • lenape_08723 lenape_08723 Apr 30, 2016 3:05 PM Flag

    Dr McKinney referred to Madam H. Clinton and M. Albright as two examples of the "women of the hadamon "
    Unknown whether either of these women attend other secret sect rituals , including but not limited to the "dracs" rituals , involving small children and the high they get from the child's fear
    They call it "magik " and then proceed to devour this innocent soul
    Suffice to say, I wouldn't be surprised if the women of the hadamon were not in attendance

  • I remember her futile attempts to warn her fellow Americans on the house floor of congress about the on-going culture of corruption .as well as the names associated with said corruption
    Truly a real Patriot who stood up against the evil in this country, that has perpetuated the lives of all Americans
    I remember watching her speak and had to marvel at what she actually knew and spoke of concerning nefarious business people and their dealings, including but not limited to Treason and Sedition, involving specific dark side entities while the 3 branches of government where counting their money and holding onto their illusions of power

    I won't even get into how the forces of the dark stacked the ballot box against her twice
    This woman had /has true grit

    Quite sure she can offer Infowars an earful on who's who and what's what concerning the minions of The dark one and his surrogates, isis, baal and moloch

    God Bless Her Soul

  • Then again, I equate the CERN Project and their attempts to open both dimensions and Time portals as a "real" Pandora's Box
    Oh, well, whatever is suppose to be here, will be here , for the virtual and subsequent real battle
    I never question Our Lord's Plan or His Will

    Aside: As Trump gains more momentum there's no denying the NWO globalists are attempting a full court press to stop him ..vs one of their Madam Hillary .Certainly the citizenry are now starting to become aware of the corruption controlling our system of government and way of life
    Latest rumor, the globalists are pushing for some general associated with Romney and Bush
    As to the latter, certainly no surprise one of leading crime families in this country will attempt anything to stop Trump
    Certainly Nancy Reagan, who hated the Bush family had real reasons to do so.
    A[[ I can say, God Bless her soul and add.....
    Vengeance is mine so saith The Lord
    He Keeps His Promises '-)

  • The Daily's Ada Statler-Throckmorton covered an event on Stanford's campus Wednesday, where Boehner referred to Cruz as "Lucifer in the flesh."

    "I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life," Boehner said of the GOP presidential hopeful.

    The Daily's story, which made no reference to "Lucifer" quote in the headline, caused the paper's web traffic to skyrocket.

    Unknown whether Boehner;s assessment of Cruz is his own or the opinion or the opinion of the Jesuit's capo de tutti capi crime family ?

    Highly unlikely Lucifer would play second fiddle to Trump or The Bush Clinton crime families

    Based upon the main backers of Cruz, the malevolent "drac' genus had crossed my mind

    Out o the frying pan into the fire .....I suspect the Dracs, Isis and related bankster go first ...

  • Must I remind you interloping reprobates, you can't dig your cities deep enough nor strong enough to escape from the Wrath of Our Lord, The Creator
    As to what happens to Babylon. New Rome and Isis .....He keeps His Promises
    Live by the sword Perish by the sword

    Speaking of the sword: I do suspect those interned, including but not limited to the 4th dimension,reprobates, will experience a significant attrition upon their release

    I only bring this matter up again to remind you, there's no where to hide from Our Father, The Creator
    It;s always the hard way

    His Plan and His Will concerning the malevolent reprobates that stand against Him and His human creations are known

    Tick.. Tock... Tick.. Tock

  • Interesting, that the entire cockroach collective are coming out of the woodwork, both here and abroad , those above ground as well as those below, fear this one man so much
    Then again, the malevolent dark side hiearchy , or so I i heard , do not take disappointment well

  • lenape_08723 lenape_08723 Apr 25, 2016 2:36 PM Flag

    Bush & Clinton, Cruz , Soros and Kasich .....collectively , the globalists actors and stand ins

    Somewhere in this wood pile "the big pest" lurks
    I suspect he will be calling in some markers,over this election
    All that do business with "the big pest" should know , his markers are owed and payable upon his demand

    This production is being played out before our eyes with Our Lord's Prophecies being His written screen play

    Hoo-Rah '-)

    Your humble servant

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