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    Exxon has a far different culture than KMI

    by doogoo1 Jul 31, 2015 10:49 AM
    libertee4all libertee4all Jul 31, 2015 1:53 PM Flag

    You keep mixing up cash flow with distributable cash flow, which not long ago you teferred to as "discounted cash flow". KMI's growth model has always been through a mixture of debt and equity financing. As long as the rate of return on projects exceeds the cost of capital, (dividends on stock, interest on bonds)every share issued and bond sold builds more excess distributable cash flow. As many analysts have written, KMI plan is to issue both more debt and equity, and that's a good thing. KMI's long term debt to EBITDA is 5.8 (higher than the targeted 5.6x because of the recent HH purchase) so I expect a higher than normal issuance of stock in the short run. They are doing this in broad daylight with full disclosure to analysts.

  • ...I held out for $8..never saw it....such is life. If I had bought in again below $10, I'd be lightening up here... I think things are a bit ahead of themselves here. Still like the company, think the stock is overvalued.

  • He's politicking slavery all over again. And has the country is closer to civil war than any time since then. That's his strategy to his quest for power. Divide and conquer. Everything he says is not an exaduration: it is the exact opposite of what things really are. The list is too long to post. Lately "he's the closest thing to a Jewish president" and "America is now the most respected country in the world". Thanks to him of course. What a joke. You can't make this stuff up. The next two years will be one executive order after another chipping away at the 2nd amendment. As to being set back 150 years, many major cities are seeing crime rise by alarming amounts. It was safer in Deadwood SD in 1850 than in parts of our major cities. All having been instigated by race baiters like Barry's advisor Al Sharton and liberals blaming everything on the cops. Obama is turning the country into a lawless nation. You wonder why people are buying guns. When his executive order makes semi-automatic rifles and handguns illegal most of the country will become criminals overnight. The real criminals will really feel unstoppable.

  • libertee4all libertee4all Jun 2, 2015 11:52 PM Flag

    Elect Hillary.... It's amazing what the socialist movement does to inspire people to load up...she's probably the only person on earth capable of telling bigger lies than him to get elected.

  • libertee4all libertee4all Jun 1, 2015 5:03 PM Flag

    There would need to be so many windmills we would wipe out all the birds on the face of the it is now, it's a killing zone around every one of them. Way more get killed from them than from oil spills. It's going on 24/7. You don't hear the tree huggers complaining about that. The price of electricity would go up 10 fold. Our childrens great grandchildren will still be using oil and nat gas. I want to see wind tower on DiCaprio and Streisands estates. The dead birds can litter their lawns.

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