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    how unsurprising

    by oncy_luver Jan 10, 2006 9:01 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 11, 2006 1:40 PM Flag

    I think of YOU when I hear shithead! You say it so dang much! Enjoy the day.

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    how unsurprising

    by oncy_luver Jan 10, 2006 9:01 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 11, 2006 1:10 PM Flag

    Armed... I'll let you have all the phone scouting at the shitheads... but I'm not so good at it.

    What I do feel is a certain sense of responsibilty to at least share what I learned the last few weeks with people on the board that have also bought some shares in FNGC. Unfortunately most people don't do near the DD that they should... and as a result... if I also don't respond and educate... than they might take someone else's opinion as gospel and sell their shares.

    That said folks... this is an early gas play... there's a ton of risk in anything that is a micro cap. That said... do your homework, call the company... or get out to the field yourself and take a look. But whatever you do... don't light up a cigarette because your liable to blow yourself up.


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    how unsurprising

    by oncy_luver Jan 10, 2006 9:01 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 11, 2006 12:44 PM Flag

    <<<rule #1 investing in junior E n P's: buy the management
    rule #2: buy the management.
    rule #3: buy the management.>>

    Well Mr. Oncy I am actually very impressed by management. The true test of management is when you have a bank or a venture company staring you down and wanting to know where their return is and when they are going to get their money back. So here you have FNGC management staring down at venture people that want to know when their going to get their 7 million back. Most weak management or weak people would crack under those circumstances. They would say... we gave it a good try... but now we're going to take our toys and go home. No that's not what they did. What they did was ... was get smart and get creative to save their company and to buy some more time. If you had thoroughly read the 10Q you would have seen that for yourself. Read the 10Q again... it's fairly unique stuff that only good management could come up with. The good management at FNGC also apparently did a great job of convincing Cornell that there was gas in dat der ground... and that it was smart to proceed. If Cornell did not respect the management... they never would have proceeded. Do you think Cornell is stupid... don't you think that they know how important it is to buy the management? They did... and that's where we are today. I am actually very glad that FNGC went through this challenging finance period. Now I know that they have the intestinal fortitude to get through the really tough situations. I am very impressed.

  • lifeisveryfunny101 by lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 10, 2006 11:27 PM Flag

    Just buy yourself some apple and stop playing with the small cap stocks. I'd say that's at least another double by this time next year. Not a bad way to balance out the portfolio.

    Oh yeah... I forgot... this is the ONCY board. So when are the next phase II's going to start?! I'm starting to get impatient. Check that... I already got impatient! Up until a couple of weeks ago... I had over 5,700 shares of ONCY. But with other opportunities knocking such as APPLE and Falcon... I have now sold half of what I had. Now I have some very meager holdings. But there is an opportunity cost to holding something... when other issues such as apple and falcon have gone up significantly. So I restructed my holdings to take advantage of those.

    I attempted to be patient... but other opportunities were knocking. Hopefully I won't be left on the sidelines holding my schmeckel when ONCY announces next week that they have cured cancer.

    So what's all your best guess as to the timing of Marsden announcements and other phase II plans???


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    oh yeah

    by oncy_luver Jan 10, 2006 9:10 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 10, 2006 11:08 PM Flag

    So Mr. business school... if you were a bank lender and someone was not able to make their required payments to you... you essentially would have the ability to foreclose on the loan. But interestingly... Cornell and Highgate did not foreclose on the loan. And why do you think that they would do that????? Could it possibly have to do with the fact that there might be some gas in dat der ground????

    Cornell isn't stupid. If there wasn't anything there that could be proven... Cornell would not have thrown good money after bad and restructured the debt. But the fact is that Cornell is NOT stupid... they restructured it... because they knew something you didn't.

    Sorry to be such a son of bitch about this! It's really not my intention to be a prick... but why else would they have restructured the debt??? The only reason is that they did alot more homework and realized that they could actually get their money back in spades if they could actually help Falcon get the gas out of the ground a little quicker.

    And that's where we are today.

    Now let's just grab a Guiness and enjoy........


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    how unsurprising

    by oncy_luver Jan 10, 2006 9:01 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 10, 2006 10:41 PM Flag

    Oncy luver... are you kidding... making comments like "investment grade" etc as it relates to FNGC. In many ways... FNGC is real similar to another company we all know and love ONCY. So talk to me for a second about all the revenues that ONCY has generated... and how much it has spent up to this point.

    Quite obviously you're not a business person or have ever been an entreprenuer. I believe it was a good 3 and half years of dumping money into my own company... and nearly going bankrupt 2 years ago... before all the fruits of my labor started paying off.

    So that's the game that we are all playing here with ONCY and FNGC. With ONCY they have done the equivalent of the gas industy of some preliminary geological studies. And with those promising preliminary reports in hand... Oncy is hopefully starting phase II to see if all their preliminary tests were real.

    And that's what we have with with FNGC. A company that has spent some money up until this point to ultimately get to where they are today. And before you go off spouting... why don't you read the last release and dig a little deeper at the company to see what just took place at the well that was just sunk.

    Yes, they took a rather uncoventional root to get here... but any way you cut it... that's real gas that's coming up through that hole.

    Have a good nite.


  • lifeisveryfunny101 by lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 10, 2006 5:33 PM Flag

    Armed... check your Yahoo email.

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    Now what..IPOD sales peaked??

    by skyhightobuy Jan 10, 2006 2:15 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 10, 2006 2:24 PM Flag

    Uh... ipod sales have not close to peaked. Everyone that now owns an ipod now also wants a nano or the ipod video. And there are also several billion on the planet that don't yet have one. We're just in the second inning folks.

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    FNGC Investor Relations

    by lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 10, 2006 12:50 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 10, 2006 1:39 PM Flag

    Joeh... I appreciate the comments. However, I would still strongly encourage you to do your own DD as to whether this is a sound investment for YOU. That's part of the reason why I posted Falcon's website and other details... is that you should totally dive into them and make sure that all this stuff is for real. I am only one person. and I only have so much time to do this and also run my business. So I definitely encourage you to dive into FNGC on your own and make sure it's good for you.

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    FNGC Investor Relations

    by lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 10, 2006 12:50 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 10, 2006 1:32 PM Flag

    Thanks armed... the more I have invested... the more you want to perform the DD. Now have 30,000 shares (couldn't let you have more than me).

    But obviously there's still some risk here. But it looks like its starting to be mitigated.

    Also Apple has done very nicely today.

    Hope you're well.


  • lifeisveryfunny101 by lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 10, 2006 12:50 PM Flag

    I spoke to Sean today at investor relations at FNGC. I asked him specifically about the press release... where specifically they stated that "reached a depth of 6,500 feet and that the well had been "logged and evaluated"

    I also wanted to specifically ask them what they meant by the following "Based on their analysis of available data, the partners expect that when fully developed the entire project area could potentially hold as much as 100 BCF(a) and 1 MMBO,(a) with a total estimated gross value of $700 million"

    Specifically WHAT did they mean by "logged and evaluated" and "based on analysis of available data"... and WHAT data they were talking about... and here's what they had to say.

    Basically what happens is that when they reached 6,500 feet they took a number of measurements of the well. And basically what happens when you hit gas... much like you open a shaken bottle of Pepsi... the well essentially starts to blow... and that's where they logged, evaluated and measured what was coming out immediately upon reaching the predescribed depth. And that based upon initial measurements... that $700 million number was approximated. However that said... that it takes approximately 2 weeks from the time that they take their initial measurements... to really determine the full extent of the find. Because much like when you first pop open a bottle... there's a lot more pressure and it's difficult to get a true and accurate reading. So what happens is... is that they continue to measure the find for at least 2 weeks to make sure that they get a true and accurate reading. They anticipate that more details will be available to us within 2 weeks.

    Additionally... there are two other wells that are now being drilled on seperate properties... and that we should have preliminary findings from those wells by approx the beginning of Feb.

    If you want to substantiate any of this... go to and find investor relations and give them a call. They are readily accessible and available to answer any questions that you might have.


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    by lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 9, 2006 11:50 AM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 10, 2006 10:31 AM Flag

    Hedge funds are greedy bastards to be sure. But half of nothing is still nothing. If you believe in your company... you do whatever you can at the early stages to get your company off the ground. You often have to beg, borrow and or steal. If they didn't raise the money... however they had to do it... they likely would not have partnered in this well... and we would not be having this conversation.

    That said... when I come up for air... I will dig into the 10Q in more detail. Thanks for the head's up.


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    by lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 9, 2006 11:50 AM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 10, 2006 10:09 AM Flag

    Stun... I don't have specific knowledge of their financing situation with Cornell. I certainly know that they raised that money with them... however I am not intimately familiar with the details.

    All I can tell you... as an entreprenuer myself... is that when an early stage company needs capital... sometimes you might make a deal with the devil... in order to raise the necessary funds to grow your company. In FNGC's case... they might have been running out of venture firms who would fund their early stages... but I don't know. I do know that there was a lot of speculation as to whether these fields of theirs and that they share in... would truly hit. Lots of risk... in oil and gas... that most venture funds like cornell typically shy away from.

    But no matter how it was structured... Falcon ultimately raised the necessary money with Cornell to accomplish their first objective. If you noticed yesterday's press release... all of the existing partners agreed to stay on in their involvement in this well. Which typically does not happen unless they get some verifiable good news out of their drilling.

    On this well alone... it appears that Falcon's take could be in the area of $140 million or so... which equates to approx $2.31 a share. With that sort of money... they can do a number of things. One of which is to improve upon their terms with Cornell... or essentially pay that loan off... and essentially refinance if need be... or just go it alone because their cash situation has now significantly improved... or soon will.

    Bottom line... I am not real concerned with how this initial stage of capital was raised... because... bottom line... if it was structured how you said (and I have yet to verify that)... they did what they had to do to find out if there was gas in the ground. And once they do that and start generating a bunch of cash... it winds up giving FNGC a bunch of options that they didn't have before... and dramatically improves the situation for their shareholders.

    All that said... I will dig further into their financing situation to see if I can find out any more info.


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    by lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 9, 2006 11:50 AM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 10, 2006 9:56 AM Flag


    Can you take a look at the note that StunJamie sent me and shed any additional insight into his specific question regarding how Cornell financed FNGC's deal???

    If you are not aware... I will dig into this further. I could use your help on that this as I will be away from my computer most of the day.


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    by joehj815 Jan 9, 2006 5:38 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 10, 2006 2:20 AM Flag

    Joeh... I accept your handshake. But just know that just because your 67... doesn't mean I am going to cut you any slack. In my family... 67 is still a spring chicken. And if you are anything like me... I get pissed off when younger people than me... go easy on me because they think I'm on old fart. If anything... your age in the investing world gives you a distinct advantage of experience over my humble years.

    That said... I will always call a spade a spade. If I don't think something feels or smells quite right... I will say it. You say at the end of your note... that we are all here to make money. For me... it's more than just about making money. I have often left money on the table of business deals because something did not feel ethically right to me. I'd rather have a great reputation and make a good living vs having a so so reputation and make a killing.

    Hence the only beef I have with you is that some of your posts come across like you are day trading. And that sometimes you attempt to slyly say that you are long... while in the same breath saying that support levels are 20% below a certain point. I just don't have respect for that style. And I understand that's what alot of daytraders do... and that's how they make their money... and they probably make alot more money daytrading and trading both sides of the fence than I do... but it just rubs me the wrong way.

    That said... I appreciate the handshake... and hope that you truly make the most of the life that you have remaining on this planet. We are all going to die someday... and it's not the amount of money that is in our bank accounts that will matter most... but whether or not people respected, liked, loved and trusted us while we were here.

    I wish you well. My comments weren't meant to be hurtful or scathing. Just honest.

    Take care and Carpe Diem.


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    We all bought SUF last week..right? EOM

    by bridger48 Jan 9, 2006 2:55 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 10, 2006 1:58 AM Flag

    Just giving you shit Mr. Armed. You know I'm a friend. And true friends definitely give each other shit! Enjoy your Wednesday.

    I am here for the next couple of days... then the mother of my kid and I are headed out to Arizona to see dad and spend a couple of days in a resort.

    Be well my crazy friend!


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    What to expect next from ONCY?

    by oncy_to_da_moon Jan 9, 2006 4:27 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 9, 2006 5:12 PM Flag

    You have a nick name that is "Oncy to da moon"... and you are asking US what key events are coming up????!!! With a nick name like that... you really should be a little more on top of things.

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    by lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 9, 2006 11:50 AM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 9, 2006 4:14 PM Flag

    I thought this WAS the FNGC board.

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    by lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 9, 2006 11:50 AM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 9, 2006 4:07 PM Flag

    I'm really trying with you Joeh... I really am. Last week you said you were a holder at current prices... and a buyer at $3.50. So I really don't understand when you say you bought a ton of ONCY today. So are you going to come out tomorrow and say that new support for oncy is at $3.92. Just attempting to understand your posts. I'm attempting to give you the benefit of the doubt... but you're making it difficult for me. Perhaps I'm a little slow. Help me out. And if you bought today... what was the motivation???

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    by lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 9, 2006 11:50 AM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 9, 2006 3:40 PM Flag

    Armed... You know it was joe sporty that was asking why it went from .60 to .30 and not me. I hope you know I'm a little more up to speed on this!

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