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  • lifeisveryfunny101 by lifeisveryfunny101 Jun 3, 2010 12:01 AM Flag

    First, how likely is it that one of us will get cancer or have friends or family that will wind up getting cancer in our life times? That answer will wind up being 100%.

    So the BIG question... after seeing that Fox video (where the guy who had a huge tumor and saw it shrink dramatically after two treatments of reolysin)... how many of us would be praying for an opportunity to be treated by reolysin to help save or prolong our lives?

    All I know is that my mom died of pancreatic cancer this past September. Man I would have loved for an opportunity to help prolong my mom's life and have her share more smiles with my 4 year old daughter.

    So yeah... I understand everyone here is here to make a buck. But I bet all those naysayers and stock manipulators likely haven't been touched by cancer, YET. That's all I have to say. I'll get off my soap box now and let you all go back to trashing each other... when you should really just be out there enjoying life.

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    If I might intrude ...

    by rjc2827 Nov 29, 2009 2:02 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Dec 1, 2009 5:59 PM Flag

    For what it's worth... I agree with the original posting. I often come to the board looking for any new information that will make me feel more or less comfortable with my investment... only to find that this board appears to be a political forum instead of a stock or science forum. So while I appreciate everyone's passion for these political issues... it seems that there are many places on the internet that one can go to discuss, rant and rave about those subjects. To the point... let's stay on point. I know though it's tough... someone out there baits people with a sensitive subject and it's ever so tempting to respond. But those folks are probably best ignored because it ultimately makes having this stock message board a worthless medium when there is little or no information to be found here regarding the actual company. Just my humble opinion.

  • lifeisveryfunny101 by lifeisveryfunny101 Mar 29, 2011 2:10 PM Flag

    Enclosed is a response from a note I sent to one of the directors at the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

    (I'll keep his name off this communication so he won't get too bombarded with emails).

    That said in addition to the Lance Armstrong Foundation... perhaps its also our responsibility as shareholders to get the word out to other media outlets and cancer hospitals that might not have heard about Reolysin just yet. Perhaps by getting the Reolysin "story" out to more places... it will help drive demand for Reolysin and who knows might also help speed approval. That's just my humble opinion.

    Clearly the "health reporters" all local TV stations are always looking to do stories on the latest and greatest advancements on this and that. So perhaps instead of sitting back each day, crossing our fingers and yacking to one another on the message board... maybe it would also make sense to also help spread the word of Reolysin to your own local media outlets (wherever you may be).

    Enclosed is the response from the LAF (my initial note to LAF is below that). My hope there is that perhaps through their involvement that they can help generate additional interest and demand for reolysin as well.

    (Response from the Lance Armstrong Foundation. See below further my note that he was responding to).

    Thanks for passing this along! I will forward to my colleagues on the research side and make sure they are aware. I have lost several close relatives to PC and share your frustration with the pace at which treatment is moving. Thank you for sending this.

    Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 6:46 AM
    Subject: Very promising cancer trials


    I am getting in touch with you at the suggestion of xxxx xxxxxx.

    If you’re not already aware of them… I’m writing to pass on info for You’ll see in the upper right hand corner of their site a link to a Fox News (San Antonio) video showing a man with Stage 4 lung cancer. The video shows some dramatic shrinkage in this man’s tumor after just two treatments with “Reolysin” in a 6 week period of time. I have also seen some dramatic pics of some head and neck tumors that were apparently completely eradicated.

    I’m writing to you because in a world of cancer research that feels like it’s going at a snail’s pace… this seemingly breakthrough technology seems like it’s moving along much quicker. I found oncolytics biotech after I started doing more research into this when I learned my mom had pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately my mom’s cancer had progressed too far too fast to enroll her in Oncolytics’ pancreatic trials.

    I wanted to at very least pass on this info to you in the hopes that Oncolytics Biotech might be able to help some of the many people with different types of cancer that are associated with the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

    Thanks for all the great work you all do at the foundation.

    Best regards,

  • Am I missing something? They haven't even gone to market yet. So how is missing by a penny even relevant to your purchase decisions. I bought the company for its science. Haven't seen anything to make me change that decision.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    by lafrance_paul Jan 7, 2010 2:42 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jan 7, 2010 4:29 PM Flag

    It certainly appears that the news coming out of ONCY is much further along... i.e. Phase III vs Phase II for CYCC and oncy already has their SPA. What CYCC has is a New Jersey based company with a good PR team. Oncy is behind the curve on the PR side... but have great technology... which will eventually prove itself out with the share price. Hang on in there.

  • lifeisveryfunny101 by lifeisveryfunny101 Jul 15, 2011 4:27 PM Flag

    - Needed the cash
    - Below $5 will put more downward pressure on ONCY
    - More bad news coming near term with debt crisis mess
    - Decent news on head and neck
    - But less than exciting news from Amsterdam
    - Less than apparent competency in running trials
    - Companies in Canada seem to stay under the radar
    - Hated to sell had a 129% return on shares I bought at $2.15
    - While I'd rate the science at a 7 today
    - I'd rate my confidence in current management a 2
    - You can have the greatest product in the world... but if your execution doesn't cut it... that's going to kill you.
    - Too much downside risk before next trial results
    - I was no longer sleeping comfortably worrying about what was going to happen at the open.

    - Only thing to stop this thing from hitting the $3,s is a partnership deal. If that happens... I'll be wicked bummed and be kicking myself in the ass for years to come. But considering the personal cash hit I took in the last few months the money I had left in ONCY is money I could not risk losing all of. And so leading up to Amsterdam... I felt like ONCY was a reasonable and calculated bet. But now after Amsterdam and the seemingly piss poor execution of the trials by management... now ONCY feels more like a roulette gamble.

    All of this is just my humble opinion. I'm NOT a professional investor... nor do I play one on T.V. Also please don't yell at me and call me a short. I don't short stocks. Also please don't jump down my throat and tell me how stupid I am for selling. I ultimately just had too much in there that I couldn't afford to lose. But I did sell all of it at the close... because of my lack of confidence in management to get ONCY over the top.

    Continued good luck to all. I will keep a close eye on things... and if my cash position improves... I hopefully can get back in before the supposed run up to 20, 50, 100, 500 or to the moon. And if it really does get there... and I'm not in... please throw me a handkerchief.

    Have a great weekend.

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    AF Really Kicked This Pig!

    by liberal_nation Mar 3, 2013 10:55 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Mar 4, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    So liberal is that your job to bash all day? You must not have had a family or friend that ever had cancer. Is this how you are adding value to society by bashing and day trading? Is this what they will write on your tombstone... "Here's a guy that just talked smack all day... and that's how he made his living". I bet if you, God forbid, had cancer... you might be the first in line to want to get into one of the Oncolytic Biotech trials. But, short of that... you might want to think about doing something more meaningful with your life.

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    this is an odd hire

    by bthasbeenwrong Dec 11, 2009 7:49 AM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Dec 11, 2009 1:11 PM Flag

    Hiring this person is a very bullish sign for the company. No company (big or small) invests money in more business development people until they believe they have a viable product to sell. Additionally what this also shows that ONCY is doing the right things to bring the product to market themselves... without waiting for some big pharma company to scoop them up. In so doing... the longer that ONCY is able to drive the sales machine themselves... the more they can also drive the sales price higher... prior to any other company attempting to buy them. It's a very positive sign. Enjoy the ride.

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    by lafrance_paul Sep 28, 2010 3:56 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Sep 28, 2010 5:36 PM Flag

    At that volume it was more than likely an institutional buy. Now that it's nearing $5... other institutions now are likely to jump in. Institutions are much like individual investors in that there is a herd mentality... so watch out folks... here they come. Enjoy.

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    generic question - Buyout

    by imatrader65 Mar 21, 2011 1:47 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Mar 22, 2011 12:18 AM Flag

    ummmm... how can you ask a question like that and have a handle name of "imatrader"? Just curious.

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    this is an odd hire

    by bthasbeenwrong Dec 11, 2009 7:49 AM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Dec 11, 2009 2:26 PM Flag

    Wow... what a serious shorting agenda you have. The fact remains is... is that any company attempting to get something going in this space is going to have to have great technology and the patience to go through the years of clinical trials to make it happen. I'm bullish and optimistic based upon the FDA's opinion on the last Phase III. That speaks volumes. Do they have a ways to go? Yes. But making all the right moves now. And your previous diatribe only further speaks to your financial agenda... rather than just speaking facts. At the end of the day it's just a waiting game. So go in your corner and sit in time out... and we'll all find out soon enough.

  • lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Feb 3, 2010 2:16 PM Flag

    "Fraudsters"? "Criminal activity"? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. It's obvious that you have a serious shorting agenda... or no life or both... for you to spend so much time posting on here. Candidly I'm on here to find constructive info... of which you provide none. Take your agenda and get out there and get some fishing in... spend time with the kids or with the wife... but please get a life.

  • lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Mar 23, 2010 4:05 PM Flag

    Not sure if it was mentioned in the previous notes... but from a selfish ONCY business perspective... (in the U.S.) that health care bill will actually wind up being good for ONCY. The bottom line is... if you have 32 million more people insured... than were before... than unfortunately a decent number of those folks will acquire some form of cancer in their lives. If that's the case... than having 32 million more people covered by insurance in the U.S. will ultimately be a good thing for ONCY here in the U.S. (Assuming, of course, that the cancer therapy is everything we think and hope that it is and will be).

  • lifeisveryfunny101 by lifeisveryfunny101 Dec 5, 2009 7:58 PM Flag

    This article appeared in today's NY Times. Take it for what it's worth and determine for yourself how ONCY compares.

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    by darkonc_angel May 17, 2010 4:20 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Jun 2, 2010 7:02 PM Flag

    Amazingly how everyone took Dark Oncy's bait. Time to get off the net, be patient and enjoy the sunshine of summer. At whatever the price the images of tumors dramatically shrinking are pretty amazing and encouraging... especially if you have cancer. And so if the technology is truly real... than many lives will be prolonged and Oncy will likely have a pretty significant rise up.

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    this is an odd hire

    by bthasbeenwrong Dec 11, 2009 7:49 AM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Dec 11, 2009 2:01 PM Flag

    Regardless... the company appears to have done what they needed to do to get their funding to bring them to this point and beyond. It's been a long road and many othe comapanies would have failed in the attempt a long time a go. But they have survived and looks like they have pretty damn close to proving their model. If ONCY does what it has already proven for the most part... than their value will exceed a Billion and then some... ultimately making the $$$ amounts you are talking about now seem very trivial. IMHO.

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    New buyer:NCP Northland Capital

    by rooomars Dec 9, 2010 2:40 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Dec 9, 2010 6:49 PM Flag

    From your lips to god's ears PH. My mom passed away from pancreatic cancer. And while she was getting up there in years... had there been something like this that could have eradicated her cancer... than my young daughter would have been able to enjoy her grandma for at least a few more precious years. I truly hope that this drug is everything it seems to be thus far. I think the key is starting it soon enough so that the drug and the people using it... have a better fighting chance.

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    BT: We are in talks with numerous Pharmas

    by oncdreamer Oct 23, 2011 12:44 PM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 Oct 24, 2011 11:59 AM Flag

    Wow. That was almost as naive / uneducated statement / question as Imatrader often posts around here. I had to read it twice just to see if I was reading it correctly. Let me guess... you've never run or started your own company, right? I guess if you had... would have likely given away 90% of your company when you first started it... so you could round up $50,000 in capital. Anyway... I just had to give you the Darwin business award for the day.

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    TWIV...I heard NO Partnering

    by peashooter14 May 2, 2011 11:07 AM
    lifeisveryfunny101 lifeisveryfunny101 May 2, 2011 12:14 PM Flag

    My sense is the importance of partnering (at least on ONE area of cancer focus)... I believe is more political than financial... when it comes to getting FDA approval. Big Pharma... has a LOT of clout and a LOT of money. When big Pharma is involved... drugs tend to be given the benefit of the doubt first... and only lose FDA status after a bunch of people have died from it. Conversely with a small time player... the FDA tends to take a MUCH more conservative view of things and seems to err on the side of much greater caution. It seems the thinking is... that Big Pharma has invested a ton more to dot their i's and cross their t's and jump through every imaginable hoop the FDA throws at them just to get approval. And it seems the FDA seems to have a mindset that at least with Big Pharma... that if something doesn't work or kills people... at least people have a huge company to sue somewhere down the line. Hence the FDA doesn't have as much to lose by approving something that's borderline from a big company. Conversely if they approve something from a small company and something goes wrong... it's likely that the small company is just going to go belly up... leaving very little recourse for patients and or their families that are left behind. And that's in part my sense why BIG pharma tends to win out in all these games and is quite likely the reason and the leverage that they also have in the partnering game.

    However if ONCY truly wants to go it alone... that's why it's ever more important for them to take a much longer time in clinical trials and making triply sure that there is indisputable evidence that this thing is a home run... if they truly want to go it alone.

    All just in my humble opinion.

  • lifeisveryfunny101 by lifeisveryfunny101 Mar 7, 2013 11:40 AM Flag

    At $2.99... the smart money manipulated the stock down to $2.99... and the stupid money had their stops there. Then the smart money took your shares. That's why they're smart and you're dumb. Take off your dunce caps and due your research. It's not about "stock"... it's about science.

    Sentiment: Hold

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