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limotommy50 18 posts  |  Last Activity: May 13, 2016 6:01 PM Member since: Mar 14, 2011
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    Harry Boxer price targets

    by harrypotterchamp May 13, 2016 4:48 PM
    limotommy50 limotommy50 May 13, 2016 6:01 PM Flag

    I feel this stock has endless potential and shorting it will become a thing of the past in due time. Shorts hate when there target's volume shoots up like Gevo's has recently. They hate even more when that stock gets a lot of publicity like Alaska Air is sure to give it. To successfully short a stock quelling all good news and keeping the stock under peoples radar is a must. The shorts have done an admirable job so far but I think that will eventually change. There are just to many venture capitolists out there that would jump on this pony once Gevo gets the exposure it needs.
    Might sound crazy but I think Gevo will be over 100.00 a share in less then 10 years.

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    You haven't seen nothing yet!!

    by quantitativeshtupping May 8, 2016 1:48 AM
    limotommy50 limotommy50 May 8, 2016 6:18 PM Flag

    I believe there are tons of shares that have been shorted invisible or as they say (naked shorts)
    Hedge funds like this method of shorting when they want a stock to look like it cant succeed.
    Gevo might possibly be the most undervalued stock on the nas today.
    I mean look at it, companies are building them free plants. Gevo's fuel will soon become the standard for Lawn mowers and the sporting boat industry. The big plus is they have control of the patents. Once hedgefunds realize they cant bankrupt Gevo which has been they're plan all along, they will buy those shares back and Gevo will be off to the races. IMHO

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    Does anyone know why it is going up?

    by dhali May 6, 2016 3:15 PM
    limotommy50 limotommy50 May 7, 2016 1:12 AM Flag

    Yes they are extremely undervalued. Shorts wont give up easily. They will cover and re open positions at a higher level. They dont care about loses. They are not in this to make money. They are in it to hold Gevo down as long as possible. This is the new USA. Big business has this country bought and paid for thru our politicians and by crushing small companies with there endless wealth.
    I don't think this is what our fore fathers had in mind.
    I personally like Gruber and company. They are fighters and I believe they will win.
    All this negative garbage you keep reading about them is short BS.

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  • limotommy50 limotommy50 May 6, 2016 8:47 PM Flag

    Smells like fresh orange juice. Must be a short squeeze coming soon as longs have been setting this up for about 4 weeks now.

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    by a327zig May 4, 2016 5:28 PM
    limotommy50 limotommy50 May 4, 2016 11:03 PM Flag

    sorry to break in on short players post but to me it looks like Shorts are running out of invisible or naked short shares to sell

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    Mushroom cloud May - Got Goggles?

    by auyf860128 Apr 29, 2016 4:58 PM
    limotommy50 limotommy50 May 4, 2016 7:04 PM Flag

    I look at your post here as a sign to add more.

  • limotommy50 limotommy50 Apr 22, 2016 6:42 PM Flag

    If it wasn't for bs you would have nothing to say Vgir

  • limotommy50 limotommy50 Apr 20, 2016 4:05 PM Flag

    Gevo was hoping for a Astm between 8 and 16% and got it for an absolutely amazing 30%. These things aren't approved lightly as peoples lives hang in the balance. I would be shocked to see Gevo trade for anything less then 10.00 a share by the end of the year. Big oil is trying to bust Gevo out and has or will fail shortly as in Shorty your soon going to be just like all the bashers on this forum. TOAST

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    by limotommy50 Apr 15, 2016 10:09 AM
    limotommy50 limotommy50 Apr 15, 2016 11:12 PM Flag

    Show me proof Gevo is owned by DuPont idiot

  • limotommy50 by limotommy50 Apr 15, 2016 10:09 AM Flag

    SHORTS post and scream the better for longs. They are slowly running out of naked shares to sell as the volume is hurting them. Longs buying just enough to keep them selling more. Shorts are doing longs a favor keeping the prices down for them.
    Only a question of time before more venture capitalists come in and flatten shorts once and for all.
    I understand hedgefund shorting Gevo as big oil wants to crush Gevo but at this point can only slow them down. What I don't understand is individual investors shorting Gevo. They must be absolute idiots at this point.

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    GEVO needs to....

    by gman7027 Apr 12, 2016 2:46 PM
    limotommy50 limotommy50 Apr 12, 2016 6:45 PM Flag

    Problem is Gevo is underneath big boys radar. They don't evaluate stock priced below 2.00 with such a small market cap

  • limotommy50 limotommy50 Apr 12, 2016 6:41 PM Flag

    see he admits it yet they go on and on about how Gevo is going to crumble. Its a house of mirrors. Gevo is more then likely the most undervalued stock that can be bought. Shorts only hope is to bust Gevo out or face buying back all the naked shorts they have sold.

  • limotommy50 limotommy50 Apr 12, 2016 5:01 PM Flag

    The more the clowns that bash this stock scream the closer the Short squeeze

  • limotommy50 limotommy50 Apr 12, 2016 12:38 PM Flag

    There is no way to see how many naked shorts are out there but The way Gevo gets shorted every time it has good news tells me they might not have many more and that could cause a massive short squeeze. They shorted bp/gevo settlement--Marine news-atsm- prag partnership, for only a few. Then the short clowns on this board call it fluff news. I mean who else has introduced a jet fuel in the last 20 years that burns clean and has gotten atsm approval? I would like to guess==Nada No one NONE.
    Just keep buying as much as you can and the louder the bashers become the closer to the squeeze we will be.

  • limotommy50 by limotommy50 Apr 6, 2016 6:15 PM Flag

    Other sights show Gevo up 21% after hours while Yahoo Finance shows nothing.
    Maybe its the same reason they don't put an end to the blatant lies the shorters
    say on this board. Anyone with any brains at all realizes the reason this stock is so low is because of naked shorting more then likely by big oil.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    Read this very carefully…..

    by vgirl99xxx Mar 24, 2016 10:34 AM
    limotommy50 limotommy50 Mar 25, 2016 12:11 AM Flag

    don't blame you for wanting to hush this thread up lol

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    Read this very carefully…..

    by vgirl99xxx Mar 24, 2016 10:34 AM
    limotommy50 limotommy50 Mar 24, 2016 5:36 PM Flag

    Lol I'm not to sure who your friends are but I will say Hedge funds are notorious for using naked shorts to derail companies and then buy the shares back for next to nothing. This takes more then a few hours. If you believe what you are saying about MMs and only short term naked shorting, then I need to tell you that you have been sadly misinformed. If you don't believe me then Goggle it or better yet ask Cramer how he has made close to a billion dollars with his Hedge fund.
    Like I said, it doesn't look like Gevo is going to get busted out. As a matter of fact it seems like a few new deep pocket players are coming in to make this more interesting. It appears you are short from the posts I have read of yours and that's fine with me. We all take the side we choose. It will be fun to see how this one plays out. I have little to loss at these prices but maybe a lot to gain. Good luck to you except when it comes to Gevo. Smiles

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    Read this very carefully…..

    by vgirl99xxx Mar 24, 2016 10:34 AM
    limotommy50 limotommy50 Mar 24, 2016 4:35 PM Flag

    You are more then likely right Vgirl as they have shorted every piece of good news Gevo has posted so far.
    I believe most smart investors including institutional like Blackrock etc. don't believe the stock price is the managements fault. The shorts cannot let Gevo have an inch of breathing room as that could cause increased volume and Momentum which is any short players biggest fear.
    Since its becoming more apparent everyday that they cant bust Gevo out like they would like to do, they must face the reality that they will eventually have to buy back all the naked shares they have sold. The other problem they will eventually face is that they will one day run out of shares to borrow.
    If or I should say when that day comes you and I will have the last, short squeeze laugh.

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