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  • lodas336 by lodas336 Apr 17, 2015 1:39 PM Flag

    why wont you let me post??.. Lodas

  • I have been banned from posting..Lodas

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  • lodas336 by lodas336 Apr 17, 2015 12:41 PM Flag

    yahoo will not let me post my missives on this board!!... Lodas

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  • lodas336 by lodas336 Apr 14, 2015 10:05 AM Flag

    pump and dump do NOT FILE FOR JUDICIAL against the Canadian government!!... Bills shareholder letter clearly states that GR wrote false accusations against the company before he did due diligence.. Bill says the whole delay to startup of this company and other license applications are to bankrupt the companies by false charges... now, why would Bill take a chance in court, and be wide open for cross examination for his supposed "pump and dump scheme" ?...there are to date no "class action " lawsuits against Bill for fraudulent activities.. there are only fake charges by behind the scene whales obstructing startup of this company.. this will all be ironed out in court.. remember Bill has retained "world class lawyers" for this company, as well as John Germanario for stock specialist... just because there is no press concerning the current state of affairs of this companies activities, does not mean that nothing is being done behind the scenes... hold your shares for eventual news and outcome of the judicial review... "Right will always out", especially in a court of English law, the defendant is "guilty until proven innocent".. which is to say, HC must defend their actions to deny the license, and to break contract law... Lodas

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  • lodas336 by lodas336 Apr 10, 2015 4:27 PM Flag

    It has been posted numerous times that Bill sold 72 million of his shares.. if he did, there is a record for the filing to how many shares and naked shares did Tom Bain, hedge funds, Grant Robertson with inside information sell short??.. there is no record of that, so they get a free pass to short without reporting... fact is, they don't have to divulge their short positions because one has to charge them and get a court order to get them to open their trading accounts... now is this fair to smear another person without having to suffer the same consequences... short positions are announymous and no one can challenge you without a court order to open your account... so I say , people who throw bricks at others should also get bricks thrown at them in return... JMT Lodas

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  • in order for a panel of judges to reach a fair conclusion and render a JUST verdict, all aspects of the review must be made in court under oath... no judges could make a decision otherwise... to do so would be unfair under the law...I am not sure if Canada goes under the English court system, but if they do, the defendant, or charges against a defendant is "guilty until proven innocent".. just the reverse of the American court system.. so under oath, HC must answer all questions pertaining to "why they went cold on their contract with fitx".. Bill and his lawyers know this and that's why they filed for judicial review so that everything can be brought out into the open...if anyone on HC staff did obstruct the issuance of the license because of backdoor dealings, (BIll knows that they did, he just kneeds if for the record), someone is going down bigtime... can you say compromise before this matter goes before review????... anyone?... Lodas (holding over 1 million shares long)

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    Are you selling your shares??

    by courtjester36dc Apr 9, 2015 8:28 AM
    lodas336 lodas336 Apr 10, 2015 11:12 AM Flag

    courtjester.. I just put in a sell order for 1 million shares at 3.00 dollars at my account at TD Ameritrade (GTC).. this should stop shorters from using my shares to sell at these low prices.. Lodas

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  • the day before they refile a judicial hearing???.. suspect that it was a bear raid to get nervous longs to sell into the downturn so these mofos could cover their naked and short positions... it is well known that forbes also plays in the stock market... what was their agenda.. forbes hasn't wrote one sentence of press on fitx since the license to build was issued.. why now??..the article was self serving only to forbes, but for what reason?..the article states that Bill is a determined man, so that bodes well for us longs who are holding with him.. let the fun and games begin, and let the entity who is RIGHT win... Lodas (over 1 mil shares and holding)

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  • lodas336 by lodas336 Apr 9, 2015 11:40 AM Flag

    anyone out there familiar with the subject??.. it seems that there are very few valid reasons to break a contract (letter to build is a contract).. one would be force ma jure (failure to deliver a product because of a natural catastrophe, or fraud on the part of one party to another counterparty, and possibly more, but in all, the breaking of a contract is strictly verboten in the corporate world... in some cases, a handshake could be a contract, or a wedding proposal made in the company of a witness, etc., etc., etc.... in the case of HC versus Fitx, a letter to build a facility was given to fitx to construct, and bring online according to HC requirements a building to supply med mj for the MMPR Canadian program.. fitx completes its obligation and produces, and the HC goes cold and reniges on the deal.. a no no in corporate law was performed by HC... if HC relied on stories by GR and the GM without consulting Fitx ( a backdoor way to get out of a contract), HC has broken contract law... a contract is between 2 parties, not a third party.. or else, who is liable to who??.. can any judge rule otherwise that HC has broken the law?.. if they did, lawyers would be filing appeals by the sense is that shorts are taking the stock down in anticipation of tomorrows court filing for judicial review... shorts and naked shorts are scrambling for cheap shares to cover their positions ahead of the announcement.. JMT Lodas over 1 million shares

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  • lodas336 by lodas336 Apr 8, 2015 3:53 PM Flag

    makes it perfectly clear that the company know of "no know reason that the license was rejected"..that is a damming testament to the treatment of HC to a company who sets out to do business in Canada.. I am sure other potential businesses who are contemplating to open shop in Canada will take notice of the friendly business climate...Bill Chaaban,representing the CEO of Fitx did nothing wrong to elicit such conduct by HC...I can only surmise that it was a setup by GR- GM and HC to destroy fitx...soon the court cases will start to be filed to uncover the truth of the matter... if you got a weak stomach, DONT LEAVE MAD, JUST LEAVE!!.. others will buy your stock to carry the company along to resolution of this matter.. Bill said he will not give up to this sort of tyranny from bashers and story writers.. who is the true culprit??.. we shall soon see.. Lodas 1,115000 shares and buying

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  • was Grant Robertson intrumental in getting HC to go cold on fitx... what connection does GR share with HC and who is behind GR wanting fitx to fail...seems as though a conspiracy was brewing soon after the public announcement and photo op between Tom Bain and Chaaban announcing the med facility in Lakeshore...what entity, and who stepped in afterwards to quash the deal?...WHY DID HC AND LAKESHORE GO COLD ON FITX??.. ANSWER this question and the puzzle is solved... this has nothing to do with Bill selling his shares.. he has every right just like any stockholder to sell his shares for a gain... this does not change the fact that a license to build was issued and a final inspection was made by HC ...a no occupancy can only be issued if the inspection fails to pass, in which case corrections can be made to the building or regulations put out by HC... in no way can HC renege on a bonafide letter to build after huge investments in money and labor have been made... lawsuit???.. anyone?.. Lodas 1 million shares and buying the dips

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  • lodas336 by lodas336 Apr 8, 2015 10:21 AM Flag

    I would be pretty hard for a judge to ignore insider trading by GR with advanced information from HC..a verdict or judgment in any way exonerating the HC- GR connection would stink to high heaven and would be USA courts, insider trading is a felony and could land the perpetrator in jail.... just look at Roger Rajamartnum case of insider trading, at Goldman Saks..., or Martha Stewart for example... if it is proved GR did inside trading, Fitx shareholders could go after him for monetary damages.. this whole mess is wide open now for all to see.. Fitx, and its shareholders have been harmed by HC, GR, AND BASHERS ON THIS MESSAGE BOARD... Lodas

  • lodas336 by lodas336 Apr 8, 2015 9:43 AM Flag

    Grant Robertson got inside information against Fitx before the public and fitx shareholders did, and shorted massive shares to profit, knowing that fitx would tank on the news... seems to me that collusive action can be taken against HC for releasing sensitive company information to a reporter who has no vested interest in the company.. what was the motive?? to destroy fitx??.. seems like a court action is necessary to unravel this mystery... in any event, a class action lawsuit against GR and HC is coming.. we, as shareholders have suffered greatly because of this actions..these actions are not fiction, but Fact, because this story has been published with its byline.. any lawyer would gladly take this case.. Lodas (1 million shares and holding)

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  • if you have been reading this message board and so inclined to buy fitx stock, do not be discouraged by what is being posted by bashers.. they have been posting garbage since Fitx announced its intention to enter the medical Canadian MMPR program... Fitx was given a license to build out their facilities and was to be authorized a license to dispense medical mj when the final inspection to their facilities was done... the inspection was completed and was passed by Canadian inspectors.. a report was filed and was posted on the internet as being passed.. HC went cold , as did Lakeshore township on Fitx application and have stalled this company for over one one can say who is colluding to hold back the startup of this company, but big whales are behind the scene.. this action by HC is unprecedented, because it authorized fitx to buid out the facilities with huge investors money, time and effort, and then stalls the license thereby causing monetary losses as well as investor not be discouraged to buy this stock at these cheap prices, resolution to this problem is coming, and this is a chance of a lifetime to get in on the ground floor of a new and exciting industry... bashers would not be here if this company is worthless.. JMT Lodas ( 1 million shares LONG)

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  • lodas336 by lodas336 Apr 6, 2015 2:14 PM Flag

    a friend of mine bought ccan for 4.00 per share because she watched some news show on t.v....stock is still waiting to get a license application approved, just like fitx.. problem is, the stock has no volume in trading each day. so, what can I make of that??.. the stock ran up from about 3.50 when she bought it, then stalled out.. it is overpriced and it is smaller than fitx in growing magnitude ... Fitx will be the king of medical MJ production when operational.. the question is "not if, but when"... hold your shares, others WANT THEM... if you don't take care of your business, OTHERS WILL...Lodas 1 million shares long..

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  • why don't you bashers leave it alone...?? you have made your point countless times and so there is nothing left to say ... let Bill get along with bringing this company to startup... he has done a considerable amount of work..what have you done bashers?? except carp this company from the beginning...go somewhere else and find another company to trash.. you already trashed this company a million times over.. its time for you to leave... Lodas 1 million shares

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  • lodas336 by lodas336 Mar 26, 2015 10:29 PM Flag

    go to google and type in eric mains whistleblower... very compelling reading as he has charged Chase Bank in over 35 complaints of fraud... he worked for the Dallas FDIC office and had a very high position.. He basically said the Chase does not own the 350 billion dollars in mortgages and that they were never transferred to chase.. he even has a charge againt Sheila short, the whole scheme by which Chase asserts its claims to those Wamu mortgages is, the cows are coming home!!... this case is a federal one, so prepare for the coming fireworks..I just hope nothing happens to Eric (wink)...Lodas

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  • lodas336 by lodas336 Mar 12, 2015 5:05 PM Flag

    my posts on fitx seems to engender guttural name calling and nonsense replies...I do not engage bashers with foul language and insults...since what is in a persons mind comes forth with his mouth, I can only assume you bashers are illiterate and common, not worthy to engage in conversation... that is why I do not respond to you, in any way... you can call me all the names you want, but that don't change the subject matter one iota..the fact is HC has not said why they turned down the license, and Bill has not addressed the matter officially.. so all the talk on this board from bashers is speculation at best.. I know it is speculation, because you have not completed your work and delivered the DEATH BLOW to this company... until official word comes from the CEO (Bill), I will hold my shares, you cant have them, because that's is why you are here... when you leave the message board, that will be the time for me to SELL.. not until... so you can call me all the invectives you want.. I could care less, I am just concerned with my investment in Fitx and the future of this company, in whatever shape or form it takes... I will believe Bill any time over you and your nonsense replies... good day... Lodas 985000 shares and holding long and strong

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  • but whats the BACKSTORY??..we really don't know from the CEO why HC denied the license, and if is final, inso far as a minor infraction that can be remediated...why is this the cause of this denial of license not made known, by either HC, or BILL... what is the nature of the cause that triggered this ??, absent any news concerning this event, the stock is not falling over a cliff.. the bashers have not yet delivered the DEATH BLOW, simply because they are still here bashing...if one looks at the pps. today, stock is being accumulated from weak hands on this news,,,yet, the pps. is holding steady for such bad news for this startup company...the stock would RISE if traders wanted to unload their long holdings, so as to create a euphoric effect on unsuspecting retail investors.. this is not the case....traders are using the bad news to accumulate for some big news down the the back story is different from the headlines....HOLD YOUR STOCK, OTHERS WANT THEM, AND CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS, OR OTHERS WILL... Lodas 970000 shares long

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  • lodas336 lodas336 Mar 11, 2015 10:51 AM Flag

    the market is very telling this morning after last nights meeting..big blocks being accumulated while the stock price is really stagnant... what does this say??.. probably good news in favor of FITX, otherwise there would be a massive selloff of the stock....HOLD YOU POSITIONS LONGS FOR EVENTUAL NEWS...someone is accumulating the stock at these low prices... got stock??. I do.. 920000 shares... Lodas

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