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longfcell 689 posts  |  Last Activity: 10 hours ago Member since: Jun 7, 2013
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  • longfcell longfcell 10 hours ago Flag

    I think those lithium-ion car are duds..... huge environmental issues about recycling like you said..... even bigger problems about recharghing systems.... we need another planet with another grid to supply those supercharger stations.
    An ordinary grid to supply a scale market simply will never exist.

    That said, if we can sell h-lizers to them, I'm fine....:)

    Into this year, we should hear about Enbridge plant..... even with revenues in 2015, I don't care.
    PTG is an unexpected game changer.

  • longfcell longfcell 11 hours ago Flag

    My (not) crazy idea is that some big name dive into this sector and very soon..... right now that they're turning the corner of profits.
    Otherwise, I'm sure GE will take over FCEL BLDP and HYGS, as soon as GE thinks it's enough. Proven profits.

  • longfcell longfcell 11 hours ago Flag

    It's anyone's guess.

    Example. 10 Years ago, not a fool would have spent 100 Mil$ to do engineering and research on FCEV.
    Now VW is doing it with BLDP, for next 3 (+ 1+ 1) years. How you explain that?
    VW could start it years ago by its own or with someone else different from BLDP (we were tied to AFCC) and to be themselves well ahead of Hyundai and Honda.
    Does it mean at VW they were a bunch of i.diots until 1 year ago, before the deal?
    No. It means things change. There are contingencies.... there's hurry to do things.... no hurry to do other things.

    GE doesn't need to develop fcells after they dumped them 5 years ago...... they couldn't neither.
    The sit and watch.
    And bottomline, when the sector is well launched, GE'll get in. I mean, they'll take over the 3 sisters.... BLDP HYGS and FCEL. Then they'll start an huge conversion with no risks for them.

  • longfcell longfcell 11 hours ago Flag

    FCEL was under 2$ 45 days ago, where it's been for last 4 years.
    First, the whole sector (HYGS FCEL BLDP) do need to break this ridicule PLUG's "leadrship"...... the most wrecked one is leding the sector just for the merits of its CEO as ballzteller.
    This will happen.... for example as soon as fund managers have a quick glance to HYGS & BLDP gross margins (25-30%) and expected growth for 2014 (20-25%)..... or as soon as they stop selling just because platinum is expensive, you know that platinum we put into FCEL's stacks (no platinum into a MCFC, i.diots).

    About Ukraine.... when a 90% people wants to do a thing - no matter what - that 90% rules.

  • longfcell longfcell 12 hours ago Flag

    Deleted most important line....... PLUG is GROSS MARGINS NEGATIVE.
    I must remember this rule..... "stick to a bal.teller CEO to make money"......
    Really.... in near time, it can possibly work.

    "Yes, we are dealing with a car producer to supply fcells..... (the day after) Well, not.... these are fcell for a car producer's forklifts.... the same contract we talked about 1 week ago"..... Marsh CEO.
    1 B$ Mcap.......... unbelievable.

  • PLUG weights for a mere 10% of BLDP's revenues.
    All this euphoria about fcell sector happened thanks to PLUG.... well, thanks to PLUG CEO's ballz, who passed from almost zero forklifts sold to a batch of orders.
    This kind of growth - reading like an i.diot - is something like a 10000000000000000% growth.... sure..... at least until you don't got these are not recurring revenues, and the forklifts market is not telecoms'.... buses'..... stationary..... and is NOT vehicles'.

    So, we have to thanks PLUG for the past rally, but now it's over.
    Next rally will happen as soon as funds recognize all the potentials in FCEL. All current margins and growth in BLDP and HYGS.
    THOSE are real numbers...... an expected 20-30% for both (BLDP and HYGS) and current 25-30% gross margins when I write...... small editba profits or net profits already this year......

    PLUG is the only pony in the sector, and unlickily is still used like the "meter".
    For longtime holders (like me) I guess that's not a problem to buy back some after all this rally.
    For last time holders (6$ and above)......Patience and buy the dips.

    Paytime will be huge.
    Stacks for Buses on China.
    And in 2017, I guewss we'll produce stacks for VW, when the is over.
    You may notice that I'm not pushing strongly on FCEL anymore.....
    I still own FCEL, but only a small stake.
    HYGS and BLDP do have better business. 25-30% gross margins.
    At the moment, FCEL does have serious business problems (5% gross margins with huge productions... I'll see).

    HYGS and BLDP absolute winners.

  • longfcell longfcell 20 hours ago Flag

    Just give me this info..... wasn't RS approved already 3 years ago (I owned some shares)?

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    Vote NO on all measures!

    by ura.towel1 Apr 14, 2014 9:01 AM
    longfcell longfcell Apr 15, 2014 1:20 AM Flag

    I know this is a chance, there are plenty of such scam in the market.
    What seems really impossible, how can a scam company last so much?
    It's 3 years of idle!!!
    Normally they disappear in 1-2 years.

    And about Orallyn? the trial is locked of what?
    In any case, shame on the Sec......

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    Vote NO on all measures!

    by ura.towel1 Apr 14, 2014 9:01 AM
    longfcell longfcell Apr 14, 2014 6:28 PM Flag

    I'm here again.
    Been here 3 years ago and quitted just 5 minutes after hearing about RS.
    Sometime I watch at GNBT, but it seemes sticked in the mud.
    Now - after the MNKD progress - I'm giving a glance at GNBT again.

    2 doubts.
    1- The R/S was approved - I guess - 3 years ago...... just when I sold. Why was it never applied, and why here everybody talks about NOT to vote for? (Isn't it enabled already?)
    2- What's behind this company?
    How can a trial be locked for so much time?
    The Oral-lyn ph 3 (in USA) is still locked?
    I can't understand.
    It seems so absurd such a long time of idle, that one gets to think that something is up to happen for logical reasons. Otherwise, can a company go on doing nothing like this?

    Thanks in advance, for any reply about R/S and O-lyn phase 3.

  • ....until now.
    What happened in the name of the L?
    Now INFI blinked again in my radar.... under 10?
    I see no news in the past month.

    Is it only for the Nasdaq selloff?
    (Genuine question)
    Tx in advance.

  • longfcell longfcell Apr 14, 2014 12:20 PM Flag

    ...thypo.... Warren the Buffett.

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    GE drives last nail in coffin

    by johnnie_beans Apr 14, 2014 11:09 AM
    longfcell longfcell Apr 14, 2014 12:08 PM Flag

    There are several type of fcell, did you know that?
    Some neither use platinum, such Molten Carbonate.
    PEM (BLDP's ones) do use platinum.
    Just days ago, they discovered an huge new mine of platinum (guess SAfrica)...... means price will fall.
    And months ago, scientists made up a PEM with 10% platinum inside and same performances.....
    The second one will take time to update the current technologies, but it will happen.
    The first one is ruling already.

  • I'm not a big fan of TESLA.
    I was thinking to TSLA Gigafactory.
    An huge amount of green energies.... wind and sun, self sutained factory (a little sci-fi).
    With a stand alone wind and sun plant, some 50% of wind energy is wasted....... some lower % of peak sun energy is wasted.

    Daryl, how much energy can they save by installing a fat batch of HYGS electrolizers?
    40-50% I'd say.
    And numbers are pretty fat there.
    C'mon Daryl, make a bid.


  • longfcell longfcell Apr 12, 2014 1:18 PM Flag

    they have huge $$$ to spend...... wrong..... they're USED to spend huge $$$ in green energies.
    300+Mils Euros in 2012.

  • longfcell longfcell Apr 12, 2014 1:17 PM Flag

    First, aftwer hearing from Chip about some discussion in Italy, I bumped my old thread about Ferrero..... and I thought there was some weird control about it....
    Second, I found out there's an error on filtering, plain and simple.
    Third...... with "Stand by", I mean "It would be great if they signed something with Ferrero". Number one, they have huge $$$ to spend. Number 2, currently it's the most successful italian company all over the world.

    For the story, the IR man in FCEL replied me 1 year ago, very interested if I knew someone into "F".
    We'll see if they had profitable discussions.... :)

  • longfcell longfcell Apr 12, 2014 12:08 PM Flag

    One year ago, I posted this one:
    I know for sure there are employees watching at this YMB....
    A hint for you.

    This is a white-fly story (=a rare one).
    "FERRERO" - an Italian sweets producer. More than everything: a PROFITABLE Italian Company!
    Produces and sells all over the world.
    2011 year sales: 7.2 Billions Euros..
    2011 year profits: 850 Milions Euros
    I recall Chip said there are discussion ongoing in Italy.
    The only big one profitable here, is Ferrero of course. If you don't know, Ferrero is enlisted on Forbes.

    How nice would be if they made a deal with Ferrero.
    They're full of $$$$......
    They spend hundreds of Euros every year in green energies.

    I contacted the IR 1 year ago and the man replied me If I had some contact in Ferrero.
    Obviously not....:)
    I merely gave them the name of the Company that wors all the Energies stuff for Ferrero..... it's Energhe Spa.

    Stand by.

  • If you let "3 months" on filter, you see only recent post......
    But if you add a message to an older thread, however you won't see that thread.
    The filter works only on the opening message of a thread.

    I re-post an old one.....

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    New Potential Customer: "FERRERO" - Italy

    by longfcel Apr 3, 2013 5:22 PM
    longfcell longfcell Apr 12, 2014 11:57 AM Flag

    FCEL will collapse, Monday.
    (this is only to check if there's an automatic software that's passing post.s).
    It's intended to read the previous messages on this thread.

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    New Potential Customer: "FERRERO" - Italy

    by longfcel Apr 3, 2013 5:22 PM
    longfcell longfcell Apr 12, 2014 11:56 AM Flag ymb

  • longfcell longfcell Apr 12, 2014 1:54 AM Flag

    1 or 2 MW scale ARE megawatt scale.
    Don't want to ruin the parade, but I'm hoping for something (total amount orders) well above the 30MW.

    30MW near term are only to stay at these levels.
    We need 50MW to scale up a little bit.
    We need 200MW multi-year to scale up at 100, that means profits.

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