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  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck Jun 6, 2015 8:15 PM Flag

    It is blowing my mind reading of the different possible M & A's in the wireless world. TMUS can go to 50, or oops back to 20; VZ can get into this picture; S can do something; DISH is a very wild card. Charlie at this time is holding all of the cards and he is not showing any.

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck Jun 5, 2015 8:58 PM Flag

    I believe all of those people that want illegals here should be the ones that pay for them. I do not want to pay for any of them. Period. If they are illegal they do not belong here and the gov't should deport them. The liberals that want the illegals here should have their taxes increased at least 75% to pay for their support. On TV news recently there was a comment that at least 7 million middle east refugees are standing at our gate wanting to come in. I say keep the gate locked. We are barely supporting citizens. Think about it. My heart cries for the world poor, but we cannot support them. AJMO

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck Jun 5, 2015 5:19 PM Flag

    Who would buy Sprint or who would Sprint acquire to stay in the wireless game? I do believe Sprint is a great gamble. I do not believe it is going to fall by the wayside.

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck Jun 5, 2015 11:02 AM Flag

    I like the narrow minded posters that can not see the draft dodgers in their own party. Case in point my favorite pres. Slick Willie. mo.

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck Jun 5, 2015 11:00 AM Flag

    First, I do believe in unions. TV news: Over 160 union bosses earn more than the average CEO earns. This number does not include teachers and gov't unions. The average CEO salary is about $160,000. The top salary for a union boss is almost $600,000. Here is where I draw the line with my love of unions. We poor laborers pay high dues so they can live like royalty. This ain't fair. mo

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck Jun 5, 2015 8:16 AM Flag

    HOW? Get the gov't out of the private sector. Do you realize that our gov't, city, county, state and federal gov't takes OVER 50% of our earnings to run the non productive arm of the economy? Everything that the gov't takes control of bleeds the economy. Too many idiots believe the gov't has money. They do not. The only money gov't has is the dollar they take from you. Think about it. jmo

  • one's race. Gov't says your race is determined by you if you are asked your race. I had an unusual situation once when I was a teacher. A brother and a sister, he was 3 shades darker than his sister, but he said he was white; his very light sister she said she was black. I turned in gov't forms with their races as they claimed. Administration did not like it. They insisted it was up to me to determine their race. I finally won..

  • in 'Green Energy" for the simple reason of gov't subsidies.... Companies are not making any money but it is not costing them any thing. Poor tax payers are paying through the nose to pacify idiotic liberal politicians. Shame, shame and a shame. Ajmo.

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck Jun 4, 2015 9:20 AM Flag

    MO is the only way to eliminate the fanatical terrorists is to eliminate them. Fanaticism is an almost impossible mental condition to change. Fanatics are fanatics until they die. I had an ex brother in law that fit this definition. AJMO.

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck Jun 4, 2015 8:30 AM Flag

    It appears that all of her past mistakes along with Slick Willies are catching up with her. The country is ready for a female president, but not this loser. As a life time registered democrat I will not vote for Hillary, Joe, Elizabeth, Berny or Martin. My parry has many great people that would make a great president, but not these. JMHO of course. Plus I Will Not vote to raise my own tax. period. Just how dumb can we get.

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    Public assistance

    by longpickuptruck Jun 3, 2015 6:35 PM
    longpickuptruck longpickuptruck Jun 3, 2015 8:50 PM Flag

    My you are nosy. What I do is none of your business. You must be one of the liberal nuts that approve the exorbitant 'dole' benefits. Your taxes should be raised 75% to pay for the 'dole'.

  • wake up. CA is on a roll to raise the state MW to $15/hr. This will dramatically raise the cost of all goods and services. You being on fixed income you will be cast into a deeper vein of poverty. It appears that this idiotic liberal gov't that is supposed to be fair is any thing but fair. It appears that this gov't has figured out how to get rid of most of the old people: starvation. Most of the narrow minded liberal reps do not seem to understand that most of the elderly that are retired only have a SS check to live on. D of L and Stats reports 2+ out of 5 fit this group. /Again CA seniors, WAKE UP. JMO.

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck Jun 3, 2015 6:35 PM Flag

    I do remember when people wanted off of the 'dole'. It was when they received much less than working. Since the libs have been so generous with handouts to the point it is much more than most low level jobs pay you have to be an idiot to want to leave the 'dole'. Think about it. Would you get up every morning and go to work if you could get a bigger handout.and could sleep in. And don't give me this baloney you want to work. You want a bigger vacation period; you want a shorter week; shorter work day; you want to retire early; etc, etc and etc.

  • throwing money at a problem will fix it. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. When I was a mgr in a small off the idiots preached that if the employees got a big raise, production would go up. Guess, employees did get the raise, the production did not go up, in fact it went down a bit. mo With gov't MW, the guys did need a raise, but it did not fix the problem of productivity.

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck Jun 3, 2015 4:11 PM Flag

    Greedy idiots have cut just about all of them down. I understand that there are just a few left. Shame, shame and a shame. mo....

  • his accountant re compute for him. In about 1965 average income was about $600/mo. Just compounding the SS 12% of one's wages for about 50 years at the ROI on GE stock and you would never recover your money at what SS pays. SS is not a good investment. The only thing good about it is that gov't forces you to contribute so you will have a little at age 65. Most lower income people will not save for their future.. As a few associates have said I need the money now, I can't save.

  • love everyone. He hated the money lenders and others that he ran out of the Temple. Shame, shame and a shame. Seems like every one has their own interpretation of the 'Good Book'. Ajmo.

  • Shocking. California illegal children receive free medical; legal children denied this service. As Moses told the 'ites when he came down from the Mount: "This ain't right or fair". Ajmo.

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck Jun 2, 2015 7:37 PM Flag

    Before Obama I was getting as much as much as 7 1/2% in interest or dividends before Obama .... Since Obama on my savings I get less than 1/2 % and idiots are telling me I am better off. I am not gullible like BO's followers. On top of that the blankety-blanks are raising my taxes. Shame, shame and a shame. mo

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck Jun 2, 2015 4:04 PM Flag

    The man is a dreamer. The country is in bad shape, not great like he thinks it is .... mo

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