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  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck 1 hour 37 minutes ago Flag

    Giving her speech/spiel to the S. Carolina women in her fake southern drawl came off as more of a comedian than a serious politician that wants to be the leader of the country.. As a life time registered democrat looking at what may be the top list of democrat candidates, I cannot and will not vote for Hillary, Joe or Elizabeth. I am sure there are some great democrat individuals that would be a good president. Jmo

  • I hate to think and say this but it appears that a very large number of my fellow liberal democrats want to do away with both of these great rights. The liberal TV channels are almost preaching this. The founding fathers are probably doing flip-flops in their graves. Shame, shame and a shame. AJMO........Think:

  • TV news: McDonald's now has a robot that can turn out 400 top quality hamburgers/hour. Again gov't mandated wages killing jobs. Those of you that have been brain washed that MW is not a job killer all you have to do is look what happened to the gas station attendants-self service. MW killed too much of the profit to have attendants. In the words to me from a local utility manager: as MW has gone up we no longer do much preventative maintenance, We wait until there is a problem and then go fix it. It is cheaper. Time to get gov't out of the private sector. AJMO.

  • productive. In at least 9 out of 10 the cops know the license number of the car; usually know the driver, so what is the purpose of the chase? News headlines. Simply wait till the suspect goes home and arrest them. The cops place in danger many innocents along the chase. In most cases the suspect is followed by a helicopter, the police cars in hot pursuit are not really necessary . The Chief of Police should only allow a chase if the suspect is shooting up the place.. Ajmo

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck 6 hours ago Flag

    Simple, the powers to be did not like her.

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck 6 hours ago Flag

    Poor Hillary. Speaking to the women in 'Caroina in her phony southern accent shows she should be a comedian rather than a serious political candidate. As a registered democrat I cannot understand how we can have so many gullible democrat voters that support her. jmo Surely the party has much more qualified individuals to be the lead candidate for the party. mo

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck 21 hours ago Flag

    it when I thought 7.79 was the bottom. I do believe it will get back up to at least that point. I am long.

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck 21 hours ago Flag

    you noticed how she has aged in just the past 6 months? mo

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck 21 hours ago Flag

    I have never been able to understand why God non believers are so hostile to believers, especially if their beliefs are personal. The non God people actually believe like the God believers They both have a strong belief in how the universe was created. Therefore atheism is a religion according to Webster's definition of religion. God ain't necessary. So many atheist almost act like the terrorist, cut your head off cause you don't believe like me. Shame, shame and a shame. AJMHO

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck 21 hours ago Flag

    Praying helps us get through the hard parts of life. I wonder who big_hairy calls upon when disaster is in his corner//////?????.

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck May 27, 2015 2:45 PM Flag

    Since becoming Sec of State she and Slick Willie have added over $110,000,000 to their joint account. TV news. Sounds like a great accomplishment to me, but maybe not a moral/ethical one. mo

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck May 27, 2015 2:41 PM Flag

    Liberals don't pull a stupid like England and abolish this major Bill of Rights. England may be on the verge of re-enacting the 'right to bear arms'. They are quietly re arming the police. They have discoverer nice words do not stop evil people. At this time England may have more evil people than they can take care of. mo

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck May 27, 2015 10:41 AM Flag

    I tried to tell them when BO made the statement 7 years ago during the primary that he would do away with the coal industry producing electricity. And I could not believe how many of my democrat coal miner associates voted for him, twice. This tells me that so many voters are just FLUNKIES of their party. Shame, shame and a shame. AJMO. The same thing is the problem with local politicians they become total FLUNKIES of the party and do not represent their constituents. MJMO

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck May 26, 2015 2:28 PM Flag

    Shocking how fast humans become complacent. They live is disaster areas and rapidly forget the next disaster is just in a while. Flood areas: tornado alley; hurricanes; etc, etc and etc. Disasters are on the way, you should try to get prepared. mo

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck May 26, 2015 12:21 PM Flag

    The people living in poverty during FDR's reign would see today's people living in poverty as living in luxury. During FDR's reign people did not have a job or any thing else, today the people in poverty are just not working. Gov't is providing all of their needs. This is not the American dream, or is it? Live well and not have to work. Now, true, we still have a few people that qualify as poverty of 1930, but very few. mo

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck May 26, 2015 9:38 AM Flag

    How poverty has been redefined since I was a kid. Today it is defined as not working, but you have a house, utilities, food, medical, dental, optical, clothing, transportation, etc, etc and etc plus a cash grant.. When I was a kid poverty meant you had no real property and barely enough to eat. Comparing poverty to day to poverty 80 years ago, the people of today are living in luxury compare to 80 years ago. mo

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck May 26, 2015 9:30 AM Flag

    Think about it. How can 5% be correct when we have about 90 million adults not working and on welfare? WH numbers must be incorrect and used to influence voters. JMO..

  • Dept. of Labor and Stats is not a true number for the rate. Why? Statisticians that report to the WH must provide a number that the president wants. He is the boss. Therefore in the stats computing they do not include about 90 million Americans that have stopped looking for work or either have taken menial jobs. If all classes are included in the computation the true rate will be very close to 15%. MO it is very difficult to believe all of the info that comes from the WH. AJMO.

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck May 23, 2015 8:35 PM Flag

    Who really wants TMUS?

  • longpickuptruck by longpickuptruck May 22, 2015 3:30 PM Flag

    Remember that this is a GE board, but GE lives from political decisions. Our CEO is a regular at the WH.... sSo don't fight the political posts they all have bearing on GE future. mo

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