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  • lookingforsmoke lookingforsmoke Jul 12, 2015 1:40 PM Flag

    Google "So What Is “Self Care”?"

    "So What Is “Self Care”?
    Self care includes any intentional actions you take to care for your physical, mental and emotional health. Good self care is a challenge for many people and it can be especially challenging for survivors of interpersonal violence and abuse. It can also be an important part of the healing process. Self care is unique for everyone. Below are some ideas to get you started in developing your own self care plan. It can be overwhelming to consider taking on many new things. It may be helpful to start with a couple of ideas and build on that.
    Physical self-care is an area that people often overlook
    • Food is a type of self-care that people often overlook. People are often so busy that they don’t have time to eat regularly or that they substitute fast food for regular meals.
    • It’s not always reasonable to expect people to get 3 square meals a day (plus snacks!) but everyone should make sure they get adequate nutrition.
    • One example of a self care goal: Even if it’s a small amount, I will eat something for each meal. Exercise
    • Exercise is one of the most overlooked types of self-care. The CDC recommends at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week.
    • Exercise, even if it’s just a quick walk at lunchtime, can help combat feelings of sadness or depression and prevent chronic health problems.
    • One example of a self care goal: I will go for a walk Tuesday and Thursday after I get out of my morning class.
    • Although everyone has different needs, a reasonable guideline is that most people need between 7-10 hours of sleep per night.
    • One example of a self care goal: I will go to bed by 11:00 p.m. during the week so that I can get enough sleep.

    Medical care
    • Getting medical attention when you need it is an important form of physical self-care.
    • Some survivors put off getting medical care until problems that might have been relatively easy to take
    care of have become more complicated."


  • lookingforsmoke lookingforsmoke Jul 12, 2015 12:27 PM Flag

    Fembup…what you are talking about is "self care." Self care is well documented in the literature…so read and learn more about it and start using appropriate terminology...then you won't come across as such a dilettante!.

  • lookingforsmoke lookingforsmoke Jul 11, 2015 9:37 PM Flag

    Fembup…now that you have admitted that your definition of healthcare doesn't correspond to the accepted definition of it, please consider using appropriate terminology. I suggest that you consider using the term "self care." Check it out in Wikipedia. Here are some excerpts.

    "In health care, self care is any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated."

    "Some place self care on a continuum with health care providers at the opposite end to self care.[2] In modern medicine, preventive medicine aligns most closely with self care. A lack of adherence to medical advice and mental illness can make self care difficult.[3] Self care is seen as a partial solution to the global rise in health care costs placed on governments. The notion that self care is a fundamental pillar of health and social care means it is an essential component of a modern health care system governed by bureacracy and legislation."

    "Self care is the primary form of primary care due to illness.[5] Self-management is critical.[1] Self care is learned, purposeful and is continuous.[6] In philosophy, self care refers to the care and cultivation of self in a comprehensive sense, focusing in particular on the soul and the knowledge of self."

    "Self care includes all health decisions people (as individuals or consumers) make for themselves and their families to get and stay physically and mentally fit. Self care includes exercising to maintain physical fitness and good mental health, as well as eating well, practicing good hygiene and avoiding health hazards such as smoking and drinking to prevent ill health. The personal responsibility for self care was examined with a representative sample of the general public in a Citizens’ Jury, with the title: ‘My health – whose responsibility’."

  • lookingforsmoke lookingforsmoke Jul 11, 2015 12:37 PM Flag

    Fembup…you have admitted that your definition of healthcare doesn't correspond with mainstream views on what healthcare is in its entirety. You are making great progress!

  • lookingforsmoke lookingforsmoke Jul 10, 2015 12:28 PM Flag

    So back in 2006 you posted, "If the cost of health care were not rising, the cost of health insurance would not be rising", but now you say "healthcare is free"! Looks to me like what you have "learned" has lead you to a poor conclusion!

    Healthcare is not free, pal!

    Check out the what Wikipedia says about healthcare!

    "Health care or healthcare is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in human beings. Health care is delivered by practitioners in allied health, dentistry, midwifery (obstetrics), medicine, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, psychology and other health professions. It refers to the work done in providing primary care, secondary care, and tertiary care, as well as in public health."

    Check out what KevinMD has to say about healthcare in the US

    "As Americans we believe we have the best healthcare system in the world. But think again, it’s really not the truth. We do have superb medical schools, very well trained providers, superb science and technology but the delivery of medical care is just not what it should be. We spend more for healthcare than any other country does on a per capita basis.

    From the "Billing and Coding Study Guide":

    "What is the difference between medical care and healthcare?: Healthcare includes preventive services.

  • lookingforsmoke lookingforsmoke Jul 9, 2015 11:49 AM Flag

    Hey Fembup! I found the following post by John Fembup about the cost of health care. Is the author any relation to you…or is it a coincidence?

    "BC, as usual a fine job. I’d only point out that any insurance model that could cover virtually everyone, today, will only buy time. How much time do we have before continually rising health care costs make the new insurance model unaffordable?
    Insurance for everyone today, by whatever mechanism, won’t reduce the cost of health care, and can’t be expected to pay for the rising cost of health care forever – any more than our existing system was able to pay the rising costs of health care forever.
    The deeper problem that the nation must solve is the cost of health care. If health care were not expensive, health insurance would not be expensive. If the cost of health care were not rising, the cost of health insurance would not be rising.
    At present, about 15% of our population is without health insurance for at least some time during the year. This does not mean they have no access to health care (otherwise there would be no “cost shift”) but nevertheless it’s very important to figure out how they can secure insurance for their families. You’ve proposed a practical way to think about that.
    But. When we are finished with insurance, health care costs will continue to rise 10% a year. Why is that? What if anything can be done about it? How do other countries in the world provide health care arguably the equal to that in the U.S. at half the cost? Why is that? What if anything can be done about it? How do other countries in the world provide health care arguably the equal to that in the U.S. at half the cost? What are the tradeoffs that would be necessary for the US to approximate the health care costs of e.g., Western Europe or Canada? Are we willing to make those tradeoffs? Where does the public turn for leadership on this issue?
    This nation absolutely need answers to these questions.
    The clock is running"

  • lookingforsmoke lookingforsmoke Jul 3, 2015 3:13 PM Flag

    Do a Google search on the term "high cost of healthcare." Hundreds and hundreds of articles use the term as I do.

  • lookingforsmoke lookingforsmoke Jul 3, 2015 1:10 PM Flag

    You just discredited yourself! LOL!

  • lookingforsmoke lookingforsmoke Jul 1, 2015 8:20 PM Flag

    Here's the definition of healthcare that I'm using. It's from Webster's New World College Dictionary.

    "healthcare: noun
    the prevention and treatment of illness or injury, esp. on a comprehensive, ongoing basis; also written health care"

  • lookingforsmoke lookingforsmoke Jul 1, 2015 12:46 PM Flag

    So what is your solution? Do you advise undoing Obamacare and the Privatization of Medicare?

  • lookingforsmoke lookingforsmoke Jun 28, 2015 1:31 PM Flag

    The high cost of Obamacare reflects the ridiculously high cost of healthcare in this country. Hopefully, over time, Obamacare will reduce reimbursements paid to providers and they will become more in line with what Medicare and Medicaid allows. List prices healthcare providers charge are frequently 10 times more than what Medicare allows. For instance my neighbor up the street, who is 92 years old, had treatment for cancer and other health issues. Her medical bills have amounted to a little over $300,000 this year. Under her Medicare Advantage policy, the insurance company allowed about $27,500 of which she had to pay about $1,600. Folks without insurance would be billed list price for everything…they would end up owing far more than what Medicare allows, even after negotiating to reduce the bill!

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