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  • After more than 11 months and 65000 negative ads, and constantly attacking Mr. Trump. Now the ABCNNBBCPS Megaphone networks are competing each others claiming their creation of Donald Trump. How wonderful and truthful are the American Presstitutes?

    Donald Trump's successull GOP nominee is the clear evidence of the colossal failures of the jew elites and their sycophant Presstitutes (aka Megaphone). Despite of owning 100% of American media networks, the jew elites and their presstitutes have not been able to brainwash Americans to shun away from their belief and entrust into Donald Trump. Against all odd, Donald Trump has successfully defeated the Megaphones' propaganda and lies.

    Donald Trump should not compromise to the "establishment". Donald Trump will be the next US President in 2017.

  • The Fakers Sandes are calling to investigate the allegation of Saudis' financing involved into 911 attacks. The Faker Sanders is continuing playing the role of the Gatekeepr.

  • As I have stated previously, when the Saudis will be the last ones to trigger the acceleration of the value of the US peso, those moments have come. 10 days ago, Saudis have issued their warning shots by threatening to sell close to 1 trillion US peso of their holdings. The Saudis-911 involvement is clearly a ruse for these Saudis' threats to sell US debts. Estimatedly, the Saudis have been forced to hold anywhere between 4 to 5 trillion US debts from their oil sales. The Saudis will have to sell US debts if the oil price is being kept in these low levels. Saudis need money for their growing budgets, and growing debts to China, Russia, India, and other Asian nations. Worse, Saudis do not have good credit lines. The Saudis are going to sell their only resouce: US debts. Saudis' sales of US debts will accelerate the speed of the devaluation of the US peso. NY and London banksters will have to devaluation the US peso in much quicker fashion to reduce the damages caused by the US-peso owners ' (namely Chinese, Indians, Russians, and Asians) buying of anything-but-US-dollar assets. Russia, China, and Indian have been hoarding gold and silver.

    US peso holders, including Americans, will someday wake up learning that the Saudis will have been announcing that they would be selling in the tune of 1 trillion pesos of US debts to cover their own budget problems and to cover their own debts. Precious metals prices, including silver, will be exploded/inflated at least 50% up, within 24 hours after the Saudis' announced sales. The US COMEX will be in default due to the exploding demands of physical delivered...

    and all of these are just what will happen within the first 24 hours of Saudis' announcement of their inevitable debts sales (The China Ching's nightmares have just begun).

  • As oil price is way below off from the 100 level, not only is the Saudi government who feels the pain from falling oil sales but also are the NY and London banksters who have seen their stolen oil dollars being shrunk. The banksters's oil-to-IOUs scheme to steal Saudi oil has yielded much less impact as oil price plunk. Instead of stealing half billion dollar a day, now the banksters can steal less than 200 million peso worth from Saudi's oil sales.

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    sauidis are buying silver

    by ddji3 Apr 20, 2016 10:23 AM
    luckylarry0901 luckylarry0901 Apr 20, 2016 10:44 AM Flag

    I doubt the Saudis would be buying silver. Saudis love gold. Saudis have neither interest nor industrial needs for silver.

    China has more than few reasons to acquire silver... lots... lots of silver.

  • if the Saudis unleashed sales any part of their 4 to 5 trillions of their US-debt holdings, central banksters have no other choice but to destroy the value of the US peso. Because a large part of the Saudi sales will be paid to Russia, China, India, and other Asian countries who in turn will buy nothing but gold, and then some silver.

    As I have said previously, it is not the sales of US debts the problem. It's what the US-peso holders are going to do will dictate the outcome of the US peso. China and Russia are hoarding gold. India is hoarding silver.

    The Chinese Ching's behind won't be healed for months to come.

  • So far, 2016 ASE sales is close to 18 million coins, 3 and half month into the year. 2016 April Sales is about to surpass the whole month sales of April 2015. Goldman Sach Vampires have clearly been pushed to the limit. They can no longer set silver price lower without any damage. The COMEX is very much running on virtually empty vault of delivered/deliverable silver. Their last reported figure was 23 million ounces, and that was reported more than 1 month ago. COMEX must have been depleted at least another 10 million ounces due to growing demands. All thanked for Goldman Sach Vampire's generous low prices set for silver.

    With China is set to become the World Number One Hub for commodities trading, it's just a matter of time for the silver race to start because China has to acquire lots of silver in preparation for their trading hub. I hope the Chinese Ching will be given ample time to heal before the onslaught resumed. Chinese Ching is bleeding more (from behind) than those Belgium crisis actors did.

  • luckylarry0901 by luckylarry0901 Apr 19, 2016 3:48 PM Flag

    China has just launched their yuan-denominated gold benchmark today via their Shanghai Exchange. This will give China the power to set gold price which is currently under control via NY and London banksters. The Shanghai gold benchmark will be likely overshadowing NY and London benchmark since the Chinese do possess something the NY and Londond banksters do not have: physical gold.

    Platinium and silver will likely be China's next acquisition targets.

  • Barack Hussein Obama will veto any bill(s) which will allow the 911 victims or their family members to sue Saudi government whose citizens were the 15 of the 19 alleged terrorist attackers who hijacked then kamikazed the NY Towers on 9/11/2001.

    Why is Barack Hussein Obama protecting the Saudi government?

  • In order to achieve their plan, China has to acquire lots of PMs physically. So far, China has been hoarding gold. Silver and platinium will likely their next targets of acquisition. With India buying of 50% of worldwide silver production, the silver battle will definitively be the hallmark of the physical wars.

    During the 1980s, the USI government was holding more than 2.7 billion ounces of silver. These silver were long gone by the late 1990s and early 2000s. The COMEX few years back was having close to 300 million ounces of delivered silver, at current, the COMEX does not even have 20 million ounces. In nutshells, the USI as a country has no physical silver.

    Where will the Chinese get their silver?

  • The US Navy, in response and preparation to Kerry's recommendation to shot down Russia's SU-24s, will soon have to reintroduce WW II gun turrets used as missile launch bases.

    Since the USS Donald Cook (Russian code name "McDonald Deep Fried") in real battle conditions against Russia's SU-24s would be completely disabled electronically by SU-24 on-board Khibini jamming systems. To counter this disabled problem, the US Navy will likely rework their missile launching system to 100% manual (by mounting those missiles onto the revised gun turrets), and those missiles will be changed to have no on-board electronic systems (which will be jammed or taken control by Khibini operators). In other words, the missiles and their launching systems have to be 100% manual and the missiles have to be as dumb as the former White-House resident George W. Bush or the current one, Obama.

    That's the only way for Navy personnel of the USS "McDonald Deep Fried" to shoot down Russia's SU-24s.

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    just on Bloomberg tv

    by douchebagdestroyer Apr 15, 2016 8:00 AM
    luckylarry0901 luckylarry0901 Apr 15, 2016 9:29 AM Flag

    The Chinese sharks are smelling the silver blood. Chinese love gold and silver which have been their only medium of exchange in previous times.

    India has been buying 50% the annual production capacity. Where will they get silver for China's demands?

  • 14 months ago, the USS Cook was completely disabled by Russia's SU-24 with their onboard Khibini jamming system. During last year incident, the SU-24 pilot had his jet flew back and forth over the USS Donald Cook more than 10 times practicing bomb run over the disabled USS Donald Cook. The incident was so shocked and demoralized to the USS Cook crew, more than 15 Navy sailors and officers were submitting their resign from their USS Cook duties.

    The USS Donald Cook was harassed again week while the crew was practicing and trainning with Polish Navy personnel. Probably, Russia has redeployed the same SU-24 pilot who practiced closed maneuvers by flying 11 times over the USS Cook in internantional water. The USI has complained against Russia who is surprised at the US' making big fuss over their "normal routines" flights over. Luckily, this time, the USS Cook was not disabled by Russia's Khibini.

  • luckylarry0901 by luckylarry0901 Apr 14, 2016 8:58 AM Flag

    The Bushs have been paid off big time, 16 years of presidency. All were the pay-offs from George Bush Sr.'s participation into JFK assassin. Now, it's Rafael Cruz's time to get the pay off.

    Rafael Cruz and George Bush were in Dallas in the days lead to JFK's assassin. Actually, George Bush and Rafeel Cruz were in Dallas the day JFK assassinated. Now, it seems the paymasters is trying to pay off Rafael Cruz's favor. The paymasters have been trying to steal the republican nomination and given it to Ted Crus.

    The Bushs have been paid off well. Now, it's Rafael Cruz's time to get pay.

  • Peekay Truth has gone to great length to dig into and disclose the EU's Brussels False-Flag operation. This man's tenacious effort is rarity in this corrupt world where false-flag operations have become normal routines used by corrupt leaders to spread or promote their evil agenda.

    Sandi Shooting, Boston Bombing, and Sandinando shooting are just a few of Obama's legacy. Charlie Hebdo and Paris shooting hoaxes are few of Hollande's. Belgium Brussels could be a few test runs of what zionist masters have in store for America. That's why zionists have their stringed-puppet Obama to import a quarter of million of those ME refugees into Ameirca.

    Why they sent Rahm Emanuel to the small corner of Chicago?

  • luckylarry0901 by luckylarry0901 Apr 11, 2016 1:38 PM Flag

    but it's out masters who will decide which lapdogs are allowed to be nominated. The Canadian-citizen Ted Cruz was given Colorado delegates without a single vote. America's demoCrazy is at finest moments.

    Welcome to the Banana Republic of OBama's!

  • Bad news for silver/SlV shorters: COMEX has not run out of deliverable silver completely yet.

    Don't worry shorters, silver is rancid (per China Ching)

  • SLV is a paper scam to divert buying pressure from physical world. There is no trace of any silver ever bought for your the money peoples paying for these paper-scam SLV.

    If you want to own silver, buying physical. Goldman Sach vampires cannot poop out physical silver, they can create SLV out of thin air.

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    India Is Loading Up On Silver...Better get Some Now

    by dpsmas Apr 5, 2016 9:37 AM
    luckylarry0901 luckylarry0901 Apr 6, 2016 9:44 AM Flag

    In 2015, India bought almost half of worldwide silver production, or 270,000,000 ounces(or 8500 metric tons). If India would buy the same amount of silver they did in 2015, where COMEX will get their silver to replenish their depleting inventory (which is, my estimated calculation, roughly around 10Mils left). if your number was accurate, India will increase their purchased silver by 10% to half of worldwide silver production. Where will China get their silver for their solar projects?

  • Likely Donald Trump will be implicated later beneath those hidden papers. George Soros wants his warrior darling Killary Clinton installed into the office to continue the Bush-Clinton clan whose pro-IsraHell policies are George's ultimate goals.

    #$%$ you George. Americans will stick to Donald Trump no matter what.

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