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  • Western media have strangely fallen into deep silence over Bangkok Bombing after the bomber has been apprehended as an American with an American passport. The issue is quickly buried by their total silence. If the Bomber was an American (and likely working for our spy agencies) and MSM are not reporting the story, did the Bankok Bomb ever take place?

    Unlike MH-70, MH-117 events in which Vladimire Putin was claimed the culprit, this time Russian Vladimir Putin was allowed to be off the hook. It has become a proven fact that Russian Vladimir Putin did not have any sexual relationship with this Bangkok bomber.

  • In previous times preceeding times of silver price being pushed down, silver retailers would send out emails advertising sales of AES. For the past 2 weeks, retailers have been completely silent. At the same time, they are raising premium to charge for silver coins, including Canadian Maple Leaf, to close to 35% of silver price.

    There are retailers running out of AES. Hit them harder folks. Buy more physical.

  • luckylarry0901 by luckylarry0901 Aug 26, 2015 10:19 PM Flag

    Retailers are raising premium to more than 25% of silver price. Some places charge more close to 5 dollars per AES.

    Holy shtt.

  • luckylarry0901 by luckylarry0901 Aug 20, 2015 10:49 AM Flag

    With more nations going solar energy, and the United States has just begun to get warm up to solar energy (Google wants to put solar panels onto American homes, they are testing in few western states), demand from solar energy will impose additional pressure into the very limited physical inventories. This year alone, due to solar panel manufacturing, Mexico has imported closed to 2000 metric tons of silver.

    At current, the Shanghai Future Exchange has in stock less than 130 million US peso worth of physical/stored silver, a 33% depletion compare to their stored inventory level at the beginning of 2015.

    Buying physical silver folks. This is the sure way to beat Goldman Sach and their cohort vampires.

  • With almost-empty physical inventories, amidst growing demand from solar-energy demands (Google are going solar power), and growing demands for silver bullions, the physical silver shortage will be getting worse in coming few short years, if not months.

    Goldman Sach and other financier vampires cannot print silver (they can print plenty of GLD or SLV however). With less than 5 billions worth of physical silver for worldwide bullion market, it does not take many investors to buy out these 5 billions worth of silver.

    The physical silver bullet (shortage) will kill all vampires

  • The dollar devaluation (or collapse) has progressed in its final stage, as the currency has sped up in top speed with China's devaluation of their reminbi. Peoples in the world will run away from most forms of currency. The US stock markets have been experienced outflow at staggering paces, tens of billions a month.

    With Russia's and China's military strength as their highest level, Federal Reserve and their bankers (FR&B), this time, cannot and will not dare to push for WW III (That means nuclear exchanges between the US against Russia and China. The end of Human-not-so-Sapient is warranted).

    FR&B will not take this risk. Instead, they will let the dollar devaluation to progress by itself. They will get richer, since they will take this chaotic opportunity to take ownership of anything else they have not owned already.

    Prepare yourself folks. Dark days are ahead.

  • Despite of more than 20% premium, retailers are stop accepting orders for 2015 AES. Demands for AES are exploding this morning.

  • now Kissinger group wants to have Jeb Bush installed into the White House.

    Jeb, your family name does matter. You are your father's son. A traitor born by a traitor.

  • If Greenspan and Ben had to poop out 4000 ton of silver a day (per their printing rates), Yellen has to poop out tons of gold to cover her printing rate plus the additional #$%$ to cover interest dues from existing debts.

    With the current silver price of 1 million US peso per 2 metric tons (of physical silver), Yellen needs to inflate herself 1000 times bigger to have the capacity to poop out enough silver to cover her printing rate of 10 bilions US peso a day, or 10 x 1000 x 2 metric tons (20,000 metric tons of silver a day). Worldwide annual silver production is less than 16,000 metric tons, not enough to cover 1 day of Yellen's pooping.

    These are mind-boggling numbers. Got your silver yet?

  • luckylarry0901 by luckylarry0901 Jul 27, 2015 3:19 PM Flag

    As I have predicted silver will be undergone final attack as JPM was hoarding physical. The US petro dollar is in its last throes. Russia and China and the BRICS have been delivering and driving final nails into the US petro dollar coffin.

    Per talking points, I predict the crescendo will play out between Septmber to November 2015. Be prepared yourselves silver stackers, pain (or gains) are ahead.

  • The pace of China's dumping has not slowed down, in fact, the pace has been in the up-tick. China is dumping boatloads of their US IOUs (US governental treasuries, bonds); in the past 3 months (April through June 2015), China sold more than 100 billions worth of US debts via Belgium conduit. For the past 19 months, China's US debt holdings have been depleted by a tune of close to 300 billions.

    What's China been buying with these 300 billions?

  • luckylarry0901 by luckylarry0901 Jul 16, 2015 9:10 PM Flag

    Bullion retailers have charged more than 20% premium over Ag SPOT price.

    Hit them harder silver stackers. We are in the last stages of the beginning of the inevitable physical shortage of physical silver.

    Goldman Sach and Co. cannot print SLV shares, but they cannot print physical silver.

  • luckylarry0901 by luckylarry0901 Jul 9, 2015 2:19 PM Flag

    If any nuclear wars ever took place, it will be Americans you should be worried about. We have known who those bloodthirst warmongers are.

  • We don't have to be China, do we?

  • luckylarry0901 by luckylarry0901 Jun 30, 2015 9:29 AM Flag

    If you started nuclear wars against Russia and China, you would better kill us all, because the survivors (if any) would have known by then who were the culprits brought out destruction to their families and to their Earth. Peoples would come after you all warmongers and your ilks.

    You would wish you weren't born.

  • India's solar power plan will be second only to China. For each 1Gigawatts solar power generated, they need 66 metric tons of silver (for solar panel)...

    Get more silver folks before Indians and Chinese to "solar" them all.

  • luckylarry0901 by luckylarry0901 Jun 16, 2015 10:05 AM Flag

    What will you be doing to your traitor brother, George W. Bush, who had rubberstamped 911 falseflag attacks against America on 9/11/2001?

    What will you do to the entire George W. Bush administration team who had used the 911 falseflag attacks as pretext to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, and in the process directly or indirectly be responsible tor the killings of millions innocent Arabs?

    What will you do with your war criminal brother who had authorized tortures against prisoners in Guantanamo prision and other sites worldwide?

    What have you done to your pay masters who are about to reward you with the US presidency?

    Are you going to pull bigger falseflag attack(s) than the one your brother pulled on 9/11/2001? Are you going to scapegoat ISIS for your upcoming falseflags?

  • Obama has been saying that Putin was wrecking Russia economy and has Russia isolated... Yeah, are you blind or lying Obama?

    Russia, for the past 10 years, has enjoyed international supports greatly. Even Obama's allies are trying to befriend to Putin who has partially taken back part of Russia's natural resources stolen by Russian oligarch, Russians have never felt economically better or well off under Putin's 15 years in power. More than 80% of Russian population are supporting Putin despite of recent economic downturns forced upon Russians by Obama's useless sanctions of which Chinese and South American farmers have been taking over American farmers' Russia markets.

    In fact, if Putin were allowed to participate in US presidential election, Putin would defeat all American lapdogs (I mean chosen candidates).

    Obama, are you simply too stupid or blind to see or realize the real statesman of Putin?

  • Obama and his handlers are setting up for false-flag nuclear attack(s) using ISIS as their scapegoat. For the past 18 months, on and off, officially and unofficially, repeated claims of ISIS' nuclear attack are spreading. They are checking the water to see if they could pull off "more spectacular" nuclear attack(s). The 911 co-conspirator and cover-up agent Panetta has just MegaPhoned "ISIS' nuclear" fairy tale.

    Kissinger and his henchmen are probably setting up pretexts for Jeb Bush to follow his older brother's footsteps but with a much bigger scale. Which town they are going to PULL this time, Emanuel's?

  • Putin would have become filthy rich if he had kowtowed to Obama and Obama's masters who want to destroy all ME arab nations to give ME sole-nuclear power opportunity to take control entire ME region. Instead of following foodsteps of the tratior Gorbachev or the Drunkard Yetsin who gave Russia's natural resource away, Putin has managed to take back Russia's stolen natural resources back to Russia. Instead of becoming Russian obligarch's stooge (and make himself rich), Putin has managed to send some of these national thieves into jail or exiled.

    Putin is a very bad man who has American politicians/lapdogs oddly; these lapdogs have been competing against each others trying to show off to their masters (such as Bibi, Kissinger) how high they could jump at any moments noticed (or ordered to do so). Putin has chosen to work for his poor nation Russia, whereas Washington DC dwellers have been working for their masters who have put them into power to serve Israel. Putin has made our slimy spineless so-called leaders (Graham, McCain) looked pretty pathetic.

    Not only is Putin a bad man he is also very stupid. Putin would have been zillionaire rich if he had stood spat and let Bibi to have his lapdog (Obama) to unleash destruction and wars against Syria and Iran. Putin would have been rewarded Nobel Peach Prize if he had stood spat and let Obama to unleash more wars to kill innocent Syrians and Iranians.

    Where is American Putin?

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