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    Phen-fen script

    by zhu828200 Jul 8, 2014 11:07 AM
    lukb4ujump lukb4ujump Jul 8, 2014 11:20 AM Flag

    It is going to take time to duplicate that success. Belviq was studied more and put through more hoops then any other weight loss drug in history and it still got approved. Belviq has more weight loss as a single agent weight loss drug then Fen or Phen and any others out there. Once the safety trials of Bel Phen are completed and the results are out, I think you will see even more doctors get on board. Keep in mind that 150,000 scripts per week of Phen are still being filled, what is going to happen when those cycling on Phen find out if they add Belviq to their routine that they will drop 13-18 percent of the BMI? And if a large percentage of those do get on Bel Phen and start to drop weight like crazy what do you think that will do?

    This is going to take longer then many of us thought, not because the drug did not work or Arena management sux. It is going to take longer because the doctors are much more reluctant then we thought. But when you consider that after a year on the market Eisai convinced almost 50,000 doctors (my estimate for end of quarter number) to try scripting Belviq for their patients, that is a major accomplishment. And a great base to build off of, 50,000 scripting doctors are enough to get us well past break even if they become convinced that Belviq is the answer for their obese patients after they have seen great results.

  • lukb4ujump lukb4ujump Jul 8, 2014 11:08 AM Flag

    Almost 50,000, enough said.

  • lukb4ujump lukb4ujump Jul 8, 2014 11:00 AM Flag

    A planned sale is a planned sale, we have seen insiders sell every time their options get exercised. That has never caused a 20% sell off. I posted a post yesterday calling into question his actions and the amazement I felt after listening to how excited he has been for 2 years to see the sell. But everyone has reasons for selling. He has a ton of options coming due soon and he needs the cash to exercise them, many be will be using that cash to compound his growth. We don't know why he did it, but we have been strapped with this management since the beginning.

    If you don't like the management or their track record that is a valid reason to sell a stock and move one. I have seen many management teams taking millions out of a public company only to drive them into Bankruptcy. While I think Jack and company have made some major mistakes along the way and I would have played it differently, I don;t think they are trying to kill Arena or destroy its value. Clearly Wall Street does not like or trust our leaders, because they have dissed them and challenged them at every step.... When you consider how many companies will be hurt if Belviq actually aids say 30 million obese people in losing weight and controlling their appetites, you can certainly see why it is hated. All the food that won't be bought, all the insulin that won't be bought, all of the medications that will be dropped and no longer used as these folks shed pounds and medications getting healthy. They mock and bash and make fun of the very thing they fear.

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    Has anyone seen the IMS or Symphony numbers?

    by lukb4ujump Jul 7, 2014 7:41 PM
    lukb4ujump lukb4ujump Jul 8, 2014 10:43 AM Flag

    I don't have them updated on my excel, I am a couple weeks behind. Been very busy these days... will get them updated this weekend.

  • from the bashers and the Jack haters.... We are over 10k on IMS and half way to 13k on symphony and we beat all of the obesity agents and Q again. We keep taking market share week after week. 2,597 commercials since the launch of the TV ads on April 15th. Sales reps can now tell reluctant doctors that Belviq has been on the market for over a year an not one single major event has been reported. This is bigger then folks here want to let on. I think that is why the bear raid now. This quarter will turn out to be a very big quarter, YoY and QoQ we will have seen scripts up significantly, insurance coverage needle will move up again, total doctors that have scripted the drug will be close to 50,000. That is a very large base of doctors that will have dipped their toe in the waters.

  • Looking at the SA article it appears we are over 10k on IMS and just over 12,500 on symphony...

  • lukb4ujump lukb4ujump Jul 7, 2014 10:50 AM Flag

    Yes that is what he has stated on several occasions...

  • lukb4ujump lukb4ujump Jul 7, 2014 10:48 AM Flag

    ** slow not show...

  • lukb4ujump lukb4ujump Jul 7, 2014 10:46 AM Flag

    Am I sure about what?

    Sales are not declining. IMS and Symphony both have been under reported since the very start so we won't know the real numbers until the quarterly report. Flat week over week or slightly down on their numbers does not really tell the real story but you know this already.

    I am sure they will be up significantly quarter over quarter and they will show a continued growth in scripts, doctors scripting and much better results then the studies indicated. We have now crossed over the 1 year on the market mark with no major events reported from Belviq users and we have had 10's of thousands of folks on it. That will give many doctors the confidence to allow their patients to try Belviq.

    Insurance coverage is increasing as well. While the progress has been painfully show we have still had regular progress on all fronts.

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    where's Sharonconk?

    by raqfield Jul 7, 2014 10:29 AM
    lukb4ujump lukb4ujump Jul 7, 2014 10:30 AM Flag

    Was hoping she would post script numbers for last week this morning.

  • Eisai is doing. Getting to hear the I am cheap speech and don't like to spend money. I just don't get him selling on the eve of Eisais big re launch of Belviq. Today is the 7th and the Eisai has started their sales meetings and the motivational break outs and classes. They are going to be launching new initiatives and getting their sales staff pumped to take us to the next level.

    Selling half his position makes no sense what so ever to me. Even if he is being forced out or retiring, why would he sell half his stock after pointing out several times he has not been selling any of his shares. Even if he leaves he still believes in Belviq and the market potential for the drug he spent 10 years developing.

  • lukb4ujump lukb4ujump Jul 3, 2014 12:24 PM Flag

    He will be able to do so once we are off patent protection in 12 more years.

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    Adverse effects of Belviq

    by neuworld3 Jun 30, 2014 2:23 PM
    lukb4ujump lukb4ujump Jun 30, 2014 3:32 PM Flag

    There have been several observed adverse side effects from taking Belviq.

    Added expense of new clothes purchases.
    Added expenses of vacations and trips now that you look good and feel good.
    Reduced expenses on your current medication.
    Reduced expenses on food and going out.

    You will have an increase in birth control expenses now that you look and feel good.

    You get the picture...

    Have a great day.

  • lukb4ujump lukb4ujump Jun 27, 2014 12:44 PM Flag

    Q over Q and Year over Year is the measure Wall Street uses, no one uses week over week for measuring a companies success. We will close this quarter out with a very nice sustainable growth of scripts and revenue completing our first year on the market. Ignore the noise and watch the real data points that matter. IMS under reports by 40% and Symphony is about 20% when compared to the numbers both Eisai and Arena are releasing.

    If you are looking to get rich overnight in this stock that is not going to happen. This is going to be a few more years out...

  • to 42 million shares. Long term shorts still covering their shorts, a great signal in my book.

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