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madbezos.angels 128 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 14, 2014 11:34 AM Member since: Jun 21, 2013
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  • I see that several lost fools still melt the board down believing their many and constant lies. Of course, they have the free speech right, nay the duty, to believe their own lies and obsess over 2005, while telling us all how failed, miserable and broke their z50com and VW failed "lives" are. I find it amusing that I quietly work in my garden while shallow minds grow weeds that choke themselves. Seems kind of a fitting end to Johnie's millions of useless words in 10,000 useless IDs in 100s of thousands of posts. Why would Johnie want to wreck himself and ebay? Why does Yahoo allow her to? Luckily, Alumni and I prefer to make cash and raise our families in peace. Apply Valley will soon be more peaceful. More calls are being made on behalf of one family's misery. I hope that helps and really.... it will.

  • madbezos.angels madbezos.angels Jul 2, 2014 9:14 AM Flag

    Good morning Miss L. I hope you're doing well! I almost didn't see you post because, as predicted, a small army (of two) came out and busily destroyed the board because I dared use free speech. It probably bothers them greatly that I'm alive and well, though I see it's impossible for them to face their own false information and see how it destroyed them. I know your Tesla is mighty fine but the Mrs and I will go slower in our Prius. I know you're happy and well, as my family, students, friends, and I certainly am, but let's recap for the wasted 12 years of 'team': we found out one brags about being trapped for 12 years! His 100,000 posts in 10,000 IDs 247 have been mostly erased and as his life force drains, that's all he will take with him. Alumni everything found out everything when they tried to snitch HIM, and we see no matter how old and decrepit they are, 'team' still mooches off of their parents (in John's case Mother In Law) their businesses and sales are failures, their children hate them (for very good reasons) and Ian wants to reach out and touch them in a not nice way, but their neighborhoods are just violent enough to be fun for them and for us. Alumni simply could not be happier. You see, we do not melt. Oh, and as for the recent laughs, 'finook' is very much in the public vernacular fuggitaboutit! 50 is probably like ice cream on a hot July day. I hope that helps.

  • Good morning my ebay colleagues. It's another beautiful day to be alive. My friends, my family, my students and myself, are doing so well! The weather smiles on us as does God. I'm so happy that my successful and happy life bothers a few here, especially when we can all see they're morally repugnant board trolls and not even capable of feeling guilt for being such failed parents. Just because some are malignant narcissists is no proof the world revolves around them. We all see who disturbs this board and especially his neighbors, only a fool would think that's a long term plan. Anyways, I see my Alumni have it under control and are even dealing with $50. Why should ebay be successful when they and their minions spread such misery across the planet? I'll just go back to quietly enjoying my Charlie's Angels in real life, while the delusional ply their melt based fantasies and lies into their typical steamy froth every hour of every day. Daily. I hope that helps.

  • Good morning Alumni and Happy Summer Solstice to you and yours. Everything is growing wonderfully in my garden. My friends, family and students are doing great. What a blessed exciting time to be alive. It's magical everyday when one treats people well. I'm so proud of my graduating students. They will make strong and very successful alumni. Speaking of alumni, everyone appreciates the hard work you did cleaning the board up, with the ever present hope of someday bringing back intelligent discourse, but sadly, a troll is a troll does. Ian says he hasn't left his Mother In Law's shack, so much like all the blather about trucks, hot cars and 100% sell thru, we have to just file it under his completely stuffed LIES file. Glad Alumni have truth on their side. I see ebay has caught a cold my son. Now you don't want it to catch a worse cold do you? I hope that helps.

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    John Osborne z50com

    by mommys_55yr_old_troll Jun 5, 2014 12:05 PM
    madbezos.angels madbezos.angels Jun 5, 2014 7:42 PM Flag

    Oh the irony indeed! Indeed. From the one who has wasted over a decade in such imitation subterfuge. I'm see the board gets really quiet when Patrick Mitchell and John Osborne take naps. I find it even more amusing they think endless abuse is the cure for their endless abuse. They get the free speech they dished out. Why whine why? LOL! Archives are ready to burn the deserving. I sure hope that helps.

  • Oh has he reaped what he has sown? I am so happy I have students to teach. Students who can actually learn and thrive. I will no longer be sullied by Patrick and John's fruity and fruitless board war. I like to grow vegetables in my garden that don't rot from the inside before they're grown. I see free speech is alive and well even if any adult intelligent discourse never returns. Biggest problem: the silence when Johnie and Patrick leave... whoops. I hope that helps.

  • madbezos.angels madbezos.angels Jun 2, 2014 10:37 AM Flag

    Thanks for you kind words my esteemed colleague. There is little worry in my life, because as a scientifically minded person, I observe truth to make my conclusions and do not make up lies and believe them. We all can see the personal lives of our board trash and see that they are trash unworthy of oxygen. Who kind of foolish nobodies would waste over a decade spinning in public circles of hate? If that energy had been applied properly they could have had advanced degrees, successful businesses, and families that don't hate them, but as you can clearly see, hate is all they have. Technically, it's self-loathing, they just pretend it can affect me. It can't. Never does. Never will. I hope that helps. PS: Tell Ian my vote is still no.

  • madbezos.angels madbezos.angels Jun 2, 2014 10:32 AM Flag

    Yes, I am alive and well. Very well. My family, friends, and students see me, so what do I care that a handful of fools and liars wasted over ten years making my ID the most harassed on the internet? What do I care that they believe their own lies and thought they knew my name. They did not. Why do I care that this few wasted 10s of thousands of IDs and millions of posts only to have Mommy Yahoo delete them, and now have authorities way up in their "lives" as we the public here see they have trashed they own families, friends, and businesses. All for nothing. They have accomplished nothing, because they are nothing and will always be nothing. Clinging to me and my colleagues is the only hold they have on life. Ian has witnessed their humiliating shame up close and personal and describes it as a travesty beyond measure, but chatter on the ignorant must. I hope that helps.

  • It's nice to see a somewhat cleaner board. Thank you alumni. It's even better to have the spring semester finally winding down. Looks like ebay is getting its summer haircut together as well. My garden is growing wonderfully and a fresh batch of alumni is ready to go out and change the world. My family is doing very well, of course, as any family would when love and nurturing is first priority. I hope that helps.

  • madbezos.angels madbezos.angels May 26, 2014 1:55 PM Flag

    I am still the professor you used to talk to. I 'm not shocked by your instant response chattering the Flything Gang's lies, but that is not my name, nor is it HIS name, and years of daily posts by 'team' cannot make it so.

    The mystery is why you would want to be here helping narcissistic Flything when he practically gloated posting details about your daughter's funeral, which led directly to you Lisa Bernstein of Lake Tahoe. A mentally stable and sensible grieving Mom would have taken her PG & E settlement and done some good in the world, not be up here chattering on Fly and John's failed board war. Face the facts. It is all too late for you to grow up, so why keep making matters worse on yourselves? I hope that helps.

  • I see Flything came by crying about how bad free speech is when it discusses him and his partners in crime. Fly quickly erased this: flyktning • "I rarely post but read often. Elike is apparently nowhere around and Mad is definitely not around if you know what I mean. May he fry in hell for sharing my identity with Charles who hits my business's Yelp regularly withparanoid conspiracy theories. A current poster named something like Shamoo... more.... Sentiment: Sell"

    Poor Flybaby! Which is more pathetic: that such sociopathic narcissists can chatter on this board or that year after year of being planted by your lies, and having you and your team' publicly taken apart, you still can't see your hypocrisy? What Fly means is he lurks, pining for the worst poster ever (Elike). I am alive and well despite your lies. You had false info all along but it didn't stop you and your idiot "honest John" from cyber stalking and making public death threats at anyone here. We see you do it time and again to so many posters. Your gang's latest target is Shalamazoo. You and your gang's public cyber stalking and threats have all been saved and archived. Waiting to be slammed against you! Much harder than the treatment you've been getting so far.

    Am I to "fry in hell" for doing what you did? You passed personal info to Elike. It was false, but you sat back on your high Mission st San Rafael horse saying people "deserve to know who threatens them". I feel exactly the same. But the facts are YOU Flyktning gave up all your personal info when falsely accused one of my students to his police. They called HIM and told HIM everything. Then, John snitching his daughter confirmed it. HE gave you and your gang public warning after warming then decided I, and others, needed to know who threatened us. YOU and your actions gave all yourselves up. They still do, as you and Idiot John daily beg for more abuse. Do you really think my yearly students wouldn't help me? You have fools helping you.

  • History is very important, that's why facts are very important. We can't have the world ruled by sully sullied Tool Fools like John Osborne who make up lies and believe them. Remember the fine Memorial Day, that the root of the board war here was John, Fly, and East Coast Sybil pushing for wars based on LIES. Wars that still rage on and leave dead and broken people across the world and families grieving for their loved ones. Fly's "team" was all too vocal supporting these lies and needless invasions and have spent over a decade attacking anyone who called them the war craving demons they were. Notice, they, and their 'warriors' never had the guts to go fight those wars they wanted, but isn't it odd that they and their supporters, even Sharralynn Rose, lost their lives and chattering fellow travelers like Lisa, along with John, lost their children and families. Karma is a cruel cruel mistress and we all see the pain here is only the beginning. Your endless lies that you believe will never help and are slowly becoming your undoing. Only completely obsessed fools would publicly beg for more justice to come down on them. I hope that helps.

  • It's wonderful to be alive in the spring! I love seeing everything grow in my garden, as my wonderful family, and yearly roster of students, grows and grows. It's a true sense of accomplishment knowing my alumni always do great things in life. I see the board here is trying to improve. It's good to see proof that my infrequent postings are not the blame for the idiocy here. Those who have had their every thought consumed with me and my cool students cannot be helped. I mean, even my imposter can't figure out I wouldn't post at 10pm eastern. It's sad those who can't read or write worry about grammar. And those who immaturely wield their free speech all howl like Flything's when free speech is simply returned. It's funny how the option of silence never occurs to perps. It is too funny to see the only memes that last up here are mine or my student's. It is fun to have such power. Obsession can never be cured by deeper obsession, especially when their knowledge is off target and inaccurate. You know, I still don't see $60, so why are those who lied about that post at all? I am older and remember well how society fell when we stopped riding fools out of town on a rail. Bring back trains! I hope that helps.

  • madbezos.angels madbezos.angels May 8, 2014 11:45 AM Flag

    Good morning to you! Thinks are going very very well indeed! Best of luck to you.

  • madbezos.angels madbezos.angels May 8, 2014 11:44 AM Flag

    Poor predictable daughter snitching Johnie Osborne! You go straight into your predictable public harassing and stalking of "everyone is all one poster", just like Alumni's predictable yo-yo. I'm not the man who writes the book on you, who I'm sure has a creative ending unfolding, or you wrecking yourself and friends, nor am I dead, as you claim. You're getting your lies and projections messed up, but you'll have a painful (likely not) court case of all your sickness revealed, and of course a very painful eternity to try to figure out checkmate. You were always out of your league. If you think the truths about you are getting ubiquitously public, you have not seen anything yet. Now bye bye, I have students who can actually learn something. I hope that helps.

  • Good morning on this wonderful spring day! The school year is going wonderfully and my garden is green and strong, especially with the newest repeat of Flything's 'free speech' tears, once again trying to get anyone to join his 'Bean Team" and yet they never do! It never occurs to poor old Flything that no one ever joins his 'beano's' because they see the idiocy of stalking someone and then crying that they are being stalked. Never fools anyone does it? Alumni laughs as another waste of time police threats are made, then spin, lather, and rinse and repeat and we go about our lives, while Fly and Tool Fool get broker, and every word they utter digs them deeper in their hole. Free speech is not to be abused. Anyone who plays chess sees the position they have put themselves in will only out their archives and bury them. Alumni is quiet happy about the way these events unfold. We look forward to a very very hot summer. Then good things can grow here again. I hope that helps.

  • Good morning from beautiful Philadelphia! Happy Easter Weekend! HE is risen. The eternal battle was long ago won, and there is such joy in victory for those whose hearts are purified, and clarified, from unproductive thinking and actions. Spring slowly returns, and my garden beckons with its wondrous delights. My extended family is all gathered around. It's a great time to be in love and happy, productive, and so very proud of ones family, students, friends, and life accomplishments. It's a good thing I have a home big enough to fit them all. Even the wayward child is mending their life since we did not feed her to the state, but simply loved them as they healed, as anyone with a human soul would. I'm sure the youngest ones will want an Easter Egg hunt this afternoon. The joy is as incalculable as the ongoing misery I see here. Alumni is busy. I see our Village is cleansing. Change is painful to the rigid. HIS example is an example to us all. Love defeats hate. Always. I hope the few try to someday get over me, but I doubt that is possible. Good luck to the nice. I hope that helps!

  • madbezos.angels madbezos.angels Mar 28, 2014 12:10 PM Flag

    My post here got pulled down and deleted? That is certainly going to make it difficult for me to reply and rub more salt in my imposter's many wounds. But of course, it's margarita Friday! Is ebay slipping? Again? No $60 in sight, and even $55 is looking shaky? I'm sure a plethora of fake IDs and delusional posts will prop up ebay's sagging libido. I hope that helps.

  • madbezos.angels madbezos.angels Mar 28, 2014 12:07 PM Flag

    Wowzy Wow Wow! All these fakes trying to say impostering is wrong, dancing around for you to give them a nice firm real Sully slap? Daily? Are you sure you're not a fully tenured college professor? You are certainly firm, knowledgeable and fair. Of course, it would be less amusing if grammar queens actually knew a thing about grammar before they attempt to teach others. LOL! Busy week! So looking forward to a quiet weekend with my lovely happy extended family. Something we all know the board trolls can never do. I hope that helps.

  • Hopefully it won't be a Sadderday. Nice word coinage Sully, that will be in the public vernacular. I see thanks to my effort, free speech is alive and well, even though misused by a handful of old mental cases sputtering about their long failed board war and old posters they hate, though they've had their enemies names wrong all along. I guess Flyktning's 'team of imperfects' will do anything to run off intelligent posters and intelligent discourse. No worries. Every semester I am gifted with more intelligent young minds. I enjoy watching them achieve great things as alumni. Every year there are more. Every year gets better and better. The secret to life happiness is simply being happy, so bury your board war dead, they have long ago turned. Don't melt on my behalf. I never read your screeds. I remain alive and well. And thriving. I hope that helps.

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