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  • maguro_01 maguro_01 3 hours ago Flag

    Disagreement with you is not "treason". It's actually common sense.

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 3 hours ago Flag

    Why are you guys so obsessed with homosexuality? It's not worth your time. It affects directly maybe 2 1/2% of the human population at all times and everywhere. So they might possibly be, over time, 1% or so of marriages. Their percentage overall is too small to affect much but seems to loom much larger in some peoples' minds.

    If you are worried about marriage as an institution, why not worry about the well over 60% divorce rate in general. That's actually a culture wrecker. When I came to California I noticed that the Boomers tended to be very egoistic and divorce prone. So now are their next generation and their next generation as they get old enough. Successive generations often despise their parents and there is not enough cultural transmission as they grow up.

    Parents used to protect their offspring from cave bears and the like, but today they don't protect them from predatory marketers after them from near-infancy. Once in the UK a marketing company was caught wiring up a child focus group with an ECG to help understand what appealed to them. Massive Web data collections from childhood are now following kids all their lives and increasingly available commercially.. The kids here don't have community but altogether too much money. Kids need just enough money to learn to save, set priorities, and make choices.

    Most people with any interest in that unfortunately have an agenda and are demanding that the community enforce their ideas, sometimes very dysfunctional, in education and the like. Or they want public funding to raise their kids isolated from others and brought up to hate them. If they pushed an agenda for all parents and civilization in general they would do better for themselves.

    Why spend so much time on something that either doesn't matter much or is malign?

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 4 hours ago Flag

    No, I read about some Smart cars in SF being overturned but haven't heard anything about it since. I wouldn't buy one as I do too much freeway driving and don't think they are safe in such service. In SF there is likely an activist group bitterly against turnips.

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 4 hours ago Flag

    "Democrats now busy trying to destroy the Fracking industry..."

    Where does that come from? It does not follow anything above it. Fracking has saved the US from unsustainable trade deficits. Now that the US dollar's special status has been so used up, especially since 2000, extreme trade deficits have become dangerous since the trade deficit dollars held offshore have to be used to buy up the US. Ownership of companies can get so convoluted through funds and so on that cherry picking US companies and developing tech can't be too difficult. The US economy would also become even more vulnerable to dollar dumping.

    The current administration, unlike its predecessor is apparently very aware of all that given their export drive and energy programs early on.

    Fuel taxes have been an excellent use tax to fund the road network in the past since fuel consumption so directly related to vehicle weight, speed, and driving types and styles. The US chose to do CAFE instead of high taxes on fuel. Now we have a disconnect and fuel mileage is so increased we know that the taxes do have to increase to maintain the network. Fuel taxes per mile decrease while highway costs increase. If we look at the price of gasoline in real dollars, US gasoline is cheap.

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 5 hours ago Flag

    Your post is too incoherent to really understand, but does threaten violence against property and maybe people. Jail or other involuntary confinement drugged to the eyeballs is unlikely to be the life you want.

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 6 hours ago Flag

    Your posts don't suggest that you did any of those things. Especially the racist ones.

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    Mark Levin:

    by sdmiller4747 Apr 24, 2015 6:48 PM
    maguro_01 maguro_01 23 hours ago Flag

    Levin and Rush before him are getting rich off your credulousness. You are much too easily conned.

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 23 hours ago Flag

    There seems to be no reason to think Obama to be born anywhere other than his birth certificate states. The well funded "birther" campaign is part of Republican attempts to persuade their credulous core that he is some sort of alien being - perversely trying to exploit his appearance, speech, and manner. I realize that you have some problems, but hadn't realized that general credulity, lack of information, and difficulties in processing were among them. You really drank the KoolAid on that one.

    Among Presidents in recent years Bush II had an unfortunate distinction. He had never been outside the US until he was elected except for one short trip to Mexico. Cosmopolitan he was not. The Neocons suckered him completely in the Iraq War. Remember him thinking that the US could develop Iraq in months using their own oil money? Remember Rumsfeld playing General until he and his Pentagon had to be canned and Robert Gates, Bush I's Sec'y of Defense, brought in to save the day which he did?

    Obama's election saved the day as far as foreign policy is concerned. Not playing colonial empire in the Middle East Sand Trap and 'pivoting' to East and South Asia are an overdue necessity. Unfortunately, his predecessor, a Norquist Republican, left Washington broke from his agenda going in.

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 Apr 24, 2015 6:55 PM Flag

    We did find out who the nut billionaire was who paid for the Swift Boat sites and people trying to simulate a movement, but we haven't found out yet who is paying for the "birther" trash.

    Jeb Bush has proposed that his whole campaign be outsourced to a fund with anonymous donors. He would "coordinate" with them. So no one would have any idea who he was beholden to. If the idea catches on, the Republicans could spend unlimited amounts of money, including foreign-driven funding.

    Republicans posting here remind me of a drawing of a little guy bundled up in a deck chair on the Titanic. He has a smile on his face because he thinks his enemies will drown.

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 Apr 24, 2015 6:36 PM Flag

    Obama is a Centrist American President and better than most in a difficult time. Labeling him otherwise is just the Republican attempt to move the Center out near Napoleon. He is certainly more fiscally conservative than his opponents who are Norquist Republicans who want Washington broke. His opposition is attempting basically a counter revolution in the US, installing something like Mussolini's Corporatism including classes in alignment with their funders. Sometimes it smells like an updated CSA instead of the USA.

    The root of many of our problems is our Founding Flaw, the world famous Pay-To-Play political system. Money corruption of politics is not mentioned in the Constitution because of the need then to include the slave states in the Revolution and new country to be successful initially. Crony capitalism and plutocracy were fundamental features of that culture area and societies. Pay-To-Play quickly became so entrenched that even after the inevitable Civil War the defect was not fixed, indeed it helped to thwart Reconstruction.

    In some ways it must seem that the US has been asking for these times. Occupying and trying to develop countries in the Sand Trap is a strange thing to do when the US hasn't developed the state of Mississippi in the 150 years since the Civil War. In fact the core Confederate Culture Area today survives on Washington money and programs, paid for by Texas and the Blue States.

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 Apr 24, 2015 2:56 PM Flag

    "Just ask China how well (not) those electric cars work. Within just a few years the Chinese are saying they have a significantly worse air problem."

    Non sequitur - what percentage electric cars, industrial vehicles, and buses do they have?

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    TSLA and AMZN are NOT similar!!

    by raymontomas Apr 24, 2015 9:52 AM
    maguro_01 maguro_01 Apr 24, 2015 2:48 PM Flag

    Just scan for "History of the Internet" on Wiki. Government, through DARPA and university grants did get the Internet off the ground. DARPA funded developing TCP/IP, the protocol Internet uses as a standard. They brought it up on Arpanet. Tim Berners-Lee at CERN, funded by governments, invented HTML and the Web, one of the services using the Internet. The individuals known to have invented the start of all these things are known, AFAIK. Some private labs, like Bell Labs which is gone, are known to have made very important contributions like Unix, the immediate ancestor of Linux and then Android.

    If we went to a Libertarian world, if that's your orientation, government funding of early tech development would not decrease if a Libertarian world meant more warfare in general which it likely would.

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 Apr 23, 2015 7:51 PM Flag

    Do the Kochs, Adleson, etc fit " kind old gentleman just trying to help the folks "? What about the principals on the Street?

    We need an Amendment and a legal definition of the Corporate Person for starters. It is not possible to completely obliterate the Pay-To-Play system but you can shrink it small enough to drown in a bathtub.

    Jeb Bush's campaign financing scheme. could herald the end of capitalism/markets and the end of democracy in the US.

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 Apr 23, 2015 3:46 PM Flag

    If you need to see conspiracies everywhere, check out Jeb Bush, the aspiring Bush III. He wants to outsource his campaign to an organization that receives massive and anonymous funding. Their ads would be his platform. Hopefully they would ask him about all that first, but that's doubtful. After all, their real constituency is those anonymous funders.

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 Apr 23, 2015 3:37 PM Flag


    Do any of those bankroll candidate political campaigns or run parallel campaigns? Are any of them trying to buy the United States, basically? Is Soros or Gates or whoever trying to be American Plutocrats?

    Get out the vote groups are the nearest ones to directly affecting electoral politics. But Republicans don't care for that since their constituents are their funders and the fewer actual American voters that show up the better they like it.

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 Apr 23, 2015 5:30 AM Flag

    Call 911. Tell the friendly person your story. They will probably send around a couple of nice people to get the details. If they like you enough you may get a free extended vacation at a resort in the country where you would meet more people in the know too.

    Call now.

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 Apr 23, 2015 5:18 AM Flag

    Don't forget the 5 million aliens from Mars. Didn't the voices tell you about them too?

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    Tesla & Enron Comparison

    by mjjakejacobsen Apr 22, 2015 5:38 PM
    maguro_01 maguro_01 Apr 23, 2015 4:47 AM Flag

    Are you short or loaded again?

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    IMO maguro_01 is a cut and paste liberal pervert

    by maguro_o1 Apr 22, 2015 6:26 PM
    maguro_01 maguro_01 Apr 22, 2015 10:23 PM Flag

    I see my posts of yesterday were well received and apparently unanswerable..

    One that was deleted as one of a thread was :

    "US income distribution plus the import economy has drastically reduced the velocity of money and reduced US economic activity. The use of goods and services by such a narrow base of high income earners is far lower than the income distribution of, say, the 1960's. That's true even given high levels of conspicuous consumption.

    For the future you want to see so much, remember to see to it that little kids in your family learn bar tending skills, floor cleaning skills, gardening skills, and Mandarin."

    It's getting to be pointless to reply to ridcis as his posts get deleted so often. Perhaps he has ADHD as well as OCD where he talks about God and the Federal Reserve instead of Lucifer. At least the Federal Reserve exists for better or worse.

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 Apr 22, 2015 9:45 PM Flag

    The Kennedy's were rich yet connected with regular voters and their concerns. Romney's contempt and superior attitude were obvious and froze voters. That's why he was a Republican anyway and the best they could do.

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