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  • maguro_01 maguro_01 4 hours ago Flag

    Good post bf.

    Our bipartisan Pay-To-Play political system is to blame for a lot of that...the ROI from money spent in Washington can be much more than anyone could make in a real business / market.

    Real regulated capitalism and markets have changed the world. Crony capitalism and markets are a well-worn path to the wastebasket of history.

    AFAIK, medical care overall plus the financial sector take 1/4 US GDP, bought in Washington.

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 4 hours ago Flag

    As usual, nothing about corporate welfare or the inefficiency of crony capitalism and plutocracy, the Republican platform.

    Nothing about the US having to support the whole Southeast Culture Area on welfare.

    NAFTA was a US answer to getting bled out by China, Japan, and developing Mexico so it didn't end up here. China made an economic war - setting their currency at half value and pegging it to the dollar. Between 2001-2009 the cumulative US trade deficit was - if memory serves - over $6 trillion. It was unsustainable. The US government then took a dive in the trade wars and monetized the deficit, selling Treasuries to OPEC and China. They got the cash flow they needed for their wars and deficits under the voter's radar. They got to throw much of the trade deficit on top of the national debt.

    Indeed, people thought their standard of living had gone up with the lower prices. Most people would think the government would have their back, instead of betraying them. Main Street, the real US economy, was especially distorted and hit. The Republicans had deserted it for Wall Street years ago.

    And after those antics the Republicans in Washington want to cut expenses by shortening US life expectancy, already so short compared to other Western developed countries (ref - CIA World Factbook online). Their idea is that ideally people should die in net worth order and drug companies plainly agree.

    Be very careful of what you wish for.......

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    Norway - MS price increase

    by jmcvicker 13 hours ago
    maguro_01 maguro_01 4 hours ago Flag

    True enough but they get their electricity from hydro power.. So the cars really are Green. Ditto France unless the reactor operators go to sleep on duty one night....... That actually happened after 3 Mile Island here - NRC people walked into a control room and found everyone nodded off....

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 4 hours ago Flag

    Maybe you should sign over any money you have left to a conservator to keep you from shorting again....

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 5 hours ago Flag

    Wow, great rant. You really lost your shirt today, right?

    No problem, you can rebuild your stake.

    Find your granny's old fancy crystal bowl, polish it up. Don't shave for a few days. Put on an old ratty overcoat, then roll around the yard in it a bit. Take your shoes off. Go down to a large bank with pillars in the front around the noon hour. Stand there with the bowl on the sidewalk in front of you with a big sign that says "SHORTED TESLA".

    They will understand.....

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 7 hours ago Flag

    It is hard to discuss something with a person who's every word is nonsense including 'and' and 'the'. Do you know who bankrolls the sites you are reading?

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    "We Are All Americans" , he said.

    by auwindstorm Dec 17, 2014 6:12 PM
    maguro_01 maguro_01 Dec 18, 2014 12:43 AM Flag

    We will likely see that Cubans can be very entrepreneurial indeed. You might be happy that the deal rubs Putin's nose in it as well. It's nice to have a President that uses his brains instead of his behind. Obama is a Centrist, American President. His predecessor mounted a Starve The Beast attack on Washington and the US to leave it broke and largely succeeded. The Crash was inevitable. So I would call President Obama more of a patriot as well for the real interests of the US.

    Are you disappointed that you may not get to see blood and burning? How many times have we seen that getting rid of a dictator leaves a monster vacuum behind? They always destroy organized opposition and the society becomes an extension of themselves - good examples are disintegrating Libya and Iraq.

    The US historically had a lot to do with Castro coming to power in Cuba anyway. Further, Havana had apparently turned into a haven for US mobsters and become the House of the Rising Sun for the east coast of the US and Canada.

    Perhaps Cuba can surpass Russian living standards in a few years. Let the Castro's shuffle off into history. The President is more likely to bring change to Cuba and forward looking US and EU companies can supply some capital to facilitate it.

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    FUEL CELL OR ELECTRIC please weigh in

    by kashkow57 Dec 17, 2014 7:31 PM
    maguro_01 maguro_01 Dec 18, 2014 12:03 AM Flag

    Just as people complain that the electricity used by an electric car can come from a source like a coal plant, the chain including H2 generation would need to be considered for FC's. Many of the sources research is being done on sound clean enough; AFAIK, most present H2 is made from natural gas. If it's made by electrolysis then the source of the electricity would have to be considered. H2 has been used as a common industrial material for many decades.

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    FUEL CELL OR ELECTRIC please weigh in

    by kashkow57 Dec 17, 2014 7:31 PM
    maguro_01 maguro_01 Dec 17, 2014 11:55 PM Flag

    For FC's Redox Power is another interesting one though their area is producing electric power.

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    FUEL CELL OR ELECTRIC please weigh in

    by kashkow57 Dec 17, 2014 7:31 PM
    maguro_01 maguro_01 Dec 17, 2014 11:41 PM Flag

    IMO if H2 is used it might best be in a hybrid setup with an architecture like the original Prius except with the FC instead of the ICE. Having the battery takes the peak current requirements off the FC and provides power for preheat below freezing. FC's produce electricity, CO2, and H2O. Below freezing the H2O wants to freeze so some preheat would be required one would think. Solid oxide FC's can use natural gas but need to warm up - light off - so the battery would provide power to just drive off as people are used to.

    What sort of FC's is Toyota using? They do make high pressure H2 tanks. I was hoping they had made the SOFC's practical for a vehicle so that they could run them on the methane from Japan's large supply of Methane Hydrates on the sea floor but it seems unlikely. Japan has had a large project to mine them somehow as Japan is so short of such energy resources. There is the risk that if the oceans are warming at all the hydrates will go unstable and release large quantities of methane anyway and they are a worse greenhouse gas than CO2. One source for SOFC 411 is the Bloom Energy site, they sell them for server power to Apple and other large companies.

    The problem with H2 is that storage and distribution don't sound as developed as the FC's. though R&D still moves along. There is a car industry standard for the plumbing to fill H2 pressure tanks and even work on a common building code for the vehicles. I guess you want to vent the top of the garage instead of the bottom as one does for, say, propane or gasoline fumes (?).

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 Dec 17, 2014 12:37 AM Flag

    And other high end cars are different? You hardly need a Mercedes 550 to go from A to B.

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 Dec 17, 2014 12:33 AM Flag

    "...coal propelled monstrosity."
    Didn't you make any money back this past week? You lost it all?

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 Dec 15, 2014 7:52 AM Flag

    Will you tell your Congressman about your need for "golden showers" that you have mentioned at least twice in posts?

    Bush and Cheney did a war in Iraq as part of a Starve The Beast attack on Washington and the US. Bush II and the Neocons arrived in Washington with the Iraq War as agenda. They are no more Americans than you are.

    Bush II not only uselessly bled out the US in Iraq, He took a dive in China's trade war with the US in those times. The transfer of wealth and technology to China in that time was historic in scale and scope as befits the loss of a large war. It does not appear to be recoverable.

    It's easy to see you buy the Republican echo chamber nonsense. They want wars, boots on the ground, in the Sand Trap forever. They carefully avoid offending China or its interests.

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    Oh NOoooooo not DEJA VU AGAIN!

    by keefwotgetsaround Dec 14, 2014 11:17 AM
    maguro_01 maguro_01 Dec 15, 2014 7:21 AM Flag

    The story "Better Place Dedicates First of 500,000 EV Charging Stations Planned For Israel" on the Edmunds AutoObserver site dates from 2008. Is that what you are referring to? What does it refer to - oversize parking meters where you pay to park and charge? It was up to 500000 and was for cars starting to arrive in 2011.

    Also from Wikipedia:
    "Better Place filed for bankruptcy in Israel in May 2013. The company's financial difficulties were caused by mismanagement, wasteful efforts to establish toeholds and run pilots in too many countries, the high investment required to develop the charging and swapping infrastructure, and a market penetration far lower than originally predicted by Shai Agassi. Less than 1,000 Fluence Z.E. cars were deployed in Israel and around 400 units in Denmark, after spending about US$850 million in private capital. [4][5][6] After two failed post-bankruptcy acquisition attempts,[7][8][9] the bankruptcy receivers sold off the remaining assets in November 2013 to Grngy for only $450,000.[10] "

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    Bad news coming for some

    by bunkferd Dec 12, 2014 9:47 AM
    maguro_01 maguro_01 Dec 15, 2014 5:51 AM Flag

    So now only the corruption of the Pay-To-Play system runs the show? Without :Lois Lerner to enforce the law, our would be plutocrats can buy the Tea Parties now too. Their strategy worked - if you can't change the law just run the cops out of town......

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    Bad news coming for some

    by bunkferd Dec 12, 2014 9:47 AM
    maguro_01 maguro_01 Dec 15, 2014 5:46 AM Flag

    "Others, mostly due to very bad life choices, check out early and no amount of government spending or rationing of health care is going to change that. "

    That is correct, certainly. As far as it goes. It does seem to overlook the large government subsidies for every thing from the beef industry to sugar. I think you have the view also that societies rot bottom up - of course they rot top down as we see. And the 'top down' can increasingly buy the government. It's interesting how our would be plutocrats are represented as so subject to 'moral hazard' from people they apparently so look down upon.. I recall that argument just after the housing bubble collapsed though it had been engineered to collapse.

    One thing that has puzzled me is how parents so little protect their kids from commercial predators and other hustlers that rot their bodies and heads so effectively. Maybe it's the second generation now so it wouldn't occur to them. Remember the time a company in the UK was caught with psych Phd's doing child focus groups / experiments for marketing with the kids brains wired up? In just the last few years that kind of thing is getting much more sophisticated.

    One origin of many problems is that kids have too much disposable income. So they are a rich market for everything including drugs, sociopathic games, and so on.

    By the way, rationing won't solve the problem of medical care within the present 18% US GDP which is unsustainable. That 18% was bought it Washington. Not any sort of market unless you consider Congress a market. Ditto the financial sector - medical care and finance take 1/4 US GDP roughly which was just over $4 trillion per year. The US spends far more per capita than other Western countries which have years longer life expectancies. But, yes, that's partly cultural. California's life expectancy is close to Canada's, so is New York's. The southeastern states especially and Appalachia bring the average down a lot.

  • maguro_01 maguro_01 Dec 13, 2014 5:51 PM Flag

    Both Clinton and Obama won by occupying the center. Calling them Communists is just talking trash.

    Republicans have not been into Capitalism / Markets for some time, they are the party of crony capitalism and plutocracy - the agenda of their funders. The dominant faction in Washington is not even Conservative, but rather Confederates if anything. Which means they are not actually Americans. All the states in the Southeastern Culture Area are on welfare from Washington, paid for by Texas, the Blue States, and some fracking. They are too socially and economically undeveloped to make a living and survive in the last century let alone this one. I don't think it works to call them "free", actually.

    When the time comes we get the Stars and Stripes, they get the Stars and Bars.

    I've never been in a labor union but it's clear that your obsession with them has led you to live in a parallel universe. You seem to have no connection to reality at all. Don't forget to pay your power bill and other obligations.

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    Bad news coming for some

    by bunkferd Dec 12, 2014 9:47 AM
    maguro_01 maguro_01 Dec 13, 2014 5:21 PM Flag

    Remember, Republicans like Ryan think that people should die in net worth order and that US debts could be reduced by cutting US life expectancy. The drug companies obviously agree with them.....

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    by keefwotgetsaround Dec 12, 2014 8:00 PM
    maguro_01 maguro_01 Dec 13, 2014 5:10 PM Flag

    Didn't you say you were totally bald? That and airport-style earmuffs would convince people you were an alien.

    Actually, that might add to the image and sell some cars. An Area 51 connection....

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    by crocster55 Dec 12, 2014 10:35 AM
    maguro_01 maguro_01 Dec 13, 2014 4:58 PM Flag

    There is no point to the Gen III car until better batteries are available. It should be substantially finished when they are, though. Being able to make them to scale would be helpful and some barrier to entry as well one would think.

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