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    Former employee is a joke

    by jprent41 Aug 27, 2015 12:13 PM
    malp2010 malp2010 Aug 28, 2015 5:50 PM Flag


    Did Ana work from November 2009 until 1/22/2015 averaging 6 days a week and approximately 85 hours each week?

    During her entire tenure, is it true that Ana did not take a vacation?

    Did Ana work from her surgery bed when she had a medical condition that required surgery?

    Did Ana really work 14 hours a day 6 days a week for over a 5 year period?

    Is Ana Superwoman?

  • The dollars are small but the partner is huge, Tyco SimplexGrinnell, or at least their parent is huge, Tyco International Inc TYC

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    Thank you Joe Carter & Adolph - LARD shareholders

    by malp2010 Aug 10, 2015 4:49 PM
    malp2010 malp2010 Aug 27, 2015 1:40 PM Flag


    I would have probably exercised the options. But I would have had confidence in myself and the company and would have kept them and paid the tax out of my $281,188 bonus and not complained about the taxes.

    Brown did agree though in 2013 to change the option price from $1.33 to $3.00 on some of his options and those options could total I believe 750,000. So I'll give Brown a thumbs up to that.

  • a quote from demarco, "Through this process, our strategy of building a technology and products based business that supports strategic National Security programs while generating significant value for our stakeholders has been both verified and demonstrated through the strong interest we received for several Kratos businesses.

    How does this, "while generating significant value for our stakeholders has been both verified and demonstrated through the strong interest we received for several Kratos businesses", translate to a NEW ALL-TIME demarco LOW?.

    per demarco, "generating significant value for our stakeholders" WHAT WORLD DOES HE LIVE IN?

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • They signed off on the 10K for 2014 but why the huge delay for the 10Q's for Q1 and Q2? They already gave the numbers thru 2 PR's. The expense reimbursement thing cannot be that serious or that material, if it is even true at all. I know that the PR financial data is unaudited but BDO and EY have already had enough time to complete both periods. I guess that they both just love those audit fees. what firm doesn't?

  • CONGRATS to demarco and board on their 2 completes today, or should we say 3

    the 52 WEEK LOW demarco
    the ALL-TIME LOW demarco
    and that electronics sale

  • malp2010 by malp2010 Aug 20, 2015 10:27 AM Flag

    Could be appearing today in San Diego

    demarco - congrats anyway on all of your past 52 WEEK LOW records and accomplishments

    Also a shout out to the great work of the board. Good luck with Levi & Korsinsky. On a positive note, you guys did slide by for the past 10 plus years with demarco

    All I can say is more raises, bonuses, and stock for all

  • Should be appearing soon in San Diego soon.

    demarco - congrats anyway on all of your past ALL-TIME LOW records and accomplishments

  • Nice job on the call you 2.

    Joe you did a great job of pressing Tom Brown and co, keeping them on their toes and holding their feet to the fire.

    To me, the other choice for them was to not exercise their options. If they are so concerned about paying 58% tax on those shares, just do not exercise them. Then it is a win/win. Tom and Katherine McDermott do not have to pay those high taxes and the shares are not further diluted. And by looking at the stock price, they do not really deserve those options anyway.

    I liked it the way Joe came back again at the end of the call. I like the way you gave them a beat down. I think that when Tom kept saying, say hi to Rich, he was referring to Richard Abde the managing member of Aroquios Capital. He is the one that wrote that letter to management and the board about various things like the buy back program. Rich was giving them static and so were you about the same things. Good job

    I have only been a shareholder now for about 11 months so I also like it when you were pressing them about they same BS every time, the 6 month period thing, then the year end thing, the same BS cycle every 2 - 3 years.

    And there is no really good reason why they cannot give backlog info quarterly. And pipeline data is kind of useless. That is probably one of the easier things to grow with no actual results.

    I could go on but my main reason for posting is just to say thank you.

    Also a special mention to Steve Wilson


    Bob Malnar

  • A new 52 week LOW

    bonuses, raises, and options for all. Don't forget to exercise them and sell them

  • malp2010 malp2010 Aug 5, 2015 4:31 PM Flag

    madaniels57 - do you know what scam means? If you do, you would not say that I do not know about the share count. You are guessing at 50-60M. I would say that you are naïve. I would say that it is more like 3 to 5 times that and growing as I type

  • a good chance to be a $2 by then

  • FREMONT, Calif., August 4, 2015 — Identiv, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVE) today announced preliminary results for the quarter ended June 30, 2015 and updated its 2015 annual revenue guidance.

    The Company expects to report second quarter revenue of approximately $15.6 million, an increase from $14.9 million in the first quarter and a decrease from $22.3 million in the comparable quarter of 2014. The Company expects an adjusted EBITDA loss of approximately $4.2 million in the second quarter primarily due to a significant increase in legal and accounting professional fees associated with non-core business activities and increased spending on partner marketing programs. Identiv’s second quarter revenue results were adversely impacted by a continued decline in the Company’s international sales and delayed deployment timeframes for new U.S. customers. The Company’s deferred revenue grew in the quarter by approximately $4.4 million, of which in excess of approximately $3.2 million will be recognized in the third quarter.

    The factors that affected the Company’s results in the first half of 2015 are anticipated to persist through the duration of fiscal year 2015 and as a result, Identiv now expects revenues for the year to be between $65 million and $70 million, a decrease from the previous revenue guidance range of $90 million and $95 million. In response to these factors, Identiv has begun to implement cost reduction activities and expects to be adjusted EBITDA positive on a run rate basis in the fourth quarter of 2015, compared to previous expectations of achieving positive adjusted EBITDA for the full year 2015.

    add a little BS

    “While we are disappointed that our 2015 revenues are being impacted by international softness and delayed domestic deployments, we are seeing strong demand for our products and increased momentum with new customer opportunities through our new partners and direct sales activities,” said Jason Hart, CEO of Identiv. “In response to the financial factors, we have begun to implement cost reduction activities focused on strengthening our core identity business. With recent brand name customer wins in aviation, technology, wearables, athletic apparel, healthcare and government, these actions are a way to further focus our resources on the underlying momentum in enterprise security and identities for people and objects. We expect to see a bottom-line benefit of these actions in the fourth quarter of 2015.”

  • If there are 18M share outstanding there is something seriously wrong!

    If there are 30M share outstanding there is something seriously wrong!

    271,074,800 shares traded in July, something is seriously wrong

  • malp2010 malp2010 Aug 3, 2015 1:49 PM Flag

    Ok. All I am saying is that these guys are as phony as a 3 dollar bill

  • malp2010 malp2010 Aug 3, 2015 11:55 AM Flag

    so you are saying that it is not FRAUD many times over, that it is just only FRAUD a few times over.

  • These guys are way out of control. The printing presses must be going 24/7

    TD America 33,618,254 shares traded on 7/31/2015 as of 12:01 PM PT

    18,000,000 shares outstanding


    Someone call the Florida state troopers and have them arrested, the SEC does nothing

  • According to TD Ameritrade

    Also according to TDA there are only 18,000,000 shares out

    Did I say that this stock, this company was a scam?

  • According to TD Ameritrade and Yahoo there is 18M.

    But for the time frame of 7/1/2015 thru 12/28/2015 12:06PM over 138M shares have traded.

    That means that the shares turned over 7.68 times alone just this month

    on 7/27/2015 alone over 13M shares were traded

    What a scam the stock is. How many shares are there outstanding?

    Are shares printed weekly or daily?

  • On the new 52 week low

    It's time for management to sell more of their exercised stock options for their latest achievement.

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