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mandan14shooter 50 posts  |  Last Activity: Apr 21, 2014 10:36 AM Member since: Nov 15, 2011
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  • mandan14shooter by mandan14shooter Apr 21, 2014 10:36 AM Flag

    i've lost many a brain cell over the years drinking too many Black Label and assorted beers, Tyrolia, Boones Farm and cheap wines and other commodities, but i think GOD is a Car Guy. HE must have designed the Duesenberg, a few Packards, a few Ferrari's, a few Jaguar's (who else could have designed the 67 XKE??) and in 63, HE tripled HIS designs with the Split Window, 63 1/2 Ford 427's and the Impala 2-dr. Hardtop 409's.
    A neighbor and member of our gang somehow bagged a beautiful, metallic brown 63 Impala 2-dr hardtop with the 425 horse package, two 4's and 4 speed. WICKED would have been an appropriate name for that car. His older brother was built like a tank, so his name was Tank and i gave the name "Jeep" to our buddy, who built like a Jeep. i had a 35 Ford 2-dr. sedan at that time with a 322 Buick, 4- barrel engine. It had two bucket seats for an interior, with no back seat, door panels or headliner and with the stock 3-speed top cover and 411 closed drive shaft rear end. i blew at least three trannys racing before i learned to start the qtr mile, rolling about 5 mph. We had two junk yards just west of town, where those old trannys could be bought for 25 bucks. i pulled the top cover to look at the gears, but never knew if the car would jump out of gear until i had it in there. We had a qtr mile strip just over the bridge, going out to Fort Mckeen. A third person would call out "GO" and with that light car and right gears, i would jump a car length right away. i had beaten the best cars out there, including 383 Plymouths, 389 Pontiacs and a guy with an Edsel and a big mouth coughed up 20 bucks in a loss. i was so far ahead of him, i could barely see his headlights at the end of the qtr.
    i knew racing Jeep was going to be the toughest race. Like all the other races, i jumped a car length at the start and barely held on at the finish, when he shot by me like a rocket. i think so many of us were born just at the right time in History....Thank GOD...

  • Edmonds, Lynnwood area. O'Reilly bought out Schucks, which put them in a nice position. Both are within 18 blocks from home. i have a few 78,79 Ford half-ton, long box work trucks with the rare, special order 460/C6 combo. i did a rear brake job and replaced the rear U-Joint on the 2 piece driveshaft yesterday on my daily driver. i went to Autozone and their book gave me a u-joint with the wrong bearing cup size. Went to O'Reilly, which is a hair closer and their book also gave me the wrong one. The guy behind the counter went through about ten boxes and came up with the right one. The lady that has been there a long time gave a part number out of her head to him and said "that one is cheaper", so i bought three of them. That's what QUALITY SERVICE is all about....

  • Ugly is sometimes nice. i bought quite a few UGLY old cars, but they didn't stay that way very long. The face of this board needs to be stripped....

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    New Scam ==== Tesla isn't a car company anymore

    by kbodie77777 Apr 11, 2014 5:43 PM
    mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Apr 12, 2014 1:23 AM Flag

    They 're just a fad kbodie. Kind of like hula hoops, Snooker pool and ducktail haircuts. Hair today, gone tomorrow....

  • mandan14shooter by mandan14shooter Apr 11, 2014 12:17 PM Flag

    The man is mad as heck and should be. This CRAZY gov't is totally out of control and there's 17, going on 18 to who knows how many TRILLION reasons to change leadership. You can't spend your way out of a SINKHOLE. obama & company are that sinkhole.
    i like to support the small, local lumber yard, but their prices are higher and their supply is limited. i had to go to HD to get a few rolls or roll roofing and flashing material the other day and the store was PACKED on a weekday afternoon. HD still ROCKS....GO FRANK GO....

  • mandan14shooter by mandan14shooter Apr 10, 2014 12:06 PM Flag

    Septic tank movies make the big $$$$....

  • Have a glass of wine on me....

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    Sherwin-Williams Acrylic Enamel....

    by mandan14shooter Mar 31, 2014 1:10 PM
    mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Apr 7, 2014 2:34 AM Flag

    Never had a Binks 7, but that was top of the line back then. Went 7 quarters to So. Seattle Community College, which was the best in trade schools. So many trades with so much to learn. Learn a trade for 75 bucks a quarter. An ol body man named Don Tyler taught us all how to metal finish, hammer weld and we did pick his brain. We all had to pass his oxy-acetylene welding tests with 22 gauge steel and most all of us did numerous completes before we left. The owner of a DuPont store came in one day and was nice enough to give everyone a Sharpe gun on credit and also gave everyone shop prices on material. A nice DeVilbiss and HVLP came later. That school turned into jobs at local body shops for some of us and i also worked three years at two street rod shops, chopping tops, rust repair, customizing etc. and 9 months at a well known 55-57 Tbird restoration shop, where i did all the mud work on rotisserie restorations. Unkl Frank, John the Painter and myself. 9 months of doing nothing but mud work is no fun, but when work is scarce, you have to gut it out....

  • mandan14shooter by mandan14shooter Apr 4, 2014 2:14 AM Flag

    A couple years ago i received a 9 pm Friday night call from a confused customer. He was the 2nd or 3rd minister at a local church and No. 1 handy man. His 16x8 heavy wood garage door would only come up a few feet. i don't recommend people winding torsion springs, but all he would have had to do was wind each spring a full turn. i told him i would drop over in the morning and scope out the damage. For some crazy reason, he had a couple helpers lift the door all the way up, so the tension was off the two springs, take off the two cables and set the door down. He then took the complete torsion tube, springs and drums, turned them around and set them on the cement floor. He then realized that it wasn't such a good idea, so he stepped behind them and lifted the complete unit back up, putting it up backwards. He noticed the drums didn't seem right, so he switched sides with them, put the cables back on and started winding the springs....backwards. He worked on that for hours before he called. He loosened the springs so many times, i had to replace the torsion bar and both springs. He might have had some other good handy man traits, but sometimes it's best to say a prayer and make a phone call....

  • mandan14shooter by mandan14shooter Mar 31, 2014 1:10 PM Flag

    i probably haven't painted a car/truck in over 15 years, but back in the day when Acrylic Enamel was at the top, SW Acrylic Enamel was the best out there inho. It was closest to a factory paint job as you could get. Better than Centari, better than Martin Senour and better than the rest. 30 bucks a gallon and i believe it was reduced 150 %, which was enough material to paint two full size cars. You could throw another 30 bucks in there to buy a hardener, but that wasn't necessary. imho, Acrylic enamel is probably the most difficult paint to shoot. There's a very fine line there between flowing it out and running it. When you leave the paint booth, it has to look good, but it will flow out a little more. Then along came Imron and blew all the acrylic enamels away. Their Metallic paints are simply beautiful. Three quarts of material and a quart of activator for 100 bucks at that time, which was enough for one car. Two coats and you have a beautiful paint job that will still have a nice shine 20 years later. It doesn't rub out easy, like acrylic enamel, so it has to be right the first time. Now the basecoat/clearcoat systems are here and the prices on automotive paint have gone through the roof. Most all the activated primers and sealers were excellent back then, but i think the PPG product line of K200, K36 primers and DP Sealers were the best choice. The amateur painters out there are probably crying in their beer, but the death of Lacquer painjt and products is a good thing. my humble opinion of course....

  • 193k miles on mine and still running like a Swiss Watch. The water pumps on both trucks started leaking a couple weeks apart. NEW ones were purchased at AutoZone for 34 bucks each. Oh Yea....

  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Mar 27, 2014 11:21 AM Flag

    Mistakes can be made. i remember doing a complete about 25 years ago on a 51 Chev. An original car with the original lacquer green paint. i don't know if the directions are the same these days, but back then Dupont directions used a 3601(?) SLOW lacquer thinner in their activated Imron sealer. The sealer is a very important part of a paint job. One medium activated coat before applying the finish coat and their recommended 30 minute waiting period should be stretched to at least an hour for adequate drying time. i put a medium sealer coat on, waited an hour, went back out and that sealer went right through and LIFTED THE ORIGINAL OLD LACQUER PAINT. That was amazing. i notified the company and suggested they change their sealer and i switched to to PPG DP sealers from that point on and never had a problem after that. Imron Mettalics are simply amazing. Two coats and your done and 20 years later, that old truck or car will still have a nice shine....

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    how many on this board are driving GM made cars?

    by mgvidpro Mar 18, 2014 4:28 AM
    mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Mar 24, 2014 1:53 AM Flag

    Driving now?? A white 77 Trans Am and it is a sweetheart.
    Driving soon??
    A 27 Pontiac 2-dr sedan, chopped top, IFS street rod. 350 engine, 400 turbo trans and a 9" Ford rear end.
    79 Trans Am with T tops.

    Project GM's??
    77 & 79 factory black Z28 Camaro 4-speed cars.

    High school cars??
    A burgundy 53 Chev 4-dr. lowered custom.
    A white with a red spear 55 Chev 2-dr post. 3 speed on the floor and tri-power. A strong running 301 engine and jacked up in the front. The engine wouldn't turn over, so i stole it for 150 bucks and all it needed was a head gasket on one side. It was tough looking car.
    A nice 54 Olds 2-dr hardtop and traded it for a lt. blue/white 56 Chev 2-dr post, 265 with a 3 speed on the column. Cool kids didn't drive an Olds in our town.

    After high school??
    A nice white 65 Chev 2-dr hardtop.
    A 69 Chevelle wagon and gave it to the wife to drive.
    A 33 Buick 3- window coupe. i replaced the rotted wood floor with 16 gauge steel, Chopped the top and suicided the doors. 33 parts are very hard to find, but i picked up a NICE grille through Hemmings for 250 bucks.
    A 57 harbor blue rolling shell Convertible.
    GM ruled the world in the 50's and into the 60's....

  • Acrylic Urethanes and true Polyurethanes. What a nice trip up the ladder. PPG Deltron, Dupont Imron or the new basecoat-clearcoats. All the paints shot differently, but 3M was right alongside all of them with the best sandpaper, tape and finishing products. my humble opinion of course....

  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Mar 20, 2014 12:43 PM Flag

    Those that have extra cash don't want to put it in a shoebox or in the bank. Most billionaires & millionaires took chances or they wouldn't be where they're at. What's ahead?? Who knows....

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    Burn oil ===== be happy

    by kbodie77777 Mar 16, 2014 10:47 AM
    mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Mar 16, 2014 3:57 PM Flag

    and our water bill for the last two months was thirty-two dollars. Good ol Snohomish County. WATER is the Key....

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    Burn oil ===== be happy

    by kbodie77777 Mar 16, 2014 10:47 AM
    mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Mar 16, 2014 3:55 PM Flag

    Using oil does not make 90% of the population guilty. It's the other 10% that's making all the noise. Of those 10%, probably .005% would take the time and effort to burn wood. A Fisher Mama Bear stove has been heating our small house for almost 40 years. We have no other heat source on the main floor. In those early days, i could buy Maple, Fir or Alder for 75 bucks a cord and two cords would last a winter. Now GOOD wood costs anywhere from 150-280 a cord, depending on who you know. The answers are not found in doing away with oil and coal, like those lunatic 10% would have you believe. ms. tarbottom of the sierra club would have have a hard time finding enough light to find her toilet paper, if she and her ilk had her way....

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    by johnrock1976 Mar 13, 2014 5:14 PM
    mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Mar 14, 2014 1:45 AM Flag

    Way to go Johnny. Put on Red River Rock for me, hold your head up high and never talk to pee-ons....

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    Thank you, Governor Christie!

    by tslamaniac Mar 13, 2014 9:08 AM
    mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Mar 14, 2014 1:37 AM Flag

    mr. christie took a nice begging walk along the seashore with mr. obama and that pretty much sealed his fate....

  • i've had a garage door company for 18 years and the other day a customer called and asked me to install his springs. He bought new springs on Amazon and thought he could save some money. He measured the springs, but didn't know the wire size and the company grabbed two springs off the shelf and sent them anyway. That's like ordering Levi Jeans without knowing your waist size. Yea, send me two pair with a 29" length. He opens the box and finds two pair with a 29" length and a 52" waist. That's what happened to this guy when he ordered two springs and threw his 90 bucks out the window. i got there and he had 2- 2"x.262x29" springs that would easily lift a 300 pound door. i told him that if i put those on, his 16x7 220 pound door would shoot up like a rocket, but he didn't reply, so i took 15 minutes and put his springs on anyway. If i didn't catch it, the door would have shot up like a rocket. i put the right springs on after that and he was a happy camper. Those springs might have already been changed out twice before, so you can't always go by the torsion springs that are up there. You have to weigh the door.
    There are always companies that will rip you off, whether it's a plumber installing an 16' water line under your sink and charging 550 bucks or a garage door company that will put 10 bucks worth of rollers, 8 bucks worth of bearing brackets and two springs and charge you 700 bucks. They will rape your wallet and smile when walking out to the truck. They have no conscience and never think about the consequences of their actions....

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