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  • mandan14shooter by mandan14shooter May 5, 2015 2:32 PM Flag

    He didn't care much for ironing his uniform or polishing his brass, so he'd look a mess most of the time. The Major wanted him gone in the worst way. Our legal office was in the back room of an older wood building. Five days a week, i'd walk in the front door and walk by the Major's office, Lt, Colonel's office and The Colonel's office ( a very KOOL guy).
    Wilbur walked in our door a drenched mess. The Major was on the front porch, saluting the flag as it was hoisted up the pole. Wilbur was in front of him and stepped up on the porch to get out of the hard rain. The Major said he would write him up for moving, instead of standing at attention. He was a little shaken, so i typed up a note, stating that Wilbur wanted Lt. Golub as his counsel. Navy Lt. Golub had never lost a case. Wilbur handed the note to the Major and never heard another word about it. In fact, the Major never bothered him again. Wilbur moved up to Edmonds, Wa. and stayed with us a few months. He found a nice girl, got married, had a few kids and lives in Seattle. i haven't seen or talked to him in 10 years, but if he needs another note or a gallon of wine, i'm the guy to call....

  • that I spent in grade school watching the clock, waiting for recess or lunch or to go home.
    Waiting for anything but school. My teachers could easily have ridden with Jesse James for all time they stole from me." richard brautigan

    Apparently he never had a Teacher like Sister Marmian. She taught every subject to 35 of us 8th graders and was also the Principal of the school. What a Dear Lady.

    i was stationed on Treasure Island for 15 months in 72 & 73 in the Marine Corps in their small, four person legal office. On weekends, along with two or three other jarheads, hopped in my 64 Econoline van and took off for parts unknown. Sometimes, we would take the North route and cruze through Golden Gate Park and then go over The Bridge to Sousalito and out to Bolinas . we'd pick up a gallon of wine and spend the afternoon lying on the the small beach.
    Wilbur (a nickname i gave him) was a terrible Marine, but was a very smart guy and avid reader. He went in the Corps a private and came out a private. mr. brautigan had a small house in the middle of that small town and Wilbur wanted to meet him, so we knocked on his door one Saturday afternoon, but no one was home.
    richard died in that house and his body wasn't discovered for a month or so. A couple of his books, with all the "f" words stunk pretty bad also. He should of had a Sister Marmian to give him a few lessons....

  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter May 5, 2015 1:28 PM Flag

    More $$$$/power for the likes of sharpton and jackson. How many Black Children of GOD are murdered by their own in just ONE day?? What do the above two jackals have to say about that??

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    Why is US steel tanking huge today ?

    by kored35 Apr 29, 2015 10:02 AM
    mandan14shooter mandan14shooter May 5, 2015 1:17 PM Flag

    my Son and i have a garage door company in Edmonds, Wa. A few months ago, used steel paid 6 cents a pound and now it's around 3 cents a pound locally, which amounts to 30-40 bucks a load. That's lunch money and the best, inexpensive lunch in town can be found at Dairy Queen. Three nice chicken strips, gravy, fries, drink and an ice cream sundae for 5 bucks or a bacon/cheeseburger and the rest for 5 bucks. What a deal....

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    Just Bought a ATS luxury Caddy

    by melonmaroon Apr 29, 2015 12:29 PM
    mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Apr 30, 2015 10:46 AM Flag

    Good for you. i remember when a Caddy was only bought by old farts, with a big bellys and smoking a cigar. Times have changed....

  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Apr 30, 2015 10:39 AM Flag

    i remember when JetBlue was 5 bucks. Did i buy any shares?? No, i was looking for something under a buck. Buying 10 or 20k shares seemed better than buying a few hundred....

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    the rumer is

    by oshtomoom Apr 27, 2015 12:58 PM
    mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Apr 30, 2015 10:32 AM Flag

    So they raise it a 1/4%. Who cares??

  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Apr 30, 2015 10:27 AM Flag

    Too many souls out there want to bury CHRIST again. It's a darnright shame, but they still have their apple watch to comfort them. i've missed Sunday Mass and Holy Communion 3 times in 30 years. i don't need an apple watch....

  • mandan14shooter by mandan14shooter Apr 22, 2015 12:23 PM Flag

    more about Yahoo than Marissa?? That job is tough enough, without all the knuckleheads screaming at her. Leave the Lady alone....please....

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    A year late and a dollar short.

    by gop_gray_matter Apr 21, 2015 12:50 PM
    mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Apr 21, 2015 1:51 PM Flag

    mr. obama never had what it takes to be a Soldier and never will have....

  • for a larger commercial builder here. we did a service call the other day for a very cordial customer, who's part of the bidding process for that company and he passed the information along....

  • i've only read 3 or 4 books in my life and they included:
    "Ford....the Men and the Machine", by Robert Lacey and
    "The Fords", by Peter Collier and David Horowitz.
    Henry did admire hitler at first, but that changed later in life. He certainly didn't finance hitler's death machine or have anything to do with the murdering of 6 million Jewish people. He was 100% behind the war effort.
    He didn't give credit to Edsel and didn't treat him like the good Son that he was, which probably contributed to Edsel's stomach problems and death....

  • mandan14shooter by mandan14shooter Apr 16, 2015 2:55 PM Flag

    Leona Helmsley is no longer spoiling her pooch, so might want to discontinue that item....

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    Bold Leftist Radicals

    by sdmiller4747 Apr 14, 2015 9:24 PM
    mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Apr 15, 2015 12:15 PM Flag

    and they still smell BAD. billery, warren and company smell all the way to Peking....

  • mandan14shooter by mandan14shooter Apr 15, 2015 12:06 PM Flag

    You bought:
    cnqr at 35 cents
    eqix at 55 cents
    tso at 3 bucks
    os (oregon steel) at 5 bucks
    inap at 20 cents
    oxy at 16 bucks
    etc, etc, etc, IF you weren't addicted to trading, which is seldom a good thing.
    Think about it....

  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Apr 15, 2015 11:53 AM Flag

    Never trust a stranger, unless they live in Edmonds, Wash. Over 9600 jobs completed, with only 1 bad check and that guy lived in Kirkland. That has to be a world record....

  • mandan14shooter by mandan14shooter Apr 13, 2015 10:56 AM Flag

    take advantage of it....

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    i bet against buffet

    by aud802009 Apr 1, 2015 6:01 PM
    mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Apr 13, 2015 10:55 AM Flag

    Never bet against mr. biggs. He couldn't convince George Bailey to go to work for him, but he can do most anything else. When your pockets are full of $$$$, they can weigh you down if you're not careful....

  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Apr 10, 2015 3:24 PM Flag

    Ted Cruz or Scott Walker. Prez or running mate would be nice and put common sense back in the white house. The occupants there mention GOD now and then, but talk is cheap when there's no substance behind it. Constant fighting is not good for America or the World....

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    Ford Topics!!

    by sicnickatnite Apr 6, 2015 9:05 PM
    mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Apr 7, 2015 12:47 PM Flag i've owned.
    1. 51 Merc Convertible for 80 bucks. Kind of a beater but it ran good and the hydraulic top would go with a little help.
    2. 50 Merc 2-dr for 125 bucks (a BEAUTIFUL car with a rebuilt V8).
    3. 35 Ford 2-dr. sedan, with a 56 Buick nailhead engine for 600 bucks (a SCREAMER). i tore out about 5 trannys before i learned to race from a rolling start.
    4. 29 Model A 2-dr. sedan for 125 bucks.
    5. 62 Ford 2-dr. light blue, stock 406 4-speed, tri-power MONSTER, radio delete car, for 2200 bucks. My Mom borrowed me the money and i thank GOD i didn't kill myself with that car. i had it a couple months, blew a valve at 130 mph and traded it to UNKL Les for his 54 Olds. Brother Brucie put a 292 engine in it and traded the labor for the 406 engine. He put it back together and in his 57 Ford Convertible, a car he owned for 40 years before he died in 1999.

    Also a few Chevy's:
    1. 56 2-dr. post, white/blue with a 265 + stick tranny. Traded UNKL Les's nice 54 Olds 2-dr. hardtop for it.
    2. 55 2-dr. post, white with same for 150 bucks and it was a nice car. It had a 301 modified Chev engine with tri-power and 3-speed on the floor. Even with towing the car, the engine wouldn't turn over, so i called Brother Brucie at work for help. He to pull the spark plugs and the water shot out of one cylinder. An easy fix with one head gasket. Cars in North Dakota were cheap back then.
    i had all those before i graduated from High School....GOOD TIMES were had by all back there.
    CARS, GIRLS, SPORTS and BLACK LABEL BEER were the main subjects on every boys mind back then.
    Some things never change....

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