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  • will be the newest suckers who will ride this train to sub $5.00 and the ......wait for it .....dreaded REVERSE SPLIT. It's amazing how many suckers pile on who, unknowingly, are the newest morons and even greater FOOLS than the lastest FOOLS.

    marco the genius : - ) I know some of Yinz are FOOLS; however, Yinz should feel better now that Yinz are no longer THE GREATEST FOOL. That honor belongs to the most recent buyers. Yessum!

  • Okay, here's my advice. Call yer broker and tell her to send yew all yer stalk certificates, immediately, if not sooner. Even though they're worthless, everything has some value if yew use it right. Sew, here's what to dew:

    1) Save yer toilet paper and use yer certificates to wipe with.
    2) Need to blow yer knows, huh? Don't waste that kleenex tissue, use yer LNCO certificates instead, every little bit helps.
    3) Do y'all check yer oil level, huh? Great way to save an oily rag, just use yer LNCO certificates
    4) Dew y'all go camping huh? Need to start a fire, huh? Yew get the idea, just light up with LNCO.
    5) Here's a good one. Do y'all have a dog, huh? How bout a kitty cat, like Karen? Why waste a good newspaper for the littler box lining when y'all can use yer worthless LNCO certificates instead?

    marco the genius : - ) Okay, I'm doing all the work hear. Hows about some of youze folks coughing up a few good ones too, okay? Yinz just gonna sit there and let me dew all the work, huh?

  • immediately, if not sooner, now than LNCO peaked and is now crumbling even as we post. Management nose that this may be their lastest chance to get more than $10.00 a share, and may be anxious to grab what they can when they can. I guess we can call it the can can, get it ...tee hehehe.

    marco the genius : - ) I can doubly guarantee that Yinz will be able to buy this POS for $7.50 in a couple or three months maybe sooner. Wassa matter you, huh? Yinz don't like money, huh? Remember, Yinz don't have long to dump de dump dump yer LNCO shares before the GREAT DILUTION POLLUTION commences to begin. Just thought I'd let Yinz know, okay?

  • It's Karen's rich daddy, who has copious amounts of stash and could lose a couple or three million and not even know it. Very few will ever know what is is to be that wealthy. Karen might be a little miffed, since she put uppity her tuition money, but, she'll just tell daddy to send more and the BIG FISH will send a check for double what she asks. He nose better than to knock me because I may be his son in law one day.

    So. iffin I lose this short, we'll just do it again, only this tyme a little higher.

    marco the genius : - ) Eventually, Yinz are the loser, cause this stock is headed to ZERO., maybe lower. Have fun watching LNCO sell off tomorrow DUDES! I'm breaking out the beer & wings, can't weight.

  • Everybody SHORT NOW!

    marco the genius : Whatever y'all are going to SHORT, short another 1000 shares to do a number on wacky wallis, okay?

  • DILUTION POLLUTION! Yeppers, now that LNCO is trading above $11, there's a significant probability LNCO management may decide to unleash them 500,000,000 shares, maybe more, on a very weak market. That will devastate all the new suckers, err, I mean optimistic units of the new members club.

    marco the genius : - ) Here's what to do now. First, sell everything you may have purchased recently as quickly as possible, if not sooner. Next, look for a good doctor, there's obviously something severely wrong with ya for buying this sinking Titanic. Next, buy some good weed and keep it close bye. Iffin Yinz ever get the urge to buy LNCO again, light uppity until the urge goes away. After the 2nd joint, bravery will overcome ya. That's when to go short LNCO, when yer feeling high. That's the irony: the lower LNCO goes, the higher you get.

  • marcopubio by marcopubio Apr 14, 2015 4:46 PM Flag

    good time to short!

    marco the genius ; - ) easy money, INTC back to $20.00

  • Reply to

    Buying Put Options

    by ronharv Apr 13, 2015 12:24 PM
    marcopubio marcopubio Apr 14, 2015 12:03 AM Flag

    Yew total Fool, do you know where MAX PAIN IS, HUH? That option will expire worthless. That's the oldest option rip off in the book.

    marco the genius : - ) Oh Lord, deliver me from the total morons. How long must I suffer em, huh? Comon Lord, gimme a break, okay?

  • I don't usually post stuff from suspect sources, however, Millie has never once been wrong. Okay once she was wrong. She thought she was wrong when she predicted Hillary would announce her bid for the presidency, however, she was wrong, recent events show she was right again!

    Okay, here's the deal here folks, Millie says "woe unto them's that are Long LNCO, for LNCO will experience a mighty shaking and will lead many Long retail folk to ruin, and ever worser stuff. Millie advised anyone still Long the stock to get out immediately, if not sooner, to avoid a catastrophic loss, or worse.

    marco the genius : - ) Oh, I almost forgot, Millie asked me to tell Yinz who are compassionate to send a couple or three bucks to the disabled witches foundation in Farkel County, and asked Yinz to send it to me, marco, who will see that she gets it.

  • marcopubio by marcopubio Apr 11, 2015 12:52 AM Flag

    Every penny LNCO made this weak will evaporate in the haste to unload the biggest sinking Titanic in the market next weak. If any of Yinz have any profits right now-I seriously doubt it-and y'all don't sell AT DA BELL ON MONDAY, well, yer worser than a stupid FOOL. Yeppers, Yinz are the worstest of all sumbags, yer even worser than my neighbor's dog. Yep, that evil Pit Bull-named evil Bob, by the way- bites women and children.

    marco the genius : - ) Me and Karen are going out for wings and beer. Have a terrible weekend all you evil LONGS. I'll be back Monday to ruin yer day.

  • marcopubio by marcopubio Apr 9, 2015 10:53 PM Flag

    Any of Yinz not going to pay yer capital gains taxes this year, huh? Tom Stewbash tole me that the IRS doesn't check on most non reported stock gains. He said he hasn't paid his gains for years and never got caught. He owes about $45,000 in gains taxes, but, if he gets caught, his accountant tole em that you can negotiate most of it away. They have all these services that, you know, sort of make the IRS go away and stuff.

    marco the genius : - ) I doubt they're gonna send me to jail for forgetting to report a couple or three bucks in gains when people like OJ Simpson go free after killing a couple white dudes. Hey, if we all don't pay our taxes, maybe they can't send young kids to the middle east any more to die for somebody's oil. Anybody know if you can claim a refund and they won't check, huh? Just looking to make a quick couple or three bucks, and ain't that the American way, huh?

  • marcopubio by marcopubio Apr 9, 2015 12:09 AM Flag

    Yinz will never believe what happened to me. Go ahead, take a guess. Wanna know, huh? Okay, I'll tell yaz. I was arrested for something I didn't do and had to spend a couple or three days in THE BIG HOUSE. They violated my rights and wouldn't let me call my attorney-I plan to sue em for that-and fed me stuff a starving PIG wouldn't eat. My first act after being released was to get them 2 big King burgers for $5.00, and them BK chicken nuggets for $1.57; however, they went back uppity to $3.00 while I was in detention. Then, I went to Sarbucks and had me a double latte. Guess what I did then? I'm trying to find a new attorney, because this fool thinks I'm guilty and wants me to cop a plea. Yea, gimme a break, okay?

    Anyway, thems of Yinz that are Long this sinking Titanic will be happy to hear I gotta dump some of me options to pay for the bail. That hurts too, since LNCO is headed to $5.00, or lower.

    marco the genius : - ) Yinz know, of course, that marco imposter is freepornspring. I've decided to beat him up, so I'm gonna hire some Big Paluka who wants to do a knuckle job on freeporn. After freeporn, I'm keeping Big Brutus around iffin one of Yinz wanna start something. I'M BACK, RUN!

  • I live next to three Marcellus engineers who make their living "FRACKING" away at the oil under your basement floor. Although they claim they're losing $$$ right now, they have NO INTENTION of stopping the extraction, OR HALTING NEW EXPLORATION! They are, however, gambling with their future because they are borrowing to keep the ball-OIL-rolling.

    marco the genius: - ) The BIG CAHUNA of their company expects LNCO to fail sometime in 2017, after their hedging disappears. Once The Street factors in BK-or a devastating reverse split-it's curtain's for LNCO, and thems of Yinz who are stuck in the middle with this sinking Titanic. Yeppers!

  • Snaggletooth just warned that oil may drop to under $10/bl soon, maybe sooner.

    marco the genius : - ) Thanx Zenny. Well, I guess Yinz know what to do now, I don't have to ell yaz, huh?

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE sell all your LNCO shares immediately, if not sooner, okay?

    MARCO THE GENIUS : - ) if Yinz do, y'all wlll be rewarded in heaven, okay?

  • marcopubio marcopubio Mar 31, 2015 11:59 PM Flag

    Comon Dude, you expect us to believe that, huh?

    marco the genius : - ) If you do, I have a bridge for sale in NYC. Yer an idiot.

  • LNCO may start dumping copious amounts of new shares immediately, if not sooner, since no block sales could be found. Oh no, bad news for the LNCO Semper Fi, this could be the wipe out we're all expecting.

    marco the genius : - ) Don't be a FOOL, wait for the dilution and subsequent reverse split if Yinz really want a piece of this sinking Titanic, okay?

  • LNCO just announced a 1/2 billion $$$ stock dilution. The reason why this is such a HUGE deal is because the stock is falling, and every dollar the stock falls means more dilution pollution for LNCO Semper Fi perma Fools. Yea baby, more shares MUST be dumped to get the 1/2 billion. Trouble is, nobody in their right mind wants these shares knowing LNCO is planning a HUGE DUMP, probably when the stock does a dead cat bounce back above $10.00 again.

    marco the genius : - ) Folks, I don't know any shorts losing money on this stock. I know a bunch of folks who say they're short, but, I seriously doubt they're short anything. I can short-actually I use puts-because I MUST wear a barrel around my waist when I go out BECAUSE MY BALLS ARE WAY TOO HUGE FOR MY PANTS!

  • Okay, what rimes with Boss, huh? Anybody?

    Okay, I'll tell yaz: LOSS! Yea, that right, LOSS. Remember, LNCO setup a DILUTION which may drive these shares down over 50% from where we closed today. Anybody not SHORT this stock is a total FOOL, or, mentally challenged,maybe worser.

    marco the genius : - ) The worst is yet to come fools. LNCO will do a 10x reverse split when these shares trade under $5.00. This is why I pulled my $5.00 limit order. LNCO may be worth less than $0.50/share after the dilution pollution. NOT WORTH THE RISK. SELL, SELL. SELL!

  • trade below $20.00 BEOY.

    marco the genius : - ) INTC runs this company for the benefit of management, not the stockholders. I think they call it managerial capitalism, otherwise known as RIPOFF the shareholders. Why do you Semper Fi INTC perma Bulls wanna make already fat slobs even fatter, huh?

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