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  • marcopubio marcopubio 6 hours ago Flag

    Comon Dude, you expect us to believe that, huh?

    marco the genius : - ) If you do, I have a bridge for sale in NYC. Yer an idiot.

  • LNCO may start dumping copious amounts of new shares immediately, if not sooner, since no block sales could be found. Oh no, bad news for the LNCO Semper Fi, this could be the wipe out we're all expecting.

    marco the genius : - ) Don't be a FOOL, wait for the dilution and subsequent reverse split if Yinz really want a piece of this sinking Titanic, okay?

  • LNCO just announced a 1/2 billion $$$ stock dilution. The reason why this is such a HUGE deal is because the stock is falling, and every dollar the stock falls means more dilution pollution for LNCO Semper Fi perma Fools. Yea baby, more shares MUST be dumped to get the 1/2 billion. Trouble is, nobody in their right mind wants these shares knowing LNCO is planning a HUGE DUMP, probably when the stock does a dead cat bounce back above $10.00 again.

    marco the genius : - ) Folks, I don't know any shorts losing money on this stock. I know a bunch of folks who say they're short, but, I seriously doubt they're short anything. I can short-actually I use puts-because I MUST wear a barrel around my waist when I go out BECAUSE MY BALLS ARE WAY TOO HUGE FOR MY PANTS!

  • Okay, what rimes with Boss, huh? Anybody?

    Okay, I'll tell yaz: LOSS! Yea, that right, LOSS. Remember, LNCO setup a DILUTION which may drive these shares down over 50% from where we closed today. Anybody not SHORT this stock is a total FOOL, or, mentally challenged,maybe worser.

    marco the genius : - ) The worst is yet to come fools. LNCO will do a 10x reverse split when these shares trade under $5.00. This is why I pulled my $5.00 limit order. LNCO may be worth less than $0.50/share after the dilution pollution. NOT WORTH THE RISK. SELL, SELL. SELL!

  • trade below $20.00 BEOY.

    marco the genius : - ) INTC runs this company for the benefit of management, not the stockholders. I think they call it managerial capitalism, otherwise known as RIPOFF the shareholders. Why do you Semper Fi INTC perma Bulls wanna make already fat slobs even fatter, huh?

  • Buy 11,500 shares of LNCO

    Limit: $4.99
    Time in force: Day
    Routing: SMART
    Special Instructions: None
    Estimated total: $57,385.00

    marco the Genius : - ) That's where I'm gonna scoop uppity copious amounts of LNCO shares. Iffin y'all pay more than $4.99, you need to open yer smart phone, text your mother, and tell her there's serious doubt you'll have any money left, because you're too stupid to be buying stocks. At $4.99, I'm a LNCO Semper Fi BULL two. GLT all shorts above $4.99, and to all Longs below $4.99.

  • Walley Stewbash just heard INTC could dip below $20.00.

    marco the genius : - ) And he's an INTC BULL. O M G

  • maximize profits, but, iffin ya can't maximize profits, then, minimize losses. So, here's how to minimize yer losses, okay?

    First, put a market sell order in around $9.00. There's absolutely no support for LNCO once it crosses that critical threshold, and LNCO could suddenly plunge a lot lower.

    Second, setup a short-or short calls, however y'all want to do it-at $9.00. Once LNCO dips below $9.00, it becomes resistance instead of support.

    Third, admit publicly how much y'all lost to the rest of the board. It always helps to admit the truth when y'all, you know, #$%$ up and stuff.

    Fourth, keep a record of the event and when LNCO goes Ch 11, Yinz can join me for a beer in The Red Dragon Bar & Grill for a Party. Drinks are on yer olde buddy marco for doing the right thing.

    marco the genius : - ) Don't post to anybody who bashes me. LNCO hired some anti marco goons who get paid $1.57/post to bash me. At last count, there's three-whom I won't mention at this time-who are paid LNCO Pumpmeisters, and they know who THEY are.

  • marcopubio marcopubio Mar 23, 2015 10:25 AM Flag

    Strike him with lightning Jesus.

    marco the genius : - ) A cat 5 tornado will also do.

  • I will bring the donuts in for the 6 I stole without paying last month.
    I won't kick Karen's dog anymore when it barks-I can't stand that.
    I'll only trash posters who trash me.
    I'll donate $5.00 to the Democratic Party
    I won't call in sick again to go to the casino.

    marco the genius : - ) Help me Jesus, make LNCO drop to $5.00.

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    Selling LINE and Buying LNCO

    by widjj Mar 20, 2015 12:02 AM
    marcopubio marcopubio Mar 20, 2015 12:35 AM Flag

    Okay, I'll byte.

    Here's the straight skinny Dude. Until Nov. 21, 2013, LNCO traded with a premium above LINE. Then, something happened. Iffin yer too stupid to see it, buy LNCO. I'd love to bet against you and the rest of the fools like yew.

    marco the genius : - ) I'd tell yaz more, but, I LOVE trading against stupid Pilgrims.

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    Let's "play the spread" on Linnco

    by donkergen Mar 19, 2015 8:32 PM
    marcopubio marcopubio Mar 19, 2015 10:49 PM Flag

    Here's how it works: Short LINE and buy LNCO. Unfortunately, when LINE acquires stuff, guess what happens to LNCO? Anybody who saw what happened after the last acquisition chime in hear, okay?

    marco the genius : - ) Yer biggest problem is LNCO is owned by dumb money, youze retail folks. LINE is owned by smarter (dumb) money, institutions who screwed uppity.

  • when LNCO prints in the 8's, for everyone that didn't gimme a hard time.

    marco the genius : - ) Don't nobody buy this sinking Titanic until we plunge below $9.00, okay? Comon, help yer olde buddy marco who never stops looking out for y'all folks.

  • marcopubio by marcopubio Mar 19, 2015 8:29 AM Flag

    I feel dizzy, must be sumthin I EIGHT
    Bad day for OIL, LNCO headed to EIGHT.

    marco the genius : - ) Yinz were lucky yesterday, making all those ill gotten gains. I guess it's like, you know, The Man giveth then the Big Man cometh and taketh away. Take it all away Big Dude, back to EIGHT, okay?

  • marcopubio by marcopubio Mar 17, 2015 11:59 PM Flag

    It’s getting quite late and we want to print 8
    Great profits await so we don’t want to wait
    Sooner or later it comes down to fate
    The lower we rate the company we hate

    The price must abate so the profit be great
    And still we await the LNCO print 8.

    march the genius : - ) WE got within ONE PENNY. Then, greedy, evil minded Semper Fi got stupid, so now it's taking a little longer. Yinz know, of course, once it closes in the $8s, this POS is perma toast.

  • WAR!

    I ran a computer simulation program using the CIA's Miter Grp. simulation program-while they weren't looking of course-and came uppity with the onlyest event, with a probably above 1%, which could lead to a long term sustainable increasing trend for oil: WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

    Then, marco ran the probability of WAR in the Middle East for the next couple or three years. Surprisingly, Miter's program predicts WAR, with a probability of 87% before the presidential election in 2016. HUH? I don't get it, but, that's what your clevrest think tanks are betting on, using the software probabilities they inputed last month.

    marco the genius : - ) So, if you're still holding on to LNCO, y'all are betting on BLOOD. Otherwise, Yinz would drop this PIG faster than a speeding photon.

  • Shouldn't bee too long now.

    marco the genius : - ) Now, aren't Yinz glad y'all dumped when I tole yaz, huh? Otherwise, ya woulda had ta watch with horror as this stock races to its demise: REVERSE SPLIT! Just think, with that dilution pollution hanging over yer heads, now that the stock prices is even lower, LNCO may not even hold $2.00 when management starts the DUMPING process. Good thing Yinz dumped when I tole yaz, huh?

  • Stuck in a company orientation this weekend. Yinz ever been through one of them, huh? They're HORRIBLE, and that's their good point. if y'all have been here less than a year, ya gotta go, whether ya like it or knot. Karen's spissed-without the s of course-she's in a play and wants an audience. Ya don't get to see her though, she one of 6 voices singing in a Greek chorus, or something.

    I'd skip outta this friggin orientation, but, it's a condition of employment, and I already excused myself outta two other ones. What makes this one even worser, that dizzy broad we hired last month is in my group. Everyone hates her, and for good reason: they're paying her more money that us, and she's a friggin English major, for Gawd's sake. She's probably the diversity employee, since she's the onlyest broad in the group.

    So, Yinz are probably having a good tyme at the bar and stuff, while yer olde buddy marco is here in this torture chamber learning about safety, sexual harassment and disclosure policies.

    marco the genius : - ) I'll be back later to tell y'all where LNCO's headed next week, okay? Gawd, could I use some good weed right now. I wonder if that dizzy broad wants to light up?

  • it's headed much lower.

    marco the genius : - ) Trust me on this, okay?

  • marcopubio by marcopubio Mar 13, 2015 9:33 AM Flag

    Gone, but, not forgotten!

    marco the genius : - ) Took a while, huh? Now, down to $8.00. Y E S!

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