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marcopubio 123 posts  |  Last Activity: 7 hours ago Member since: Jul 23, 2011
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  • Good bye to all of yaz, and thems of Yinz who were mean to marco, well HELLO without the O to Yinz folks. I'm sick and tired of giving y'all folks fast, insightful, important updates, then have to face the slings and arrow of outrageous pejoratives loosed by the professional pumpsters who get $1.25/pump to bash poor but honest marco. My little dog Spanky barks constantly whenever I'm on the LNCO board. Dogs sense things, and he senses that there's mean spirits, greedy souls, and sour grapes bashers who will all probably go to Hello without the O, or maybe worser, he don't know.

    You folks know Yinz is ruining the environment, and LNCO may be responsible-according to well informed sources- for about 2% of the carbon emissions causing global warming. All you evil minded, profit maximizing capitalists should quake in yer boots, the spector of marco is upon y'all.

    marco the genius : - ) So, here's where we part forever, good bye and bad luck to everyone here who gave me a hard tyme. Good luck to my favorite poster buzzy, who, unlike y'all folks, saw the light. Ya know, Yinz remind me of them there Harvard folk, they claim to have Veritus, but, there's no LUX! I have Lux, but, I'm taking it with me and leaving y'all folks here in the dark. So bye, bye greedy people, Yinz won't sea marco again.

  • Bad news was leaked a few hours ago. It may not hit the news wires till later. If yer long LNCO, you could be ruined.

    marco the genius : - ) A market SELL order at the open may save what's left of yer beaten down portfolio. Sell & at the Bell, and look me up, we'll go have a beer and you can tell me how great I am, okay?

  • I'll try not to hurt em too bad cause he is a funny guy, at least his posts make me laugh since nobody could seriously express stupid ideas like that and still be alive.

    marco the genius : - ) Okay, I guess he's gonna put me on that poster list which he claims is onejust guy, huh? Okay WW, send yer slings and arrows and yer stinging pejoratives, for I have the strength of 10, because I have clean hands and a pure heart. Oh, and I have a wicked left hook!

  • marcopubio by marcopubio Jan 26, 2015 10:11 AM Flag

    Grab yer profits and RUN!

    marco the genius : - ) There's a BAD MOON a coming. Yeppers.

  • Anybody with any money in a Greek bank better get there early, here's what that commie pinko government is planning.

    1 Greece will go back to the Drachma, immediately making every Greek bank insolvent.
    2 Greece will immediately, if not sooner, nationalize the banking system.
    3 They will immediately denominate all Greek debt in Drachmas.
    4 They will devalue the Drachma 30 - 75%, most likely 50%.
    5 All deposits will be frozen and no foreign exchange conversion until they settle accounts.
    6 Debt repayment will allow Greek nationals to receive most of their investments in bonds and stock in Greek banks using equity swaps, but, foreign holders will be mostly wiped out.
    7 The new Greek central bank will monetize much of the debt like the Fed, print more Drachmas than you can stick a stick at.
    8 Everyone with a pension or government job will get a big raise. Taxes will be lowered and new social programs for the poor.
    9 Within a few months, Greece could see 100% inflation and the worst depression in that country's history. Expect a huge exodus out of Greece with a lot of new Greek restaurants in the US. Can you say galatuborica and pastisio every day?

    10 Watch Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Russia to also default on their international loans. Putin's revenge, depression in Europe too.

    11. Expect $20 oil and at least a year before the central banks can do anything effective to stop the drop in stocks.

    marco the genius : - ) My guess the SPY will lose at least the last 3 years of gains before the bottom. Welcome to Hell Week folks, the Bull is Dead ......for now.

  • Here ot comes, folks. THE BIG ONE!

    marco the genius : - ) How many of Yinz got out last weak like I tole yaz, huh? Sea, ya shoulda listened to marco.

  • Syriza, the commie left gangster party, just won the Greek election. Default on $450B in Greek debt imminent. Then, down goes Portugal, Italy and Russia.

    Here's what's coming: Euro will be destroyed, dollar will soar, economies will slide into depression in Europe & Russia, and severe recession in the USA. The 10-Yr will really get hammered, rate may fall below 1.5%. Oil-this is the BIG one-will trade in the low $20s, maybe lower.

    marco the genius : - ) Look dudes and dudesses, get SHORT or get OUT! Here comes the 35% correction and a HIUGE deflationary spiral. Better get out folks, Yinz don't have much tyme.

  • Reply to

    LNCO will trade in the low $8s next weak

    by marcopubio Jan 23, 2015 5:01 PM
    marcopubio marcopubio Jan 23, 2015 8:17 PM Flag

    Hi shiney, how y'all doing, long tyme know sea. Answer me this, how'd y'all beat that mail fraud charge from those bogus chips y'all were selling in e-bay, huh?

    marco the genius : - ) Just curious. Are you out on probation again?

  • This weak Yinz played 9 ball. Next weak, it's 8 ball.

    marco the genius : - ) Does anybody remember what color the 7 ball is, huh? Isn't it yellow, or something like that, huh?

  • marco the genius : - ) Anybody?

  • All this malady for Yinz oil folks has plenty to do with Russia, and Putin's desperate need for cash to pay for his new arms race. Most wouldn't have guessed that Russia's newly found militarism could cause such disequilibrium in the oil markets, but, the key to military power is determined by arms, and arms is determined by money. So, Russia has to pump every last ounce and sell to any buyer. Combine this with Obama's trashing of the military, and one of the largest users of oil, the U.S. military, and ya got reduced demand combined with increased supply. Next, the frackers and a flood of new oil, with no place to go. Not done yet, Europe and Japan are slipping into recession, further weakening demand for oil. AND THE BIGGEST WAMMIE OF ALL: DA FED. Yeppers, expectation of higher US interest rates.

    marco the genius : - ) So, here it is: wait for Putin to get deposed and the Russian oligarchs take back control with business as usual. Until then, stay out or stay short oil. Here's what's funny, Obama claimed that economic sanctions would eventually make Russia see the light in the 21st century. Military action, he said, is less effective than economic pressure. Well, almost nothing he did so far worked out the way he thought, but, these crazy sanctions may be the onlyest thing to turn out the way he said. I wonder if that's all it takes now to make nations behave. It would take a lot more than that to get some of the moron posters on this board to behave, perhaps cyber nuke would quiet them down a bit.

  • marco the genius : - ) Wow, even the CFO can't stand it anymore, leaving y'all folks holding Da Bag, .....AGAIN!

  • marcopubio marcopubio Jan 22, 2015 8:54 AM Flag

    marco tried to warn yaz, they-and they know who they are-may be planning a massive dilution (second offering) which will absolutely destroy any value if Yinz own it down here.

    marco the genius : - ) marco nose what these scallywags are up to even before they know. Oh, here come the law suits. That CFO just opened the door. Folks, the lawyers will own this stock now. Iffin yer a current owner, ya may wanna join one of the many class actions.

  • Fools, oil surplus oil schurpluss, ah baloney, it's all about that all mighty dollar. When The Buck goes uppity, oil goes DOWN, kinda like Monica on Billy. Soooo, iffn Yinz have been paying attention, the ECB is ready to do a tripple Bernake-QE up the Ying Yang, kinda like Japan. Guess what happens to your favorite currency? Anybody? Okay, I'll tell yaz: .....wait for the friggin MOON BABY! Yeppers, blast off time.

    Ya see folks, it's this way, Europe is struggling and wants to export some of its unemployment over to its closest ally-yea right-US. Italy and Greece have a little problem here, people have enough spaghetti and olives, and more than enough galatuborica-Jakie Kennedy's favorite desert- and pastisio. So, lets do the QE baby. Germany loves every minute of it, since it trashes the euro, greatly benefiting German exports, and doing number two on the US. Withe The Fed committed to raising rates soon, guess what happens to the dollar and its cousin the Swiss franc, huh? Anybody? Okay, I'll tell yaz .....wait for the friggin MOON BABY! Yeppers, blast off time.

    marco the genius : - ) Yinz have 2 chances: SLIM & NONE!

  • marcopubio by marcopubio Jan 20, 2015 10:10 PM Flag

    Say good bye to $9.00 soon, headed to $5.00 faster than I thought.

    Look, here's the deal, once oil crashes below $40.00, Yinz can forget the dividend, AND, prepare for a massive dilution. Not only will the dividend evaporate, your equity will be diluted away to pay down debt and to keep management in those hefty bonuses they feel they deserve.

    marco the genius : - ) Just trying to help y'all better manage yer portfolio. On this freaking board it seems no good deed goes unpunished. Oh, btw, any of y'all folks wanna sign up for my weekly newsletter, huh?

  • Inheritance is one of the 4 pillars of capitalism. Here's the problem.

    If one family member succeeds, money earned is passed back to other family members. The more money passed back through inheritance, the larger the advantage that family has. Their kids will be better educated.They'll grow up in better crime free neighborhoods. They'll have more desirable friends. Their kids will perpetuate this advantage into the future. IS THIS FAIR TO THE POVERTY CHILD?

    Why should the poverty child be punished just because his parents aren't member of the elite? Most of the money the elite accumulated probably was stolen from the poor to begin with.

    marco the genius : - ) Once the wealth owner expires, THE PEOPLE own the wealth, to HELLO without the O for the kids. Get em Obama

  • WORRY!

    easy money is the best money. Smells like ,,,,, a new Beemer.

    marco the genius : - ) Rumors of marco's misfortune have been greatly exaggerated. beep beep

  • Brent and WTI crashing again! Uh oh!

    marco the genius : - ) Iffin Yinz sold like I tole ya, don't worry, be happy. Iffin not, bend over and assume the position, Yinz are up that Proverbial Creek again without the necessary means of locomotion.

  • marcopubio marcopubio Jan 16, 2015 12:34 AM Flag

    Look hypster, here's how it works, okay

    A convertible bond is sold to retire debt, or add cash for future debt payments. The bond is convertible to stock. This is the same thing as a secondary offering and a reverse split. Can ya say DILUTION POLLUTION? Huh?

  • The only possible way to save what's left of LINE was to cut the dividend to zero and issue a convertible bond -dilutive to Yinz folks- and suspend operations in all marginal areas. I know Yinz don't like to hear dividend suspension, since y'all folks bought it for that.However, that would have nailed LNCO to about $7.00 - $8.00 per share and sent the arbs to some other stock. This way, there's no bottom to LNCO, since falling oil prices keeps exasperating the debt situation, and soon LINE won't be able to meet the payments, in spite of credit lines.

    marco the genius : - ) It's a funny thing about greed. If Yinz had given up the dividend, LNCO would still be depressed for a year or two, but, Yinz would have had a chance to get some of yer money back. This way, y'all have about 2 months before the wolves close in in yaz.

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