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mardermj 29 posts  |  Last Activity: Apr 22, 2015 1:25 PM Member since: May 6, 2004
  • Last week imports shrank, which doesn't make sense if you think the dollar is stronger and cash is available to the gas happy travelers enjoying cheap oil. And exports shrank, as the strong dollar, and oil not so cheap, hurt those guys.

    Talk about world wide dreaded deflationary pressures, the only guy without dread is the employed guy here in the US, unless of course he's food shopping, where size shrinkage has taken the place of inflationary pressures. I note a 30% DECREASE in store brand cleaning soap, versus stuff like TIDE, but the packages of eatables are 10% smaller, at the same price.

    Is this the time for US to be hiking interest rates, even at the snail's pace of a quarter a quarter, starting right in the middle of a flagging home buying season? Some of the putzes at the FOMC think so. And that's the real danger to the recovery, those clowns ignore what few stats they can rely on, and put a pin in the balloon right when we're deflating.

    Then watch as 40% of the market crash dives without relief, because, those numbers that indicated no interest rate hike were ignored, so, why should logic, common sense, or proper course arise after those initial hikes. I mean, they said, we're watching the numbers. If they DON'T, who'll stop the rain?

    Word up.

  • mardermj mardermj Feb 13, 2015 9:37 PM Flag

    This week the lunatics continue their reign, and I relish half the premium to disappear from the covered calls I sold against my Russell2000 long ETF by Tuesday when markets resume post President's Day. That means when idiots review the FOMC Meeting Notes from LAST time looking for alternative DVD endings? That bobble will be countered by low oil prices, as even tho inventories shrink, $2 a gallon gas and $3 a gallon heating oil reign supreme. A traders delight remains.

    My God, the market actually works without Fed manipulation vis a vis oil. We have Saudi manipulation to "thank". Best watch when they start selling their US stock holdings I guess.

    But I don't think the marginal shale oil producers will last more than a couple months. Tops. As housing falters, the setup is for claims to continue to rise, so that numbers are "bad" enough for traders to gamble on gaming the Fed's next move, which "should" be nada, according to the official "numbers". Never mind the Cambell Chicken Soup which shrunk from 26 to 23oz, or the Carnation Creamer that dropped from 56 to 50 oz, that couldn't possibly be inflation.

    So as far as gaming the Fed, folks will say, food doesn't count. The Fed is so screwed up on numbers they can't rely on, they're gaming themselves. If you're trading this market without some downside protection, you're whistling past the graveyard. It could be yours. Word up.

  • Bad economic news is good news, the world falls apart, the Greeks grok, the Ukraine continues its mad takeover of Eastern Europe, the EURO crumbles, co's report blah earnings and Michigan Sentiment crashes--FOLKS ARE GAMING THE FED'S NEXT MOVE--why, how could the Fed pop overnight rates, says the market, gaming no hike 2015, and bids musical chairs to the highest P/E's EVER. Wait for the old saw "markets always go up 20% after Fed's hikes begin" retreaded.

    The problem? If the markets are gaming low inflation and Fed hikes anyway, the Fed pulls any value from that gaming-and off goes the music in the game of musical chairs with no relief possible--low inflation won't stop the sell-off, because the sell-off hasn't low inflation as an excuse to keep investors from imploding--the Fed ignored it once, it ignores it forever. That realization?--it's bombs away.

    But until then? 120-150 days down the pike?

    Happy investing long anything. See how that works? See end game?

    Feb 17 8:30 AM Empire Manufacturing Feb - 7.0 9.0 9.9 -
    Feb 17 10:00 AM NAHB Housing Market Index Feb - 57 58 57 -
    Feb 17 4:00 PM Net Long-Term TIC Flows Dec - NA NA $33.5B -
    Feb 18 7:00 AM MBA Mortgage Index 02/14 - NA NA -9.0% -
    Feb 18 8:30 AM Housing Starts Jan - 1050K 1070K 1089K -
    Feb 18 8:30 AM Building Permits Jan - 1060K 1065K 1032K -
    Feb 18 8:30 AM PPI Jan - -0.4% -0.4% -0.3% -
    Feb 18 8:30 AM Core PPI Jan - 0.2% 0.1% 0.3% -
    Feb 18 9:15 AM Industrial Production Jan - 0.0% 0.4% -0.1% -
    Feb 18 9:15 AM Capacity Utilization Jan - 79.7% 79.9% 79.7% -
    Feb 18 2:00 PM FOMC Minutes 1/28 - - - - -
    Feb 19 8:30 AM Initial Claims 02/14 - 295K 295K 304K -
    Feb 19 8:30 AM Continuing Claims 02/7 - 2375K 2398K 2354K -
    Feb 19 10:00 AM Philadelphia Fed Feb - 7.0 9.8 6.3 -
    Feb 19 10:00 AM Leading Indicators Jan - 0.2% 0.3% 0.5% -
    Feb 19 10:30 AM Natural Gas Inventories 02/14 - NA NA -160 bcf -
    Feb 19 11:00 AM Crude Inventories 02/14 - NA NA 4.868M -

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    Have we become inured?

    by moses_on_wall_street Feb 11, 2015 5:12 PM
    mardermj mardermj Feb 13, 2015 9:12 PM Flag

    Inured? Don't be ridiculous. I go almost three times a day, and that's with saw palmetto to help my benign prostate issues, to include hair loss.

    Moses, sometimes you just lose me.

  • mardermj mardermj Feb 12, 2015 3:28 PM Flag

    That's 13 Feb Friday the 13th.

  • Looks like Monday President's Day the markets are closed, so there's only tomorrow to buy shares because ex div day is Tuesday the 17th!!! Can't do anything Monday, so, get them while they're still getable!

  • If last week was any forecaster of stupidity, the rejiggering of job numbers months after the fact to support the Fed's next stupid blunder, raising interest rates, took the wind out of the sails of all those hoping for less volatility. By Thursday we go threw the same drivel with jobs and unemployment again. It just looks like the Russell2000 is range bound under IWM guise from $116 to $120.50 and back again. Well that's a trade nonetheless. Silver? All over the place.

    Feb 10 10:00 AM Wholesale Inventories Dec - 0.6% 0.2% 0.8% -
    Feb 10 10:00 AM JOLTS - Job Openings Dec - - - 4.972M -
    Feb 11 7:00 AM MBA Mortgage Index 02/07 - NA NA 1.3% -
    Feb 11 10:30 AM Crude Inventories 02/07 - NA NA 6.333M -
    Feb 11 2:00 PM Treasury Budget Jan - NA NA -$10.3B -
    Feb 12 8:30 AM Initial Claims 02/07 - 285K 285K 278K -
    Feb 12 8:30 AM Continuing Claims 1/31 - 2375K 2405K 2400K -
    Feb 12 8:30 AM Retail Sales Jan - -0.2% -0.5% -0.9% -
    Feb 12 8:30 AM Retail Sales ex-auto Jan - 0.5% -0.5% -1.0% -
    Feb 12 10:00 AM Business Inventories Dec - 0.2% 0.2% 0.2% -
    Feb 12 10:30 AM Natural Gas Inventories 02/07 - NA NA -115 bcf -
    Feb 13 8:30 AM Export Prices ex-ag. Jan - NA NA -1.2% -
    Feb 13 8:30 AM Import Prices ex-oil Jan - NA NA -0.1% -
    Feb 13 9:55 AM Mich Sentiment Feb - NA NA 98.1 -
    Feb 13 10:00 AM Mich Sentiment Feb - 100.0 98.5 98.1 -

  • mardermj mardermj Feb 6, 2015 9:10 PM Flag

    ...and Friday was interesting, as a half percent up became a half percent down as the stats on jobs absorbed into the consciousness of those who think good news is the Fed's excuse to poke pins in to the stock market balloon. The pay pop of 1/2% didn't look too good either, and the job numbers were so screwed up last time, or is it this time?--the extra 147,000 jobs they "found" in Nov made it clear, that the Fed looks like it has the excuse to poop the party right in the middle of home selling season.

    What a fiasco. SLW lost a buck today.

  • mardermj mardermj Feb 6, 2015 9:19 AM Flag

    and Moses nails it, how the government can be off 147,000 added jobs this past winter, and still be reliable enough for the Fed to act BTSOOM. But we keep playing this game over and over, and now the Fed hike for this summer is back on the table, which will, of course, get the looky loos off the duff and out for real estate, the last great gasp before those home prices begin to wilt under the pressure of higher interest rates.

    The general market therefore has about 20% to go, and silver and gold will take it in the kiester for the upcoming blast a whole quarter point sometime in July August.

    Here they come, banging that pin into the balloon. My IWM is soaring tho, I shan't complain.

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