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  • marjan1z marjan1z Apr 20, 2015 1:05 PM Flag

    very interesting part of the story

    Evidently, few saw any value in the preferred shares. But then prices began to rise, and in September the company disclosed that “a sister company” — presumably another Goldman affiliate — had “recently” acquired “approximately 35 percent” of the outstanding preferred shares. This week Goldman told me that it bought all of the shares in one private transaction from a single seller. It would not identify the seller or the price, but said it had not made any further purchases or sales since then.

  • To start is good to read I recommend.
    There is no question that the level of 300 owners of record is a magic number in determining whether the company must resume filing with the S.E.C. There is no doubt that there are more than 300 beneficial owners even without counting Mr. Sullivan’s trusts. But the rules allow companies to ignore many such owners if all their shares are held at the same brokerage firm. Mr. Sullivan would like the S.E.C. to make it harder for companies to go dark and stay dark.

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    KNOCK KNOCK??? Anyone home???.

    by marjan1z Mar 9, 2015 5:15 PM
    marjan1z marjan1z Apr 13, 2015 1:11 PM Flag

    Anyone home???..

  • We have waited long for this moment.The true power of the Cellceutix Corporation shall be realized
    Brilacidin is the reason I'm here. Cellceutix Corporation IS POWER!!! Keep on going!

  • Ms.Cloris Li sold defective hot dogs.They also found that the forged certificate school.She learned to cook but came only to assistant assistant cook.Now think about the last options,a seller of love.
    Mr. Xiqun Yu was a farmer without land. Because of political connections, came to the post of CEO China Education Alliance, Inc. now returns to plant onions.

  • Is this a real company? Anyone check to see if there's people in the office?

  • Sisomicin has been found to be more potent than or nearly as potent as the most active of the other available aminoglycosides. Although susceptible to many (but not all) aminoglycoside-inactivating enzymes, sisomicin is active against many microorganisms that are resistant to other aminoglycosides by nonenzymatic mechanisms. Sisomicin has been shown to interact synergistically with various beta-lactam antibiotics against enterococci, staphylocicci, Enterobacteriaceae, and nonfermentative gram-negative bacilli. The pharmacokinetics and toxicity of sisomicin in humans appear to be similar to those of gentamicin, despite earlier reports of greater acute toxicity in animals. Sisomicin has been shown to be effective for treatment of severe infections in humans, including some infections caused by gentamicin-resistant bacteria.
    A recent study from the United Kingdom found that plazomicin MIC90 (minimum inhibitory concentration required to inhibit the growth of 90% of organisms) was less than or equal to 2 mg/L against
    carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (J. Antimicrob. Chemother. 2011;66:48-53). The
    researchers also found that plazomicin was 16 times more active than amikacin and 8
    times more active than gentamicin. "Importantly, none of the aminoglycosides,
    including plazomicin, were active against NDM-carrying strains with both metallo-betalactamase
    and methyltransferase,Plazomicin demonstrates synergy with other agents, he continued. In vitro time-kill
    studies of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus demonstrated 91.5% efficacy for
    plazomicin plus daptomycin, compared with 36.2% for plazomicin plus ceftobiprole
    and 12.8% for plazomicin plus linezolid (Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 2010;54:2258-
    In vitro time-kill studies of Pseudomonas aeruginosa demonstrated 92% synergy for
    plazomicin plus piperacillin/tazobactam, compared with 80% for plazomicin plus
    cefepime and 80% for plazomicin plus doripenem (Antimicrob. Agents Chemother.

  • OK when it fell POLYMEDIX Cellceutix said the purchase price was $2.1 million in cash and 1.4 million shares of company stock.The basic question of Who got the money and Who Cellceutix shares?
    If this is Polymedix then somehow still alive and with him all the shareholders who not to sell shares.

    I do not suspect the success Brilacidin and Cellceutix! I believe that the company is really worth.

    When the Cellceutix share price for example, 30 $ means that the 1.4 million shares of company stock
    worth 42 M $
    Who in this case gets?

    And what happens to patents? Richard W. Scott, Ph.D they have is an inventor on 8 US patents.
    And once again an incompetent persons PolyMedix management simply threw in the towel Brilacidin and walked away. Shame-It-All

  • marjan1z marjan1z Mar 3, 2015 4:28 PM Flag

    William L. Jorgensen Member, International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science 2010 and Member of Yale faculty since 1990

    Brilacidin is in the computer-aided drug design, de novo design. William L. Jorgensen and William Degrado, PhD are the main computer-aided drug design and development of therapeutic agents targeting infectious, inflammatory, and hyperproliferative diseases.

  • Daniel Jorgensen, MD, MPH, MBA, FAAP – Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jorgensen received his undergraduate degree from Yale

    William L. Jorgensen Jorgensen Research Group has been at the forefront of computational chemistry and molecular design.Research Organic, medicinal, and computational chemistry including simulations of organic and enzymatic reactions, computer-aided drug design, and synthesis and development of therapeutic agents targeting infectious, inflammatory, and hyperproliferative diseases.
    Recent Publications
    W.L. Jorgensen. Efficient Drug Lead Discovery and Optimization

    William Degrado, PhD
    One research interest is in the de novo design, in which one designs proteins or drugs beginning from first principles. This approach critically tests our understanding of protein folding and function, while also laying the groundwork for the design of molecules with properties unprecedented in nature.

  • Mr. Xiqun Yu, Ms. Cloris Li lost badly. Here’s how it happened.
    China Education Alliance store closing,

    As with most small businesses facing the decision, our reasons for closing are varied," said sad Ms. Cloris Li Mr. Xiqun Yu he’s too drunk .The police are involved a day later and they don’t find him anywhere.

    Sad but true.

  • marjan1z marjan1z Feb 25, 2015 10:24 AM Flag

    Up 51% This is a good result but still watch In polymedix I had 87% but later a big nothing

  • marjan1z marjan1z Feb 25, 2015 10:11 AM Flag

    I congratulate lee
    Just one question. How much did you have shares in Polymedix?

  • And in the beginning there was nothing except William Degrado, PhD

    In the beginning William Degrado created the Brilacidin and the earth. To create something that never existed before. And then William Degrado take time but Time by itself doesn't do anything. Things happen over time, but it's not time that makes them happen.

    And then came Polymedix they took a lot of time, true and sad nothing change the situation.Time by itself doesn't do anything.Like time, Brilacidin is an abstract It's relative.So here's the question:In the beginning Brilacidin there was Absolutely Nothing, wouldn't there be Absolutely Nothing now?

    and then came Cellceutix brilacidin featured dimension, when there was at least Something in existence.

    There was still nothing, but you could see it a whole lot better.

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    AKAO my No. 1 to watch list but..explain please!

    by marjan1z Feb 22, 2015 6:02 AM
    marjan1z marjan1z Feb 23, 2015 10:13 AM Flag

    Thank you

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    AKAO my No. 1 to watch list but..explain please!

    by marjan1z Feb 22, 2015 6:02 AM
    marjan1z marjan1z Feb 23, 2015 7:20 AM Flag

    You simply need a doctor ear you're not on the right side.
    Because I see that you still see look at the following:
    Aminoglycosides potential side effects, as they can cause ear and kidney damage. Now surely see otherwise you differently purchasing glasses.

  • Aminoglycosides
    A drug may be classified by the chemical type of the active ingredient or by the way it is used to treat a particular condition. Each drug can be classified into one or more drug classes.

    Aminoglycosides are a group of bactericidal antibiotics, which act by inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis. Their use is restricted because of potential side effects, as they can cause ear and kidney damage. All the aminoglycosides resemble each other in antibacterial activity, pharmacokinetics and toxicity.

    Aminoglycosides are not well absorbed when given orally, so need to be given intravenously for systemic infections.

    Aminoglycosides are used when other less toxic antibiotics are contraindicated or ineffective. They are mainly active against aerobic gram-negative bacilli, staphylococci and Mycobacterium tuberculosis, but lack activity against anaerobes.

    Plazomicin is a novel aminoglycoside drug that Achaogen is developing for the treatment of serious bacterial infections due to MDR Enterobacteriaceae, including CRE. Aminoglycosides are a group of antibiotics that inhibit bacterial protein synthesis and that clinicians use to treat serious bacterial infections.

    What are the potential side effects plazomicin?

    Thank you

  • marjan1z marjan1z Feb 22, 2015 4:43 AM Flag

    yeah really where did you read this.I can not find the source, thanks

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    The Threat of Chinese Organised Crime

    by marjan1z Jan 28, 2015 2:59 AM
    marjan1z marjan1z Feb 21, 2015 3:57 AM Flag

    There is no doubt, gang of thieves

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    Matter of Trust

    by marjan1z Feb 18, 2015 4:31 PM
    marjan1z marjan1z Feb 19, 2015 10:13 AM Flag

    where did you read this, please?

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