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  • (that may be an answer in itself...."how do you think?), but no........ on to the question at hand

    How do you think he's performed as president....say, as regards PEACE?

    the Economy?.....keeping in mind the Korean free trade deal costing us another 50k American mfg jobs

    War on Poverty,..... keeping in mind the trillions spent since LBJ started it, with no appreciable increase in literacy, meaningful employment, entrepreneurship, etc, AND rates of out of wedlock births up to 75% in that community along with drug use, and huge incarceration and recidivism rates.....

    Say Obama's ability to be fairly balanced when causing riots in black far back as Trayvon martin, and Ferguson and Staten Island, but never a fanfare over the incredible black on black crime rates nationwide....

    Cover those as best you can, and then ad lib your way through his other accomplishments incompetents in Justice, Secret Service, Defense, ambassadorships, judgeships, etc etc

    Feel free to wax an understandable narrative form you really couldn't have much of value to say.

  • marketman9876 by marketman9876 Feb 23, 2015 12:41 AM Flag

    pretend president

    pretend nobel peace prize winner

    pretend commander in chief

    pretend leader of the most powerful nation

    pretend Christian

    pretend American

  • we gave Obama the presidency which he immediately used to mess up this once great country....but, being a wonderful, caring populace with a lot of forgiveness, we gave him a second chance....and it boggles the mind, the depth and breadth of the quicksand swamp he's put us and all over the world

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    Why voters vote Republican

    by pilodialcyst Mar 14, 2015 7:31 AM
    marketman9876 marketman9876 Mar 14, 2015 8:25 AM Flag

    Piles, the lack of coherence and logic in your post is monumental. I'm sure you'll find my post confusing.

    A , mind is a terrible thing to waste as YOU PEOPLE used to say.

  • When he states emphatically, "I is a highly educated person...."
    "I be very intelligent."
    "The degree on the wall be mines."

    you get the drift.......

  • people call him all kinds of names and hurl racial, physical and sexual slurs at him, when compassion should rule.
    Please keep this in mind as Hillary and Obama look worse and worse, and Piles makes more and more idiotic statements. He can't help it. His lack of intelligence, coupled by a deficient educational system instituted by progressives, has destroyed his ability to reason and conclude the obvious truth.
    Be kind to Piles

  • Bobby's very intelligent, very honest and very'd be a shock to the system

  • many TRILLIONS of dollars spent, resulting in:

    most black households are fatherless
    black unemployment rate has not improved
    black literacy rate the same at 50 years ago
    75% of black births are out of wedlock
    more abortions, per capita, performed on black girls and women BY FAR
    black incarceration rate higher
    black scofflaw rate higher
    black on black crime rate higher than ever
    Democrats think big taxpayer bucks thrown at problems are the solution
    Conservatives took care of people for years through their hospitals and charities. Progressive hate anything which is Faith based.

  • Mike Pence tried to help in Indiana, but left-wing media and organized perversion mounted attack on folks who are taught to turn other cheek

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    Huge volume, nice move up. WHY?

    by ipaidtoomuch Feb 14, 2015 8:16 AM
    marketman9876 marketman9876 Feb 15, 2015 7:54 AM Flag

    term loan is a capital substitute, as well as an indicator of company's financial health as seen by independent lender......that, in my opinion, is the very good, if we could eke another buck out of this news, I'd be back in the green.......but I don't think that'll happen at this point.....a good eps report will begin that move.....good luck to all

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • they think that the success of home schooling shows their social experiments within the family and the educational systems to be a failure.....which they are.....thus, insult home schooling, which has produced some of the brightest students in the last 20 years.
    My guess is Piles was NOT home schooled

  • marketman9876 by marketman9876 Apr 7, 2015 9:10 AM Flag

    Looking down the road, after the dust of confusion settles, we'll be moving upward. As news develops and progress payments are made by Merck, the share price will jump up, and I'll be buying $2.00+ shs for .50 cents.....and then as it moves up to $5.00 and better, I'll have a couple of years to buy shs @$1.50
    So, while things look awkward at present, the future's so bright, I'll have to wear shades.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    Obamacare and the Old Confederacy

    by pilodialcyst Apr 10, 2015 9:47 AM
    marketman9876 marketman9876 Apr 10, 2015 10:00 AM Flag

    Piles, as has happened in the past, if you don't think the state you're living in is giving you enough free welfare and other emoluments, move to another state.
    They moved "en masse" from the south to New York state years ago for the freebies.
    Those who wanted to work moved to Detroit and Chicago. Those wanting a free ride came to NY.

    Cuomo has stated that folks like myself have no place in NYState. Leave some of the Southern states alone so I'll have a choice as to where I move to.

  • the POTENTIAL for cures. It's obvious to me that folks are confused by what's going on, or the price would be rocketing based on Merck cash infusion.
    I'm sure Merck isn't throwing money into a dark hole.....they must be very pleased with progress at OPXA.

    I've been here several years, added a bit more yesterday, bringing my stake to over 25k. I'm looking for some serious profit here in 2016 and outward.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • marketman9876 by marketman9876 Feb 26, 2015 2:20 PM Flag

    Obama has wreaked more havoc on the good old USA than all the terrorists, like Timmy McVey and Osama bin Laden put together.
    Homeland Security under Napolitano, Justice under the alligator wrestler, Janet Reno, and the thug scofflaw, Eric Holder, and spokesmen like Biden and Kerry are the real terrorists costing many American lives....I forgot to mention John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and their fellow travelers, who should be exiled to a distant iland as soon as Obam's term is up.....what a bunch of rats they'd be competing with each other for food

  • marketman9876 marketman9876 Mar 25, 2015 8:26 PM Flag

    great find, Hap....thanks. Let Piles and the "stoopits" digest that and revise it and come up with some foolishness to refute it.

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    walks in the park can evolve into adventure

    by euphemisms2you Mar 30, 2015 1:45 AM
    marketman9876 marketman9876 Mar 31, 2015 3:41 AM Flag

    Points taken, but, "ad arguendo", let me state that the paleontological record is rife with assumption, therefore it's quite a bit easier to make an interesting, possibly fantastical discussion, than it is to offer summary proofs.....on either side.

    Verm assumes that all creationists discount evolution. That's simply another of the Vermological errors that his "work" here at MO central is so full of, and has been over many years. My original statement merely pointed out that mathematicians are the Darwinians worst nightmare.

    Verm has his "work" here and I, on occasion over the years, have taken a moment to point out the error of his ways.....and believe me, there are many more than I've had the time or energy to point out. Suffice it to say that a clear thinking mind can see Verm's error, and using whatever basis they choose, be it paleontological or mathematic or both, or neither, come to their own conclusions, intelligent or otherwise.

    It seems to me, for example, that the age of enlightenment was anything that could be an interesting discussion through which Verm could drag his net full of rotting red herrings, with Piles lapping up the rear.

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    walks in the park can evolve into adventure

    by euphemisms2you Mar 30, 2015 1:45 AM
    marketman9876 marketman9876 Mar 31, 2015 11:54 AM Flag

    Your post makes my point, AnotherIN. You're intelligent and are able to infer my position from my posts. I'm sure you wouldn't suggest I attempt any serious and extensive argument here with an audience like Piles, and Verm and his tag team.....given the prohibition against casting one's pearls before swine.....even if there were sufficient FACTS available to prove either case.
    Verm's career is spent here and on the MELA board, being perverse and ignorant for the sake of same. Piles is simply stupid, and probably can't help it......and of course they will respond without reason or understanding.

  • Dems wheel out old baggy hag and her philandering husband, back by J and Arab money. Anti-Christian bias is the underpinning of rotten platform, based on the bodies of aborted babies and women carrying guns at front lines. Bolsheviks love the Dems

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    Can someone explain what is happening?

    by michael_decicco2000 Feb 27, 2015 8:01 AM
    marketman9876 marketman9876 Mar 3, 2015 1:05 PM Flag

    I've been investing since the mid 60s, and heavily since the mid 90s
    Sometimes you find a fine company like OPXA and you buy and hold, because, particularly in the biotech sector, you could miss a huge move up.
    I'm in here with a big paper loss, granted, but I didn't even THINK of selling for tax purposes.....I've fallen in love, as it were.

    So thanks for the advice, but you do it your way and I'll....well, you know what I mean.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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