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  • HIMX deal with Google close on September 30, 2013. On October 1, 2013 the orders rom Google should start to come in for the LCOS. LCOS is such a small part of the business but it is growing. by the beginning of next year we should see it turn to a bigger part of the business. The medium driver business in picking up and their is a turn around in their large screen displays. with the 1300 patents pending and over 1800 patents already live plus the growing number of displays in automobiles should be the shot in the arm that should push the stock higher. Oh and they have 12mm left in the buyback. With and average of 5% payout and with the stock at 10, the company would need to pay .50 a share. Expect the following
    3rd qtr earnings of .12, revenue of 205 million, 4th qtr earning of .18 and revenue of 220 million. 1qtr of 14 earnings of .24 revenue 241 million, 2qtr earnings of .31 revenue of 275 million. Earnings for 2014 should be about .98 with revenue of 1.12 billion. with a 20 P/E and earnings of .98 the stock will be 19.60. enjoy the ride.

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  • Now that I have your attention let me explain why it will be at least 15 a share (probably 17).
    1) Google Glass - What the hell is it and why is everyone going crazy over it. Answer: This is new way we are going to live our lives. In the old days we had very big PC and monitors. Remember the commodore 64 ETC.. The next thing was laptop that were bulky and heavy. They PC came slim as did laptops, we had the explosion of internet and the creation of net books, followed by PDA that had access to WIFI & then tablets that can do anything a computer can. Technologies is about working faster and with smaller componets. Google glass or sony watch is the next faze of small and fast and there is nithing anyone can do to stop it. The google glass can let a doctor geta second opinion from another Dr who is in a different country as to how to do a surgery, remember with google glass you can have someone see what you are seeing. This is major for surgery or robotic surgery in the future. Price will pay a big part and I assume it will be about 499 a pair when it gets launch only to drop to 299 a pair a few months later. There will be glass 1 then glass 2 then glass 3 like the iphone. each will have an additional function that the previous one does not have. Yes strip clubs will ban people with glass since they can take video, but wait cell phones have cameras, so I doubt that will stand. plus for strip clubs it will be another for of free advertisement of what to expect if you visit their establishment. I suspect that google will order 2.5mm lcos to start worth about $50mm this will be delvered during the next 3 quarters, but will ramp up at the end of last qtr with the increase in production. Fact is Google glass will be a game changer for the company
    2) Google is not the only customer. If you look at their presentation they also deal with foxconn, Samsung, intel, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and other teir 1 and 2 companies. fact is buy the company

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  • markofbklyn by markofbklyn Aug 19, 2013 8:27 PM Flag

    The stock is down almost 20% on earnings that beat the street and revenue that beat the street. The company did keep their earnings guidance and they did cut revenue for the 3rd qtr. The only way to keep earnings is to have higher profit margins. Even if they did layoffs it would still not be enough to keep their current earnings guidance. Margins have increased and it something that cannot be ignored. So now what do you do. If revenue does turn around and things get better for the end of the 3rd qtr we are looking at higher earnings. If revenue stays flat or drops we still have the great earnings. Their is still 12m that needs to be used to buyback stock. Google orders will probably start soon and will ramp up in the 4qtr. If with revenue increasing then earnings will skyrocket. Now is the chance to buy a stock that is deeply discounted knowing (not hoping) that in less than a year you will make over 100% of your money and probably over 200% on your investment. HIMX is the company you keep. Understand that they are doing business with tier 1 companies and revenue will only increase. They have about 200 patents that will be approved hopefully before the end of the year. Don't buy or sell calls, stick with buying the stock (not on margin0, you wont be isappointed

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  • The judge ruled that cops need to wear a recordable device before they can stop & frisk. It looks like the NYPD will be the first major user & buyer of google glass. Go himx!!!!

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  • Earnings will be great and we will have a massive run up in the stock. The company will give us a rosy outlook and notify us that they completed the buyback and now ready to reload on another 100 million buyback. The fact is from a fundamental standpoint this stock is firing on all cylinders. growing revenue, growing earning, growing margins, decrease expense and liabilities. From a technical view, once the stock breaks 7.52 we are looking at a new 52 week high and the stock could trade to 10.18 easily. As for a momentum outlook, well this stock will hit 14.32. This is a stock that will earn 85 cents in 2014 with a 25 P/E you are looking at a stock over 20.00 by next year. do your own research.

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  • Earnings is due out next week & the company as we know will beat on revenue and earnings and guide higher. The company probably bought back about 1mm shares of stock during the quarter and will announce an new buyback. ~47% of the stock is held by insiders (according to the presentation on their website) and about another 38% is own by institutional, leaving 15% to trade. With Google buying part of Himax Display (with undisclosed cash) that cash will be used to increase production of LCOS, increase Research & Development. HIMX is a leader in the micro display driver area and they are doing business with all tier one companies. They have almost 2000 patents on products and over 1000 still pending. This will grow the company. From April 1 to June 30 revenue will be strong and the q3 (July 1 to Sept 30) will be stronger when companies are buying drivers for Christmas. The end of the year this stock will be above 20. I don't think HIMX will be taken over since majority of the stock is held by insiders. It would have to be a very expensive offer and I don't think anyone would offer that price. The fact is this company is firing on all cylinders and the outlook is very rosy. Hang on for a nice wild ride. At 6.00 HIMX is almost 1billion mkt cap. Even at 21 it would be just above 3billion and that is still cheap for a company that has such a great outlook. Do your own research

  • markofbklyn by markofbklyn Jul 10, 2013 12:25 PM Flag

    Innolux selling is over & there was no dilution of shares. The company raised IRS earnings & revenue guidance for 2013 & I believe they will raise 2014 as well. The stock has a 5% dividend yield. Over next few days the stock will probably drop on shorts that are betting stock will drop because of xdividend. They will be in for a surprise when the stock rallies on them due to low price earnings investors & dividend investor. Now is quiet period for the company until after earnings on August 7. The stock will trade in a narrow range until a few days before earnings. It will then run up and if earnings are great it will break through the 52 week high. As earnings grows the pe continues to drop. History of this stock has been in the mid 20. If himax earns 9 cents or better we should see a $11 price on the stock based on pe pnly.

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  • According to Bloomberg the dividend is .25 but there is a .01 issuance fee. Sorry for the bad news. I think this fee is payable to deutsche bank for currency conversion Taiwan dollars to us dollars

  • I heard of some rumors today that Sony is using HIMX Tech in the watch. I don't have proof. Does anyone have proof that they are using it? I need to know

  • Today is options expiration Friday & options market makers will try to set the closing price between 4.95 & 5.05 so that the 5$ strike price is not exercised & the options market makers can keep their premium for selling those puts & calls. Next week begins the window dressing when hedge & mutual funds by stocks in companies that did well in the quarter & year to date. Himx will see a lot of buying going into next week that will push stocks higher. Enjoy the ride

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  • We know the company has 12 million to buyback stock. They also increased revenue & earnings guidance for this & next quarter. They raised the dividend based on future growth. Margin has increased during the 1q. This company is firing on all cylinders and its time to load up. It does not make a difference who their customers are or what products their customer are using HIMX tech in. The fact remains higher dividend, buyback, higher earnings, Higher revenue this is the grand slam. Do your own research

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  • Even if Google is not using HIMX Liquid Crystal On Silicon, HIMX products are still being used by Qualcom, Microsoft, Siemens, Sony & other electronic companies, as well as soon to be announced car companies. This is not a company that has only one item. It has over 3000 patents & pending patents. They have over 600 million in sales and growing even without Google. Margins are increasing even without Google. If Google does use HIMX tech products it just proves that HIMX is still growing and earnings will rise. Fact is major companies were using HIMX before google came along and major companies will continue to use HIMX in the future. This stock has plenty of room to grow. Common sense says this company is the company you buy and keep for a long time. I don't think it will be taken over since insider still control most of the stock even with innolux selling. I think the company will do a strategic acquisition and will change their dividend to quartly. ..

    do your own research.

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  • ... followed by heavy buying. the selling will stop at 6.05 but the buying will push it to 6.52 by the close of trading. if company announces dividend or positive news tomorrow we could be back to 7.25 by close of trading

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    by captdeployed Jun 11, 2013 5:56 PM
    markofbklyn markofbklyn Jun 11, 2013 8:01 PM Flag

    I disagree, Today we saw 6.50 hold and as I said before this is the support level. The company announced last qtr that they are raising revenue & earning guidance. The dividend will be announced shortly. This stock will be over 8 by expiration Friday. FYI open call interest is great that open put interest by about 2.5-1. do your own research

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  • markofbklyn markofbklyn Jun 11, 2013 4:10 PM Flag

    6.50 held strong today despite the selloff. This is the lowest Himx will be & the best time to buy is now

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  • markofbklyn markofbklyn Jun 10, 2013 7:35 PM Flag

    There is one part of the business that is growing fast is the automotive part of the business. If they can Kia, Hynduai, Subaru to use their technology in their autos it will be major growth potential. HIMX has the technology to rear view camera & on board dash cam that some car companies are currently using. I believe they will get into at least six major car companies by 2014 that will be a major boast to earnings that other analyst are leaving out. That's what I see as a big driver (no pun intended) going forward for this company. do your own research. Remember HIMX is not just screen displays but rather a company that has & pending over 3000 patents. Enjoy the nice ride

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  • It looks like HIMX found a new support level at 6.50 on Thursday as we bounced off the low. Friday was an up day with volume of 2.1mm shares. The charts indicate that HIMX is below trading below its 10 day moving average which is good news since it created a support level and it was a 20% pullback from the 52 week high. The fact that we bounced off it and not drop indicates that we have found the new support for HIMX & the only place to move is higher. As for the 25mm share offering it will not have an effect on the price since it was already built in to the stock price. I think HIMX will announce a dividend this week of 14 cents a shares plus a new quartly dividend of 6 cents a share. This will be enough to get the mutual funds that invest in dividend growing stocks to buy the stock and it will also be #$%$ign to analyst that HIMX is now moving into the big boys territory. 47% of the stock is held by insiders & this offering will create the ability for hedge funds, mutual fund & institutional investors to get in on the stock. It will create greater liquidity. It will also create an opportunity for shorts get in on the stock, but twith the rosy outlook that the company has provided the street, it would suicide for these guys to short it. They will have their #$%$ handed to them in a sling-shot. For the year I'm looking at 60 cents (.08 1q, .14 2q, .17 3q, .21 4q) earnings with 1.32 for 2014 (.22 1q, .29 2q, 37 3q, .44 4q). The current PE is above 20 which is low for this stock. The PE should be 30. but even with 20 at 2014 the stock should be at 26.40. That's almost $20.00 more than where the stock is trading now. Enjoy the ride higher. Do your own research

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  • markofbklyn by markofbklyn Jun 4, 2013 11:23 PM Flag

    If the company has 12.5 million left in the buy back & now they registered to sell stock, is that a conflict of interest. I think the company will use sine if the proceeds from the sale of stock to pay a dividend of .25 a share & the balance for an acquisition. I think HIMX will raise earnings & revenue guidance before the end of June. Only time will tell.

  • They announced this a few weeks ago & the stock dropped. They withdrew it last week. Now they are refilling. They will probably cancel the filing in a few weeks. Just kidding. The shares are undervalued & everyone knows that. The announcement today is the same announcement that happened a few weeks ago. I suspect that some of the sales will be to funds looking to buy blocks of stock without market risk. While we can see a small amount of pressure on the stock remember it only 25mm shares or about 1 week of trading. Either way this stock is going to 10. Enjoy the ride

  • Sounds crazy, but the charts, facts & common sense don't lie. All charts show the stock above 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200 moving day averages. Heavy volume today on the upside indicates there are big buyers looking to buy stock. The fact is most analyst look at the stock and say this company is a real company that just started the turn around. Margins & profit increased even with the Chinese new year (when most factories are closed). The company withdrew the F3 filing and still has over 12mm in buyback that needs to be done. The company will probably announced a dividend of around 20 cents for last year and I think they start paying dividends quarterly instead of yearly. Open call option interest is higher than open puts by a 5-1 margin. Common sense says this stock is heading higher. I think HIMX will announce soon deals with autos companies to use their technology in car gps, backup systems & audio systems. Add the sales they have with Microsoft, Samsung, Apple and Google says this stock should be closer to 15. The sales they have may be small deals, but when you add the small deals together your looking at major sales & higher margins. Buy this stock & don't look back. Hang on for a nice ride to 10+ a share in a month. Do your own research and this is my opinion.

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