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    You see the panic on the mb?

    by markusgzee 3 hours ago
    markusgzee markusgzee 2 hours 51 minutes ago Flag

    i know you don't scare todd. just see some new names on here so thought i would reiterate things from a longs point of view. The mb looks shaky :) you keep playing golf. some people on here would say you didn't get your money's worth with a 94.

  • markusgzee markusgzee 2 hours 54 minutes ago Flag

    dont feel bad. am right there with you at 54.95 on one of my trades. and i don't plan on losing it. While this obviously isn't what anyone wants, it is what it is. If you think AAL hits 55 again, then just be patient. Don't want to influence your decision, but if you sell now and it comes back, in a week or in a month, whatever timeframe. how will you feel then? Personally am not taking the haircut, and this is coming from someone who can do it and not blink because it is just a trade and not my long position. still over 500 shares tho. am waiting for a bottom and then buying in to average down the shares in that trade.
    idiot of the year goes to carrs when for talking smack when we were in the 30's.

  • markusgzee markusgzee 3 hours ago Flag

    What truth? your vague comments? you may be correct today, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut here and there. Tell us why and we will hear you out. otherwise this ain't prvong anything. Where were you last week after you initially showed up on here a couple weeks ago?

    Here is some truth. Hope YOU don't ignore it.
    1. at least you know we riding them nice profits this baby got us...a 10% dent don't scare real longs with real positions.
    2. We were at this pps 10 days ago. not even 10 trading days ago. Stocks don't go straight up.
    I could #$%$ but ran outta patience just now for you.

  • markusgzee markusgzee 3 hours ago Flag

    what?!? carrs it official. i no longer believe you have 1k in shares, let alone a fund. You are the biggest fraud on here honestly. been listening to you backhand AAL since the summer and DAL is better days. When things are rosy, you stay quiet and tout AAL. As soon as something don't go your way, you dump on it. NO WAY YOU EVER MANAGED A FUND WITH AN ATTITUDE LIKE THAT! You have no vision, patience, or savvy. Who would trust you with their money? you talk out both sides of your mouth, just depends which day as to which side you use. i don't like scummy 2face people. You are going on ignore from here on.

  • markusgzee markusgzee 3 hours ago Flag

    hey ray. hope all is well.
    imo he basically made AAL look real good in the first 3-4 minutes of the cc. Left the bad news until later.
    But remember, he is in the middle of labor negotiations. it is hard to cheerlead your company while downplaying it's ability to fund it's operations.

  • it's what they want. heck, even parker wants it right now. getting ready to pull the trigger with that 2B bazooka.

    Relax. don't pay attention to this dip, unless you setting up to buy in. We have seen this stock swing from a buck up to a buck down before. Usual business for this stock. Conditions are very favorable for AAL right now. Now 10% off high. same as usual every few months. one day you will wake up and see 60+

  • markusgzee markusgzee 5 hours ago Flag

    staus quo for now.
    why change what works for record numbers or some airline metrics. money is the true, universal metric.
    manipulation at it finest. will benefit the truly long, both in timewise and apendage wise if you get what am saying. Parker and Kirby are nobody's fools. AAL buying up shares as we speak. Probably one of the few buyers out there, as the street seems spooked on AAL. Fine by me.

  • markusgzee markusgzee 5 hours ago Flag

    you said it unc. this will make or break the market right now. look for a nice pop on no raise news (hopefully), but you knew that already. Last time she gave message turned the market around from bad day to really good. Market went red for a second and then remembered auntie Yellen talking today and remembered what happened last time.

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    2015 oil price

    by vinybj21 5 hours ago
    markusgzee markusgzee 5 hours ago Flag

    all in response to more U.S. oil than expected. smiled when i woke up and saw that alert on my phone. we are in the oil game boys.

  • markusgzee markusgzee 5 hours ago Flag

    not own, but do your own. sounds like a good gig, i might look into incorporating and doing that myself :) Give me money to do what i do anyway.

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    Stone Fox Capital

    by markusgzee 6 hours ago
    markusgzee markusgzee 5 hours ago Flag

    American Airlines would trade at $80 highlighting why the airline is loading up on shares at close to $50.

  • AAL remains a strong Buy

    Before the market open, American Airlines Group (NASDAQ:AAL) reported earnings that slightly beat updated analyst estimates. Revenue was a little light, but the trend remains the friend of investors. In the middle of a large market selloff, the stock is down close to 3.0% providing investors looking toward the future another opportunity to load up on the stock.

    For Q414, American Airlines produced $1.52 per EPS that beat analyst estimates by $0.01. The airline generated revenue of $10.16 billion for the quarter, compared to analyst estimates for $10.19 billion. The key trend is that the airline earned a net profit of $1.1 billion this Q4, up 153% from the $436 million earned in the previous year. The revenue was a less impressive gain of 2.1% compared to last year with CASM (costs per available seat mile) up roughly 2.0%. The airline repurchased an incredible $887 million worth of stock during the quarter to reduce the share count by 20.5 million shares. On the earnings call, the company proclaimed expected fuel savings during 2015 of up to $5 billion. The one major concern were statements about weak Q1 PRASM (passenger revenue per available seat mile) to the tune of 2% to 4% due to some competitive capacity increases in certain markets.

    The investment thesis from the article, "Is American Airlines Finally Hitting Headwinds?" remains solidly intact. Despite some headwinds with unit revenues and rising labor costs, the airline remains on track to ride the trend of higher earnings from cost improvements due to merger synergies still working through the system and fuel savings. American Airlines is aggressively repurchasing stock at the current level and investors should buy alongside them with the stock only trading at roughly 5x current year earnings estimates now over $10. Even if investors shave $2 per share off the earnings estimates for more normalized fuel costs, American Airlines would still earn $8 per share in 2015. With a 10 P/E,

  • markusgzee markusgzee 6 hours ago Flag

    exactly. i can't believe we are not up from a bounce after yesterday's action and this news. people disagree with me on here, but we are in the oil business. the business of seeing prices stay low.

  • was for $42.xx
    Parker said they used up the first 1B because the pps was cheap.
    Now add on 2B more for buyback. Why do that if you think your company valuation is high?
    He could have paid off debt but at 4% he rather buy stock. maybe he thinks he will do better than 4% on the purchases going forward? Nah that couldn't be......
    How many times have we sat here wondering why and who is keeping the stock down? The revs/margins are there, so for me i don't care if they got there on cheaper fuel or flying one extra person a flight (which they didn't , they flew about 1 person less, after adding capacity, so chop the stock right?). They guided to record margins, after posting record margins. Demand is strong, as prices have been mostly maintained. Sellers will be sorry.

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    Rebalancing a little

    by unclespeaking 8 hours ago
    markusgzee markusgzee 7 hours ago Flag

    nope. he keep us updated as to his "rebalancing". Am stuck in JBLU because of ltcg unc. would not be worth it for me to trim or sell now.

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    AAL to $100+

    by bushmanamr 7 hours ago
    markusgzee markusgzee 7 hours ago Flag

    great post!
    some folks are focused on the wrong things, and for the wrong reasons!
    gald to see there is some people with clarity out there.
    see you at $100 :)

  • You were one of the first in line yesterday and all you did was serve up softball questions to the board about the mileage program? Are you kidding? Calling out to the board members by their first name, thinking you are special. So mr. Special, why so quiet today? you are the "king" of airline analyst and AAL was your top pick. So where is the update? Or did your nose get stuck in Parker's rear? I guess it's the diva's mentallity of going on stage last. Maybe next time you will ask about future earnings and rev guidance instead of when you can use your frequent flyer miles. You are setting a bad example for the rest, like swiss cheese capital.

  • markusgzee markusgzee 7 hours ago Flag

    yea it's like Cramer with his short memory. But why pay for outside analysts if they don't do their homework? swiss cheese credit just picked a new favorite, that's all. What about all the customers of their's holding AAL because of their previous recommendation. Or did they get a memo yesterday and that is partially why the sell-off happened?

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    Imperial Capital says

    by melodias23 7 hours ago
    markusgzee markusgzee 7 hours ago Flag

    what happened to you? missed your pumping. Got stuck in county jail for a week or so?

  • maintains his hold rating on AAL. Recommends buying on any dip below $50. Maintains PT of $59.50 on strong demand and expected low fuel prices. Concludes lower PRASM figure is due to the added seats, new larger planes, and general integration issues. Not a demand issue. AAL will use 2015 to work through that, and should post better PRASM figures in 2016. He has said, "this is the mother of all headfakes".

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