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  • marsavian marsavian Jan 27, 2015 2:54 PM Flag

    probably a by-product of all recent moving averages that peaked at 2.80 being converted into support below the stock price. TA wise the air is a bit thin above these averages, just historical resistance and some old moving averages stretching back years. The future long term assault on $3+ began today.

  • You only need to support one moving average and that is the moving average that contains the high volume on the LMT sale day. Currently it is the 170 MA as of yesterday but today it will be the 171 MA and the day after the 172 MA etc etc. Its value is currently $2.80 and only price dips below this moving moving-average current price need supporting as the stock is self-supporting and consolidating and strengthening above this price in the absence of any news. So IMHO you should keep your powder dry above this moving moving-average current price for supporting even higher prices in the future as this moving moving-average keeps moving up and encountering the tough resistance in the $3-4 range. This will become a virtuous self-feeding circle in the end.

  • marsavian marsavian Jan 31, 2015 3:50 AM Flag

    32.50 just happens to be 200 MA and there are two fixed resistance points guarding it so it will be a key battleground. The INTC chart does not look brilliant these days, moving average support has crashed down to the 200 MA, MACD is negative and the RSI at 30.08 has not yet hit oversold although it is just 0.09 away from being so. In the recent fall from the 37.90 peak three strong resistance points have also been created. The chart is not indicative of a stock that will rebound as quickly and strongly as you suggest.

    So why has the stock dropped so hard and fast from its 37.90 peak ? Well profit-taking has something to do with it as the stock has been in the mid-30s only rarely in its life so it may take some time before this latent resistance is overcome. It was also disappointing that investors thought MSFT performance/guidance last quarter was more relevant to INTC going forward than INTC's own last quarter's performance/guidance. This implies a lack of sophistication/analysis in some of INTC's current big holders/traders. I am not sure that the stock will rebound as quickly as you suggest but it should do when next quarter's results reassure the natives assuming they do. StockConsultant shares (85%) your Bullish view although I am currently placing more store in its one Bearish observation, strong distribution, which has been the case for some time now.

    BULLISH Probability - Intermediate trend possibly bullish, Mild uptrend.
    Probability - 1 Day Price change extreme down, may pause/reverse
    Probability - Extreme Oversold, odds definitely favor long trades.
    Probability - Short term extreme pullback, expect pullback to pause/stop.
    Confirmation - Extreme bearish 1 day moneyflow, on an strong-extreme pullback is considered bullish.
    Confirmation - at support

    BEARISH Probability - Mild bearish 3 day chart pattern with Strong 3 day distribution.

    CURRENT PRICE 33.04, at support, 32.74 ± 0.43
    SUPPORT BELOW -2.8% at 32.12 ± 0.42, type Single, strength 8

  • marsavian marsavian Jan 31, 2015 4:03 AM Flag

    'Windows 10 supports ARM and you'll have 10's of millions of Windows 10 devices running on the ARM ISA. '

    NO !! Windows 10 as the mainstream MSFT o/s does not support ARM at all and it is disingenuous of you to say that. What will support ARM is the next version of Windows Phone whatever that is eventually called.

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    more trouble at ASTC

    by nomorespintruth Jan 30, 2015 9:12 PM
    marsavian marsavian Jan 31, 2015 4:33 AM Flag

    This case has nothing to do with ASTC. 1stDetect had $1.8m investment from the State of Texas which it paid back last year with a $0.5m profit to Texas State, i.e. ASTC paid $2.3m back to buy out the equity options Texas had in 1stDetect.

  • marsavian marsavian Jan 31, 2015 3:21 PM Flag

    So the market is going to rush to buy a 7" Windows ARM tablet and ignore the completely Windows 10 functional 8" Atom which will be priced just the same ? In the real world that is just not going to happen, Windows RT already proved that. The only Windows Arm devices will remain phones. Stop peddling fantasies.

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    why no 8K on this

    by tormanlivinlarge Jan 31, 2015 3:03 PM
    marsavian marsavian Jan 31, 2015 4:54 PM Flag

    Probably because it all happened in the last quarter which has yet to be reported on. Astrotech lent $400K as a secured loan to this company Image Trends which a dissatisfied customer, Steve Blum owner of the Grinberg film library, then forced bankruptcy on as it did not want a Pickens 2/3 owned company Astral Images to buy it before being satisfied with the already paid for ($600K) work. Now is that 2/3 Pickens or Astrotech's money ? This company has $11m unsecured debt mostly unpaid salaries. I can't on the surface see where the value is if there has only been one customer who was not satisfied with the service which they claimed was not carried out as paid for. The judge says Astral Images is first in line to buy it. I suppose the question that must be asked is will this be another Astrogenetix financial black hole if Astrotech gets involved further than the 400K it already has ?

    p.s. if you actually had bothered to read previous SEC filings/quarterly reports you would already know that future company acquisitions were being looked at by Astrotech.

  • marsavian marsavian Feb 1, 2015 4:20 AM Flag

  • marsavian marsavian Feb 1, 2015 4:38 AM Flag

    There will no debt interest involved as the company is cheap enough to buy outright (even cheaper in bankruptcy now). What I worry about is will this potentially new only partially owned (2/3) subsidiary have the same dubious accounting as 1stDetect originally did, i.e. with Astrotech only providing 100% of the ongoing operations funding which was not then recognized as either loans or equity in the subsidiary company. The accounting had to be done right this time and be completely transparent otherwise only future lawsuits will be brewed up.

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    From Mas on iHub

    by wallisweaver Feb 1, 2015 4:08 AM
    marsavian marsavian Feb 1, 2015 12:06 PM Flag

    That user was created in 2013, Ashraf's last post was in 2014 with his last username being pixeldude. You should be pleased he is gone everywhere considering all the insults you hurled his way.

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    From Mas on iHub

    by wallisweaver Feb 1, 2015 4:08 AM
    marsavian marsavian Feb 1, 2015 12:09 PM Flag

    so that username you posted is not Ashraf, he is also a mac user unlike Ashraf and uncontroversial too.

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    From Mas on iHub

    by wallisweaver Feb 1, 2015 4:08 AM
    marsavian marsavian Feb 1, 2015 8:43 PM Flag

    Probably because the user, twobitlouie, removed it after I replied to it. He claimed that Ashraf was Unkwn on Ihub and I presented the evidence to the contrary.

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    From Mas on iHub

    by wallisweaver Feb 1, 2015 4:08 AM
    marsavian marsavian Feb 1, 2015 8:47 PM Flag

    'Wallis insult someone?'

    I was referring to twobitlouie but he removed his post so it is not clear now.

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    From Mas on iHub

    by wallisweaver Feb 1, 2015 4:08 AM
    marsavian marsavian Feb 1, 2015 10:41 PM Flag

    Ok, Yahoo removed it then. The stupid filtering software here that deletes posts sometime delays this up to about a half hour so you don't really know if your post will stick sometimes.

  • marsavian marsavian Feb 1, 2015 10:52 PM Flag

    Putin does not give a damn about his economy, he only cares about expanding the Russian Empire with more historical Russian land and Slavic people. He's not going to stop in Ukraine until one of two things happen, either Ukraine submits to his will or he has created a big enough Novorussia buffer state between Russia and Western Ukraine. This is a slow-motion invasion he is committing but without formally declaring it and without formal conscription. He's a laid-back closet Hitler unfortunately, a nationalist revanchist dictator who does not give a damn about international law.


  • marsavian marsavian Feb 2, 2015 9:41 AM Flag

    Unfortunately it is not such a remote possibility any more. We see Ukraine as a free country able to choose its own path, Putin does not even see it as a country let alone free to choose its path. These two ideas are pretty irreconcilable at the moment.

  • marsavian marsavian Feb 2, 2015 10:52 AM Flag

    I don't think this arms idea is going to fly with both Merkel and Obama against supplying arms and Obama is in complete lockstep with her. The downside of supplying arms is that the Russians will accelerate their invasion campaign to gain the territory they want before all the modern arms are delivered. Putin now has a two year window to get the territorial settlement he wants in Ukraine before the next President is elected as Hilary Clinton and all the Republican candidates are in favor of arming the Ukrainians.

    As to what to do about an aggressive Russia long term well even if he achieves a Pyrrhic victory in Ukraine he basically has re-ignited the Cold War and eventually he will be out-spent and out-thought in military hardware by the US and NATO. His choice.

  • marsavian marsavian Feb 2, 2015 12:43 PM Flag

    Obama is seriously thinking about it ...


    The U.S. official, who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to talk publicly about internal deliberations, said Obama is reconsidering sending lethal assistance to Ukraine, but continues to have concerns about the effectiveness of that step and the risks of a proxy war between the U.S. and Russia.

    The official said Obama is specifically concerned about the besieged Ukrainian military's capacity for using high-powered, American-supplied weaponry. The president has also argued that no amount of arming the Ukrainians would put them on par with Russia's military prowess.

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    why no 8K on this

    by tormanlivinlarge Jan 31, 2015 3:03 PM
    marsavian marsavian Feb 2, 2015 12:53 PM Flag

    said Thomas B. Pickens III, Chairman and CEO of Astrotech Corporation. “Additionally, we are actively seeking acquisitions along with complementary and new technology commercialization opportunities.”

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